Saturday, March 25, 2023

Arsenal confirm Giroud appeal

Arsenal have confirmed they will appeal the straight red card shown to Olivier Giroud for his dopey injury-time challenge on Stanislav Manolev in Saturday’s 1-0 win over Fulham.

While the striker’s left foot clearly went over the ball and made contact with the Cottager’s right-back it does appear the Frenchman’s clumsiness was compounded by a slip on the turf just as he went to put his foot on the ball.

A statement from Arsenal reads:

“Arsenal Football Club have lodged an appeal to the Football Association for the wrongful dismissal of Olivier Giroud during the Premier League match against Fulham at Craven Cottage on Saturday.

“An FA regulatory commission will hear the claim and make a verdict on Tuesday afternoon.”

As things stand Giroud is facing a three game ban which will rule him out of the matches with Manchester United, QPR and Wigan.

Despite the ‘mitigating’ circumstances, and it’s pretty damn obvious he does slip, Arseblog News can’t see this appeal being successful. Perhaps the HFB can at least console himself with the fact he’ll always have SEX appeal. Yeah…we’re getting our coat.

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Gunnersauras Rex

Podolski is wide open with acres ofafter van cuntie slips.passes to giroud who taps it in…

Runcorn Gooner

Did someone say Branislav Ivanovic is a heck of a mouthful


So boring listening to Redknapp and Souness talk about how that bite was the most disgraceful thing they’d ever seen on a football pitch. It was stupid and petty – but that’s it. These are the same people who felt sorry for Shawcross as he “isn’t that type of player”. The fact is that after getting bit, Ivanovich sat down, rubbed his arm, and got on with his life. Ramsey lost a year of his career. Eduardo hasn’t been the same since, and it doesn’t look like Diaby will ever recover. But yeah, a foreigner biting someone is way worse… Read more »


Thank. You. Doesn’t excuse what Suarez did today, but these are the same idiots who sympathized with Shawcross. At the time I was utterly shocked by what I saw, a young kid’s career might be over and they were talking about how that Stoke fucktard was crying so it was all okay.


Luis Suarez bites a player and there’s outrage, yet every time Grant Holt gets hungry on the pitch and tries to eat a player because he’s so large, nobody even bats an eyelid!

Runcorn Gooner

Holt is too slow to take a bite out of anything if its moving.Have to say Suarez detracted attention away from Sturridge/Caragher who should have been sent off in that game and Nastri in Spuds game


Battered Sav ivanovic

Gilberto Silva

It was a severely harsh red, and I agree with those that said it was a reaction to the one shown to that ginger tosser earlier in the game. Arsenal being Arsenal, the FA won’t reduce it, but here’s to hoping!

Ben Arfa's older brother

What a surprise. The fa have not overturned it despite the fact it was slip, 3 match for that and mcmanaman and aguero got nothing. DISGRACE


Knowing the FA I think there hands are tied up by Suarez, I don’t think they really care about whether Giroud slipped or not. Lets hope its not detrimental to getting 4th place and that the other forwards can step up to the plate, Walcott wants to be a striker, nows his chance to prove it. Not actually sure I want Manu to win tonight, maybe it will give us extra insentive to win next week.

Dr. Silent

On the downside, though, if they win tonight next week becomes less important and they might not play as well.

Plus there’s the thought of them winning the league at our ground *shudder*


I’m actually PRAYING they win tonight. A guard of honour is much easier than seeing them celebrate like lunatics after 90 minutes on OUR turf.

Perry S.

It would be a mistake to gamble with Walcott as central striker. Poldolski has proved time and again he is our most potent and acurate shot taker. He needs to be given the keys the kingdom up front from here onwards, unless he does something to show us otherwise.


A potent and accurate shot taker does a not a sole striker make.

Gunnersauras Rex

Acres of space*


Granted he hasn’t been brilliant the last few games, but the more bodies we have for the run in the better, hoping it’s a succesful appeal. Anybody know what happens if it fails?

Norn Iron Gooner

I think they add one more game to his automatic three. Knowing the F.A (not personally, eeurgh) it’s probably safe to say the ostrich season is over. Worth a try tho i suppose.


They don’t necessarily add another game, they only do that if they deem the appeal to be “frivolous”. I don’t think that will be case here. My money is on them not over turning it, but not adding anything to it either.

Norn Iron Gooner

Fair enough, i stand corrected.

But givin the F.A’s Draconian stance to incidients like these (especially with it being AFC), it wouldn’t surprise me if they increased it.

He’s not english after all….

Perry Groves

I think they only add a game if they think it’s a “frivolous” appeal, like ManUre appealing so that Muppet Ferdinand would be able to play in a particular game, but if they see that there’s a genuine cause, they can uphold the card without adding to it.

Given how they view us though, I would anticipate an extra five games on the ban…


It the appeal were to fail, a further one match ban will be added for disturbing F.A peace and Arsene sent to stands for being Arsene.


Good. We need as many bodies as we can till the end of the season. And seeing as if you stack 2 arshavins or cazorlas on top of each other you get 1 Giroud, a successful appeal would be doubly important.


Can’t see the shambles of what we call an FA overturning this one. Even though he has quite obviously lost his footing whilst going in for a 50/50 (remember when you were allowed to win those). Of course Samir Na$ri and Dan Sturridge will receive nothing for there horrible challenges.

Silent Stanley

The English FA is the epitome of confusion. One week they say a leg breaking tackle has been dealt with by referee therefore no further punishment, the other week they will ban a player for extra game for appealing a good tackle. *insert jinx*

Nate Brown

I don’t see this being overturned but I’ll still hope for the best. I don’t care what the haters say, Girioud is our best option right now. I love Podolski, but I don’t think he’s 100% fit yet.


It should be reduced but then again the FA should have charged Wigan’s Callum McManaman for the worst tackle of the year!

At the end of the day, the FA are cunts.


John Terry is a cunt too. Fact.

Double Canister

But fucked up Chelsea at the end.


They were pretty quick to remove the red from Kompany when he got sent off at the Emirates earlier in the season, and that was far more of a red then Girouds challenge was.


I will bet my House that the FA will remove Giroud’s red card. Why won’t they.? Althogh i would prefer it if Wenger benched Giroud for the Man utd game.

Gunsen Gunner

Your house in a bet involving the FA? I wouldn’t put a penny on the FA over-turning it.They are allergic to common sense.

Recreational Hugs

Well I guess you’ll win either way, but your a brave man!

Wrighty's Gold Tooth

Great photo.

Scream to the hand.

Didn’t realise he glued the guy’s head to the floor. Well out of order.

maduforo uche

Hope it goes well… Jst want him to continue with the physical challenges he has brought to the team thus far.. His absence will mean a lot.. FA use your brain..

Double Canister

That’s the problem, they will.

The level of irrational hatred they have of arsenal knows no bounds.


No one noticed the awesome headline???


If we lose the appeal, then who to play up top? Walcott doesn’t have the brain for it, Gervais is Gervais, and Podolski looks terribly unfit.

Step forward, OX.

Think about it. He doesn’t have to play as a striker, but rather a false 9. He’s strong(er than Theo and Gervinho), he’s fast, he’s skillful, he’s direct, he’s got a shot. It may be a risk, but I think he’d do quite well in that role, in the absence of Poldi.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Mr. Chuba Akpom

*Gets Coat*

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Some fans say his red card is a blessing disguise. I say I’d rather have Giroud on the bench as an option. I’d be great to see a front 3 with HFB Podolski and Ox/Gerv/Caz. Most of out attacks over the last two games have been through the right, the left flank is hardly used.

gunner for ever

The referee made unintentional mistake at that moment.The FA, Arsenal FC and we fans have seen the video.As per the written rule,Giroud didn’t deserve red card for that incident.As we know, Giroud and Wenger are not from England + the team that lodged the appeal is Arsenal.So, the FA will drop the appeal and give one more match suspension which will effectively conclude Giroud’s season.From the track record we learnt that the FA have never been fair to Arsenal and i do not think they will change their hidden hatred towards foreign managers and players.Come on you gunners!!!!!! gunner for… Read more »

a gooner in Manchester

as the FA’s campaign for no biting in football goes, our arses may be intact this time!


If he is banned I think it offers a nice opportunity to give Podolski, Gervhino and Walcott a shot up top. Dependant on the opposition. I like Cazorla and Chamberlain in the wide spots, gives us much more control on the ball than with Theo and Podolski there. Wilshire can then sit in front of Ramsey and Arteta. We have to go for the United game as it’s the one, on paper, we would have all ruled as 0 pts when we sat and looked at the run in. It’s a winnable game whether or not they need it to… Read more »


Hoping he gets off but can’t see it in all honesty, which gives us an issue.
Theo will get swallowed up in the middle and they won’t give him the space behind to exploit.
Can’t believe Podolski is fit enough to do the job at the moment.
That leaves Gervinho or……
Worried right from the start of the season that the lack of a real alternative striking option would bite us in the arse at some stage, so let’s just hope it doesn’t now.


i don’t see the massive deal with ‘going over the ball’. Commentators say it like its more dangerous than Jimmy Saville at a children’s party. Giroud GOT THE BALL and then his foot slipped up over it. no worse than missing the ball completely, no more dangerous either.

Toure Motors

Paging Dr. Chamakh….


Dr Chamakh is unavailable right now, as he is performing a proctological exam on a walrus.


I Love how it was state as a wrongful dismissal right from the appeal. Time for the club to show we’ve got some backbone too


The sending off of Giroud was harsh – he slipped – but I’m not too bothered if he doesn’t play again this season. He has been pretty average recently. I wouldn’t mind seeing Podolski or Gervinho playing as the one up front. Both those players possess the one thing that Giroud lacks: pace.


Is that gonna mean anything though FG?

This isn’t a side that’s set up like the old days where we could go from back to front and score in 10 secs (a set up where Theo up front could work).

And I can’t see Utd playing a high line, so it’ll negate pace through the middle.

Unfortunately I think we will miss Giroud, but even then he’s more effective when he has other players in and around him and going past him, and that’s where we’re struggling at the moment in my opinion.

Arsene Wenger

Yes, Podolski was able to show his lightning pace (caused, of course, by his 100% fitness) when he was outrun by Senderos on Saturday.

South African_Gooner

Fuck this is so hard to watch.. Wow.. Pain in the throat..


Villa have given up, turned around, dropped their pants and bent over. Yet another team that bottles it at Old Trafford, another manager who says “right lads, let’s aim to lose fewer than 3 goals”. Just get relegated already, absolutely useless.


“Why can’t rvp just stop scoring and just be a useless cunt like we all thought” – not going as planned Gazidis huh? *painful


Blogs, is my reply to Fatgooner at 7.30 awaiting moderation because I haven’t called him a [insert generic insult]?


Hurts, doesn’t it?

While our former striker scores a hat-trick to win the league, we are still scraping to finish fourth. You can’t argue that he was right to go. He left a club with no ambition and went to one where second best just isn’t good enough. And now he’s won something.

The saddest thing is that I can’t see us getting anywhere near the title anytime soon.

I just hope that all you Wenger and Kroenke lovers are enjoying this.

Arsene Wenger

Why do you have a chip on your shoulder and constantly behave like you have some secret knowledge that everyone else on here doesn’t? You think we love not winning? Do you think most people on here love me or Kroenke? I have a year left on my contract, at least let me honour that. – – – ‘The saddest thing is that I can’t see us getting anywhere near the title anytime soon.’ Don’t make me laugh. 2 places off the title is not far off, even given the point difference. Given that we are competing with clubs which… Read more »


Nice to see that you’re still living in Cloud Cuckoo-Land, Arsene.

Why don’t you come back to earth one day?


F.g talks like he’s better than the rest of us. Tell us something we don’t already know or put a sock on it thanks.

Double Canister

Now, If he’d bitten €a$ly, he might have liked it.


We all support the same team ‘ARSENAL’. What is the point arguing amongst ourselves? What is point criticizing the things/players/manager over and over again? We all can see that this team is not anywhere near the invicibles, but they are trying so very hard. Let us just get behind the team, the manager and get through what is left of this season. It was in one of Arseblog’s posts, that, we can see that this team is strictly good with some very good players and that is it. That is the reality. Let’s face it, get to 3rd/4th preferably 3rd… Read more »




United may have just won the Premier League, but how many of their Goal Keepers have a dandruff free scalp??


How come Wenger was not at OT last night receiving his medals? He contributed as much as anyone to Utd’s tittle this season.
P.S. It is just sarcasm borne out of pain and humiliation.

a gooner in Manchester

had we not sold him to them, they would have bought other strikers. Can you be sure that they wouldn’t have won the title with other strikers?

The frustration I have is not for the fact that they have won the league but for the fact that we have not been challenging through out the season.

Whatever happened does not matter much right now. We should be focused on saving our arses, starting with beating them at the weekend, and then move on to the next season.



That may be. But, I don’t think they could have bought someone who can instantly make an impact in the premier league. At least not with a price tag of 24 million.


You speak as if Arsene wanted to sell Van Persie and that RvP didn’t make a public spectacle over the fact that he wanted to leave and made an embarrassment of the club, the manager and his fellow team mates.


And don’t we have to give Man U a guard of honour when they come out in Sunday?
Well don’t to rvp. Completely justified his move away from us.
It was never about the money just ambition to win major trophies.

[…] other news we’ve appealed Olivier Giroud’s red card, which I understand. I think the fact we have to have such a discussion about how we replace him […]

Kate Rainville

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Ciao for now

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