West Brom v Arsenal – stat pack

Arsenal stats

As always our friends at kickoff.co.uk have provided us with another fantastic Premier League infographic ahead of our game against West Brom tomorrow.

Click on the image to embiggen and slurp down all that statty goodness.


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Cock off you glazers?

Darren bailey

Come on u gooners another 3 points please πŸ™‚ such a shame we can’t be consistent through out the season :/ coz if we did no one would touch us !!


so what you’re saying is… if we won every game, we’d be champions? someone tell Arsene

the outside of rosicky's boot

Anyone else noticed that in the article for the training pictures on the arsenal website, they’ve written “WERST bromwich albion”

seems we’re resorting to smack talk…and i like it.

…or it’s a typo.


It’s a typo…


You’re a typo


Just looked at the stat pack for the first time. The column that listed the away games that we had scored 3 goals in, included a 3-0, 3-1 and a 3-2. I can remember a 3-1 win at west ham. Can’t recall 3-0 and 3-2 away wins in the league this year. Did a delusional Arsene produce the stat pack or am i being thick and reading it incorrectly?

Arsene Wenger

I am not delusional, so it must be the other option.


That’s a very good point. Actually we never had those results neither at home nor away. I don’t think we got those results in cups either… wonder where they came from…

Arsene's zip

Really looking forward to this one.. Going to watch it with a friend who’s a wba fan.
She’s got a dodgy accent and allegiances with a shit football club… But really nice tits!


Can she be my friend aswell?

big baggies

Cheeky bastard!


You never know πŸ˜‰

robbie kahlow

oi zip – you going with Odemwingie and Ridgewell then? Oh….you did say nice

Merlin's Panini

We must win this game. I can see Everton getting at least a point against Sp*rs
especially now that monkey faced freak is injured. They’re pedestrian without him.
Let’s hope it’s again West Brom who bump us above the shit down the road.

Arsene Wenger

Am I right in thinking that Fellaini and Peinaar are suspended. Because if they are, the filth could still win.

Arsene Wenger

I was joking about the first sentence, I am sixteen years in this job and I am right.

Merlin's Panini

yep they are suspended. But Sp*rs won’t have the monkey face, their other fast retard, or the buck toothed midget striker so Everton can still get a result.

Bould's Eyeliner

Bale’s out for at least two weeks with a nasty sprain, but considering Fellaini’s out as well, their game is still a tossup.

All we can do is take our three points and watch as the cuntsp*rs crumble and rust away the rest of the season.


Let’s hope that “two weeks” in Spurs speak is equivalent to “two weeks” in Arsenal speak (ie. anywhere between 2-6 months real time).

Spurs are also missing Defoe and Lennon, who have been key players this season. Let’s hope Arsenal capitalise on their luck.


Should be very close. A point would be a good result for Arsenal.


Only 3 points will do and I hope the spuds crash and burn again!!!

I really and sincerely hope Gareth Bale recovers soon… Not
One man team and all that…

Podolski's Left Foot

Nothing less than 3 points and we will be sailing to the top 4 with a game in hand over spuds, and with Bale out the spuds are essentially fucked!


Am I banned?


Grow up LEC only spuds and text talk and bad language and freaks who have racist names get banned… So what are your sins then?
All of the above!! I will get your coat…


Arsene Wenger has broken the record for longest period without a Trophy as an Arsenal Manager since the Club was formed in 1886 FACT.

Parisian Weetabix

Pretty sure he broke some sort of record for most consecutive appearances in the Champions League knockout stages too. Your stat only exists because most well-informed and level-headed people appreciate that ArsΓ©ne Wenger is the best man for the job, and deserves that time, no matter how trophyless it may be.

Basically, your stat can fuck the fuck off.


Are you Rafa Benitez ? Because it’s pronounced FAT not FACT.

Dial square

@Julian so what’s your point?? Why bring up that stupid stat without backing it up with your point of view? Are you saying you would rather give up the last 15 consecutive years in the champions league and rather have won the careless cup ten years ago just so we didn’t have that stat? If so, don’t be such a cock!!


Gareth Bale out for two weeks and if he comes back he wont come back straight into form it takes time to get back into the swing of things.

If the Spuds lose to Everton and chelsea while Bales out with City right after it could cost Spuds all that they have.

We on the other hand have to win tommorow we have no choice theres to much at stake for us not to win, WE MUST WIN.