Thursday, December 7, 2023

PHW: Shareholders won’t sell

Arsenal Chairman Peter Hill-Wood says that neither of the two main shareholders want to sell their stakes in the club, and that he knows nothing of a supposed middle-east consortium wanting to buy the club.

The mega-rich group apparently sought to begin negotiations by planting stories in a couple of newspapers, but Hill-Wood said, “I have heard nothing and I don’t think anybody knows anything about it at the club.

“It all seems a bit of a waste of time. If there is this consortium, they can’t make any progress unless they attempt to get in touch. So I can’t say if there is anything to it or not.

“But even if they did make an approach, my understanding is our two major shareholders do not want to sell.”

Stan Kroenke remains the majority shareholder with Alisher Usmanov holding most of the rest of the shares.

Arseblog News bemoans the day this ever came to pass and believes that the club should be run by a committee of celebrity fans who each own 20%.

Chairman – John Lydon

Vice-chairman – Mo Farah

Executive vice-chairman with responsibility for Toothiology – Dara O’Briain

Club secretary, sniffer out of psyscopaths like van Persie – Jon Ronson

Honorary Executive Director in charge of money and stuff – Robert Peston

We can but dream.

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Easy Blogs. No need to get worked up over it.

You should just Keep Calm and….umm….something something.

Bould's Eyeliner

who’s going to sack the board? …another board?


“What about Piers Morgan?” – said, no one ever. And all was well in the world.


You left out Piers Morgan. He should be in charge of something!

Arsene's zip

He could be official sacrifice to the hounds of hell?


“He should be in charge of something!”

Oops, you have a grammar problem there. The correct phrase is “He should be charged with something!”.

I think it’ll have to be something cheesy like insider trading[1] as, courtesy of some terrible legal oversight, “Being a rabid cunt” does not appear to be a crime.

[1] Blogs: Are we allowed to mention that?


My fiancée’s a barrister; say what you like, she’ll represent you pro-bono (I’ll talk to her) if that uber-fuck comes a suing. I’ll go first to get the ball rolling: Piers Moron is a corrupt, arrogant and talentless cunt with a severe personality disorder who should be tarred and feathered outside the Emirates before our next home game.

the only sam is nelson

there was a hilarious anecdote in his autobiography about a phone message that heather macartney left for paul macartney

of course, this anecdote has nothing whatsoever to do with phone hacking as piers morgan is clearly in possession of supernatural powers that allow him to mimic voicemails left by third parties

perhaps, in preparation for his near future, piers should be placed in charge of picking up soap in the showers


Johnny Rotten for Chairman? Really? I know it´s meant to be a joke but Preston is the only one i´d have on the board .


Sorry Peston ,typo


Must have Her Maj in charge surely?

Rotten as Vice Chairman though. They could have a lovely chat about the ’77 Jubilee.

Arty's Art

Seriously: fuck the Queen.


No thanks… too old.

Midfield Corporal

Clive Anderson was a solicitor, perhaps he could sort out contracts? Maybe he’d like to start by looking at Gervinhos to see if we can sue him under the Trade Misdescriptions Act, apparently during contract negotiations he claimed he was a footballer.

Zorro in the box

Surely a seat on the board for Alan Davies?

Fergie the Gooner

I think Alan Davies should be head of our PR department.

Also Ainsley Harriott can be our club chef and cook up some special lasagna on derby days for our guests.

Fergie the Gooner

Heh, that’s the reason I’ve never got my name printed on a shirt. Being a Ferguson and a gooner sounds like chalk and cheese!


Manu Eboue: spotting director

Midfield Corporal

Spotting? Isn’t that what female dogs do when they’re ‘on heat’? Why would a football club need some to direct that? 🙂


Transfer negotiations with Ronson would be easy.

Hello Theo, this is Albert. He stares at goats and bursts clouds. Do you want him to stare at you? No? Sign the contract and stick to the wing.


I do not mean to criticise anyone and please dont start saying “i should support a club in my own country” (i already do) but i think arsenal fans are the most passive bunch in the prem. People will bang on about change but not one protest against the board worth of mention has taken place. Its like a collective “meh” from you lot in london and an apparent “whatever happens, happens” attitude. I mean no disrespect but the arsenal is slowly dying and the ones closest to it, who’se voice can be heard more clearly than ours arent saying… Read more »


I believe the main problem is that we don’t know who is in the wrong.

Outing Wenger is such a big deal. If it happened to be the wrong choice we would never (and should never) be forgiven.

It could be the board at fault, but really, what have they done wrong?


Think you’ll find the protest have been attempted.
Problem is no 2 gooners are protesting the same thing.
Some people want PHW off the board, some will shout for Wenger out, some just want to see the money that’s saved up spent on better players.
So the protests just become diluted, with gooners all disagreeing between themselves. I blame the club myself. We get so many different excuses off them it’s hard to point the finger accurately!


Occasional Booing of the team is preferred to actually telling the board to get their sh*t together and find a solution. Stop selling our best players, offer more competitive wagers, no more burgain bin buys, lower ticket prices, whats with the silent american? Why do all his teams suck major balls? Surely these are more pressing issues than which position ramsey plays…again no disrespect to all england based arsenal fans but the lack of action is sickening. The board has no pressure at all…


First time you have ever replied to me, wish the circumstances would have been different. I am not in a position to do anything where i am, i wish i was. I love this club same as you. Whether i have a right to have such a strong opinion on such things is debatable but in all my years on arseblog i have never spoken ill of the players or the manager. Mainly because while i do think they are at fault, the board is the main culprit. The only thing i wish is arsenal fans would make their displeasure… Read more »


And when i said the club is dying i meant more due to the way its being run. Right now we are only 5th so you could say i need to calm down either way, Its the boards fault. I never said it was the fans fault.


A major protest against the board is long overdue. That is my main point.


The club is in a good position. We have had a few below-par seasons, but we all knew this was coming.

The only thing the board seem to be doing wrong for me is that they try to make out too much that Wenger has loads of money to spend when he doesn’t, it adds unnecessary pressure to the guy. I also think that the wage structure could be better, although we don’t know who sets the wages.

Midfield Corporal

Kenyangoon, of course you’re in a position to do something from abroad. Why not simply post some Anthrax to Mr Kronke c/o Mr I Gazidis, Emirates Stadium, London, N5. If you can’t get hold of anthrax just substitute it for Talcum Powder, it still sends out the same message…….

……….can I just make it clear to the Authorities that I am saying this tongue in cheek, if Kenyangoon does commit any crime against any member of our beloved board I accept no responsibility.


@pete, yes, the stadium is partly to blame for our poor sponsorship deals but only indirectly in that the stadium debt – which won’t be paid off till about 2030 – has limited what we’ve been able spend on the squad. For lucrative sponsorship you need past success on the pitch and the likelihood of that success continuing in the future. A club that looks to be a bit on the slide isn’t as attractive to sponsors as one that is investing bucket-loads of cash in young talent so as to cement their position at the top and build for… Read more »


Already Arsenal only just break-even.

– Buy more expensive players
– Pay higher wages
– Lower ticket prices

How the hell are we supposed to stay financially healthy by doing that?


A good point! The boss gets accused of not spending and strengthening the team enough as that’s the only real outlet we have in finding a reason for the clubs ‘current state’. Yet we are told there is money to spend, then somehow a figure is mentioned but then suddenly, there is a counter argument that there no money to spend and it is all a mess. But thinking rationally for a second, back in the glory days we never had problem with recruitment, money was spent when it had to and when things needed to get done they got… Read more »


We could go on and on. I think i will have to just take the thumbs down on the chin and say i choose to blame the board more than anyone else for our current situation and it with the same voice people boo they will let the board know we need to know whats going on.


* We could go on and on. I think i will have to just take the thumbs down on the chin and say i choose to blame the board more than anyone else for our current situation and with the same voice people boo they should let the board know we need to know whats going on at our beloved club. Preferrably at a home game, before or after the match.


How does everyone else do it? Sponsorship deals. We need to maximise our commercial income, allowing investments in the team which you would hope would lead to a few cups – which pay big money. That then gets bums on seats, and when you’re winning you’re more likely to pay for new kits, memorabilia and on match days are more likely to buy those expensive pints and pies. It all adds up. It’s like a recession, people knuckle down on luxuries, and when things improve, we’re more likely to buy shit we don’t need just cus we’re in a good… Read more »


Well said, AGunner


AGunner, I agree.

But we know the reasons we have fallen behind on commercial deals. It’s because of the stadium. They are just starting to sort that out now. So fingers crossed!


The point I would like to make is the stadium is both or problem and the answer. At some stage Sp*rs, Liverpool, Everton, Chelsea are going to have to upgrade their staidums. Only Utd make more on match day. The other clubs will have to go through the pain we have gone through and still are going through. I have been supporting AFC for 40 years You got to be in it for the long term.

David's semen

I get it. Our salvation will come the day the others with aging stadiums decide to rebuild. T

his useless bunch of ours need to get their fingers out now before we descend to permanent mediocrity. With the best stadium in the country.


I agree with you about the apathy of fans, Arsenal fans in particular. Whining about trophies and booing players – in Bendtner’s case once even before he’d got on to the pitch – is more their line than figuring out what they see as the problem and how they might do something constructive about it. Compare the ridiculous Black Scarf (or whatever it’s called) protest to the much more persistent and coherent attempts of United and Liverpool fans to get rid of the Glazers and Hicks & Gillet. The Black Scarf people can’t even agree among themselves whether they want… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

You hit the nail on the head Miranda, if we as fans want to effect change we must make a sacrifice too. If I don’t like the service my local Tesco offer me I don’t shop there, if enough customers feel the same there comes a point when Tesco see their figures are down so start offering incentives to win the customers back. I have always thought the first thing the fans need to do is boycott a high profile game like Man U at home. Even if the club have received the money for an empty seat through season… Read more »


Midfield, boycotting one game is useless; it’s actually worse than useless because it just damages the club’s revenue a little without achieving the objective. Only a sustained and total boycott, involving a return of season tickets for the duration, a refusal to buy merchandise and subscribe to arsenal player, i.e. many months of nothing going into the coffers, would have the desired impact. It’s not going happen. Even knowing what the Glazers were stealing from the club wasn’t enough to get the glory-hunters at United to see sense, and some – probably still the majority of Arsenal fans? – think… Read more »


Lydon would be perfect.


Lehmann as Director of the Headlock.


Excellent choice!

robbie kahlow

You missed out Dale Winton from the board. Insert your own Giroud link


Also Cardinal Keith O’Brien. Insert your own Miyaichi link.


I still don’t see why Kroenke wouldn’t sell in case he gets a great offer in. The Club has been regressing on the pitch and if we keep regressing, which the lack of CL will only serve as a catalyst, The stadium will be emptier often, we won’t be able to negotiate the most favourable partnership contracts with sponsors, and our appeal to new fans will lower. Foreign fans like me started and will start supporting the team, especially as a child, which plays well and wins things. Of course we have a great stadium, a stable financial position and… Read more »


Oh to my previous post – I don’t mean that foreigners support a team which wins things, I mean that they start supporting them, like when I was 10 I liked the way Henry, Bergkamp and co moved the ball and it got me into Arsenal, I don’t see the same appeal to the 10 year-olds of today.


I don’t think you need to worry about the business and commercial aspect too much. The Prem Lge is plenty lucrative and its the fan base/history that decides if a club is worth investing in. Liverpool are in worse shape than us and have an equally bad a run as we have had over the few years, they have spent more but are able to market themselves because of their fan base etc. Real Madrid, pre Mourinho were doing rubbish, no CL’s or League Titles and a few trophy less years also, yet they were hitting the number one spot… Read more »


I think you’ve got it arse-first. The more good offers Kroenke gets, the more he thinks he’s on to a good thing and should hang in there. He’s here because he regards us as a safe place to park capital requiring no financial input from him. In addition, should he ever need to raise cash to prop up his other failing sports enterprises, there’s nothing to stop him doing a Glazer, which he is free to so long as Usmanov is denied a seat on the board, an action he has consistently refused to rule out. (This is to his… Read more »


Mo farah has more silver ware than the whole of arsenal for the last 8 years. 😛


Wenger has had more unbeaten seasons than the rest of the country for the last 133 years.


Mo farah knows what’s it’s like to win silverware, surely he must be made chairman asap.


Mo Farah is more used to winning goldware, isn’t he? But he will know the value of silver too.

El Dave

Would Mo not go for the golden boots !!!

God that was a bad one

Ninad Kuchekar

I would love it if Arsenal was owned by a committee of Arsenal fans…I wold love it more if it jointly owned by Tony Adams, Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp,Ian Wright, Freddie Ljunberg, Robert Pires…and so on…
They all know what its like to win silverware!


Surely Alan Davies should be made Operational Director of Gunnersaurus?


Several articles of arsenal being linked with a certain Auxerre player. The past hasn’t’ told us any different and it’s been so fucking typical as the player in question is Unproven, young, french and a bonus of free agent so expect a deal to be tied up asap. Our scouting network has no doubt deteriorated ever since dein left. Now we have a lone wenger who has no where to look but to his native, no senior advisor to collaborate with where with dein he had all of that. I laud his work but this summer we need not be… Read more »

Andy Mack

And you’re certain that the story isn’t made up by the players agent and/or the newspapers?


so what at least we would exciting about a young player instead watching some season pro doing young players error match after match#
.its not like our first eleven is build around youth really most of our first team now are well experience players
and sanogo will be free too next summmer

Henry's beard

Don’t forget security. That’s where fellow gooner Jackie Chan might come in useful.


Kenyangoon….. Are you the regular commentator on yogi’s forum? I stopped reading ALCF… Got tired of their wenger arse licking and kissing there.

Arseblog is more of a fan’s site. Not a pro wenger or anti wenger site. Love it.


ACLF i mean… Sorry


Agree about the disaster that’s now ACLF. Terrific site in its first year or two with the best comments section around – knowledgeable, lively, diverse. Big shame what happened to it. As for this site, yes, very nice except for the ‘your comment is awaiting moderation’ problem which I’ve fallen foul of today, not for the first time. At first I thought these notices were just some sort of software glitch; now I’m not sure. I’m OK with being censored – the site has a right to censor any opinion it likes – and I’m in favour of it for… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

perhaps if we renamed “shares” as “players” then they’d be sold by the board quick as a flash and we could fix the fucked-up ownership of our great club

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Whatever side of the argument you are on, whether you are “Trust” brigade or the “Rust” brigade, the truth is, that no one could deny that for the past 8 years the team has been in a state of decline. Its not like suddenly after going toe to toe with Chelsea and United for 8 years, this season has come as an aberration. Even those who support Wenger can at best claim that Wenger’s presence has helped slow down this process of decline, and as long as Arsene is there is will ensure that the decline will happen slowly. No… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

if you ignore the new 60,000 seat stadium, that’s about the right analysis

trouble is if you factor it – and reality – in. then you’ve a dilemma, hey.


Everyone wants a new, younger manager able to do a better job than Wenger has in the last two or three years. Unfortunately not everyone believes that we’ll get one. Look who’s doing the choosing: Kroenke-Gazidis, not exactly the most knowledgeable and experienced of people in European football. The American owners don’t have a good record when it comes to appointments. So far they’ve gone British – the British being visible and what they have heard of – and they’ve tried to go safe. Martin O’Neil, Alex McLeish, King Kenny, Roy Hodgson, Brendan Rodgers, Paul Lambert …Not terrible managers, in… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

What is worst is that Wenger is unaccoutable to seemingly everyone. I mean I doubt even if Arsenal were to get relegated the Board would not touch him and the Wenger brigage would also say, just him time, he will get the team promoted and then win things again. I do not understand this fixation that in the entire Universe, Wenger is ONE person who could possibly do something good for Gunners, ANYONE and EVERYONE else would ruin, bankrupt the finance and Arsenal would be relegated or something. I do not understand this fear of the unknown, this fear to… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Also look at this scenario, 8 years ago Arsenal slid from ever being able to challenge for the league, and Wenger was unable to take the gunners back to those heights. Now Arsenal are about to slide out of the top 4. We all know its happening, if not this season (somehow) then surely next season or the season after that. I mean if in a race after a head start you are stagnant, and everyone one else continues to move forward, then those behind (Spurs, Everton, Liverpool) will sooner or later catch up and overtake you. With Arsenal there… Read more »

Big Chief from Antarctica

Go support Chelsea. ffs. I’d rather stay in this financial state and hope that the commercial and kit deals, tv money will be used to bring back the glory days. Even if it will take a while. Any takeover that will bring financial doping should be resisted. I fucking can’t celebrate a bought trophy and any self-respecting football shouldn’t. Honest competition should be a prerequisite, not something you should strive to. I’m not saying I’m a saint as far as football opinions are concerned, maybe Man City pissed me off just about enough to come to this perspective. Yet, I… Read more »


No, the shares won’t be worth less if we drop out out of the top four; they might hold up even if we were relegated. Share values are determined by what people are willing to pay for them. Though this is normally the same thing as the product’s success, in this case it is not. So long as there is a buyer so desperate to own us he’s willing to pay a completely ridiculous price, Kroenke has no incentive to sell because the existence of that buyer tells him his shares are going to keep going up. The prospective buyer… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I never said the shares would worth less, but yes it is common sense that the shares of a club in when it is in champs league would be worth more then when it is not in the champs league.


I bet they would fucking sell for the right price, seeing as money is clearly the only thing they care about.


Great Game

You missed out Alan Davies!

£oyalty for $ale

Make no mistake, Arsenal are a money making machine and Silent Stan likes his dollars. I don’t see Usmanov selling his shares anytime soon either. Man’s net worth is close to $20 billion, I don’t think he needs more $$$


The owners say they wont sell so the buyers will add another billion to their offer.
Don’t need to be a financial genius to work that out.


This is good news ! Because Hill-Wood’s track record on predictions is utterly risible and cretinous. If he says ‘rain’ get the sun lotion out.

Just to remind you, in case anyone disagrees :-

Flamini “he’s staying I’m sure of it”

Cesc “we’ve heard nothing from Barca”

RvP “he loves the Club. Why would he leave ?”

Oh yes and best of all, the Yank whose pityful little ‘lap-dog’ he now is :-

“we don’t want his sort round here!”

So stand by for news owners !

David's semen

Hill-Wood = Deadwood


We should call him that from now on.

Peter Dead-Wood.

Now if someone can do something similar with Ivan Gazidis…

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