Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Fulham fancy further Frimpong

Fulham manager, and potato-headed gimp, Martin Jol, says he fancies taking Emmanuel Frimpong on loan next season too.

The midfielder joined the West London side in January until the end of this season, but the former Sp*rs manager says he’d like to extend that deal for another year.

“He is getting better and better and he is now fully fit. He can play from the start if I want and he did well against Norwich,” he told West London Sport.

“I have been impressed with Frimpong since the start – since I saw him play for Arsenal two years ago.

“He is the type of player you would like as a midfielder. He is versatile, he has this mentality and he can play, also. If I had the opportunity to take him on loan again next season then I would do. It would be a nice position to be in.

“Loans are a good way of doing things because he would be expensive.”

Far be it for Arseblog News to argue with a man of his footballing knowledge size, but it strikes us Frimpong wouldn’t be that expensive at all and that his chances of making it with Arsenal seem more remote.

Given that he’s only made one appearance since he went to Craven Cottage it’s hard to imagine he’s caught Arsene Wenger’s eye. Maybe a cheeky bid might surprise you, Martin.

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I wish Frimpong would stop all these dench and social media things, gives the impression he isn’t trying hard.

Jack Wilshere quitting Twitter was different, in that he doesn’t go out of his way to promote a brand of dead-horse-meme t-shirts and usually talks football or the occasional hello’s when he comes up.

We could probably say Frimpong has similar passion for Arsenal as Carl and Jack, but attitude is 100% the cause of division and doubt.

a gooner in Manchester

Two serious knee injuries have made things hard for him, I suppose.

Midfield Corporal

Totally agree. He’s created a ‘brand’ without actually ever doing anything in the game, he’s the footballing equivalent of Ryland.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Well first off, he didn’t create it, his cousin ‘Lethal Bizzle’ (Fellow Gooner) started it and being the glorious simpleton he is, Frimmy joined in. And to echo Manc Gooner, he has had 2 serious knee injuries forcing him out for about 16months in total. Now when your life revolves around training and playing, and you can’t do that, well it gets a bit tiresome. Knee injuries are no joke, they’re fucking awful. I don’t blame him for being creative with his down time but he’s playing now and I haven’t seen any recent declaration of DENCH. So leave him… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

JJB, your missing the point mate, Frimpong has (quite cleverly) created the Frimpong brand, that beingHe’s now a marketable figure not because of his footballing achievements but his personality. Still like him as a footballer but I’m not interested in the other shit.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Not sure want I’m missing? I haven’t seen him do any Dench stuff since he’s been fit, just Bizzle really. I think fair play, if you have the access and the money to invest in it, why not? As long as he doesn’t turn up in the next match day programme trying to sell me it, it doesn’t bother me.

Midfield Corporal

Your missing my point then. My initial post states he created a brand (Frimpong) without ever doing anything on the pitch. If he’s Dennis Bergkamp I don’t care if he sells vibrating butt plugs, but he’s not so until he does something of note on the pitch in not really interest in him. For fucks sake are we all going to be buying Chuba Akpom thongs next?


The vibrating butt-plugs, would they have Dennis’ face on them, or just his name?

Midfield Corporal

Have thought it through that far yet Double, perhaps they would vibrate to the tune of ‘walking in a Bergkamp wonderland’.

Eric Irish gunner



@Midfield Corporal If a man can turn himself into a brand, why not. People start from somewhere, he started in football and got in on his cousin’s gig. I think it’s ridiculous saying it’s ok if you’re already big to brand yourself, it doesn’t matter what level you are – if you have the personality and it doesn’t mess you up, make your money. The guy is a loyal Arsenal player, and he clearly tries hard. I don’t see where you have your place to judge that, you would do the same thing in his position. Almost anyone would, especially… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Harish, would I turn myself into a brand? No. My original comment was simply pointing out that his profile exceeds his achievements. I support Arsenal, I’m not interested in any T-shirt a reserve player is trying to sell of the back of his association with the club. Is it my place to judge that? Well I’m entitled to an opinion, especially as I pay a small part of his wages.


Oh please! Did you have to resort to the ‘I play part of his wages,’ routine? No you do not. You pay to enjoy and support your team. If you think by you ‘paying’ you are doing it for a players wage then I suggest you apply to be on the board or on Arsenal’s financial team. They pay his wages. Isn’t it ironic that you are using your ‘association’ with Arsenal to promote something of yours? In regards to your point, although I acknowledge it, I think the emphasis you place on Frimpong’s off field interests in relation to… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Aero mate, any fan who pays a penny to to the club is contributing something, no matter how small to players wages.

I have no problem with Frimpong, wish him well, hope he succeeds with us, just highlighted his profile exceeds what it warrants. If someone can explain how this is not so then fine.

Can you explain what I’m ‘promoting’ through my association with Arsenal?


You’ll be AGHAST then, I’m sure, that young Frimpong is going ham quite hilariously in Fulham’s “Harlem Shake” dance video. Lighten up Brosef Stalin. AND DO THE HARLEM SHAKE.


He uses social media, and has a brand of clothing so he isn’t trying? What a load of rubbish.

I’m sure every footballer has their hobbies outside of the game.


With respect: Can you fuck off?

Footballers aren’t your personal performing monkeys. They’re people with a job. A job only takes up certain hours a day. What he gets up to around that is none of your fucking business and definitely not anything you – as some anonymous internet fuckface – have any intelligent insight on either way.

The idea that he’s somehow sacking off training to sort out more DENCH baseball cap orders by e-mail is retarded and so are you.

Throw yourself off a cliff, please.


Calm ‘fucking’ down, ok?

Midfield Corporal

Intelligent response, I thought half term was over, maybe it’s a study period. I’m surprised how you can get so abusive over a fairly reasonable comment, what exactly do you think he has acheived in the game? I’d really be interested to know. All he’s done is make himself a target for refs and other supposed ‘hard men’. Only time will tell which of us is wrong, if in 5 years Frimpong has played 200 games for us and still has clothing labels I’ll hold my hands up and admit I’m wrong, withoutthrowing abuse or wishing you dead.


It’s not a reasonable comment, it’s a dipshit opinion from someone whose business a player’s personal life is none of. And frankly I’m tired of hearing all these anonymous arseholes raising it like it’s an intelligent point as if they know anything about these people other than what they see on Arsenal Player.

Furthermore, I’ll ask you to recall at what age we signed Ian Wright and what team he was playing for at that point and recommend that you follow that idiot off the cliff – fucks make truth juicier.

Midfield Corporal

Fuck me sweetheart, is is your period?

Are you Cartman or Spoilt Bastard from Viz, or have you just got Turrets Syndrome, if so my apologies. If you disagree with someone just make your point without the abuse otherwise you just sound like a moronic 14yr old twat.

Wenger's ass hair

Look at you — starting tiffs on messageboards. People who do this don’t think before they type; they snatch at any opportunity to “get one over” someone else because in real life they obviously can’t. It’s laughable but not uncommon; this is the internet. The anonymity of the net brings out the baby in people. If you make such harsh comments let’s see you stick by them. Put your picture on your avatar and your proper email at the end of your comment so we can hold you to comments like “it’s a dipshit opinion”. That kind of reasoning can… Read more »


Can we get Falcao on loan? Just asking…


I think he’s the kind of physical presence we could do with. He’s immature and has a lot of development left but he’s only 21.

Admittedly I’ve not seen enough of him to make any real judgements and the whole ‘DENCH’ thing was pretty tiresome but I’d like to see him stay.

Tenacious Defence

“Maybe a cheeky bid might surprise you, Martin.”

You sound like my real estate agent, Arseblog.


As soon as Jol puts a bid in, it’ll be like well there’s already another bid you may need to up yours. He’s been on sale for 4 years with no interest but now you’ve made a bid so has someone else.. Lying estate agents..


I reckon another season out on loan could be the making of him. Regular 1st team football at a team without too much pressure and a chance for him to develop his game and iron out his weaknesses. If he improves then he would be a quality addition back in to the squad, but if not then we haven’t really lost out too much.

Gearoid Kelly

Hear hear. If he does relatively well, the least he’ll do is attract more interest and up his price. He’s far better off doing this at a Premiership club than a Championship team. More exposure to foreign leagues too.


Don’t understand the hate for Martin Jol. As far as ex-spurs managers go, I like him. Hopefully regular games will help Frimmy make the step up, I think he’s a leader and his fighting spirit on the pitch could really bring something to our team. If only he concentrated more on football and less on his clothing range and appearing on grime tracks with the shittest bars known to man.


I don’t get the correlation between his clothing range and his footballing career. The fact that he gets less game time or fewer chances is more down to his level, age and competition around him rather than his business interests. Give the guy a break, I think it would be sensible to suggest that his two major injuries have hampered his impact more than anything else, he has a committed attitude and like other players, who have threatened to leave for lack of opportunity, he has accepted he has to work harder and goes out on loan without any issues.… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Personally I just think his profile is way beyond his achievements. most football fans have heard of Emmanuel Frimpong, but really he’s acheived the same as Andre Wisdom (who) at Liverpool. Maybe his extra curricular activities have no impact on his football, however even if it is giving some fans the false impression that it is its best he drops it because you can bet as soon as he hits a poor run of form it will be used as a stick to beat him with. Surely he wants to give Arsene the impression that succeeding at The Arsenal is… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

Agree with midfield corporal, he might of got bad injury’s but his profile is more known through this dench talk, he was on soccer am once and it was more about the label then his football achivements, he should concentrate on a short career in football and do the fucking dench talk later when he has plenty of time

Mayor of the Woolwich

He might as well grow up and become another Patrick Vieira. #justsaying


Please stop hash-tagging. Please. For me.

Mayor of the Woolwich

Was his reputation not greater than Jack’s in the academy? Big injuries can be devastating. And if loan spell at fulham will help him up, then why not?

I want my Arsenal back!

Frimpong is a real talent its just such a shame he’s a complete nob end of the pitch!

Tom Entract

Like this if you think Wenger should sell Gervinho and buy Gareth Bale.

Simao Segunda

I know Mr Wenger isn’t bothered about a player’s passport, but he should be bothered about species.

Nobody wants to see that chimp-faced gibbon at Arsenal.

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

Yep we need humans here, not some perverse freak of nature diving fish ape thingy

Unyoke The Ox

I’m all for him spending another year there becoming the next Dembele (before he was tainted and polluted by Sp*rs) and then us taking him back a better, well rounded and experienced professional.

Sadly, this has only worked twice that I can recall. Jack and Song.


I think Frimpong is better positioned and has a better mentality than Song had so I hope it does work out for him. If Song can do well for us, in theory there is no reason why Frimpong can’t do better.

Gearoid Kelly

Possibly Bentley. He wasn’t good enough for us in the end, but we got a few bob off Blackburn and then Sp*rs from the sell-on fee.


Replace fulham with rvp….

Angry Gooner

We have a player out on loan in the premier league who is actually getting games. Yes Fulham you deserve to have him for another season. Do you want Miyachi too?


Be fair to Frimmer’s most of the Dench/Twitter stuff came about because of his injuries and he needed something positive to do and keep his spirits up.

When he entered full rehab (and got a gf) his twitter presence went down massively and when he does ‘serious’ interviews he always comes across very dedicated to his football. Its telling only Jack and him are left from that age group.

Yankee Gooner

If I were a footballer who’d knees may have cost me my career, I’d try to make a few bucks on some t-shirts while I could.

Yankee Gooner


Yankee Gooner

Whose, dammit


Frimpong looked very good when he was on loan at wolves. N a few games on, he’s injured out for quite long and ever since I haven’t really seen him on the field. Is he fit but not good enough or just not match fit or whatever?
I honestly thought he would solve our song problem. What happened? It would be disappointing if he didn’t make it with us.


*very disappointing

Mr. Klin

“Fulham manager, and potato-headed gimp, Martin Jol, says he fancies taking Emmanuel Frimpong on loan next season too”… I would really love to get my hands on the Arseblog style guide. Has to be a collectors item surely…


Doesn’t frimmy contract expire this year? i suppose obviously not if jol is talking about loaning him and not signing him

Absentia Rose

Frimpong do decent job as a clown on fulhams harlem shake video.

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