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Wilshere gets PFA nod. Wenger doesn’t care

Jack Wilshere has been nominated for the PFA Young Player of the Year in recognition of his performances since returning from injury at the end of October.

The England international, who won the award two years ago, has only made 28 appearances so far this season, but despite the comparative lack of playing time appears to have done enough inside six months to earn a vote of confidence from his fellow professionals.

If he’s to win Wilshere will have to beat (unfortunately not with a baseball bat) that chimp from down the road, Eden Hazard, Christian Benteke, Romelu Lukaku and Danny Welbeck.

The 21-year-old’s tweeted reaction suggests he’s not taking the opposition seriously:

“Great to be selected for the PFA Young Player of the Year. In the mix with some world class players…#pfa #awards #spudmonkeyboy #chavmercenary #chavreject #unitedbenchwarmer #bentekewho” 

Wilshere is the only Arsenal player to be nominated for either of this year’s PFA awards; the main gong being competed by a list of characters so disgusting that Arseblog News would rather eat it’s own fingers having dipped them meze style in a bowl of ricin spiced dog poo than type their names.

Speaking yesterday before the nominations Arsene Wenger outlined how much he doesn’t give a toss.

“All of them! I don’t know,” said the boss when asked who from his squad should be nominated.

“I am not too much interested in individual rewards in our sport because I think what is important is what the team achieves. I’ve never been too keen on individual awards.”

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goonerish can exclusively reveal….

“Wenger disenchanted with Wilshere nomination.
Player-Manager rift comes to forefront.
Wilshere to hold crucial talks with Wenger over future.”


I think you mean “crunch talks”


To be honest I don’t know why he’s been nominated. His first full season was great but he hasn’t managed to get going properly this season, which is very understandable given his injury problems over the past couple of years. He’s had some great moments, of course, but I wouldn’t have said enough for an award. Jenkinson would have been a better bet IMO. He’s been fantastic whenever he’s played.


No nomination for Santi!! Are they fucking dumb or what??


I know hes done way better than that shithead/reject/cock sucker michael Carrick. Still though, you’ve gotta love jacks response what a legend. Club captain one day I hope even if he does screw up the balance of our midfield


Lol he didn’t actually tweet that!!

Arsene Wenger

I believe Santi is a player of top,top,top technical quality. However, most senior awards which he contests would be dominated by The Unevolved One, That Racist Man, He Who Must Not Be Named and Juan Mata.

I look forward to Santi having a similar impact in Arsenal as what Juan Mata does at Chelsea.

Parisian Weetabix

If there’s one United player I have time for – and I’m fully aware he used to play for the Sp*ds as well – it’s Michael Carrick. He is their understated, Mikel Arteta type player. Not too showy, just keeps it simple. Almost any midfield player willing to sacrifice their attacking potential in order to keep a team together like Arteta and Carrick deserves respect in my opinion. I detest United, I loathe Tottenham, but I totally respect Carrick, and am actually happy to see him on that list.


My thinking exactly. Cazorla has been Arsenal’s stand-out player of the season. Cazorla has been the Premier League’s stand-out signing of the season. Cazorla has been football’s stand-out value-for-money acquisition since who-knows-when. He’s got a far better moral compass than both Suarez and von Pisstake and is far better looking than B*le (the Tom Daley of the PL). What’s not to like? Cazorla: 31 appearances, 12 goals 10 assists. 87.2% passing; 9 MoM, 7.83 rating. Hazard: 30 appearances, 8 goals 12 assists. 85.2% passing; 5 MoM, 7.29 rating. Mata: 29 appearances, 10 goals 11 assists. 85.3% passing; 3 MoM, 7.26… Read more »

Dai Gooner

Fucking carrick is shit as fuck


After all, he’s England’s biggest hope !

Garyneville Shagshismum

No, that would be Tom Cleverley


Nah that would be Ryan Shawcross! England, nicknamed the “Three Ogres”, for 2018 World Cup! Bet they can’t get past us on a cold Tuesday night in Moscow”


Oh yeah! he’s better than jack according to most manure fanboys.

Gunsen gunner

Wenger’s right.Individual awards in football is what allows these mercenaries/cunts to give themselves a pat on the back.


Well il give Jack a pat on the back anyday….Gooooooooooonerrrrrrrrrss!!

Gilberto Silva

I think Carrick being nominated over the likes of Michu is madness. Consistent as he is, he does nothing more than Mikel Arteta so I can only think he’s there cos you can never have too much Man Ure.

As for Welbeck, if 1 goal, 4 assists and a shot conversion rate of 3% in over 1,200 mintes of football is enough to get a nomintation, the award is ridiculous.

Dr. Love

Is Bale not nearly 24? What counts as young?

Hazard the only credible contender to Wilshere IMO.

Dr Baptiste

I’d say Benteke has done incredibly well considering he’s part of a Villa team that’s been fighting relegation all season.


Lukaku has also played well

Big Dave

Yea, they should nominate him for an award or something.


I think thats quite a poor selection, as much as I hate to admit it, I think Nastasic from City and Rafael at Manure this season have been very consistent. Hazard was great for the first 2 months then died down when started playing top teams I think Oscar has out shone him at Chelsea, Bale… meh, Benteke and Lukaku both young up and coming belgium strikers so maybe, theyre both gona be big next year though.

A N Other

Yes and I wouldn’t mind seeing him in arsenal colours next season.


Rosicky has to be on the list. He’s only 21 in footballing years.


apparantly in football these days your either young or old and past it


For a minute I thought Jack actually tweeted that


What he actually didn’t tweet that?!?! My respect for him was 120% for a couple of hours there.


Same here; actually went to check.

I don’t know if it was I am tired enough to fall for it, or its just something I’m willing to believe he’d do.


I sort of agree with Wenger – except our individuals occasionally get awards, and our team doesn’t, so in light of this I’ve decided it’s far better to get the individual ones. I’m still genuinely angry Henry didn’t get World Player of the Year that year when they gave it to that deformed mouthed Brazilian who had less assists, less goals, and way more teeth than Henry.


Agreed. That’s always really bugged me.

Then I look at his wife and his house and think he’ll probably be okay.

Jim Jimminy

Didnt nedved flanders win in place of henry on another occasion? Either way its a joke. And certainly not a funny one.

Fed Up

Welbeck? Really?? Luke Shaw and Nastasic had way better seasons! Even jackie boy had quite an average season tbh

Plus is it not supposed to be players under 23?.. guess in monkey years that spud must be 12 or somthing??

Oyewale Abiodun

Well’PFA Young Player Award Should Not Be The Issue Right Now.
I Think Arsenal Should Be Ready For A Real War If We Don’t Want 2 Be Disgraced By Man United Lifting The First Laurel At The Emirate.
Gun’dem Down & Book A Place In Europe.


That is one top tweet by wilshere. Lol!


He didn’t actually tweet that


Lukaku does not play for arsenal. I don’t care


Jack needs to stay healthy, provide more assists and score more goals.


Now trending: unlikely football books….
UnlikelyFootballBooks: Racial equality
and tolerance, by Millwall FC
unlikelyfootballbooks: How to survive relegation on a big budget by ‘Arry redknapp.



Tom Cleverly!? are you crazy? It was Michael Carrick and Tom Cleverly who fucked up the Montengro game prompting Roy Hodgson to say “We need Jack right away” Man utd players are decptiveley talented. Let’s not forget that this is a team that made players like Anderson, Welbeck and Phil Jones look good. And the reason is because Alex Ferguson is extremely tough on them to deliver. I think that’s why players like vanNistel Rooy, Valencia,Ashley Young,Tevez,C.Ronaldo are all diving Champions. Ferguson’s philosophy is to win mathces by any means neccessary and worry about the concquences later. Hence their phrase… Read more »

Arsene Wenger

If there is anything I respect about my Baconfaced counterpart, it is his mentality. When he lost the title, he genuinely felt robbed.



Di canio

Tell us some thing we don’t already know Mother fucker.




Belgium has a bright future, eh?


Mother fuck bastard asians

A N Other

What’s wrong with you? Are you still leaving in 1960s?

Arsene Wenger

I do not think your mother would have a problem with that.

gooner odst

Carrick ahead of Demba Ba and Michu? Might as well give the award to Titus Bramble and just get it over and done with so we can all move on with life…

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