Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Bayern impressed by Wenger loyalty

Arsene Wenger has rejected several opportunities to become Bayern Munich manager, according to the club’s president Uli Hoeness.

Admitting that the Bundesliga giants had tried to lure the Frenchman to Bavaria before he moved to Japan in 1995, the former German international also revealed that since moving to London Wenger has been a regular on their managerial shortlists; the last time seemingly in 2009 following the departure of Jurgen Klinsmann.

Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s visit to the Allianz Arena on Wednesday the man at the top of FC Hollywood’s hierarchy underlined that he was impressed with the Frenchman’s loyalty to the Gunners cause despite interest from a host of Europe’s top clubs.

“We did try to get him at Bayern Munich a few times,” Hoeness told the Sun newspaper. “Even before he went to Japan, Franz Beckenbauer and I went to Nice and discussed with him and everything was clear, but then at the end of the day he decided to go to Japan.

“We were very surprised. From Japan he went to Arsenal and over the years, whenever we were looking for a new coach, Wenger was always one we considered.

“He’s a very serious person, very strong and has a very good idea about the game. There have been a few moments where we have discussed his name over the years.

“He has always remained loyal to Arsenal which is fantastic behaviour. But it is true we wanted him at Bayern a few times.”

Having just signed Pep Guardiola for the start of next season you suspect those pesky phone calls from unknown German numbers won’t be bothering the boss for a while.

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Sometimes I do think we don’t appreciate him enough. The man has his faults – that’s as sure as anything.. But I think he’s steered a leaky ship in a bit of a storm in these last few years.

Arsene's Nose

Totally Agree with you.. Ships don’t use Handbrakes..

David's semen

I think anyonewould be loyal to an institution that paid them more than seven million pounds a year and demanded no accountability for their actions. Or in Arsene Wenger’s case – inactions.


Even when you could earn almost double at another institution where you aren’t constrained by financial disadvantages and are almost guaranteed success?


I feel sorry for him ( as an individual looking at it – as a fan… well too many emotions to mention) “Bayern impressed by Wenger loyalty” – Shame supporters of his own club don’t think so! There have been many a ‘decorated’ manager who have jumped ship, never taken responsibility, let others be accountable and in the end are called legends as a result. It sickens me. Wenger could have jumped ages ago, earned plenty, won plenty and his ‘image,’ would be intact. It takes a brave and loyal man to stick around when things are going to shit… Read more »


” UNLESS Arsene is really the Manager, Technical Director, Accountant, Chief of Marketing, Contract Negotiator and Kit Man(zipping dpt)! If he is those then he has RUINED OUR CLUB THE BASTARD! ”
Pretty much!


Apologies I forgot to take out the RUINED OUR CLUB THE BASTARD!
Because he hasn’t clearly but there you go


Well said Sir!

I’m very proud of our Manager. He’s a beacon of respect, intelligence and loyalty in the dim and mirky world that is football.

He’s not perfect, others may be better, but that doesn’t me we shouldn’t be proud, celebrate him for what he is and stand by him like he has stood by us.


Having to put up with innane fans like you must be a job perk!


He isnt appreciated in england full stop. He could have went to Real Madrid or Barcelona but he stayed here and has to listen to idiotic journalists slate him and newspapers make up lies about him. Hes streets ahead of Ferguson and Maurinho in his way of thinking.


I’m pretty sure the press in Spain aren’t exactly angels either


Bang on!!!
The other day I was looking at our options if we get rid of him. N then I realised how good wenger actually is. He’s in the top 5 in the world. Only pep, saf n mou come before him n I think that’s only cos they’ve won more in the last 8 yrs while wenger has taken the club to next level with the state of the art stadium!!!
We’ll start competing from next year, I’m very hopeful.


Yes, and the most likely candidate is Moyes. US owners choose British – look at the string of appointments at Villa and Liverpool – probably because British is all that they’ve heard of. Probably Gazidis has already sounded out Moyes. It would be madness for him not to have got a plan in place just in case Wenger decides he’s had enough at the end of the season. Moyes, who is used to working on a low budget and defensively minded, would be the obvious choice and one that Kroenke-Gazidis might expect to go down well with the fans. It… Read more »


I still like coyle.
N moyes is actually even better.
But, next to wenger, still light weights.
But then it’s all got to do with trophies.
So, whoever comes in or if wenger continues, we need trophies. N the big ones. PL or the CL.


I love all the outpourings about how wonderfully loyal Arsene has been (and he has been and that loyalty is a credit to him) as if clubs wanting him in the past means that he is doing a good job now.


Exactly. Arsene cares about the club no doubt. He has also been incredibly loyal.Tony Adams both loves the club and you can be sure that if he was appointed as the manager he will be loyal.How many fans would want Adams as the manager?? I am guessing not many. Really don’t understand the stick Adams gets when he right criticizes the direction in which the club is going.


While Tony Adams did great thigns for the club and continues to be concerned with, unfortunately his track record as a manager has not been good enough for consideration, in my mind.


I would also like to point that I believe that anyone with a less than great managerial record doesn’t have any place criticising Wenger.

None of the top coaches (Fergie, Mourinho, Pep etc.) have anything bad to say about his managerial skills and all the top clubs want him.

Sure, we have a right to want more success, but it’s only people out of teh loop or with little to none managerial success that openly criticise the prof…

David's semen

They simply don’t see him as a threat, or even take him seriously these days. That’s why there’s rarely any comment – good or bad – from that quarter.


You don’t understand how it rubs some people up the wrong way when someone who was sacked as a manager after 15 games starts talking shit in the press about how a club should and should not be run?


But Tony Adams is a terrible, terrible football manager.


Not arguing.Adams won’t make a good manager.But gets soo much stick for saying Arsenal are not that good at the moment. Same with Ian Wright. They probably care as much as Arsene. What i am trying to say is everytime Arsene fucks people come out with how Arsene cares and how loyal he has been. Sames goes for those guys.Not suggesting that Adams should be the new manager or anything.

Gunnersauras Rex

It took me the wikipedia to convince my wife, who is not the greatest football fan, that arsen-al’s manager’s name is arsene..


It’s my favourite example of nominative determinism.


Wenger would pretty much walk into any job in the world. We may have fans calling for change but any club except maybe Man Utd and now Bayern would love to have him. Wenger has always done what he feels is best for the club, never himself. You can’t ask for more than that, whatever mistakes he may or may not have made.


As great and grand as this is, we do need him to start producing some results because the way things are going is unacceptable. If we finish below Spu*s then that’s the last straw.

And I’m not even a Wenger-out sort of guy.


I think he is appreciated well enough.Most people respect Arsene for what he has done for the club and for resisting the temptation of moving to like of Madrid and Bayern.But Arsene’s stubbornness to change his ways makes it really really difficult to support him nowadays.

Midfield Corporal

I’m not sure if he is appreciated that much if some of the comments we see on Arseblog are anything to go by. Some of the abuse is just downright disrespectful and probably says more about the person making the comment than it does about Arsene. He makes mistakes and I think his time has come to leave but there is no need to call him abusive names.


Idiots with a gripe always speak more often and louder than the majority of the decent fans

North Bank Gooner

Nail, Head, Hit!

Highbury hero

You bang on about the invincible a and champions league run to the final. That was years and years ago! Stop living in the past. Wenger has failed to rebuild competitive title winning teams like Ferguson.


I agree, it is time for him to go. The Wenger era and the massive expectations it has given us is limping to a close, even though the man himself may still be here for another 18 months. As I said earlier, I don’t suppose there’s a fan on the planet who doesn’t want a better manager than Wenger to replace him quite soon. Problem is, look who’s doing the choosing. Do you really think Kroenke (or in practice Gazidis) has the knowledge and experience to make a better job of the appointment than the Villa and Liverpool US owners… Read more »


Great points about the ownership, Miranda, but I wouldn’t be so negative about David Moyes taking over as manager. The ridiculous “who could fill Wenger’s boots?” argument just doesn’t wash any more. The answer is that any half-decent Premier League boss could do a better job than this senile old fool. And it isn’t right to compare what Moyes is doing at Everton with what he could do at Arsenal: we have a much larger wage bill than the Toffeemen, and the cachet of being one of the great European clubs – that would allow Moyes to attract a few… Read more »


Fatgooner, I guess you mean something like this: ‘Yet another season without silverware. It’s a travesty for a club of our size. Nothing to do with the shortage of money; this team shows no mental strength and that’s the manager’s fault. Time for a parting of the ways. We can do better with somebody else.’ Yes? That’s what Everton fans were saying today on talksport. A disinterested listener might think they sounded like a bunch of ignorant brats with an oversized sense of entitlement having been spoilt rotten by Moyes whose main fault is that he’s given them unrealistic expectations… Read more »


A facile argument, I’m afraid. Moyes has done an excellent job at a medium-sized club with a small budget. The Everton fans slagging him off are just like the Charlton supporters who thought that Alan Curbishley had “taken us as far as he can”. Moyes even got Everton into the top four one year – a fantastic achievement. A well-run Arsenal should not be more than twenty points behind the leaders with a third of the season still to go. And we should at least be making finals in the two domestic trophies. Comparing Arsenal to Everton is like comparing… Read more »


Plsss. More like Arsenal have been loyal to him.


What’s wrong with it working both ways?


No man is bigger than the club, isn’t that the mantra you trot out whenever a player leaves us? Wenger is huge for Arsenal, the second biggest influence on our entire history, after Herbert Chapman, who’s post-death legacy was so great that it took a world war to stop Arsenal. He has made us into the great entertainers, not for the first time in our history but a stark contrast to the Graham years. He has also, in my opinion, given us something far greater than any single trophy in the Invincibles. Wenger defines Arsenal. He’s so interlinked with the… Read more »


But who is saying he’s doing an amazing job lately?


Quite a few fans to be truthful (though naturally his Wenger-Out contingent has grown several times over). Especially in regards to our Great Escape job last season. Admittedly last season was one of my favourites for the rollercoaster ride it was, but my god he could have done better. Replacing Cesc, Nasri and Clichy with Arteta(not that he was a bad signing, just in comparison to Fabregas), Gervinho and Santos should be considered criminal damage to the club. His last four signings have been much better. Monreal, Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski are all good signings for a top four club.… Read more »


“I don’t care if you love me, what have you done for me lately?!?”

I don’t why, having read the comment I simply thought that.

Is that modern mentality, idk.


Well mate the best relationships usually cuts both ways.



When a team is struggling, or the manager in this case, how often has the atmosphere from the fans in the ground helped change a game around, almost in magical-like circumstances? Equally it can go the other way also.

Not saying that we are responsible for anything, just merely highlighting the dynamics of a club and fans relationship with one another.


He may have his faults, Yes! but he is indeed a great man – has showed loyalty even in the most dire of circumstances. I can think of half of managers right now who would have jumped ship along time ago. Choosing to stay was/is never about the hefty pay package I mean i’m sure he’s recieved offers of alot more than what he’s on right now. Loyalty.


He is one of the highest paid managers in the world


And? If it was about the $$ I’d think that the likes of Real (especially so) and Bayern could and would easily top anything Arsenal could table for him.


I read that Real are paying Mourinho double Wenger’s salary so you’re probably right.


According to a website somewhere, no doubt.


I think Wengers problem is that he needs someone to come in and take over the buying end of things. If we had a person in the Dean type role who would say Arsene give me some names and don’t worry how much this player will cost but just leave it to me. Player price tags are something which he decides to over look as he likes to put his own price on but that should be given to someone other than him as he loves a bargan. I’m sure that we have missed out on player x,y or z… Read more »


Spot on @Micko! Let Wenger get back to what he is good at doing best, MANAGING!!! Its a shame that most of Wenger’s signings over the last few years were almost definitely not at the top of his shopping list. His Varane comments recently imply the same thing.


Agreed. Like Mata, he really wasn’t worth an extra 4-5M pounds?


I suspect the saying – you never know what you’ve got until its gone – will ring true once he has left.

Midfield Corporal

You’re probably right Muse, its very easy to assume a new manager will make everything right, but on the flip side will the club move forward bu being cautious and sticking with what we know? Problem is we don’t really know the truth about our finances and who holds the purse string, so if we did get a new manager he may have to work under constraints that AW has but not made public.


That was exactly my point. Psg, madrid, anzhi, e.t.c could make the £7.5m he’s on right now look like change.

He’s content with what he’s earning right now, who wouldn’t? But loyalty has also played a part in his 16 years at the club no doubt.


This statement from Munich is a slap on the wrist for everyone who is part of the ‘Arsene Out’ brigade.

AW in my personal opinion has an excellent techno-commercial understanding of the football world and I doubt there are many like him in Club Football Worldwide let alone the PL.


Techno-commercial understanding of the football world is great and all, but it won’t teach us how to defend set pieces. A little more pragmatic approach would be nice I think.


i find it incredible that people knock Wenger’s ‘poor defensive record’ when there is almost nothing to back it up.

This is a man who has achieved two amazing defensive feats that no other manager ever has. A whole premier league season without defeat and reaching the champions league final without conceding a goal.


Nothing to back it up? Well just the deterioration of the goals against column (stolen shamelessly from Arseblog, http://arseblog.com/2013/03/on-defending-attacking-and-the-real-reason-were-struggling/):

2005 – 36
2006 – 31
2007 – 35
2008 – 31
2009 – 37
2010 – 41
2011 – 43
2012 – 49

and of course the use of two eyes while watching Arsenal play a game. The two instances you refer to were great achievements but they were 9 and 7 years ago respectively.


We are set to concede less this season. And a more valid form of noting progress of a team is the goal difference column. Man United have conceded a lot of goals this year but they have a 12 point lead.


Our positions based on goals conceded.

1997 – 1st
1998 – 2nd
1999 – 1st*
2000 – 4th
2001 – 2nd
2002 – 2nd^
2003 – 4th
2004 – 1st*^
2005 – 3rd
2006 – 3rd
2007 – 4th
2008 – 4th*
2009 – 4th
2010 – 5th
2011 – 4th
2012 – 8th
2013 – 4th

* Unbeaten at home
^ Unbeaten away (incidentally the only team to have done this and we’ve done it twice).

Only Man Utd have conceded fewer over the entirety of the premier league.

That’s a pretty damn good defensive record.


Valid? Depends on the criteria that you are using it for. The above post stated that “people knock Wenger’s ‘poor defensive record’ when there is almost nothing to back it up.”, which is entirely erroneous. I used the goals conceded to demonstrate that Arsenal’s defending has gotten quantifiably worse.

I agree that is an interesting point however on Man Utd and here is another one: Spurs have conceded more goals and scored less then Arsenal but are still seven points ahead.


Yes our defending has gotten worse. It’s gone from being the best in the country to the 4th best in the country. Still not ‘poor’


I think it would be best not to be so blind to the reality of the PL. In this time you describe Arsenals deteriorating defensive record, the PL has seen a continual increase of attacking talent due to the large increase in TV funding. Looking at the main competitors definsive records in these seasons as well might bring some perspective to the situation. In this time, basically only Man City has seen an improved definsive record, and that only cost them about 1/2 Billion Pounds (vs our budget having to fund a new stadium). Other than that, all teams defensive… Read more »

Bt62 Gooner

Long time ago these feats were achived and were truly great.Now and since our defending has steadily gone downhill. The team at moment is pretty terrible when it comes to defending,and i know people will trot out that we’ve only conceded one more than utd or something along those lines.All i can say is you must not have watched alot of Arsenal matches over the last 6 or 7 years.He has continually brought in some truly terrible players,so bad that hardly anybody is willing to buy them.Can it really be just down to the players themselves? i think not,defending is… Read more »


I watched Money Ball yesterday (definately worth a watch if anyone hasn’t seen it) and I couldn’t help but notice all the similarities to Wenger.


The real guy that money ball is based on said Arsene was one of the people he admired and took inspiration from to do what he did.



I think I need to read the book it’s based on, I bet it’s very interesting.


Guys name is Billy Beane and he’s a Spuds fan despite basing himself on Arsene.

Entre Dans La

I really hope Arsenal does not turn into the Oakland A’s

Everytime baseball season starts I dont even know who in the hell they have on their team.

Im like this….



Married were we….divorced we are


Wenger isn’t good enough for Arsenal. Maybe for losers like Bayern or Real Madrid he’s okay, but we deserve better.


Who’s better ? The odd few who may possibly be wont be available.


@ Rodger

I think he is still good enough but the simple fact is that he has his finger in too many pies at Arsenal and rather than sticking to just the footballing end of things he is now involved at all levels of the club.

That has come from the success he has had and the length of time at the club but in my option that should never of happened because it has taken his eye from the real prize SUCCESS measured in silverware not accounts.


I’m sure Wenger is on £7m, and I think that is about right (put in context with what players earn). But is there any reference for this. The publicly issued accounts don’t tell us


Wenger is an absolute Legend at its most honest meaning. He is a real gentleman and a great human being.

It doesn’t excuse his recent shortcomings as a manager though, you cannot say allright we can continue to defend worse and worse after 5 seasons of defensive failings, just because Bayern wanted him a few years ago. Nor does it excuse signing Park, Gervinho, Chamakh and Giroud as our last 4 striker signings. All my respect goes to Wenger, but you have to separate things.


I get the point you were making, but I think it unwise to include Giroud with that crop of players just yet. He’s hit a dry spell yes but I don’t think I could call his debut season a bad one either. Let’s hope he finds form in these 10 last games.


I just don’t think we should be spending 10m on players like Giroud and Gervinho, we could have spent that 20-30m much more wisely. We will have to build up another team very soon if we fill it with players like Giroud, and it’s all Wenger, not the board who spent that money on average to decent attackers.

I find it strange, though, that he cannot find a proper attacker anymore. Maybe it’s the scounting that fails him, I don’t know, but he is the one who makes the decisions.


This is his first EVER season without arguably the best striker in the premier league, and even then we have Giroud, Podolski, Walcott who are all decent.

Give the guy a break


Gervinho is a good player but he is a player who very much depends on confidence. Essentially he is a mentally fragile player. While his final ball leaves much to be desired, he is perhaps the only player in the team who can dribble with the ball into the box. We could use some of that right now. The thing is neither walcott nor podolski can dribble. Gervinho can and he has pace and skill. Maybe, if we start supporting him instead of bashing him we might see his best(which by the way is actually very good). I personally believe… Read more »


Gervinho wasnt bought as a striker though.

He’s only this season been tried in that position a handful of times however.


The reason he signed them players was because of our finacial restrictions. Chamakh – free, park was like 2 -3 mill and gervinho was 8 and he’s not a striker! Wenger only played him cos we had no other options. Giroud isn’t there yet but he’s got potential and next season hes gonna smash it


Wenger….off fuck.


I’d give a thumbs up for the humour, a thumbs down for the lack of respect.


Gosh….just think, if Wenger had gone to Bayern 8 years ago….all those trophies we’d never have won. Errrr….


I think if he has gone, we’d find ourselves in a much worse position. His hands were tied, the move to the Emirates would have been swift had player wages not spiraled out of control. Despite this, he STILL nearly won us the league in 07-08 with a side whose age was averaging 21. A few cup finals here and there, he made a side with no transfer budget title contenders. If we didn’t have him, I doubt any other manager could have found and developed such great players and made such high profits. Just my opinion..


Blah, blah, bullshit. We’ve won fuck all in eight years – fact.

Under another manager we my not have won the Premier League in the last eight years, but we would probably have won a cup. Wenger’s utter incompetence this season has cost us the chance of getting to TWO cup finials. This fucking madman played a weakened side against Blackburn in the FA Cup when that was the only viable trophy that we could win.

Stop making excuses for this has-been.


Your negativity and ignorance really grinds my gears


Imagine they nicked him from Japan, then have a good old think about what we would not have won … knob

8YRS AGO....

we could sell them the today’s wenger and get pep


And then you would see Bayern dominating football for at least a few years. The thing is that Bayern have got their stuff sorted out. They were always a big club(certainly the biggest in germany) and because of the system in place in bundensliga , they dont have to compete with petrodollar clubs. This helped them dominate their own league even when they were in transition. Wenger used to make big money signings before and if he is not making them now there must be a reason to it. We must remember that even barcelona had a 6 year drought… Read more »


I forgot to mention one little thing. Peps awful at transfers. He would make us bankrupt
Lets see his record
Sanchez – 32mill (flop)
ibra – 30 mill + eto (biggg flop)
villa – 35mill (ok transfer but didnt really justify his price)
chygrynski- 25mil (huge flop)
maxwell – flop(he is at psg now)
mascerano – same as villa(30 mill)
Fabregas – same as villa
Pique – only transfer which was decent


The mobile app is paying images twice, just so that u know.


The mobile app is posting images twice.

Steve's Bold

Anyone know what the mobile app is up to these days?


Seems fine to me

In winger we rust

Think before blaming media for crucifying wenger about arsenals failures. The main reason for critics against wenger is lack of transfer activity. Has board or wenger made it clear who is in charge of transfer business. It made media to speculate arsenal is not doing enough. If arsenal would have come clean by telling that board is not providing funds we would be sympathetic to him rather than blaming him. Until he comes clean about that he deserves all the flakes pointed at him


You are obviously not aware of Wenger first arrived at Arsenal then! When he was ridiculed for his, ‘unorthodox’ ways, his educated past, the fact he was an unknown. The constant throwing in his face of the clubs number of Red Cards, made fun of the way he ‘did not see’ decisions made by the ref- as if he were being disrespectful of the football of this country and the irony is Pardew (copies even Wenger’s Hair these days) Pulis and half the league are way more disrespectful. He was at first vilified for bringing unknown players to league and… Read more »


Lets not forget he changed the premier league from Pulis style football to what we have today and that my friends can never be taken away.


Why would publicly criticising the board for not providing funds have stopped the media from attacking him?

With their track record, the chances are they’d have just used it as another stick to beat him with.


Just seen sky sports news and it looks like a few first team players will be missing for Bayern on Wednesday


Yeah just seen that. Ribbery, Boateng and one more I forget.

Have we announced our traveling squad yet? When do the boys leave? Today or tomorrow?

Gunsen gunner

Schweinsteiger suspended and robben is a doubt

Highbury hero

In Wenger we no longer trust. So what if Bayern wanted him. he knows he has ot cushty at Arsenal with his big salary and an unaccountable board who are happy with getting top 4. If he’d gone to Bayern or the several other ‘big’ clubs in Europe who have apparently courted him he wouldn’t have lasted 5 mins because the big clubs of Europe won’t give you 8 years and counting to win a trophy.


If he had gone to Bayern he would have won everything with them. We don’t win because we don’t have the money to win.

Everyone goes on about David Moyes being a good replacement for Wenger. He hasn’t won anything ever as a PL manager.


Pete, did you come up the Thames in a bubble. ‘If he had gone to Bayern he would have won everything with them. We don’t win because we don’t have the money to win.’ We have 150 mil in the bank and you’re saying we don’t have enough money?? And no if Wenger had gone to Bayern he would have sold the stars off and tried to inbed his unproven philosophy but he would have been sacked after a few years because you are expected to win things at Bayern because they are what you call a big club. Not… Read more »


Well we don’t have £150m to spend. Stop believeing everything the daily mail tells you to believe.

Since 2003 Bayern have spent around £250m more than Arsenal!. That is more than the cost of the whole Arsenal team! When will people realise that we can’t afford top players and it was inevitable that we would decline until we had money to spend again.

Wenger had 8 years with half decent spending power and they were epic. Give him another £30m a year to spend and see what he can do…


Those of you who have ‘disliked’ my status, why?


Because they are simple Arsene Wenger fans as opposed to Arsenal fans…


Because we’re not disillusioned and ignorant football fans who expect Arsenal to spend money they don’t have to buy players they can’t afford to pay in order to win cups, which would ultimately lead to the collapse of the club.

Highbury hero

Pete. We have sold our best players year after year. I used to be a big Arsene but I’m sorry you’re the deluded one here if you’re happy with the analysis that Wenger has struggled and made a silk purse out of a pugs ear for last 16 years blah blah blah. How can Bayerb Munich charge half the value season ticket prices for a start? Yeah so what if Bayern have spent 250 mil, so have Chelsea. Arsenal can afford to spend but we chose not to. Why oh why are so many Arsenal fans over concerned with financial… Read more »


First of all – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paragraph Bayern have more revenue than Arsenal and they haven’t had to pay back half a billion pounds of debt. After 9 years of selling players and making a profit in the transfer market we still have comparably little money compared to the clubs you think we should be beating. Arsenal already have £250m of debt now that we are fighting to pay back, so if you think going out and getting into more debt by buying big name players is a wise thing to do then you might as well just go and support portsmouth/leeds… Read more »


EXCUSE ME! Are you calling The Sun a NEWSPAPER?! What are you on about?!
They don’t have journalists, they have story inventors…

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I do not understand this nonsense that Arsenal fans do not appreciate his loyalty. That is nonsense. Irrespective of whether you want him to leave or not, there is not one supporter who doesn’t appreciate Wenger’s loyalty. The problem is people do not want him to go because he is disloyal, and keeps seeking jobs elsewhere. Also there is no denying that most of the dissent didn’t really start till last season. That is after 7 years of constantly slowly declining that supporters started to question him. I guarantee you not ONE manager at ANY club in the world will… Read more »


I can also tell you that there aren’t many managers in the world that would stay at a club that can’t afford to spend much money but expects to win championships.

Highbury hero

Pete, I saw an earlier comment you made about our defending getting worse and stating its the 4th best now – this just further proves my point that you are clearly not a football fan, more an accountant concerned with purely non football matters. Are you telling me that we actually have the 4th best defence? Christ it’s not even worth arguing my point on that one. And also I really think you should stop concerning yourself with the financial ins and outs when that’s the board’s job to worry about that. You’re job is to hold that board to… Read more »


Goals Against Average – 4th Place? Arsenal
Clean Sheet Average – 4th Place? Arsenal

I think you’ll find I’m just a football fan that is capable of logical and rational thought/analysis and has interests in all sides of the football club I support rather than just how many trophies they have won.

Highbury hero

Pete, I’m not interested in whether or not we’ve had half a billion to pay back and like I said that is not your job to worry about this. This situation requires a balance, the board a prudent enough without fans like you compounding the situation and accepting no trophy for 8 years. Arsenal have chosen fiscal prudence but so have Spurs and they manage to keep most of their best players (player for player they are better then us) and how are LFC able to keep Suarez- because Suarez knows he plays for a big club where the fans… Read more »

Highbury hero

Pete, so are you telling me that player for player we have a better back four then Everton or Liverpool? What a load of nonsense. Get your head out of those statistics your basing your argument on and watch some football.




Monaco, Grampus, Arsenal….at these clubs he had the run of things and any winning was a bonus. Madrid or Bayern would not have tolerated any messing about. They want to win, end of. That’s the main driver of their success. Wenger would have been under pressure to deliver. I think that’s why he has chosen the teams he did. There’s no pressure and he can go on fiddling about with his idealistic nonsense. History bears this out. Even before the last eight years Wenger teams have done poorly in title run-ins and cup finals. His teams are expressions of himself.… Read more »


In my opinion, we don’t have a problem defending, keeping the ball or scoring. It is our transition play that i at fault. The moments of defending, scoring are there. It is down to how we can do it more efficient and giving the players a clear role that has to be done. Once that is in place, we win.


The sooner Arsene packs his bags the better we will be, he is loyal to his 7+ millions a year. The fact is, all this clubs that are showing admiration for Arsene would’ve kicked him out after two trophy less seasons without even thinking. But no, our all knowing fans are still taken in by this man.

Highbury hero

To all those ‘fans’ above who are happy with Wilshere not playing because we’re already out and it’s ‘realistic’. WHAT KIND OF FANS ARE YOU?! Honestly this makes me sick.

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