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Diaby ruled out for the rest of 2013

Poor Abou Diaby.

Arsenal have confirmed that our French midfielder tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during today’s training session and will be out of action for much of the rest of the year.

A statement on Arsenal.com reads:

“Following consultations with specialists, Abou will undergo surgery to repair the injury in the near future. Abou is expected to be out for around eight to nine months.

“The thoughts and best wishes from everyone at Arsenal are with Abou, and we all wish him a successful recovery.”

Nobody deserves his luck. It’s very sad news indeed.

Arseblog News wishes Abou the best of luck with his recovery.

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Redcurrant Wonder

Diaby Diabies himself again

Unyoke The Ox

Stay classy.



Why did we sell song again?


He wanted to go. He went. Couldn’t care less now that he’s gone.


It’s not often you can feel sorry for professional footballers. Been said before but he’s a nice guy who doesn’t act at all like 90% of the rest of ’em. Really sad day for him. Must be awful. Would personally be happy if he stays at the club in another role.


Who wants to go to Martin Taylors house and break both his legs?? Im not a violent man by any means but that guy ruined diabys career!!


By breaking Eduardo’s leg?


That was Eduardo.


Wasn’t it Dan Smith? I believe Martin Taylor was the cunt who broke Eduardo. And Shawcross was the troll-cunt who got Ramsey. I say “got” because it was pretty much grievous bodily harm.
Cunts, the lot of them.



It was Dan Smith the cunt.


You can talk about Dan Smith all you like, but Dan Smith is not the one responsible for Diaby’s genetically poor muscular recovery (this is something Wenger talked about recently).

Rather than going on and on about Dan Smith, I think it’s more accurate to just admit that Diaby’s body is not up to the rigors of a professional football career.


From the number of thumbs down to my comment, can I assume you think Wenger is a complete liar regarding Diaby’s physical problems? Or is it just like everything else on this website: If you cheer lead, or toe the line, you win approval?




No, you don’t simply blame something that isn’t the pure fault. First, it was that SunderCunt’s fault for the unnecessary challenge.

Secondly, his muscles are fucked due to the slight deformation he gained from the injury, causing all sort of other issues.


Do some further reading rather than making blind allegations.

big neilo

No not for me. The bloke doesnt get the arsenal. Younes Kaboul gave him a spurs shirt and he wore it round his house (that we bought him) for fun. He doesnt understand the club so why would you want him hanging around.

Matt Senior

Good to see all the thumbs are up on this one. Shouldn’t happen to such a decent bloke

Parisian Weetabix

When I read the news first I almost wanted to cry. He seems so nice and humble, and while no-one deserves his problems, he deserves them even less. He seemed to be getting back to his best, he was talking about how much he loved Arsenal, and how he wanted to repay the club, and then this. It’s tragic, it really is. Because this is surely the end of his Arsenal career, if not his footballing career. It’s one of those rare moments where I’d always overlook the problems it causes the club, because however this feels for the fans… Read more »


How about applause at two minutes for Diaby at the Reading game tomorrow?


This has honestly ruined my week.

Really upset about this news.

Dave Gooner

That’s just a bit too flippant mate. Especially when you consider what the guy has been through.

I really really feel for the guy. You can see the talent he has. It is just one bit of bad news after the next – he must be really fucking shattered by this news.

Get well soon Abou.

Ben Arfa's older brother

Why do people keep commenting on what a great guy he is? No one here knows him. Was he a nice a guy when he started bullying Ben Arfa who was a year younger and half his size.

Redcurrant Wonder

Apologies for the poor taste guys. Didn’t really think that one through. Of course its tremendously sad news for him, just as he was having a 1st team impact again. Maybe the solution is a pay per play contract renewal when the time comes. Perhaps a steady recovery programme for the ACL damage might rest and then help build up the muscles that have contributed to his other strains and niggles. Let’s hope so.

jack jack jack

Nice post Redcurrant, good save.


Dan Smith has made 34 senior appearances since then and now plays for Semi Pro side Darlington 1883. Says it all really


Good save from what? The hysteric and self-righteous masses? Give me a break. It’s incredible that such an innocuous comment would receive countless thumbs down, and that someone like you would congratulate yourself on validating his (completely unwarranted) apology. Get over yourself.

jack jack jack

I thought my comment was more tongue-in-cheek than high-and-mighty but if you need something to get angry about please be my guest. (Political correctness gone mad!! etc etc)


I saw almost 200 thumbs down for Redcurrant Wonder’s (hidden) comment, and I thought, “wow, he must have said something really heinous…”

Then I looked at his comment…

Are you people for real? I’m pretty sure Arseblog / Arseblog News has used a similar phrase to imply Diaby’s injury problems (“Diaby is Diaby” or “Diaby’s been Diabyed” or some such), and not a peep from the masses, but now that Redcurrant uses it, he’s a social pariah.

It’s interesting how internet forums police themselves, largely by folks following the herd.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Redcurrant’s comment.


Exactly. It seems approval is only afforded to those who use naughty big bad words such as cunt to describe anybody who isn’t an Arsenal player.


Totally agree, anything remotely negative on this site even if its based on fact or truth will get slaughtered. We will persevere with diaby no doubt next season waiting for him to recover whilst not buying an adequate replacement yet again.
I have never known such apathy amongst the many arsenal fans I know,things just never seem to change at the arsenal and we repeat the same mistakes over and over again.


There is a time and place to say everything. I am probably the biggest Diaby hater here but criticizing him at this moment is not really called for.


Ruled out permanently? it must be getting close to that reality sadly.

diaby (not the real one)

No don’t be silly. He and Rosicky have a tag team thing going on to share time on the sidelines. When one is fit the other is banjaxed! Also on a lighter note, due to circumstances and his hair, this is the time of year when aforementioned Tomas gets busy and inspires us to crush sp*rs hopes and dreams


haha, maybe they have a time share together. sad really.

gooner odst

wtf happened to the ubiquitous 3-4 weeks?… jeez. Diaby has no luck in regards to injury, no one deserves this kind of luck regarding injury.


The phrase, ” 3 weeks,” will strike me with fear every time it is used in regards to any Arsenal players.


Oh man. His mum must have walked under every ladder and on every crack in every pavement when she carried him.

What could have been, Abou… I am stabbing my Dan Smith voodoo doll in the face when I get home.


Poor bugger. When does his contract end?




2015? On what weekly wage? I appreciate all the sympathy for Diaby here, but let’s not be disingenuous about how frustrating this is from a fan’s point of view. Diaby has been a burden on the club’s wages for years now, and I’m extremely disappointed that we’ll be paying him to do absolutely nothing for another two years. I wish Diaby all the best in his recovery, and I hope that he finds a decent career after he leaves the club a very wealth young man. But in the meantime where does that leave us? Why can’t we ask that… Read more »

Glory Hunter

I’m sure there’s medical insurance for situations like this?
Can anyone shed any light?!?

Sue My Chin

RE: insurance – Only if the player is injured on international duty or is forced to retire.

I’ve never heard of a club insuring a player against injury. It would only be another drain on resources at the end of the day as the insurance company would want to make a profit.


I understand your frustrations but you can’t blame anyone for having an injury. I think trying to find form both mentally and physically from having the injury record he has is bound to be a very difficult thing and he has shown that it is. Of all the broken bones from injuries we have had Diaby’s has been the most tragic of them all as he has been interrupted by that disgusting challenge ever since he has had it. Now I understand why Wenger was so livid when it happened to him as I guess foresaw this future for him… Read more »


American sports teams routinely insure their star players’ big contracts against catastrophic, career-ending injury. Not sure if the practice has been adopted in football.


You say you don’t have a problem with Diaby picking up a wage, but then I’m sure you’re also frustrated when we drop points each season because we lack a midfielder of Diaby’s stature. Diaby’s contract is precisely why we don’t buy someone like Capoue, M’Vila, etc. I’m not saying we buy those players, and no doubt each person has their own favorite for that position; rather, I’m saying that we need a player who can protect someone like Wilshere (who is currently taking a lot of physical abuse in midfield), and Diaby may be the reason we haven’t bought.… Read more »


PS: I think the frustration is that we awarded him a new contract in 2010 (?) knowing full well he was a chronic physical liability. (Can you imagine another top European club doing such a thing?) Had this never happened, and Diaby was out of contract this year, I think 90% of us would have said, “sorry it didn’t work out, but I’m glad he’s freed up a wage bill.” But now we have to somehow justify or approve of him picking up 60K a week for another two years just because we feel sorry for him?


It’s not Diaby’s fault, or his wage bill’s fault, that we don’t sign the defensive midfielder that we need.
If Arsene really wanted such a player, he would sign one. Any other manager with his resources would sign a DM anyway. Arsene is the only manager who will so blatantly ignore a obvious need in the team, because he doesn’t want to “kill” the up and coming players in the squad who he wants to inherit the role, of which Diaby is perennially one.


Diaby reminds me of the thousands of benefit scroungers in the UK.


How? We’re the ones who offered him a new contract with full awareness of his injury problems, and it’s not as if Diaby doesn’t WANT to play.

Oli Wilson-Gooner

Poor Abou… I fear this is the end for him at Arsenal, such a shame, so much talent, nobody could deserve it less 🙁


This is such a shame. No one deserves the injuries this guy has had.


That’s not entirely true. John Terry does.


To ignore how much that sucks for him for a moment but… that’s got to be it right?


You cold see him making an announcement fairly shortly. Likely to be it for him as a player, perhaps coaching beckons…


Love diaby when he,s fit but I think its time 4 old folks home put those gamy legs up and relax 4 the rest of your days

2G Gunner

Have always maintained faith in Diaby against all the doubters but that has to be it. So unfortunate as love the guy but there’s no coming back from this.


So this surely means we offload him in the summer, right?
I love Diaby but we need a man in the team that can compete and actually do something for the team.


I reckon anyone would have to be insane or a saint to sign him.

Dick Swiveller

Take a look around, there’s plenty of insanity in football.


Er, offload him to who?


The guy just needs to play in a less physical league. I think some clubs out there would take a risk on him, seeing as how he can be so damn good on his day.


If by “less physical” you mean less rough, then I don’t think that’s the answer. Wenger said a while back that Diaby’s problem is less to do with taking knocks, and more to do with muscle recovery. He simply cannot play week in and week out, and I can’t think of a single club in the world who’d want to invest in such a player.


Why you’re getting red thumbs downs I have no idea.

He is a great guy, and an Arsenal man, but we really need to move him out the squad in place of someone who can stay healthy for a season. We can’t rely on him, so we can’t have him in the squad. It sucks but this is the way football works.

Bolbol Sima

His injury will last through all summer. No club in the world would purchase an injured player with an ACL especially one with such an injury record as Diaby’s. Earliest time for him to be sold would be January but doubt Wenger will be for selling him but to show faith in him by keeping him, should Diaby decide to continue playing football at this level. That said, I’m genuinely heartbroken for the lad. My jaw dropped to the floor when I first read the tweet from Arsenal.com. Despite what many thought about his ability and potential, I have always… Read more »


Sadly, the end now for Abou at Arsenal, surely? Dumb luck, the guy has been cursed with injury, had so much potential.

gunn cabinet

…and van persie walks free. Life is not fair


that’s a shitty thing to say


Well van persie is a traitorous cockface, so no it isn’t.


Well put.


The irony is we all hoped for Van Persie to be fit and to be fit for a full season….

He did that became an important player and then fucked off!!!

Surely the same won’t happen with Diaby if we an get a full season from him.


So our fanbase sinks to Tottenham-level of scumbaggery. Nice to know.


Surely he will be seriously considering retirement?


It must be destroying him at the thought of considering it but you know it is looming over him. Then again if the surgery is to eliminate a problem rather than be another repair job then it might not be as bad as it looks. Hopefully the 9 months is an exaggerated time-frame to give him the best possible recovery, especially if it is the first time he has done his ligaments in. We all thought Van Persie would never recover and also Rosciky ( thought still not confirmed on his fitness) and to a lesser extent Jack and TV5… Read more »


The problem is that once you do an ACL in football, not only it is a grueling 9 months or so to recover, but the chances of snapping the other dramatically increase (see Pires, Frimpong, etc.). If I were Diaby, I would say enough is enough, I just would want to be able to walk when I’m older. But then again I’m not a top class athlete, so maybe he’ll decide to push on like that bloke in the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie?

David's semen

The club should offer him what is known as a ‘Compromise deal’; freeing itself of its contractual obligation to the player, whilst giving him a one-off lump sum payment on the proviso that he hangs his boots up. Best deal all round.


Be good to switch him to a pay as he plays contract


At least this one isn’t guaranteed the “2 to 3 weeks” twilight zone treatment.

I really wish him the best, a terrible injury to have from personal experience, luckily for me I’m not a pro footballer.

I hope his mental strength stays switched on.

Arteta perfect hair

Such a shame as he has worked so hard to come back time and time again, enough is enough surely?

AZ Gooner

This is exactly how I feel. The poor guy went through so much extra effort to try and strengthen himself anyway he could. I almost feel like shedding a tear for him.


Ah thats terrible news!! The poor guy is fucking riddled with injuries!!!!!!!!!


Anyone remember what that dude who prompted 7amkickoff to post the ‘Diaby at Swansea : by the numbers’ said? I say we find him, and torture his ass to death.

Theo's Bumfluff

Such bad luck for a genuinely talented player, you never hear him complain about injuries and bad luck he just gets his head down and tries to get fit again. Sadly, although he is one of my favourite players, his time for me is up, we can’t afford to carry a space in the squad for someone who can only play a quarter of a season


It has always felt like he was in some ways a “foundation” player of this team. That is, when he’s available he plays, but because of injuries he’s not actually been available that often. I wonder if that’s had an affect on the actual team as well.


Good point, Wenger did point out his value to the balance and effectiveness of the team when he plays due to his style of play and you only stick with something if you know, feel or hope it will be amazing for you. Although I haven’t read any comments saying Wenger is being sympathetic I would like to say that I don’t think he is at all. After all if he was Eduardo would have stayed with us until the end of his contract even though he too was a great guy, so the fact Wenger still keeps trying to… Read more »

Tenacious Defence

I agree, Bumfluff. As sympathetic as I have been for him (having suffered a multi-fracture and dislocation myself), the club know he’s going to be out for probably half of next season, guaranteed, and who knows how much longer with associated setbacks.

Let him do his rehab, but give him all of next season, and in the meantime we MUST fill his place in the squad with quality cover. We can’t afford to carry him any longer.

If Diaby’s fit and ready for 2014/2015 then we can consider fitting him in again.

Poliver Girolski

Wow what a blow, I really thought this year was a turning point for him in regards to overcoming his injury problems.

I guess on the plus side, this leaves to door wide open for Coq to come in and hopefully cement his position within the squad.

Best wishes go out to Abou, hopefully we will see him back at some point whether like those above said as a coach or player.


Sad story with this boy – great talent but spoiled career because of all the injuries 🙁 .. Very underrated by many Arsenal fans. Wishing you the best of luck Abou Diaby!

The Dude

He knocked out John Terry! Diaby!


and owned Barton!

Rad Carrot

Unlucky, seriously unlucky. Was glad Wenger stuck by him as long as he did, showed an enormous amount of faith that no other club would have done. It’s frustrating it hasn’t paid off, but that’s no-ones fault.

It’s shitty, but I’m afraid that that’s his career gone, certainly at top-level football. Wish you well, Abou.


Diaby has the spirit of a lion but a body of bones as brittle as aldi drinking glasses. Let it be said that he chose us over chelski and he never gave up on the gunners! The most loyal of players…
All the Best Abou the Gunner


opened this story hoping it was some kind of inappropriate joke


That is the worst possible luck. Poor guy must be gutted

A Yank

Ugh… awful. Really just awful.

On the flip side, what kind of Bataan Death Marches are Arsenal training sessions? I swear we have 3x more injuries than the next-worse-off club over the past 4-5 years.


It all stems from that horrendous tackle from Dan Smith. Feel so bad for Abou, it’s the most unjustified rotten spell of luck. Personal highlight for this season was his ridiculously bossy performance away at Liverpool. Showed exactly what he can do that day, so unfair we might never see it again.

Rich T

He’s 26yo. All this ‘career is over’ stuff is a bit premature me thinks.


I hope so, I really do.

Rad Carrot

I’m afraid not, mate. His career is over, at least, his Arsenal career. Doing in your cruciate at this age, means he’ll be out for 8-9 months at least… followed by about a year of rehab. You can’t just get your fitness and ability back straight after snapping your knee in half. By the time he’ll be back in contention, he’ll be about 29, and with the fear of getting another injury, and his time out, I’d be absolutely astounded if we ever saw him play for the first team again. Not his fault, no-one’s to blame, but there’s no… Read more »


I’m a huge Diaby fan and I was gutted by this news. I do hope he comes back stronger and better. regarding your post, I hope Diaby proves you wrong mate and he draws inspiration from Adrian Peterson, MVP running back for the Minnesota Vikings. Peterson suffered a torn ACL and MCL on Deceimber 26th, 2011. After surgury and rehabilition, 8 months later he returned at the start of the football season in September 2012 and finished the 2012 season as the NFL’s MVP! Also he was about 20 yards short of breaking the NLF record set in 1984 for… Read more »


Well, doping is (almost) legal in the NFL, and i’m afraid thats why the likes of peterson, Ray Lewis and, RGIII can ctome back healthy in a timespan of 2-3 weeks 😉 Hope Diaby will come back, atleast just to smack John Terry one last time!

pak gooner

Still gonna believe. Even if he gets to play in bits and pieces, though he doesn’t deserve it one bit, not for what he’s capable of bringing to the pitch. If Van Persie could, so can Abou. I doubt anyone can fathom what he’s going through right now, but even though its asking a lot, I hope he believes that it’ll be over one day and he’ll be able to play freely.
One day. It will come. Godspeed Abou.

Jim Jimminy

Maybe he needs a big injury to cancel out the original…


Gotta feel for the guy. Must be heartbreaking for him. Well, hope he’s gonna stay fit in 2014.


Gutted. He’s such a good kid and a quality player. Yeah he’s not been there for us lately due to injuries but no one deserves this. Literally was dumbfounded to see this headline, literally yelled “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me”. Alas, we’ll see how the situation is 6 or 7 months down the line, but I’m not too optimistic of a real return to Arsenal, not with the summer window between us and then 🙁 Good luck Abou, speedy recovery.

booing helps

let’s hope he makes it back from this. A really talented player who has had a career ruined by injury. He’s still only 26…i hope wenger persuades him to keep going.

Rich T

So he should be back during the Jan transfer window next year? It will be just like a new si…… oh fuck it. I can’t.


When fit he is a terrific player. I have every sympathy with him, and he sounds like a great guy.

But we have to sell him in the summer. We can’t go on relying on a player who cannot stay healthy no matter what. It’s not the way to build a title-challenging squad.


Right and who’s going to buy an injured player? Who has a long history of being injured?

And also more importantly, is this the appropriate time to be talking about this? I think not.


The fact that the poor guy has had yet another long term injury is the entire reason we need to replace him. Sentimentality has no place in football.


Replace him certainly, but no team, not even Liverpool, would be stupid enough to buy a poor chap who’s suffering from severe and chronic ligament damage. We won’t sell him because we can’t.


Real shame. With no injuries I’m pretty sure he’d have been the next Patrick Viera. Horse Placenta time? Atleast it isn’t another thigh strain.


It’s sad that such a talented player will have most of his career destroyed by injuries. Truth is, the club doesn’t benefit from keeping him under the wings any longer and its probobly time for Arsene to give up on him.

petits handbag

I for one,will never forget that performance at Anfield. He was unplayable,couldn’t get the ball away from him. Unfortunately this has to now be the end.
He should get into coaching because the guy knew how to play the game the right way


Can’t this man catch a freaking break?!? He has played more games this season than the pervious two season combined and has has shown flashes of brilliance; I thought perhaps finally the injury issue is at last behind him, much like Van Persie and now he suffered the worst kind of injury, a torn ACL!!! He is my favorite player and I was pulling for him to do well this season, now with a torn ACL, I want Diaby to prove me wrong but this just might be that last straw that broke the camel’s back in regards to his… Read more »


Real shame for him personally.

Genuinely hope that this removes any excuse not to provide a central midfield “replacement” for him. Would rather he was fully fit – from what he’s shown he has massive ability and a decent attitude.


Dear lord! I have supportedly Diaby 100% for so long now and have been so proud to make strides this year in getting back into the first team but i think we have to now finally cut ties with him at the end of his contract, or at least change it to a pay as you play deal as he is just too injury prone to be relied upon and im assuming a heavy drain in wages considering his limited playing time.


Fucking Dan Smith!

Adam Carter

I feel really bad for the guy I really do but there has to be a point where enough is enough, its not fair on the fans to fork out 60£+ per game and have someone like this who is perennially injured taking up space in the squad and taking home what 50k a week? the money could be better spent elsewhere. We have already gave him so much time but it seems he will never recover from the injury caused by Dan Smith at Sunderland. I like the idea we could find a place for him at the club… Read more »


Ok, so what’s the plan Adam? Persuade him that DLA’s preferable to his wages? Flog him to medical science?


Agh. More bad luck for him. He needs to do the right thing here, though. He needs to walk away (no pun intended) from the team, and take the financial burden of his contract away. Did he not, at one time, say he needed to repay Wenger & the team for their faith in him? Well, this would be the only way he can repay that trust now. Do the right thing Abou.


very sad

Dan! Dan! Dan! ......Dan! .........Dan!!

Time to retire….sorry.

kiss my arsenal

is that user name supposed to be funny you knob


Jeez poor guy. Surely this is the end of his playing career. Maybe time to make an early step into coaching?

Ugandan Gooner

I fucking feel sorry for him. He is one of my favorite players s well because of what he is basically capable of doing on the pitch and i honestly believe he will be back even though he will not be like his real self. And i hope he comes back in an Arsenal shirt.

Rich T

Fuck. I’ll say it again. TWENTY SIX YEARS OLD.


Well, that’s the end of his career then. I hope Arsene realizes that too now and stops saying that he is a vital player to us. Such a shame. Fucking Dan Smith.
I feel really sorry for Diaby.

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