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Szczesny’s dad blasts Wenger in Polish press

Wojciech Szczesny’s dad, Maciej, has criticised Arsene Wenger for insisting that his son play with injuries, and said the Polish keeper was ‘foolish’ to do so.

Speaking to before their World Cup qualifiers against San Marino and Ukraine, the man who once punched Roberto Mancini in the head, said there’s no chance that Szczesny will play for his country this week, and has questioned why it was necessary for him to play with an injury.

“Wojciech had two serious injuries,” he said. “He played with one in April and May. He shouldn’t have agreed to play that time but the coach insisted. Wenger was playing with the young man’s good health and Wojciech agreed foolishly.

“Last April and May Wojciech did not train the whole week and than a warm up on Friday and played the match on Saturday. He was naturally more susceptible to minor injuries and his form was going down.

“In my opinion Mister Wenger ‘bugged out’ a lot in April and May. I don’t blame the young man who went along with his coach, his current lack of form is a result of those two months.

“In addition to that in August there was an metatarsus injury after which he played almost instantly. After seven weeks out Wojciech trained for just seven days and played the match. How on earth can he be on his highest form?”

And having been dropped in recent games for fellow Pole, Lukasz Fabianski, Szczesny Sr believes the Arsenal manager has questions to answer.

“Wenger already started to look for the scapegoat,” he continued. “It is not the way the boss should behave. His transfer policy is failing, there are a lot of injuries which is also significant. The guy is wrong permanently.”

Harsh words indeed and ones unlikely to make his son’s life any easier, but let’s hope Jr gets his head down, works hard and finds his form again.

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Hat tip t0 @kamil_kwiecien & @JackGoonerski


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The press are gonna have a field day when they catch wind of this.

Oh joy…


Anyone is entitled to their opinion, and it can be interesting when its someone close to a player, but if that was my dad id give him a slap. Its irresponsible with no real point and it just going to create a media shit circus and pressure on schezzerz.


I’ve been to a Shit Circus. It was not good. They had a half man, half ape freak who had a striking resemblance to a certain left footed premier league player…


I can see it now:

EXCLUSIVE: Szczesny’s dad hates Wenger


The Independent is already on it. Surely they can be sued for using someone else`s work without acknowledgment?


More like: Szczesny hates Wenger


That whole wardrobe and backdrop are wrong, permanently. Tim Burton probably loves it though.

Runcorn Gooner

Fabianski’s dad is waiting in the wings

Runcorn Gooner

I see that Chessers has released a statement detaching himself from his dad’s comments and saying he loves AFC.
Parents should never get involved.Remember seeing them on the touch line when I was playing as a child.The more they
screamed the more embarrassed we all became.Those were the days


This sounds a bit like a salvo against the club for possibly dropping him. Oh well, life is always interesting at the Emirates


Fabianski is playing fine at the moment. Let him take his time and recover.

I doubt Wenger playing anyone who’s even slightly injured. He’s usually very cautious


Wait…what? Was that second line tongue in cheek?

Michu Pachu

you think? 😛

Master Bates

Not to belittle Fabianski’s efforts , but even my grandma would have kept a clean sheet vs Swansea ie Fabiansku made ZERO saves.

His distribution helped though


That’s a joke, right? Robben one-on-one, various long-shot saves he kept out without spilling. Mihcu one-on-one that was offside anyway. Pretty sure your grandma would have broken both her hips doing that.


Now that’s what I call dumb. Just when one Pole is finding his form the other Pole’s dad criticises the manager…..I can almost see which Pole may benefit.


The fact that wenger chose to play Wojiech when he was carrying an injury showed how much faith he put in him.

If Majiec thought coming out to rightly/wrongly critisize wenger might help schezzers case then he’s dead wrong. Parents can be so dumb/blind at times…smh

Hero of Time

It’s ridiculous.


His current lack of form is from an injury almost a year ago? Ok….


This is why people should not comment on their children in the media (in sports anyway, missing child appeals are fine). Szcz Snr should have spoken with Szcz Jnr and, if they agreed, Jnr could have a talk with Wenger. This does no favours for anyone except lazy members, and I can’t stress ‘members’ enough, of the press.


What did his dad balame for the woeful display he put in for Poland in the Euro’s?

Dr Baptiste

How is an injury suffered almost a whole year ago, going to affect his form this year? It may affect his development but you can still find good form.Wilshere is a great example of this. Injured for 18 months, comes back and has been in great form but showed rustiness at the start due to his delayed development.

Seems like it’s a case of Szczensy Sr being upset his son has been dropped and needed to find someway of complaining about it


I hope Sr realizes that by blasting Wenger publicly, he’s only making life harder for his Woj at the Arsenal.

Big Dave

I thought The FA did a campaign to try and stop these nagging parents getting involved?


True as it may seem, it wasn’t Wenger who made him get that red in Poland’s opening match. To be fair though, I don’t think Szczesny has been THAT bad (certainly not a lot worse than most others). I certainly wouldn’t mind if he was goalkeeper next game…even though Fabianski has been really good, I definietly don’t feel uncomfortable with having Szczesny in goal. For me the main problem was with Vermaelen playing instead of Koscielny. The press just keep giving Szcz a hard time because he’s young and not British. They didn’t have any positive articles about him during… Read more »


Sir Chez looks like a school boy in the pic.


WTF!!! Does he actually love his son?


He does, but he is also stupid and doesn’t know when to shut up. This can only make the situation worse.

Andy Mack

Sounds just like Bendtners dad and look where that got him.


There’s not a lot to say about this really.


Dave Gooner

Lets ask Fab’s mum what she thinks…in fact lets ask everyone’s mums and dads their opinions and then we can choose the team based on their opinions of their children…

Or, as anyone involved in coaching will attest, maybe not.

dink arnold

I would honestly like to know if he had made any of these comments earlier or if he’s just pulling this shit out now due to Fab’s comeback. Maybe he made similar comments beforehand. Otherwise he’s a fucknut


He should have stuck to punching Mancini in the face.


I endorse this endorsement


No surprise there. Wenger did it with Cesc and Henry all the time. Who remembers a clearly unfit Cesc coming on to save us against Villa and having to limp immediately after scoring. That what happens when you are overly reliant on one quality player in a squad.


stupid rants.Schechny was in poor form.Thats why he was dropped.This guys just made the matter worse.


Now don’t get me wrong, i like Szczesny occasional bouts of arrogance/confidence but until he can maintain that level of top form consistently, perhaps he and his dad should shut up?

That’s not to say that wenger isn’t at fault at all, i mean when u consider fabianski was supposed to leave ages ago and we were supposed to bring in an experienced GK ages ago as well, think its best everyone just get on with their jobs.


by that logic, wojciech was possessed against sunderland!

angel eyes

Poles are so funny

Dave Gooner

Sometimes they and the manager can be poles apart though.

the only sam is nelson

there’s a basement at ashburton grove where the goalkeepers are sent for punishment

it’s called the pole vault

*gets coat*

Steve of Chiang Mai

He may as well have punched Woj in the face for all the sense his comments made wonder if his dad used to punch his teachers in school


I wouldn’t take anything this guy says seriously.

He barely speaks to his son. From what I’ve heard and seen, Wojciechs parents are divorced and he prefers his mum to his dad (I remember a video about his personal life back in Poland).

Sounds like another person with a big opinion which carries little weight.


I don’t think so actually, I thought he said that he speaks to his dad after every single game to discuss how it went, how to improve, etc. Since they were both goalkeepers they do talk a lot to each other about performances and form, etc.


Change his name or at least change spell to “Wocheck Shezny…” his form will improve. Trust me… You have to trust me. He has been our GK for 2 odd years we still cant spell his name confidently. You know where the problem is.


If I was Wojciech Szczesny, I would be like Dad WTF?? What is wrong with you.
But I also think why his dad was keeping quite all the while and moaning now. If Szczesny doesn’t play until end and his Dad keep making noise, then we all know where the actual noise coming from.

Gunner Paddy


“Poleaxed, from injury!” Scezneyn’s father in outburst!

Followed by atypical, all he said was Wenger out, Wenger out.

End of season media offensive much? ISn’t Sczezney’s father his agent as well? Might be sending out the feelers of discontent with his son amongst other interested clubs?


Defo not his agent. He was when he was 16. But I think he has a professional telling him now

Gunner Paddy

Cheers, thanks for clearing that up.


So we have a pole in goal dilemma in our hands?
How insecure is Schezzers dad btw? He gets dropped for 2 matches and staight away goes rushing to the press with an ill-placed rant?

Have a seat.


Exit strategy begins, like sagna

Silent Stanley

EXCLUSIVE: Sczcesny’s Row With Wenger

And of course, only the content will specify that the aforementioned Sczcesny was the father and not the Pole between the pole.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

‘POLES APART’ has been quivering on the lips of the media, waiting for a moment like this.


This guy needs a reality check! Who in there right mind would criticise the coach who has put so much faith in a very young keeper? Sczezney was given a real chance to grab the position and fell due to a dip in form not because he was injured a year ago. It’s up to him now to reclaim his spot but with parents going public it will only make matters more difficult for him at the club. His father should make a public apology to Wenger and Arsenal football club before the media cream themselves with this. If this… Read more »


Oh dear, 2 games on the bench and his dad has already gone mad.


It’s just a dad sticking up for his son. Nothing for any Gonners to get upset about.

Bacary's right leg

sticking up for? This isn’t a playground. Hes not being picked on. He was dropped because his form had dipped. Wheres Verms dad suppose he should say something as well.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

If this happened at United, Chesney would never play for United again, and be promptly sold in the summer. No doubt he is a good keeper, but not the ONLY good keeper in the world. If Wenger opted to act in the same way, I would be fully behind him. While I have issues with Wenger, as those who read my views may know, but this is just plain nonsense. The manager of a club is not someone that the dad’s of players should be taking pot shots at. Also this again shows that Wenger has too amiable a nature.… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I mean I would at some level understand if he just confined himself to Chesney not playing. But to talk about the transfer policy and Wenger as a scapegoat, are terroties strictly off limits.


Well szesz senior, without arsene wenger, szeszney juniors career wouldn’t have even started yet. If his transfer policy was better, then there’s a chance we would have bought a keeper, and noone would of heard of szeszney junior and certainly wouldnt know who the Fuck szesznry senior is!

pauly bear

There both shit . My kingdom for a keeper


Where do they shit?


Kind of agree with some of what schez dad is saying. Not the injury rubbish. But the failed transfer plan and wenger losing sight making a fair amount of mistakes players replacing the stars aren’t good enough. But hey that’s obvious doesn’t need his dad to tell us!


The defenders were at ease when Sczcesny was behind them which might have led to those idiotic defending because they are defending much better now since fabianskis return guess they think he might fuck up so may be more protection.So when defence gets comfortable with fab i say put manonne in goal so they have to be at their best at all times.
i hope sczcesny returns early fully fit with a better distribution because he is bad at it.Still amazed he cant clear the ball with taking two steps back which lands inside our half.


Wonder if he’d say that if Fabianski was on the bench.


There are few more interesting quotes from Szczesny’s dad. I told him not to play. I’ve said don’t play. Don’t weaken your arm. Take a break, heal the injury. There will be a time when your form will start to drop and Wenger won’t remember your sacrifices. He will bench you. And one more Transfers didn’t work for Wenger lately. His best players have been leaving and new ones were worse. His constantly wrong. His players are often injured – I wonder about their training process. Team plays in embarassing way. They lose with Tottenham 1:2 losing two goals in… Read more »


Talking through his hole comes to mind


Well that’s just even more embarrassing for Szczesny Senior and unfortunately Junior too. I like Woj but he has had a dip in form, but its one that I’m confident he will recover from. But I respect Wenger for benching him and starting Fabianski. Being a 22 year old keeper doesn’t always guarantee you a start at a reputable club and you’d be foolish, father or not, to assume otherwise, especially when form dips.

Jim Jimminy

Clearly he has all the answers. Crown him!

North Bank Gooner

The media stirring shit??

About Arsenal??




do one


i think he’s dropped the ball on this

50 + 27 = 77 = 3rd place

like father like son. both Woijech and his Dad sure know how to make cheap comments in interview which surely they’ll regret making later…

Yankee Gooner

This could really Pole-arize the dressing room, amirite? * slide whistle, shuffles off stage *


Are we not missing something important here..

Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand up and put your hands together for Fabianski’s dad. and maybe Mannonne’s dad as well..


Szczesny can’t complain about being dropped, his form was dreadful. But Fabianski is not the answer to our problems; we need to sign a real top-quality keeper this summer. I wouldn’t mind seeing Begovic at the Grove next season.

Judgement day (once more)

Arsenal supporters just can´t get a break, can they?
We have finally stopped being terrible at football and gotten a few good result with no new injuries etc.

Enter mad man father of Schczeniyzhhz (whatever) having a rant about Wenger. Wtf, really?
He´s not doing himself nor his son a favor, having a mental breakdown.

His son (loved by me) is at a great club making insane amount of money, but because of performance issue he is currently sitting on the bench. What part of this does he not understand?


That’s just typical that is.

Last time I bloody read that. Shit stirrers.

Mach III

EXCLUSIVE: The guys is permanently wrong! – Sczesny speaks on Wenger.

Mach III

EXCLUSIVE: The guys is permanently wrong! – Sczesny hits out at Wenger.


So, all newspapers are copying from arseblog news? Isn’t it unfair? Can’t they be made to at least give credit?
Something’s distortedly wrong here.

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