Ramsey ready to push on


Aaron Ramsey believes he’s finally overcoming his injury and form issues and is ready to ‘push on’ a player in this Arsenal team.

The Welshman admitted he was aware of criticism of his performances, particularly when played out of position, but is glad to have been given a chance to show what he can do in the middle of the park.

Speaking to the official Arsenal magazine, he said, “That was very frustrating for me. I had a bit of stick but I wasn’t playing in my main position and obviously I had been through a lot.

“I think people are starting to realise that now I’m coming back, looking sharp again – and it’s a great feeling winning people over, proving you are capable of doing a good job and are a good player.

“I’m confident in myself, and I think I can push on to the next level now.”

The former Cardiff man also pointed to the team’s revived fortunes and put it down to collective hard work.

“I think people can tell, especially with the way we’ve been playing of late, that everyone is doing their jobs for each other now. We’re working as a team, winning the ball back in dangerous positions high up the pitch – and everyone, not just one or two, is doing that.

“We’re playing good stuff and everyone’s putting the work in, communicating well and enjoying themselves out there.”

There may not be much to enjoy in the final, nerve-wracking, three games of the season, especially as results have outshone performances in recent weeks, but hopefully they can keep the momentum going and get the points required for a top four finish.

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Yolo swaggins

I hope he carries on improving as much as he has recently

Bould's Eyeliner

It’s so nice to see that our ‘depth issues’ are slowly resolving themselves in the midfield… I feel that the revived Ramsey has pretty much taken over Diaby’s expected qualities… boxing people out, playing aggressively, and having some impressive carrying spells. Now for that final pass…

Probably the most exciting and positive thing in the club these days!

Giroud's perfectly chiseled face

Always believed in Rambo. To put his form in perspective, he’s keeping Jack on the bench. That’s damn impressive. Keep going strong! I think Ramsey and Arteta have made our back five’s job much easier in recent weeks as well.

Here’s to 3rd place!

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The C’s, The C’s, The C’s
– Composue
– Confidence
– Class
– Consentration
– Consistency
This also goes for the rest of the squad.


I think our team is working well together because we got rid of most of our C’s.

Telepathic pass

Yes the Chu-young parks, the Chamakhs.

Midfield Corporal

Have you been taking tips from this man?


Midfield Corporal

Sorry link doesn’t work anymore, it was the classic Peter Cook as Alan Latchley routine where he talks about ‘The 3 M’s- motivation, motivation, motivation.’

It Is What It Is

You missed a C….It’s in concentration.


Hopefully he will push on. He seemed to have an eye for goal when he first arrived, that seems to have disappeared now.
I am a big fan of Arteta and Ramsey in the defensive half but they offer so little going forward. Must improve that next season.


I’ll put my hand up for being indifferent to Ramsey’s long-time contract he signed with the other British players last year. But I’m just a fan and we can obviously be guilty of judging people based on the short-term, not seeing them on a daily basis.

I’m very happy that Ramsey is playing the way he is and I expect him to start every game until the end of the season based on his current form. Arsene knows…


It is a fantastic credit to a man who can come through such strong criticism from fans and really turn his season around. He looks like a completely different player and it is fantastic to see him so work and with so much energy for this Arsenal team. He really has been a key player in this latter half of the season. Hopefully he can use this as a platform for many seasons to come!


Ramsey’s progress has been one of the highlights of the season.He gets into goal-scoring positions so many times, hopefully he will have a double digit goal count next season!


” Collective hard work. Everyone is doing their jobs for each other now. We’re working as a team, everyone’s putting the work in, communicating well.” Yes this team is not at the level of the invincibles so everyone has to work a lot harder as a team to achieve results. Ramsey is the symbol of the new Arsenal. Steady 100% battler lacking a little real class. The inevitable question will be asked again over the summer. Does the fourth place trophy define Arsenal or is there a will to climb to the top.


Do you really believe Arsene and the players don’t want to win things?


Yes of course they want to win trophies but so do Aston Villa, Newcastle and Fulham. But everyone is realistic about their chances. Just like we as fans are realistic . The players we have bought in recent years moved up from their last team but they knew they were not moving to Real, Barca, Bayern, Chelsea, Man City or Man Utd who are genuine title contenders. Some of our players have hardly played for the club but still pack a fat salary like Ashavin, Bendtner, Chamak, Santos, Squilacci, and Park, For them it was a big salary and a… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Have to agree with you Davonz, the truth hurts.

Well done Rambo, you’ve shown a great spirit and deserve your chance. Some of the critiscm last year was idiotic, I remember him getting crucified on here last season after the QPR defeat when Song and Arteta just stood and watched the QPR player break from midfield.


The Arsenal last couple of years was one that rode on the back of the Invincibles’ reputation, still had the quality and inspired fear in other teams to become Champions, but didn’t try hard enough and came 4th. The new Arsenal lacks some quality but makes up for it with hard work and comes 4th. I’d prefer the new one.

It Is What It Is

Song had more league assists than starts this season.
Toure had stagnated, and was sickly.
Adebayor is not a top player, except for Togo. Disagree? Would you have him back?
Nasri was chinless, spineless and greedy……it happens.
Fab was home sick and tapped up on a world stage.
Clichy and money was the end of A. Hole.

Every club has a Bogarde, Anderson, Taylor etc

Telepathic pass

100% right. We’ve been for top 4 for quite sometime now that’s’ where our ambition in signings, performances, wages over structure of the club lies. Ramsey is a good player, it stops there. How many world class players were there in our title winning team back in the day. Several. We lack that now. So unless we get in some real top quality players and not be all at sea that we can win something with the lot we have right now, then i’m afraid all this wandering in and out of top 4 is gonna continue. We do have… Read more »

Jim Jimminy

It grinds my gears to use this as an example but: where was drogba at 22? Or come to think of it pires?

To just say ramsey is only a “good” player and leave it at that is unfair. He’s got at least another ten years playing football, i really dont think he’s reached his highest level.

Unyoke The Ox

I always kept faith in Rambo, because I remember how good he looked when he was younger. He looked to be an efficient box to box player that could also finish with both feet. I always thought that he’d come to fruition quicker than Jack, but both of their injuries have messed things up. Good to have some British talent coming through. Lastly, I’m not one to ask for new players all the time, but I’ve watched a fair few Sevilla games when I can and Geoffrey Kondogbia is definitely a a future superstar. He would be perfect to bring… Read more »


Rambo is 22. He’s better than just good right now, and I have every confidence that he’ll become world class. Keep in mind, Jack is not world class YET either. He too will get there. These guys aren’t even going to peak for another 4 years.

mach iii

BS. Jack is definitely World Class already. Anyone that can be MOTM in an England vs Brazil international match, and outplay Barcelona is World Class. Everyone knows Jack’s talents.


mach iii, you must have lower expectations for him then, because i think he will be much better than what he currently is. and no I don’t thin he’s world class yet. he’ll need to improve his defensive game and his dispossession stats for that to happen. as a CAM he’ll definitely need to score more goals too. he’s great but not the finished product. also don’t use one game a couple years back or an international friendly as proof. let him rack a lot more of them up (which he will) then we can talk. world class for jack… Read more »

Telepathic pass

I get all that. Ramsey WILL be a world class player and for that to happen we will need atleast 3 more years. I was talking about our current situation where after yet another mediocre season, we kid ourselves that next season IF we do not strenghthen (and not with any other good players who need time before they can be at their best: we have plenty of that now) but with world clasd players who can really provide a good blend with those we already have right now as giroud, ramsey, jack, ox all develop into the players we… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I think the term ‘world Class’ is used too readily. I think with the right players around him Ramsey could be like Lampard, a very good club player. In my opinion The Invincibles had 5 world class players, Cole, Campbell, Dennis, Thierry and Pires, since then we’ve only had Cesc and RVP.

the only sam is nelson

agree by and large (altho i’d say the only world class players we had back then were TH14, God and Cashley). but then again, how many “world class” players are there in the prem these days? i’d say rvp is the only banker, and mata, monkey-boy and jack are showing potential to be world class time’s are a-changing, and it’s not just at the arsenal where this is apparent. City don’t have any world class players, just a ridiculously expensive collection of mercenaries who show occasional glimpses (yaya, david silver, aguero). suarez could be world class if he weren’t such… Read more »


You’re dreaming if you think Kompany and Yaya are not world class.

Lukas' Winning Smile

Corporal, surely Vieira was world class?


I agree that Ramsey is the symbol of the new Arsenal, along with the British core that signed with him. They are our future. But they are the symbols of Arsenal not because of what you say, but because they are all very good currently at their various stages of development, and are going to develop to immense players. All of six of them, Ramsey very much included.

Bould's Eyeliner

The Invincibles were invincible because they were a great team. You don’t go undefeated with just a star player or two. Doesn’t hurt to have them, but it doesn’t make sense to dismiss the others. And it’s not like every Invincible victory was really looking all that invincible. Hindsight aint even 20/20 for some…

Merlin's Panini

I think given the strides forward made by City and Chelsea in recent years it’s hardly surprising we’ve not been sweeping all before us. With the budget restraints because of the new stadium we’ve done well to consistently stay in the Champions League and the sad result of the lack of real financial clout, relatively speaking, has been losing our best players every year. Now, however, I think we’re looking stronger financially and should be challenging properly. 20+ points behind the winners is not going to be good enough for much longer. This year, I will be pleased with top… Read more »


your logic – every arsenal team should be the invincibles and if not we should castigate them. hmm…(holding my crystal ball)…unhappiness and negativity and trolling awaits much of your life.

Im happy Arsenal are fighting! Im behind the players! Heres to a top 4 finish and better things to come!!!


ps – im referring to davonz…or whatever his name is. Jeez this thread under this one convo is long!


I can definitely see him play Arteta’s role. There’s space for Olsson or Eisfeld in our midfield, if Wenger decides to promote a youngster. I’d be surprised if he didn’t.

Merlin's Panini

I think both Olsson and Eisfeld are both very talented but need to go out on loan for a season first. I’d be happy for them to surprise me though.


Rambo has been class for us since Christmas. He has dealt with the brickbats of footballing life well, plus, the poison written on messageboards and he is proving that he is very important to the team.
If he can add some more goals and assists to his game then he’ll be a world-beater.

Finsbury Park Gooner

Ramseys progress has been really exciting; anyone with that engine, work-rate and committment will always have a place at Arsenal.. but boy does he need to work on his goal-scoring. All the central midfielders infact, lots of shooting practice over the summer for all of them please! If you couple that with a shiny new poacher in front of goal and our new-look stingy defence, we could be up there near the top again next season.


Agreed he’s been integral for us this second half of the season – but yeah him and the midfield need to get more goals to ease the pressure off Giroud, Cazorla and Walcott (and maybe Jovetic next season!?). Thing is Ramsey shows his great footballing intelligence and gets himself into so many great goal scoring positions, he just needs to work on the finish. I think over the summer our midfield will have to work on their finishing, and I’m sure they’ll return as much better goal scoring threats next season. With the solidity of our defense and balance of… Read more »

Tenacious Defence

For me the most obvious improvement has been in the speed of his passing – no longer lingering on the ball – combined with greater accuracy (bar a few dodgy ones against ManU).


That killer through pass! Inch perfect. Almost!


In Wenger we trust. Always


Not gonna lie, earlier in the season I wished he would go back to Cardiff but he has proved me wrong and I’m so glad! I love jack but would rather see him starting and that says a lot about how much he’s won me over like many other people. The best thing is though that there’s still more potential there so he’ll improve even more! Keep it up Rambo!


Atleast you acknowledge his improvement and your scepticism. Also atleast you only wished him back at Cardiff unlike some that wished him much worse. COYG


Ramsey has done exceptionally well to get to where he is now. I honestly think he is the future in that position. My only big concern is the summer. I just worry we will slip back into old habits and all of the hard working unit we are seeing at the moment, will be forgotten. Fingers crossed no international tournaments means a swift break for the players and all back in early and training hard in the off-season. That will definitely make it easier for any new players to bed in and should mean Jack can find his place and… Read more »

Mongolian Gooner

I think the recent improvements at the back have come from some sort of acknowledgement on Wenger’s part to focus on that part of the game, probably thanks to Bould’s insistence. When we started the season, we looked very similarly solid, but the goals weren’t flowing because our forward players weren’t acquainted. Wenger must’ve decided that working on that was more important, and we started leaking goals again slacking off defensively (as a unit). While we certainly aren’t perfect now, we can see much better balance in the team’s approach and I’d be surprised if this isn’t exactly what we’ll… Read more »

Mongolian Gooner

I’m so happy for him. Seeing him play, it was always obvious that he has absolute commitment, doesn’t let his head drop. He’s shown great footwork and technique too, so the criticism directed at him was always completely misplaced. He’s been getting slated for not making things happen or scoring or assisting, but it’s clear that he still contributes to the team in a big way. Now that his decision making seems to be getting better, I’d not be surprised to see him get a lot more assists/goals next season. He has all the qualities. Also he’s comes off as… Read more »


Ramsey u been class since Christmas and have have played in all positions across the midfield and have answered ur critics well this new tough tackling in ur face arsenal suits Him

Santi Claws

I fucking love Aaron Ramsey


Hats off to him. Proved people wrong and still developing. Would love to see him push on again next season.


Arsenal are a team of hard-working but average players. The gulf in class was evident againt Man Utd.
Per and Kos are good but nowhere near world-class. Same for our full-backs. Arteta + Rambo is another good mid-filed pairing but not the best in the league. Same goes for our attack. They try their hardest, but unfortunately this is the max what they are capable of.
We should look to win FA or CoC and snap up 3rd-4th position next season. That is the only realistic aim to have

Parisian Weetabix

I just loathe how you made your name “Reality Bites” like you’re some kind of fucking soothsayer or something. Like you believe yourself to have a better understanding of reality because you don’t believe in optimism. This is a team full of players who have not been here very long. They have had a decent season this time round so far, and by next season they will know each other a lot better. How long have we gone unbeaten now? See what Arséne does in the summer before you judge. And please, try and have some faith in the team.… Read more »


I am not grumbling. I am just saying us fans should respect the level of the squad we have and lower our own expectations. And the players are playing at about their maximum potential (some even beyond it)

Jennifer Toh

Oh my god and you’re the best person to judge that these players are playing at their full or beyond their potential right!? What makes you think so? What a load of complete and utter crap.


The performance in 35 League Games.

Jennifer Toh

Their performance over 35 league games dictates the team’s performance overall and how they have worked together as well as some glaring team errors. It however DOES NOT indicate whether players like Ramsey, Wilshere, Ox, Jenkinson, Gibbs et all are playing at their full or even “beyond” their potential.

mach iii

You calling Koscielny just good? How many other players in the world can be 2seconds quicker to every ball than RVP, Rooney, and Hernandez? Koscielny. Stupid.


RVP is without doubt one of the best 3 strikers in the world right now (OK that hurt). He was reduced to trying the flanks on Sunday, because he was getting nowhere against Per and especially Koscielny. They shut down United’s attack and are just average? United got their first corner on the 82nd minute against an apparently average defense. I’d say that those guys are the best CB partnership in the league right now. Look at our record when they play together. Is that average? Ramsey is finally getting his form back, but is still maybe 4 years off… Read more »


Sunday was the first time in a couple of years that I heard “There’s only 1 Aaron Ramsey” at the Emirates. He works his socks off and is a true box to box midfielder. In the last few months you can really notice that in his sitting/holding/defensive midfield position he’s gained so much confidence. It looks like Arsene’s given him the remit to chase down players high up the pitch and has asked Arteta to sit deeper and be more positionally disciplined. Aaron has also vastly improved by simplifying his game. You can tell it’s when he tries to overcomplicate… Read more »


I have never liked Aaron Ramsey as a player until now.The way he has improved his game recently amazes me,look at the killer/throuph pass he gave to Podolski in our last match against Man Utd,he did it with such brilliance that made me think Cesc Frebregas was back at the Emirates.Another part of Ramsey that i like most is the way he wins the ball,i mean he does it now even better than Arteta who is supposed to be our DM.I can boldly say 60% of our tackles are done by Ramsey and in most cases he wins them.I wish… Read more »


Nope he over hit that pass as it sent Podolski wide and narrowed the angle for the shot which made it impossible to aim for the right hand corner where it is easier to score or get a deflected save that can be tapped in from on rushing players.

Also didn’t City win the title last year?


Should add that Aaron has the best tackling success rate in the Prem League for players who tackle more than 50 times per season (i.e. players who tackle) at something ridiculous like 91%. There aren’t any other Arsenal players in the top 10.


I loved his bit of skill that took him away from Carrick. Ah he’s really coming into his own now.


I like Ramsey and thought he played well on Sunday but he still needs to improve. His passing can be erratic (there was a period on Sunday where he hit 3 passes in a row out or to the opposition) and my biggest problem with him is the amount of time he wants on the ball he seems to have caught what Diaby had in needing several touches before passing. This seriously slows down our attack making it harder for us to break teams down. Also I noticed that bloggs is far more forgiving of Ramsey than Walcott obviously the… Read more »


kind of off-topic for a bit, but is it just me or does Rémy look like an actual realistic and decent deal for arsenal this summer? I like what I’ve seen of him but unfortunately I don’t live in France or England so it might be just me. Any thoughts?


He’s almost there, needs his shooting boots back on – I remember him scoring a couple of crackers before that horrific injury – perhaps that’s a reason why he’s still a bit apprehensive when he needs to put his foot through the ball.

Either ways, I’m happy he’s showing some form and people have stopped slagging him on here.


Aaron Ramsey is just what this football club needs. It’s something we have been lacking for quite some time, and we have spent too much time making the assumption that skill and raw talent is enough to win trophies. By god, it looks great against Sheffield United, but on a cold winter night in Sunderland you have just pull your sleeves up and get involved. And I strongly resent to the implication that apart from working hard, he doesn’t have a great deal to his game. Previous to his 40 game ban for upsetting Ryan Shawcross’ Mum, he was up… Read more »


This is… simply amazing.

Peter Atk

Huddlestones dietition bit was hilarious.


Player of the year if it was my decision.

proud to have players like him, Koscielny, Mertersacker – guys who have had their fair share of (unjust) stick but have simply got on with it and played their way into awesomeness.


There is so much bullshit on this page today. Ramsey is a decent squad player, no more, no less. If he was such a great player then he would have simply put Walcott through for the second goal which would have given us the three points on Sunday. But he didn’t. He’s just average – like the team he plays for. If we are ever to be successful again then we need top quality – not this mediocrity.

PS: Pete, how much is the club paying you for your propaganda?


yes, the difference between a good and average player is that good players NEVER make the wrong pass ever in life because they are just sooo goood. I struggle to see how people can reason in this way and not think twice about it.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

I knew Fatty would shit all over the optimism and Rambo appreciation.

Just so you know, the thumbs up, thumbs down system is also there for you to learn from. Have an occasional look at them and see where your opinion lies in the Goonersphere.

Then, maybe, perhaps, possibly, you can learn from it.



Now that Wilshere’s form is declining, I hope that we won’t treat him as we did to Ramsey. Vermaelen as well.


And his face is only second to Giroud


I thought he had an excellent game on Sunday and the only thing that really let him down was his final ball but i expect that to improve as he develops.

Teri maa dhi

I’d also go as far as saying that what also let him down in recent games were his teammates not being able to offer levels of comittment that Ramsey has been all year.


If Ramsey improved on his finishing, he’s good to go. Loving the fight for places in the squad right now. I love to see the likes of Wilshere playing but in the end it’s a team sport. Who has been performing,get his place. Really keen to see this type of form and commitment continues from the start of next season.Who knows where we’ll finish with this kind of performance.


Aaron Ramsey alla tha way


Aaron Ramsey all the way. It helps that he might be the fittest player at Arsenal to boot 😉