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Coq keen to improve and impress

Francis Coquelin says he’s a long way from being the player he believes he can become but stressed that he’s improving every day by training with his Arsenal teammates.

The French under-21 international, who has amassed 903 minutes of playing time from 21 appearances this term, spent much of the first half of the season as the first choice back-up to Mikel Arteta but with competition from Jack Wilshere, Tomas Rosicky, Abou Diaby has been limited to one Premier League appearance since the start of 2013.

Seemingly patient, despite the desire to play more regularly, Coquelin accepts that he has much to learn.

“I am improving every day and hopefully in a few years I will be at my maximum,” Coquelin told Arsenal Player. “But I still look at the players around me and realise that there is so much to learn.

“I look at Mikel Arteta’s positioning and passing; at Abou Diaby and even players not in my position like Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere. What Jack is doing at his age is unbelievable.

“You want to impress everyone, from the manager to all the people watching you, to your team-mates and even your family. Every time I am on the pitch I just try to be as good as possible.”

Arseblog News certainly likes Coq but at 21 he’s not getting any younger. Even though he signed a new long-term contract in January 2012 you can’t help but wonder how long he’ll accept sitting on the bench when he could be getting more playing time elsewhere. It’s a quandary for the boss given he’s invested five years in him so far…

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Arteta is 31 now, so we do need to think about his successor. I hope that will be Coq, but he needs to make the step up soon.


Though I agree, there’s no reason a successor need have to step in for four years. He’s already adapted his game from a more forward role or even right winger on occasion to a deeper xavi-scholes hybridio.

big dawg

A xavi-scholes hybrid would be the scariest thing alive.


If he blocks a certain goal, Are we allowed to say

“You just got coq blocked!!”

Master Bates

If he does that week in week out , I see a banner for that

Jon Orme

I like Coq. Hopefully he stays patient and can grow into a key player for us!


He carry the ability to make it at the top. The only little thing that remain is the translation of ability to reality


Really hope Coq makes it through the ranks. He is an amazing tackler, and always let the opponent know that he is there, constantly running at them.

Reality check

My mind is full of fuck! How did you post a comment with no comment? I’m not going to lie, I’m at work touching the screen hoping for words to magically appear.. Sigh interlull is taking its toll!


*its quandary…*thats why i said Wenger is rigid with tactics. Coquelin is a good DM who just need more confidence to attain his best.It seems wenger is hellbent on relegating him to the bench. He does not have any confidence in him. Thats why he still opt for the injury-prone Diaby. Though,he may not have possessed the brazen play of Diaby, but he can an important role in our team. His chances will be limited next season when Arsene Wenger will buy a DM.I think he may not make it


I don’t think you took into account that Diaby is an older player who probably needs the confidence more. In all fairness, Wenger also sees them behind the scenes, and – while guilty of limited rotation – knows who is ideal for use in a given game. He doesn’t just look at the game physically, he likes to get psychological with the players.

That said, Coq is young, talented, and had a renewed contract – I hope to see more in the next 12-15months.


It’s all very well wanting to get better, but you have to be fit in order to play, and Le Coq’s re-occurring hamstring problems aren’t helping.

pauly bear

He is all talk another shez. Pitty cause at times he looks like he can do a job


I know, huh… These footballers and their media responsibilities…


You need to really take a look at the horse dung you just typed. Something wrong?


Well he said a few years atleast so that is a reasonable timeframe for him to come into fruition. I think it is good he is being made to wait. Denilson was thrown right in there and he failedto deliver. Coq has got way more to offer and i suspect we will see more of him next season.

The fact that Arteta is so good and reliable and important to our team goes against him and i think he knows that with Mikels age this lack of action will not go on forever.

The underrated

I honestly believe that he’s better than Arteta even at this point. Coquelin is always in the pursuit of the opponent, he’s not afraid (like some of our players) to make the challenge. With that said, I love Arteta and perhaps it’s better for Coquelin to wait for the right moment. Coquelin has an enormous potential.

Big Dave

I really hope he becomes an Arsenal legend… then we can erect a big Coq outside the stadium.

Emannuel Eboue

Disappointed there are no innuendos from Blogs this time around. I was hoping for one to make me cackle. We can’t be out of them all?

Merde Bag

Older, Wiser Coq, will wait for opening

Emannuel Eboue

Thank you, Merde and Big Dave. Now I have something to take me through this day.


I like him, he’s honest and works hard, but it would take an exceptional rate of improvement for him to develop into a truly world class player of the kind we should be looking to attract over the coming years. Even Ramsey has shown flashes of what he could become, Coquelin has never been more than solid, would not be surprised if he moved on to a midtable/Europa league club in a couple years.

Perry S.

Please don’t mention Ramsey. He’s worth not a damn :/ Coq could easily surpass Ramsey in getting starts next season.


Ah yes, a ramsey bash. Finally sanity on arseblog!


I like the Coq, i think he is technically as good as any of our ‘young’ players so if he doesn’t agitate for a move then i’d keep him.

He would definitely benefit from a run in the side though – anyone know the most consecutive games he has played?

Can’t be more than 3?


i like coquelin, brilliant tackler and the only player to leave the 8-2 united game with a bit of dignity. wish wenger would play him more, perhaps in the last half an hour when the game is won? (loljk like we have those games anymore)


I luv the lad and also believe in his potentials:solid,skillful and always @ alert, playing al’round the field. I want Wenger 2 give him more playing time when he is fit.


Next Flamini.

I mean the Flamini that had a good couple of seasons for us, not the little twot that disappeared into his own wage packet.


Coq is good, great energy, technique and tackling but still has a long way to go to overtake arteta. Positionally coq has a lot to learn and is a little too eager to push up the pitch for a true DM. He is still young though so there is time to improve but I suspect he will only ever be a decent rotation option rather than world class


Is Coq a “true DM” though? He looks to have a lot of ability to get forward as well; as we saw when he played at fullback, he can dribble and run at defenders as well as put in a cross. He may not have the physical presence a lot of fans long for at the defensive mid position, but neither did Flamini, and Coq reminds me a lot of the Flamster, a real energetic presence. Even if he can’t nail down a spot in the starting lineup, I think he could make an invaluable squad player, with his ability… Read more »


I think it is now quite rare to have a “true DM” of the Makalele, Gilberto and Petit (both started as defenders) mould. More often they are now just deep positioned passers like Arteta, Pirlo and Carrick. I was think the same about Coq being most similar to Flamini in the sense that he if the type of midfielder who can constantly chase down the ball when opponents have it yet has abilty to play when he gets the ball. He is a different type of player to Arteta and Ramsey. In fact I think all our midfielders of Arteta,… Read more »

Parisian Weetabix

Excellent comment. I think he certainly has the tenacity to succeed, and I think there is one crucial area where he may have the edge on all of his competing team-mates: defensive energy. He’s the kind of player who could run around a midfield for 90 mins tirelessly. Most of our current midfielders just run forward and often jog backwards, but he seems happy to sprint backwards as well. He could be a truly great player.


Does the purpose of this post is to see how many ‘I like Coq’ responses you’ll get for it? 🙂


Subject change: good luck to Chris Kiwomya at Notts County. He was one of the worst players that I’ve ever seen in an Arsenal shirt, but they say that bad players make good managers and vice versa.

So Chris will probably win the Champions’ League as Rochdale manager.


A cultural doubt – I’ve heard the use of the phrase ” at 21 he’s not getting any younger”, which doesn’t sound right because there is no age does anyone start becoming younger, unless he is Benjamin Button!


I like the idea of a coq in the first team. Popping up to intercept balls all over the pitch, helping with the forward thrust when absolutely needed you know being all over the place basically….yeah.


Coq is more massive than first thought, could be that physical presence in our midfield for years to come. One to persist with I think


He like Jenkinson when given a match have shown they can do the job. And coq can play in defence,mid,attack he is that versatile. For me he does more than walcott throughout the game. May be he takes up Ramsey place in the wings nd aaron gets shifted to artetas position , it can all happen.


I don’t see why the future midfield can’t consist of Wilshere in front of the Ram and Coq – both very capable of defensive play while being great at moving with the ball, with Ox learning central roles down the line.

It’s a young midfield thought, but a very capable one with given time.


Count The Ox in the midfield as well.

Parisian Weetabix

Comedian, I think that is a better comment than it is given credit for. If Ramsey sat back and played the passes, and Coq went box to box, them with Wilshere in front of him we’d have the beginning of a very solid midfield.

gooner odst

he certainly has a bit of ‘steel’ about him much like Jack does, i.e. he has a grit and determination that someone like Arshavin doesn’t have (who makes it up with skill or whats left of it). He looks like an attack minded Gilberto with all the defensive qualities once in full flow.

All we need to do is get him in full flow before Barf-a claim him with their DNA guff.


You can’t beat a hard coq just what we need in midfield


Should get more opportunities than Diaby tbh.

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