Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Wenger pleased with new boy Nacho

Arsene Wenger says he’s pleased that Nacho Monreal came through his debut with distinction, especially when the opposition are taken into account.

Stoke’s tactic of lumping it long towards Peter Crouch, who thought he might trouble the Spaniard, really didn’t pay off and Monreal dealt well with the aerial threat.

“There is no better culture shock than Stoke when you come from Spain!” quipped Wenger. “They had a very physical game and I think he dealt well with it.

“Nacho had a good start for a player who just arrived yesterday and is in the team today. He did not have time to think about it, but he got stronger and stronger during the game.”

The boss was also keen to take the opositives from a hard fought win.

“We are a team who can create chances, and score goals. Today it was not the case – we created chances but could not get the goals. But still I am happy that for a long time now, we didn’t concecede and the defence looked solid.

“I said before the West Ham game and the Liverpool game that we are in a  position where we can’t drop points.

“We dropped points against Liverpool but we couldn’t do it again today. What is more important is the quality of our performances is there, the spirit is there and the target to be in the top four is very important now because we have strengthened our belief and confidence.”

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Perhaps not the signing we were expecting (or hoping for) but he looks like a solid addition to the team. The lack of transfer window action was a disappointment and source of major concern, but at least the club have shown they’re not so cavalier as to not strengthen in a pinch. And any back-up for the defence is not to be sniffed at!


Wenger says we’ve gain confidence and belief, in an attempt to gain confidence and belief.

Victoria Concordia Crescit

You sound like batman, “Nacho’s not the signing Arsenal deserve, he’s the signing Arsenal need”


Real competition for Gibbs. If Nacho puts in a string of performances it might be tough for Gibbo to get his place back.

Also I thought Mert/Kos looked a tremendous CB partnership, possibly our strongest combination?

Dave Gooner

He looks 100% professional. Completely in control of his space. Highly impressive.

I know its early, but I really hope he is a great signing, and on that showing, he certainly looks it. We could have years of him.


That was Nacho average debut!

I’ll get my coat.

matt senior

Three people are mexicunts

Da 'ting

That’s the thing with mexican and black jokes.
Once you’ve heard juan, you’ve heard jamal.

That Posh Old Gunner Chap They Call Albert

i like cheese with my nachos


I like humour with my jokes


Without injuries Arsenal are looking on target to get 3rd or 4th but thats still miles off winning the thing. Nacho was good yesterday plugging the gap nicely. But where are we going to find 20 points to catch up to our rivals(sic). Always next year though.


‘On target to get 3rd or 4th’?? Maybe you’re forgotten about Chelsea and Sp*rs. We will struggle to get 5th at this rate. The damage has been done earlier this season I fear.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Mong indeed


yeah that 5 point gap to third is insurmountable…

A N Other

They are not exactly winning all frontiers.. Chelsea had one point in 4 am spurs only won yesterday due to some abject behaviour from west brom.. Also, all three teams above us a very difficult run-in.. Chelsea and Everton are playing last day of the season..


I think this is a potentially great signing. It’s not what I was hoping for, but it is a part of the team I felt needed a rebuild. I know everyone loves Gibbs, but the lad has a pretty bad injury record. Fact is he’s English and should fetch us a fair amount of coin when we sell him next year. Thumb me down all you want, fact is the better, more consistently fit player is going to be the first choice. And that looks likely to be the new boy. Maybe we can sell him to city for £1mil… Read more »


*£15 mil.

Da 'ting

Too long we’ve taken your shit by the chin. Not this time, that was an awful post right there. Get out.

jack jack jack

Dear Frog. Gibbs is not mid table mediocrity now and will only improve in the future – he will surely challenge Baines for the England spot in the years to come. Especially in the last few games before his injury we saw the huge improvement an injection in confidence gave him. The best is yet to come my amphibian friend.

Johnny Jensen's Bender


You consistently have, in my opinion (and by the looks of it, a lot of other people) the worst, most ill constructed opinions on Arsenal FC. Granted, you’re allowed it, and very well done indeed. But seriously wtf. Sell our Gooner left back and buy another German centre half? (Although he is a quality player) So we’d be back with Santos as back up again?


Yours Sincerely,
Fuck You


Easy boys, I didn’t say Gibbs was mid table mediocrity, I said I was fed up with us having the quality of a mid table side. The table doesn’t lie. After 25 games, we’re located securely in the middle of the table. Also, I said nothing about keeping santos as out backup left back. I assumed that everyone agreed he was shit and was bein shipped out anyway. Don’t hate me for pointing out the fact that we sell players. Fact is, if nacho turns out to be better than Gibbs, he won’t stay as a backup and we will… Read more »


Where to begin: 1) Gibbs or sell Nacho? Why the hell would we sell either? If Nacho if better than Gibbs; he plays. Gibbs gets to be backup and rotated in. Any decent club has 2 good left backs in its squad and Gibbs gets more incentive to continue his development. 2). Hummels. To be honest, I don’t know enough about the player to judge him. All I can say is if the expected center backs leave in the summer we need to recruit. It may as well by Hummels, but you can be sure that if Wenger is planning… Read more »


Mate, it’s not like I want to sell one of the two. My point was that we are club that will sell players to make profit. That is an unarguable fact. The point is, I don’t think Gibbs would want to be a backup only getting rotated in for cup games. He has a pretty dodgey injury record as well. So with those three things to keep in mind, I don’t think anything I said was a ridiculous as people are reacting. I’ve even got one cunt saying I’m playing football manager because I said we need a striker and… Read more »

jack jack jack

And why would Hummels want to come to us anyway? He’s at Dortmund for fuck’s sake. I just don’t get it when people assume we have the pulling power of Barcelona.


I totally agree with on the mid table point, but i thought we had unknown millions sitting in the bank? We wouldnt have to sell gibbs to afford hummels. All strong teams keep their good players, tell me frog haters, when was the last time manchester united (ronaldo was a special case)bayern munich, juventus forced to sell promising players season after season. Notice ive left out the clubs that can afford 200k pw wages. Manchester united havent had to sell a player they want to keep since ronaldo. So many arsenal fans are turning into tottenham mindsets, thinkig fourth is… Read more »


Exactly. I wouldn’t be apposed to keeping him. I just don’t feel he’d settle for being a backup at this stage in his career. In that case, we would have to sell.


I personally don’t see a reason as to why gibbo should feel aggravated by this transfer. He knows very well he has had (still has) a fair share of injury troubles in the past that just won’t quit. I reckon it’s takes a ton of pressure off him, I know we wont sell him ffs he signed a new 5 year one just the other day, so a loan could be perhaps suffice in those circumstances to see if he can cast aside his injury worries then set up an interesting battle for LB when he returns. It’s ridiculous to… Read more »


The fact is, had Gibbs got injured against stoke and not Liverpool we would have bought anyone. We all knew santos is not arsenal standard and is a liability so why can’t the club be pro active for a change and gone and bought this guy in the summer or the beginning of the January window. That’s the problem with us, we just don’t seem to want to move forward. We need another striker, most people on here and elsewhere are saying that and have done since before the season started. To say the players are not there is Bolox… Read more »



Loop A Hole

You talk awfully like cunt Piers Morgan.


Piers morgan is no cunt he just speaks the truth as it is


Nope, he’s definitely a cunt. No question. The tests were conclusive. You might even call him the holotype of cunts everywhere.

Bould's Eyeliner

If anything, we should retain Wenger’s vision for the future stability of the team and Nacho will help Gibbs become potentially one of the most balanced and dangerous left backs available in the premiere league. This is an exciting thing to have both options – look at Wilshere, and how well worth the wait was.

A Yank

Not Nacho-related, but…

Pulis goes to the postgame and bitches that too many Arsenal players surrounded the lineman. But when the correct call is made and it goes against Stoke, what do the Orcs do? Yep, they surround Foy.


So lobbying for the wrong call by your own players, that’s okay? Seriously, fuck everything about that team. Fucking blight on the game.


Even if they did surround the linesman, Pulis can fuck off. The goal was absolutely correct and I don’t know what the linesman was thinking, walcott was offside but he was not even close to taking part in the situation. Pulis should maybe blame his game plan instead. His team were outplayed for 90 mins and if it wasn’t for Begovic the game would have been over after the first half.

i want to boff arseblogger and im not even gay

Arsenal’s top 3 left backs ever:

1. Nando Montreal
2. Kenny Sansom
3. Nigel Winterburn


Your name alone qualifys you as utter shit. Should have just have wrote your name and left…

Arsene's Zip

Looks tidy. I noticed how much he likes hugging the line. Giroud needs to be friends with me to get the best assist before the end of the season.

Dai Gooner

When we all say spend £20 million on Baines Arsene goes and buys this gem for less than half the price #Genius #WengerWeTrust Come on the Gunners




bit early to be tooting that particular horn isn’t it?


Exactly, crazy talk. This guy may turn out to be brilliant but to say he’s better than Baines is equally as rediiculas as those that would write a player off after one bad game.


For all we know Dai Gooner has seen him play before and thinks he’s half as good as Baines.

Ivor biggon

Double thumbs up for Dorito……. I mean Nacho!

Dean '67

Sagna gets to the by-line then slams it right into the waiting defender.
Gibbs gets to the by-line, yes! Shit at crossing.

Nacho man from little I have seen may well be what Giroud’s been begging for, a Superb crosser.

matt senior

Sagnas crossing from deep was very dangerous last season. Hope he comes out of this slump and signs an extension in the summer.

3rd place is a trophy

I’ve got ‘3 Sagna’ on the back of my Arsenal kit, and i’m as disappointed as anyone at the drop in quality of Sagna’s crosses. But I think it also has something to do with a certain Dutch skunk & cunt’s intelliget POSITIONING in the box which he finally mastered in his 8th-year in an Arsenal shirt just before backstabbing his mentor, his teammates, his fans, and his missus. Naa naa naa nanananaa Giroud is still in his 1st year in England and still learning such intricacies. By next year this time, Giroud’s positioning in the box should improve drastically… Read more »


I guess this marks santos exit.

Vic Viniger

Gervinho on his way back after losing out of acn


Was utter shit in today’s game against Nigeria’s Super Eagles. Who scouted that him, I wonder!

3rd place is a trophy

Gibbs is solid defender and even-better penetrator, but what good is penetrating when you can’t even provide Poldi with an accurrate 8-yard ‘last-pass’, much less providing Giroud with an accurate cross? I think losing Clichy was a bigger loss than losing Na$ri. Christiano Ronaldo will be just an average player without the partnership with Contraeu/Marcello at left-back behind him. Lukas Podolski is just as good as Ronaldo on a good day. Now that we have Nacho, Poldi will be UNLEASHED. Nacho = Marcello > Leighton Baines > Cashley Cole > Patrice Evra > Kieran Gibbs > My left bullock >… Read more »


FFS, it’s only been one game and you vultures are already here discussing the exit or how crappy one of the gems of our season has been. Seriously what does a comment about Gervinho have to do with Gibbs?

Also, the few ManCity games I watched Clichy wasn’t looking too hot.

Nacho=Marcello, Since when? I haven’t watched him before the Stoke game, but seeing as I haven’t heard of him before we signed him I will call that BS.

There really are no words to describe just how much I dislike you at the moment, grow up.


Could someone get someone at the ports to divert gervinhos plane to say….fucking vanuatu!

LANS calendar

Honestly Arsenal fans are the only ones I have seen who are so fucking vitriolic about their own players. How about you fuck off to Vanatau and leave your computer here.


You Sir are truly whoreable!

paulie gooner

Thought the lad had a solid debut. If we’d only snagged Capoue as well I would have been double happy.


is this the thread where we say Pulis is an awful cunt-rag of a human? because he really is.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Rip away my friend, rip away.


I’m sorry Mr. Ryan shawcross, is that shit on your face? Oh my bad it IS your face!

Stevo Goono

It feels wonderful to have two fantastic players to choose from now at left back similar to our options at centre half (ignoring TVMs current run of pretty bad form), right back (Capn Jenks), midfield and attack. For me another quality striker, our centre backs finding some form and our midfield protecting them a bit more and we should be a lot closer to the Manc cunts, CMON YOU GUNNERS!!


Wenger is right to take the opositives out of the game, and it was nice to not concecede…
U been on the sherbet? Lol

matt senior

Some grumpy fuckers on this blog. Maybe take away the thumbs buttons and replace with arse/like button only?

Anyway would like to see nacho cheese (yeah i said it fuck you) tried at left mid infront of gibbs and give poldi a shot up front. Could be a solution if we lost g-rude at any point. (Btw I’m not convinced by olivier is he clinical enough? its not like you suddenly learn that in your mid twenties)

matt senior

Insert commas where required, sorry


I have a bad feeling that if anyone is promoted to attacking mid; it’ll be Santos. Really not convinced of that but what can you do. I also hope Poldi gets a shot in the center at some point, but rather than shift up Nacho, I’d rather stick the Ox, or (god help me) Gervinho on the left. As far as Giroud’s clinical instincts, 7am Kickoff had an interesting article about that sort of thing a week or so ago: http://www.7amkickoff.com/2013/how-olivier-giroud-scores-20-goals-for-arsenal-this-season/ Shit, hope that comes out; just realized I have no idea how to insert links here. In the end… Read more »


OK, links just work. Now I feel really stupid. (Well, more than usual)

[…] Read More Here: Wenger pleased with new boy Nacho […]


Is it just me, or is anyone else really excited that Gervinho will now be on his way back from ACON. Yeah, you betta watch yo place on the team sheet Mr Walcott and Giroud. He’s the new Messi for sure.

Hmm, just me then.


I don’t know if anybody else pointed out in this thread but Nacho looks like Crouch.


That must have put a crimp in Stoke’s cunning game plan.
If you’re a thick, orcish cunt 40 yards away, it must be impossible to tell the difference.


Also, there’s the “crouch is having a naco”. Should be some bad jokes there somewhere.

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Too Drunk To Be Offside

Lets not give Stoke, more credit than is due … the toughest tests are still the Manchester teams, Chelsea …and the likes.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

So happy we secured Nacho man, especially as he proved in 90 minutes, something we’ve all known for a long time, a quality signing in a position we’re in need of strengthening makes a massive difference.

Such a shame over the last few years the players we desperately needed (in defence, midfield and attack) of Nacho’s quality weren’t signed to help us challenge.

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