Saturday, September 23, 2023

Agreement reached over Vietnam friendly

After Arsenal announced yesterday that they were exploring the possibility of playing a game in Vietnam this summer, a Vietnamese Football Federation official has said that an agreement has been made to do just that.

Nguyen Lan Trung told AFP, “The VFF and Arsenal Club have agreed to organise a friendly match at My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi on July 17.”

No formal deal has been signed but given there’s agreement between both sides this should be a matter of formality. Yesterday, Chief Commercial Officer, Tom Fox said, “Arsenal Football Club has so many loyal supporters all across Asia and we are delighted to be here in Vietnam discussing the possibility of playing a match in Hanoi in July.

“Initial negotiations have gone very well and we are hoping to announce developments on our pre-season tour activities in the near future.

“The Club and the players have hugely enjoyed successful pre-season visits to Asia in the past two years, and we are all looking forward to bringing the team to this region again this year.”

Arsenal have gone to Asia during pre-season for the last two years and with this game, a fixture in Jakarta, Indonesia in July, and a trip to Japan already tied up, fans in the far east will have another chance to see the team.

Thanks to @SiuFay for the heads-up

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A true Gooner there, offering herself just to get Chamakh away from the club. Well done to you ma’am, well done!

Brian Mendoza

Pssst, Arsenal, just to let you know, there are these two BIG continents in the other direction called North America and South America. Maybe you should look into that. Please?



I agree, with all the internal US connections we have, why are we not going to the US more often. That being said, enjoy the food over there lads, great stuff on every street corner.


We’ll probably head over there in the near future, but it’s probably easier to compete for the wallets of folks whose local football teams don’t offer as much competition for their affection than those in the American continent.

Commercial imperatives speaking here, probably.


But Asia is an untapped market, therefore getting a foothold asap will help our fan base, especially if football becomes increasingly popular there down the line. As a business strategy it makes sense.

Malaysian Gooner

I don’t think the word “untapped market” is the right one. Football teams around Europe constantly visit South East Asia for their tours, so they are continually tapped. The fact is outside of England, South East Asia is the biggest Premier League loving market. And everyone supports one of the big 4 (Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea) simply because they get more TV coverage than anyone else, including local football. Going to the US would get you some attention but they don’t have the huge fan base PL teams have in South East Asia. The only real ‘untapped’ market is… Read more »

big dawg

Plenty of money to be made in Asia, my friend.


Would love for Arsenal to come over here so I can watch them smash (insert MLS team) in person

Note: this is not sarcasm


I don’t care about news like this anymore… Am too fu**ing heartbroken to care!!! We can go and play in pluto. This arsenal needs fixing that’s whatsup


I don’t mean to be rude, but if you don’t care about news like this, why are you on Arseblog News in the first place?


Non of your business…


We should leave Gervinho there on our way back. Imagine a stranded gerv in a vietnamese airport.


Chuck norris should be in the squad then.

big dawg

What is Chuck Norris going to do in Vietnam?


I hope to see ‘Agreement reached over Villa transfer’ before Vietnam.


why, do they have better hospitals there?


I’ve marked it in my diary, July 17th – I’m going to sit down and watch that game while I eat My Dihner



Mills N7

I hate it, I hate it so bad. But I have just snorted my orang juice out of my nose, laughing….


Cool we will be tired for the first games!


at least arsenal will have their ‘nam story to tell..


These fucks need to put more emphasis on strengthening and moulding the team not selling their image in fucking asia god dammit


Its becoming harder and harder to be a gooner these days


valium helps, and lotsa ciggarettes, oh yeah alcohol will do you some good.

no need to thank me for the free medical advice… pleasure

Eric Irish gunner

Once a Gooner always a Gonner


Asian cash will help with the strengthening.


Ryan Giggs played his 1000th game
for united yesterday. Simply
amazing……that’s only 3 times less than
he shagged his brothers wife!


Come to fucking Australia mate


That sounds like fun. Is it anywhere near the regular Australia?

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Love the Giggs joke. But seriously, great player. A great role model for kids, great talent, professional and LOYAL…well except to his wife……..and brother……and Imogen Thomas. But watching last nights game, gave me food for thought. Man U dropped Rooney, changed formation and tactics, and probably would have won he game had that chap from the Thriller video not been sent off. Just goes to show that sometimes you have to accomodate opponents strengths in your game plan, not just play one way. And also the need for strength in depth to be able to change gameplan. A view we… Read more »


Probably a reference to delta force. Norris’ movie?

Midfield Corporal

If Arteta scores cue poor taste ‘Ar-tet offensive’ puns from the tabloids.

Midfield Corporal

Shame we don’t still have Pascal Saigon …… I’ll get my coat.

Runcorn Gooner

Pat Rice would have felt at home.

Mills N7

But we do have Gervin-pho. Or maybe Gervin-Ho Chi Minh… My coat’s in that taxi…

Irish Mick

Any chance of Arsenal doing a tour of Ireland?
It would save me a fortune in travel expenses.


With a stop off in the Isle of Man. Ta much.

Irish Mick

Isle of Man is great I really like the TT races 😉

Eric Irish gunner

Ye it’s being a long time I think wrighty scored for us the last time arsenal were over

Irish Mick

This is discrimation of Irish goons!!!
What is wrong with Ireland other than bombs and flags and 12th of July parades and paddys day and parameliterys and national front supporters and …… Ah fuck it just forget about it.


Shame it wasn’t scheduled for July the nineteenth, ni-ni-ni-ni-nineteenth

I’ll also get my coat

a fan from india

Why dont arsenal come to india?? They have a big fan following over here, especially in Mumbai.

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[…] 除了日本与印度尼西亚外,俱乐部今夏亚洲行还将会首次造访越南,而酋长杯则会让季前赛程已经很紧凑的阿森纳更加忙碌。 […]

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