Friday, June 9, 2023

Martinez concerned about nasty Miyaichi injury

Wigan manager Roberto Martinez has expressed his concern about the seriousness of the injury picked up by Ryo Myiachi in their 3-0 FA Cup win against Everton on Saturday.

The Japanese winger had just returned from a lengthy spell on sidelines, but was taken off on a stretcher after a tackle by Everton’s Kevin Mirallas.

Martinez praised the hard work of the youngster and hoped it wouldn’t mean an end to his season.

“Ryo picked up a very nasty knock and we’ll again look at that in depth over the next 24 hours,” he said. “It was desperately unlucky for him and the boy doesn’t deserve that for the professionalism and hard work he puts in every day. ”

“But we’ll pay close attention to him and ensure he is given every opportunity to make an impact before then end of the season.”

Obviously the injuries have affected his chances to develop as a player and suggests it might take another loan spell for him to convince Arsene Wenger he’s ready for Arsenal.

Good luck to him in his recovery.

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[…] he came back into the Wigan side for a few minutes then got taken off with an ankle injury Roberto Martinez describes as ‘nasty’. It means his loan spell has been pretty ineffectual, and that seems to be true of most of the […]


Am nigerian, in my local language when someone good is always experiencing bad(see that!) We say….kilode? Which means why?


its a very fitting description, I really feel bad for the lad, since he first departed for wigan I was really excited about seeing him get another shot in the PL, one of our juniors who I felt had a genuine shot to promote to the first team
It seems he has been extremely unlucky with these injuries and we all know from past experiences that this kind of luck for someone his age could possibly ruin his career at the top

Best wishes for our little Jap Maestro, I really want to see him make it with us


Doesn’t look to have done Walcott, Wilshere or Gibbs any harm.

We shall see.


We said the same (WHY?) to that 3 lettered cunt few seasons back.

Not comparing Ryo and that dutch cunt, just saying.


Feel for him poor kid’s only just got over being out for ages 🙁 Our loanies don’t seem to be having an awful lot of luck with injuries – Afobe’s done his knee and Frimpong has been injured for most of the last couple of years it seems. Even Bendtner has managed to get injured!


it really does seem like our juniors have amazing potential….for getting injured 🙁
I hope we get to see some of our juniors dominating at other teams next season , kind of like Lukaku at WestBrom

Richard Davis

Stick with the player. Alot better then Chamberlain.


can you not be supportive of someone without being a cunt to someone else or is that just part of the give and take nature of the universe?


Accident or not, fuck you Merseyside Blue.


A real pity. Was watching that game just to have a glimpse of him, and the first bit of action I saw him involved in led to that injury. Absolutely needless, a reckless challenge by Mirallas i felt. And Ryo himself was chasing the ball just to prevent it from a throw-in.

Let’s hope he recovers soon and gets some much-needed game time.


That’s exactly why I tuned into the game and what I saw too. The kid is ridiculously fast, is said to train very hard and has the potential to be a great dribbler from when I’ve seen him on the ball. He needs these moments on the pitch now to hone more mature skills like great passing, crossing, movement and maybe the confidence to do the odd stepover and heel chop to beat a full back. I’d love to have seen him take on the wing duties in the future, so that the Ox could try his hand in the… Read more »


Miyiachi seems like he’s not the ryo deal anymore. He’s from Japan right? Next to china there?, he’s probably half fake.

Emmanuel Adebayor

Na$ri, is that you?


Looks like I’m the only one who found that funy?????…
Maybe because I live here in China,..

Emmanuel Adebayor



Poor kid, I have high hopes for this one.

Blogs, the text on the main article is near impossible to read. Only noticed here on my work computer, but I saw others complaining about the font in another article. The comments are better, even zooming in to 150% did not help.


I noticed when I visited the page that the text was bigger, but not better. It is faint, like a poor photocopy. I’m interested to check again on my laptop at home.

I only check arseblog a few times a day while at work…..


Funny, the text on the Wenger to Bayern article is much better. Maybe it is just this one? You should see if there is a difference between the two.

Gunsen gunner

Out of all of our loanees,Ryo and Joel Campbell have a real chance.I say this because Ryo showed during his time at Feyonoord (?) that he has great ability to beat a man and actually have some end product.Joel Campbell however didn’t seem like he had the professionalism to succeed with us but credit to him,he has pulled his socks up in recent months and become a regular starter at Betis.

Dave Highbury

Kevin Mirallas is a C*** and the ref didn’t even give a free kick. It’s different rules and standards for Arsenal. Anyone other team got five broken legs??? I repeat Kevin Mirallas you cunt, and fuck the ref.


Really hopeful about our Jap flyer (racist? Hope not) Ryo. Totally exciting to watch. Hope injuries don’t curtail a promising career. Wishing him all the best.


The injury looked bad. But ryo himself had almost all poor touches, of whatever little of the ball he received.
I’m looking forward to another asian. Ok half asian. Yennaris!!! Looks like he’s a man of substance!!!


He’s not had much luck. I remember the week after he came on trial with us, when he was still in the schoolboys league in Japan, he went on to another trial at Ajax and promptly broke his leg. Very promising, hardworking and uncomplaining lad. Wish he’d stayed with us this season and played in the NextGen and under-21s, but that’s just hindsight. Martinez is a good manager and Wigan were – in theory – an excellent choice for his development. A lot better than Bolton who barely gave him a chance, ditto with Afobe. As for Bendtner’s injury, isn’t… Read more »

[…] 既然说起伤病,咱们就再提提离家在外的倒霉孩子宫市亮吧。本来这赛季在维冈就没捞到什么上场机会,好不容易能踢两脚了,可没几分钟就因为脚踝伤势又下来了。维冈主帅Roberto Martinez认为这个犯规非常肮脏。同时,这也意味着宫市亮的租借之旅将无功而返,其实本赛季我们租借在外的大部分枪手都同命相连,没有得到什么锻炼提高的机会。 […]

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