Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Emirates Cup to return

Arsenal have confirmed that the Emirates Cup will return this summer. The traditional pre-season tournament was cancelled last year because of the timing which clashed with the Olympic Games, but the club have announced that the tournament is set to play a part in the build-up to the new season.

According to a statement, “The competition will be staged over the weekend of Saturday 3rd August 2013 and Sunday 4th August 2013.

Including Arsenal, there will be four teams participating, with two matches on each day. The three other teams have not been confirmed yet and the Club hopes to publically confirm in the forthcoming weeks.”

There’s normally another Emirates sponsored team in the mix, so that could mean Hamburg, Olympiacos or AC Milan.

It adds to an already busy pre-season schedule with the club set for another Asian tour which will take in Japan, Indonesia and, for the first time, Vietnam.


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The end of the trophy drought awaits


What if a random small club is in it….then what?


Random small club? Better not be tottenham then!


Didnt NY red bulls win it last time? were not even guaranteed this silverware anymore…..


What trophy drought. Didn’t Arsenal win Markus Liebherr Memorial Cup in 2012 by beating Southampton?


What about PSG? Would make it a bit interesting…


I’ve always wondered why all the participants were not Emirates sponsored.

AC Milan

Decent set of teams

Gearoid Kelly

Presumably because you’d have the same teams every year, and if you did that, then the other clubs would then want to host it in turns.


Because then we might not be able to win


Rumors of Millonarios, Hamburg and Beijing Guoan floating around. Would be a little underwhelming if true. Aren’t Real Madrid an Emirates sponsored team as well from next season (or is that 2014)? Not forgetting PSG as well.


Hahaha! Is this the only way that the club think they can get in silverware – by (re)introducing their own competitions?! So funny, it’s depressing.

Arsene wenger

Silverware? What is silverware……. Sorcery!
This is Arsenal, we want the profits that come with the competition and a chance to scout our next youngster who will be our top, top, top signing for the summer!

Toure Motors



The Emirates Cup gives fans a great chance to visit the ground and see the team play, especially to those where a game during the season a game is too expensive to go to. Didn’t we also have a lack of pre-season fixtures this season which meant the team didn’t get the games the boss wanted also? The amount of fixtures that are building should help with that and the number of games shouldn’t be a problem as we usually take about 50+ player with us. And there will be no player waiting at home refusing to sign a contract… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

Agree might be able to bring my two lads at the same time


Forget about the champions league , emirtates cup baby!


That’s just sad, and u got tumps up….. Idiots


I think you need a sarcasm coach.


lol, once it’s not wenger

A Yank

No, what’s sad is that we didn’t even win the last installment of the Emirates Cup.


We should invite blackburn, bradford and bayern over then set the record straight by unleashing a can of whoop arse! No?…. Okay.

Eric Irish gunner

We might set the record straight against bayern next week 🙂


I hope someday, soon because I don’t have many left, Arsenal do a U.S. tour. I assume Asia is more lucrative, but it can’t be by much. Those preseason games always sell out over here.


Right on. I went to the ManU/Barcelona game two years back in DC. Fantastic stuff. I can’t see why we couldn’t host Arsenal and someone like Milan/Real Madrid/Bayern…probably wishful thinking but then so was the idea of picking up Dempsey for 6 mil last summer and selling a million Arsenal shirts here in the US.

Emannuel Eboue

Silver. Why do they all want silver? Going werewolf hunting? Gettit? Gettit? No?

I’ll go back to Turkey.
*hums Istanbul not Constantinople*


Some clever sod at the club thought lets mention the Emirates Cup get the fans thinking about a fresh start next August and that’ll put a smile on their faces….yeah and I can’t wait for a summer of transfer gossip and no transfers!


It would be nice for the fans to have an early look at all the LANS(Chamakh,Bendtner, Joel Campbell,Djourou etc)

Emannuel Eboue

I am sorry to break your hear, Nishanth but Chamakh, Arshavin and our mate the Squid will all be free agents. Hence not at the club and won’t be LANS. They will be a new signing for some other poor sod.


Luckily, we have Chamakh for one more year, I believe.

Midfield Corporal

Rumour has it The club are preparing a new 5 yr contract for Denilson too!


I wish the Austrian Camp would return. The atmosphere was so friendly and positive, I think the globalisation of football made everything worse. Going to China and Thailand is only because the club sees $$ in the Asian people, they are a simple number, and it’s sad that rather than properly getting ready for the season in Austria, where a few of us could truly enjoy the day without any big media presence, they take jet leg, they take media presence, and travel every second day just to squeeze some money out of the growing East. I’m not blaming the… Read more »


Are you in England? Cause there are millions of fans out there that think the idea of going to see their team actually play in front of them is fucking brilliant and rather special.


I’m not in England, I’m from Hungary but have been to the Emirates (not attended matches though) twice so far, and travelled a few hours to Austria every summer, it was worth it a lot though. There was no hussle for places, no media, no limelights. Anyways the Club doesn’t go to Asia so they can make “a millions of fans” happy, they do it purely on a commercial basis, and that’s what it is sad about it anyways. We do it purely to earn some money Wenger doesn’t spend in the end, and it kills our preparation as well… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

Commercial gain is the equivalent of making millions of fans happy enough to chip in ticket prices. Are fans in Hungary worth more to you? Or do you see commercial gain and rewarding fans as a mutually exclusive process? They are one and the same, and if there are many fans in Asia, Arsenal could certainly use that resource. Also, Asian players are starting to break ground in the European leagues, doesn’t hurt to promote our club since many other large clubs are, in attracting talent.

Hefty Dave

I cant see ticket prices ever going down !!!


thumbs up


Austrian Camp?
You mean Brüno?


Haven’t we struggled to even win this in the past??


Surely only teams from the United Arab Emirates should be allowed to enter this competition.

That would mean only Man City and PSG then.

the only sam is nelson

no no no to ensure a reasonable chance of winning we should only invite airline sponsored teams

QPR – Air Asia
Luton Town – easyjet
Exeter City – FlyBe

Although Ivan might get ideas from easyjet about charging us to choose which seats we’d like after we’ve bought out tickets. could backfire.


Except that Etihad Airways sponsors Man City and Qatar Airways has just inked a deal with Barcelona 😉


Great! a chance for a trophy, dont fuck this one up.

On a lighter note, Man Utd fans saying “it wasn’t a red card” – they should watch the replay & see the color of the card maybe they are color-blind.


everyones losing their collective shit over the one decision in God knows how long that hasn’t gone uniteds way, meanwhile when had the same against uefalona a few years back no one even batted a fucking eyelid. Its bullshit.


They’re in “The North”.
It’s all grim and black and white and stuff up there.

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Now my friends can mock me again regardless we win or lose. Oh joy

gooner odst

lose: hahaha you can’t even win your own cup you suck, are soooo lame blablablabla

win: hahaha you won your own cup you are sooo lame you got high off your own mickey mouse supply blablabla

Cancelled due to Olympics: David Weir, Mo Farrah and Ian Poulter did well for themselves, did you know they were gooners?

gooner odst

*are gooners 🙂

Dan! Dan! Dan! ......Dan! .........Dan!!

These games are so lame. Italian and spanish sides have just started training at that point. We just play kids. And we are charged top dollar. The players might as well run around London Colney a few more times. DON’T GO!! IT IS SHITE!


I don’t think it’s shite! Its a nice way to go see Arsenal play without any pressure on them, and the atmosphere is usually lighter since fans aren’t having heart attacks left right and centre as we play suicidal football 😉

petits handbag

Kinds sick of the sight of Olympiakos…


Aren’t they a top, top quality team though?


Care cup to remain empty.


gives the laundry guys some job.the trophy cabinet hasnt been opened for 8 fuckin years!

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They go to Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia but not India. Even Bayern have visited to our country last year.


India is the only place where when you say, there’s an elephant in the room, there REALLY is an elephant in the room!

I want to punch tony pubis, lots and lots

Blame the bcci!!!

Dial Square

I used to look forward to it, but now, who cares ? we’ve got so much shit to sort out in the summer!!

I think I have a CUP of tea now, in my arsenal cup, and think of the highbury days


Arsenals Premier league – Champions league double is still alive.
It is meant to be. Lol.


Wenger should really try to sign rooney/shrek from man utd just as they did with Van Persie. I don’t care if he have played for a club that we all hate. Show some fucking ambition and sign a world class player arsene….


I don’t want to watch us pay someone 250,000 a week thanks. I’ll settle for paying our best 150,000 with bonuses, cutting the chaff, and paying mediocre fees for mediocre squad members. Ta.


Spurs fans singing ‘Are you Arsenal in disguise?’ To intermilan

Ohohoho! W.t.f? The nerve of this scummy cunts!, monkey boy ofcourse just took an outrageous dive following a tackle by thin air”. Small club near arsenal peeps, small club near the ARSENAL. know your place!

Toure Motors

Wayne Rooney is a rotund oaf

Jacques DeCock

Oh, so you mean we could see Olympiacos beat our second string again?

Can’t wait.


Spurs fans singing ‘Are you Arsenal in disguise?’ To intermilan
Ohoho!!!! W.t.f? The nerve of this scummy cunts!, monkey boy ofcourse just took an outrageous dive following a tackle by thin air”. Small club near arsenal peeps, small club near the ARSENAL. know your place.


The real shame is that they are a smaller club than us, with a smaller wage bill and worse players – and yet they are having a much better season than us.


You are infact right and i’d like to delve further into how we’re having a shit season but it’s moments like this that make me wish to move time forward, welcome (welcome here means throw poo to their faces, poke their fans eyes with sticks) them to the emirates then ofcourse tear them a new one. How dare they speak such trash? Fuck!


Just great!!! Another opportunity for us to go into the new season 5 players short (remember wilshere, fabregas,…)


So Arsenal will win something next season.



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