Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Report: Arsenal 0-0 Everton

Arsenal were held to a 0-0 draw against a resilient Everton at the Emirates this evening.

We didn’t see the first half but here are the highlights from the Arseblog live blog.

8 – Mertesacker intercepts, the ball eventually comes to Gibson who crosses low, Szczesny handles well

18 – We lose the ball again. Every time we have the ball in their half, our players are isolated and surrounded by 2 or 3 blue shirts.

27 – Everton are looking much fresher… they break down the right but Cazorla clears the cross.

33 –  Sagna with a terrific header… Walcott gets the ball, Gibson takes him down cynically. That was a second yellow. The ref has bottled it. Why? Because the ref is an utter cunt.

41 – CHANCE! Ramsey breaks down the right, curls a ball in behind the defence, and Giroud stabs it over.

We didn’t miss too much, it seems. In the second half Cazorla tested Howard with a well struck left footed shot, before Anichebe got on the end of a Baines free kick but glanced his header wide.

Poor play from Kieran Gibbs saw Everton get down their right hand side, and after a slip in the box Arsenal conceded a free kick just outside the D. Leighton Baines stepped up but hit the wall, and Arsenal broke immediately up field. Aaron Ramsey played Theo Walcott in behind but the England man’s touch was poor and his cross for Giroud fell short.

Gibbs then got in behind the Everton defence but with nobody attacking the near post his cross was cleared for a corner, which Everton dealt with. The game moved into the final half hour with both teams probing for the goal, and Everton’s Ross Barkley curled a shot just outside the top corner in the 66th minute.

A good ball from Ramsey to Cazorla should have spelt danger for the visitors but the Spaniard’s touch was off and Everton managed to clear. Arsene Wenger made changes, bringing on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for the ineffectual Jack Wishere while Lukas Podolski replaced Theo Walcott in the 69th minute.

Arsenal found it hard to break down a stubborn Everton team, with Gibbs and Sagna seeing crosses blocked. Arsenal won a corner which Giroud headed back across goal forcing Jagielka into a clearing header, and from the following corner Tim Howard did enough to prevent a Ramsey backheel going back across goal.

Podolski tried to barge his way through in the 75th minute as Arsenal began to pile the pressure on, forcing Everton deep, before a brilliant Arsenal break saw Cazorla play in Oxlade-Chamberlain. With Giroud waiting in the middle the England man squared it across goal only for Seamus Coleman to get back and deny the Frenchman a tap-in from inside the 6 yard box.

Oxlade-Chamberlain tried again, feeding Giroud inside the box, but after shifting the ball onto his weaker right foot he fired over from close range but also a tight angle. He’ll feel he should have done better though. Coleman again denied Arsenal, working hard to cut out a Podolski cross, before Arsenal claimed handball against the Irishman as he blocked a Podolski shot in his own box.

The referee then ignored a clear foul on Oxlade-Chamberlain which presented Mirrales with a chance but Arteta got back to block, and the Spaniard had a chance in the final minute as he got free in the box but caught in two minds Everton got it clear.

Nacho Monreal came on for Gibbs as 4 minutes of stoppage time were announced with Everton heading away a dangerous Cazorla free kick. Victor Anichebe then smashed a shot from 25 yards well over the bar before Monreal picked up a yellow card snuffing out an Everton break. From the resulting free kick Mertesacker was strong at the back, heading away as Everton threatened.

But in the end, it remained scoreless, it’s not a bad point from what was always going to be a tricky fixture, and we go into the weekend’s game against Fulham having extended our gap in third place.

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Giroud is the new gervinho


had a stinker

A Yank

That’s being harsh to stinkers.


Sagna has the most crosses blocked in premiere league. Someone should have name “sagna’s cross blocked again”


Sagna cannot continue at RB next season. He looks abit off pace and as a result reaches a dead end and just crosses straight into an opponent. I still want him at the club (perhaps as a cover CB/RB) as experience matters awhole lot but you just feel his adventure with arsenal might be coming to an end.


We played much better in the two games as soon as wilshere went off.


That’s bullshit re: Sagna. He played well last night. It’s ridiculous to only analyse his crossing. He defended brilliantly, countless times he was strong and won 50/50 balls against a really tough Everton side. He’s a defender primarily, not a winger.

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

Ramsey, Arteta and Cazorla were very good.
We should’ve played Rosicky.

Well thought Rosicky would play today instead of jack and poldi to start didnt happen though. Was wishing before the game he rested Arteta and bought coq in his place but i guess against a quality side like everton his experience was needed, but just felt if we could sub sagna in previous games to get results then why not Arteta for rosicky, still dont know why gibbs was substituted for monreal.

In my opinion, Arteta is playing too safely of late. Has minimal contribution in the attacking play even for a dm.

@chav that is a spot on observation.

Arteta is an organised guy alright, gets about his business with no fuss but sometimes in games such as this abit of taking risks, shots, clever movement wins you games.

Parisian Weetabix

Chav: that’s a misinterpretation of Arteta’s role within the midfield. He isn’t supposed to be heavily involved in our attacking play. When we attack, he is the available pass backwards when nothing else is on. His job in an attacking sense is to recycle possession. Perhaps he could contribute more attack-wise, but I believe the main reason he doesn’t is because he’s told not to. When we are counterattacked, Arteta is the man shielding the defense, slowing the opposition attack down. He adds the structure to the midfield. We can get cross all we want about him not attacking enough,… Read more »

I beg to disagree. We don’t play him as a pure dm. In some of our previous matches, Ramsey and Arteta used to change positions alternatively, leaving one man with the defenders. Today, Arteta rarely ventured forward and whenever he did, he never attempted to go inside the 18 yard box or play the less obvious pass.

I’m furious about Rosicky not even getting on,our best player in the win at west brom,a player who gets things moving….sits on the bench to watch the ball go side to side. I like the Ox,Poldi Jack and Theo,but Rosicky was the better option tonight

Arteta has lost his attacking prowess. Whenever he goes forward he looks lost. I think this midfield works well for the lesser teams but against top quality opposition our lack of a tough tackling midfielder has cost us. In the first half our midfield was nowhere to be seen today. I do think he is a valuable member of this squad but if we are going to progress as a club we will need to improve in this CM/DM area.

Malaysian Gooner

So last season we criticized Song for being too adventurous and forgetting his defensive duties and this season we’re bashing Arteta for NOT doing the exact same thing?! Fickle lot aren’t we.

If Arteta had pushed forward and Everton caught us on the break, you would be complaining that he wasn’t doing his job. In the 0-0 isn’t a good result, but it isn’t a bad one either. A loss would have been absolutely horrible.

Rosicky still maybe carrying a knock?


Had quite a few lately, he too should be benched for a few games. But the problem with doing that is obvious.

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

Chamberlain was outstanding when he came on. Thought he should’ve shot though instead of passing to Giroud. Giroud’s a bit of a hit and miss striker. Have doubts about him. We should have a better striker at this club. He’ll be a decent squad striker.

Hopefully this won;t damage our 3rd place credentials too much and we’ll still make 3rd. Chelsea play Spuds after all

He’s decent once the pressure is relieved, after the first goal. Unfortunately we need a decisive frontman to pull us through games like this, and officially he ain’t one. Cazorla can’t do it all himself.

Gunner From Another Mother

I think that raises a good point, Giroud can contribute well to the team when they are all playing well, but we need a top quality striker who can drag us through a tough game and take their chances in games where they’re hard to come by. When Giroud misses a good opportunity I don’t find myself thinking: “Oh I’m sure he’ll do better with the next one” His finishing is unpredictable.

Si in Galway

Seems like the person this season who’s got more of the match-changing goals than almost anyone – certainly when accounting for game time – is Podolski.

Still don’t know how true the injury chat about him is, but he should still be getting more time…

We still have to play United though.


This is based on quite some games lately. He should have scored a lot, a lot of goals. Striker should be like drogba, benzema. One chance one goal.

Jim Jimminy

Benzema hasnt scored in over 1000 mins for france. Perhaps not the best comparison.

Herold goon

Nobody gives a shit about intnl footie. It’s club footie and benzema is more efficient.

Bendtner's Ego

Perhaps you should go and show him how it’s done.

Be sure to include the hulking 6’2 centerback draped all over your back and fouling you in your examples.

A Yank

Don’t think Jin is being paid 5-figures a week to score goals in the Prem. Also don’t think it’s unfair to criticize someone who is being paid 5-figures a week to score goals in the Prem when they miss good chances with points-dropping frequency.

Fat Walrus

No one should be like Drogba.


I feel so empty


17 goals later and he’s the new Gervinho? Talking out your arsehole mate, it was just a bad game for goals. No one got to tuck one away.


arteta didn’t square the ball to giroud is substantial evidence how much faith arteta ‘the captain’ had in our striker…but arteta should have passed the ball to giroud…who would have received the ball on his favored left foot…and giroud might have scored or tumbled on the ball….in such dying moments of the season, profligacy of such degree should be kept in check when chances are hard to come by and every 3 points means a step nearer to CL qualification and placement above Spurs.

A Yank

But he’s had so many great chances from close in all season long. His total could and should be much higher. And had he just netted a couple of them (and not just today), we might be comfortably seated in third with a bit more of a cushion.

Runcorn Gooner

We can’t afford to miss the number of chances we did tonight.Jury back out on Giroud as a goalscorer (again)
Got to give Podolski a start .


Can’t disagree that we need another striker or to move Poldi central sooner than Wenger may have planned.


Giroud is the striker that most physical defenders like distin would like to face. Never managed to win a header. We lack a quality depth in strikers.


The reason why Giroud missed that shot is the same reason why Pienaar missed the shot in the first half…at speed and bobbing around you have to get it perfect. Despite that, for almost the entire second half we had Everton on the ropes, literally. They did not get the chance to play us as well as they did those sp*rs bastards and that is a fact. Defence stood up, all our subs had a positive contribution, we now have at least five key positions where two quality players are vying for game time, and we didn’t lose against a… Read more »


Sorta yeah.. Although charming and can head the ball


Dear Giroud, most arsenal fans are patient. When you start banging them in, remember that and turn man city/utd down….

Gary Allen

We create the most clear cut chances to score in the premier league by a mile, if we had a quality striker, we’d be pushing for the league!!! And whats up with Theo? the boy is a spoon, since he signed his new deal, hes been rubbish. Does Wenger not see this? The Ox is showing good form again, why not start him, and bring Theo on as a sub, and use his pace to get in behind a tiring defence. Still we’re on a good run, keep it up lads.


If only we had a decent striker with better killer instinct…we could have won this game very comfortably…a touch of class is missing in the striking department.


Giroud does everything perfect except finishing chances. Need another striker to play along with him


Or get all our midfielders to drive forwards and frrd off his good work. Poldi and the Ox can, just get the rest.


Or to replace him in the starting xi. Just a thought.






Well good point. Will take that! but ciuld havr been better

Runcorn Gooner

Everton are no pushover and can get stuck in a point is ok provided we beat Fulham.Dont forget the other contenders have some
difficult games and Chelski still have at least 2 more European games.We are still ok.


Ramsey was superb, while others looked tired.


sprinted the WHOLE game. Wow.


he was absolutely fantastic, definitely MOM for me. Right now he is one of the first names on the teamsheet.

...those pesky kids



Ramsey, superb once again!


But Sagna for Man of the match


Not quite sure why so many thumbs down for you. Sagna was put in many difficult spots and managed to get out of them cleanly. Him and Ramsey were the two candidates for man of the match.

...those pesky kids



So now that Arteta is a DM he doesn’t know where the goal is.


Well played Rambo. 3rd is still in our hand


shit commentators,shit referee, shit LINESMAN.
well there is always the second leg no?
was disappointed at that last chance presented to Arteta should have scored.

Runcorn Gooner

Ref bottled the sending off of Gibson.It was clear cut and you have to wonder why.They are supposed to apply the laws..He didnt and
should be demoted.Too many refs make up their own moral laws not the official ones.
On a general point Everton bullied us and we couldn’t match it.


Boring boring Everton


FFS how many clear-cut chances does Giroud need to score? Really disappointed at him.


Replace him with Poldi in the starting line up. Podolski did enough to warrant a start. And let Giroud earn his spot back!


Considering we have Man U our posistion in the table looks at risk.

I dont care what the commetators think we should of won that game we didnt gamble at times and a certain striker of ours missed a sitter.


give us Poldi !!!!!!!! Juve,Juve,Juve


But we already gave you englands’ most greatest import. Tgstel.

what else do you need ffs!


Oh wow it’s you again. Since when did you learn English? Seit wann hast du Englisch gelernt?

Big Chief from Antarctica

Ref was a useless cunt.


Yes the ref had a bit of john terry thing going on. That ex-united gibson too was abit of a john terry aswell.


Fair result. Giroud had a terrible day. Get in a striker in the summer please Wenger.


I agree. Overall, it’s a fair result. The first half was a stalemate. I just rue the fact we had numerous legitimate chances in the second half and failed to convert any of them.

Arsenes Nose

This ref can’t spot a foul to save his life…poor oficiating IMO

dink arnold

Are you kidding me? That’s the fastest I’ve ever seen the report go up.

Unlucky there, but honestly it was an exciting match to watch. Frustrating, for sure, but goddamnit I enjoyed the back and forth.

A draw isn’t gonna kill us on one of our toughest matches in our run for the final four. Shoulda had a win. Not gona complain about Giroud’s work rate, but I woul’ve liked to seem hime but a couple of those chances in the net.


Anyway, fucking referee. Should have given second yellow to gibson and peinnar.


Hmmm. Would be great if we could pose a bit of a threat from the myriad of corners we get. We need 2 Cazorlas, lacking match-winning quality for this type of game, decent point though.


I think Cazorla wasn’t useful out wide in this game. He was for more effective in the centre, might be time to let Wilshere stay on the bench and try being an impact sun just for the next game, I don’t think it’s ideal to not fully lift opportunities. Szczesny did well, we didn’t let a goal in so no complaints there. Curious to see how long Fabi is out for. Walcott wasn’t tearing it up, wasn’t a big problem against Everton, maybe in the next encounter allow wide men like Ox and Poldi to start, their technical abilities, strength,… Read more »


A bit peeved off at the result… Ref was shit but we also were far to sloppy with the ball in the first half. Rambo was brilliant yet again though and it’s always nice to get a clean sheet but I can’t help but feel that if we started with the team that finished the match we would have won


I think the whole stadium felt that way, you can see the confidence build once we string passes together. Chambo offers a similar threat to theo but he doesnt hold on to the ball nearly as long and it allowed us to actually build the play on the right hand side. wilshere was clearly off the pace and trying to take on the world as he tends to do sometimes, and when it comes off we call him brilliant but today was certainly not the right game to let him start. as soon as we introduced two players who were… Read more »


giv us poldi !!!!!!!!!!!! Madrid,Madrid,Maaaaaadddrrriiid


I just knew the first half miss by giroud would come back to haunt us.

Wilshere oh my god I couldn’t get him off fast enough.

Ramsey surprises even himself nowadays, what a performance.

60 + 15 = 75pts = 3rd place?

As much as I want Giroud to cuddle me in his biceps even though I’m not gay, sorry to say even Chamakh could’ve buried that one…


Why are the players afraid of shooting? Arteta could score the winner..

Mate Kiddleton

Ramsey, another top notch performance.

Oregon Gooner

Don’t know why but I’m pissed about that draw. In the end probably a fair point against
a resolute Everton, but still. I just can’t help but pull my hair out at Giroud sometimes, those
2 chances… he needs to bury those. I really do hope we sign another striker this summer.

also fuck that ref, unbelievable.


my GOD, the improvement Ramsey has made this season is phenomenal. How did we not win that?

60 + 15 = 75pts = 3rd place?

If Jack/Rocisky/Santi/Ramsey are all fit, we definitely have a selection issue in central-midfield next season.

Not a bad situation to be in but hope Wenger uses this luxury to ROTATE the players as opposed to exhausting two and alienating the other two with benching.


Please wenger start with poldi next time. Please.


Why waste cazorla at the wing. He rarely provides any width. Jack theo and giroud were poor as well. Bringing nacho instead of gervinho or rosicky also made no sense to me.


What was that by arteta by the way?, and didn’t you get abit pissed off with monreal koscienly, etc when a goal was what we should have been looking for?

Podolski Sklep

We were as clinical as a homeopathist’s handbook tonight. Irritating.

Der Springer

“clinical as a homeopathist’s handbook” Love it.


I thought the Ox made a difference tonight when he came on. Good direct running but wish he had shot instead of trying to find Giroud when he was through. Overall we played ok but just lack that bit of quality to set us apart in games such as this.

Not the worst point though!


so close. HFB Should have won us the match. but a great game nonetheless.
Cazorla is a joy watch… the way he wriggle through players is just breath taking!
MoM? Ramsey!


Fuck sake Giroud, you have to score on those chances………. And why must arsene wait untill the 65+ minute to make a sub everytime? Was clear that Wilshere isnt in form at the moment.

Touched Your Mother

Cazorla and Ramsey were so good tonight, unbelievable really. Fun match to watch despite the draw, we need a more clinical striker than Giroud.

Arsene Wenger

I have lost respect for Everton, who were insistent on fouling and time wasting.

Arsene Wenger

Towards the end, may I add.

Otherwise, a fairly entertaining game which made me pull my perfect hair out at Giroud. A bit more clinicality would have won us the match.


Abit more top top topedy quality striker would have won us that match.

Arsene Wenger

Yes, but I believe our fighting spirit and mental strength bodes well for the future.


everton’s fouling in the first 20 minutes was disgusting and obviously a part of ‘tactics’. Cunts.

Spurs top 3



Poor arse

You are gonna lose half of the remaining games

the outside of rosicky's boot

I can only guess that you come on here because spurs don’t have blogs cos nobody wants to set them up?


Lol ul b losing pretty much all urs, chelsea, man city, wigan, stoke, Sunderland lol. Ul b lucky t finish 6th

the outside of rosicky's boot

Gah, can’t believe I gave the time of day there!


How can you lose half of 5 games you dopey Spud cunt?


Y got nothing better to do? Once y’ve been in or near the top consistently we’ll take more notice. Yr 15 Years behind right now


Like we care. You’re not winning anything while your diving chimp’s broken.

pauly bear

How much of a tit does wright look in them glasses . While were on the subject like

the outside of rosicky's boot

At the very least, it slightly extends our gap, but that was such a good opportunity missed and the couple of chances we had will surely be rued. Thought Ramsey was great today, Cazorla fantastic also, and kudos to the defence for another clean sheet, but we need better invention going forward, and I can only imagine Rosicky wasn’t quite fit, cos he would’ve been the perfect person to come up with something different. Everton strung a couple of passes in midfield together well, but really lumped it up to Anichebe a lot (missed the first 15 mins where they… Read more »


Whats up with the short corners to Per at the front post? they rarely work. Also the Ox didnt look interested when he came on. made no runs at or behind the defense.


Wenger dropped a clanger there playing wilshere. Far to one footed for me, has the turning circle of a london bus. Always has to get it on his left foot coz he cant use the right ffs. I kno most will disagree coz most gooners av ther tongue up JWs arse but Cazorla is miles better in the middle then him. Two footed, loses 3 players in 1 turn, turns on sixpence, passing is amazing. Was it a coincidence we took charge once wilshere went off n Cazorla slotted into his position

Jim Jimminy

Seems fair, but we need cazorla to be injured for 6 weeks then play him against a team fighting for 4th for a true comparison.

Also whats wrong with supporting one of our players? Or having tongues up arses as you call it.


Why did he play Wilshire again when he says he rushed him back? I love Wilshire but he was poor on Saturday, why would he be any better 3 days afterwards, surely Santi in Am and poldi/Ox/Gervinho/Walcott even arsh for the wings. First 40 mins no shots on target, then nothing really afterwards either :/ Giroud missing 3 good chances not really forgivable. Only positive is that we got a clean sheet, dealt with the physicality just, Gibson should have got a red. I guess Refs when they have arsenal think were push overs thats why until one of our… Read more »

Glory Hunter

I stopped reading at even Arsh for the wings! I’m sorry.


I duno I still have a soft spot for arsh, he can cross and can have a good shot when he can be bothered, granted it is rare. But my point still valid, Santi is wasted on the wings, those other 4 would be better, and they were when they came on.


Bad result but can’t be too surprised that Everton parked the bus.
Chambo looked threatening when he came on, couple of key passes but fuk I wish he would have had a shot instead of the cross for giroud..
Giroud.. He’s such a hard worker but he misses too many sitters. He needs to have someone pushing him for form..
Cazorla couldn’t have tried harder for me and Ramsey should take a bow. Ran like an absolute dog out there! I have all the time in the world for players who give 100%.

Bring on Fulham

From Zero to Hero! Aaron Ramsey, story of the season…


Totally agree. Even Jenkinson.


Walcott is ineffective. Atleast Gervinho carries a threat. Wilshere tried to do too much, it seems like other teams have figured him out, but lets not be too harsh on him.

Podolski, Rosicky and Ox to start the next game.


Seriously not sure where jack fits in the team at the moment.
Cazorla has to play central for me (rotating with rosicky) and Ramsey/arteta have been superb in cm..
Worth a try out on the left flank? He’s got energy to burn and a football brain.

Selection headache is a good thing I suppose

Podolski flanked with jack and the ox with cazorla behind them could be a shot. Might have to test it on fifa lol since we wont experiment now..


That ref’s going on the Cuntlist.

Frustrating, but Spuds will drop points because they’re shit, they’re cunts and they’re shit cunts, so keep the faith.

Good atmos tonight as well.


I miss our tiki taka one two passes, which is very effectuve against team who does a lot of pressuring. Damn, what is the point of passing to each other and never actually move after passes?


Cazorla/Wilshere should be rested in the next match

Viva TR7

Cazorla was one of our best on the pitch, along with Ramsey, so I don’t know why he should be rested. Wilshere wasn’t great but he was better than against Norwich (not saying much, I know) but maybe this is Wenger’s way of getting him match fit again…I can’t fathom that he’d bench Rosicky and not use him if the manager didn’t feel that TR7 wasn’t fully fit to play yet.


My ratings of Ramsey has gone up another notch..hard worker!! COYG


i’ll settle for that.

Hope its Arsenal and Everton to complete the top for, so not bad all in all.


How good was Gibbs? He just kept on running down that left flank, he never tires!

Terry Doyle

Thought Everton did enough for a point. Fair play. Felt we didn’t do enough to merit three. We’ll need to improve our movement and finishing against Fulham on Saturday.

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