Saturday, March 25, 2023

Arsenal looking at Ulreich

According to reports in Germany, Arsenal have been looking at Stuttgart keeper, Sven Ulreich, as they consider options ahead of a likely summer purchase in that area.

Bild says that the Gunners sent scouts to watch the 24 year old German during the 2-1 German cup semi-final win over Freiburg, and last weekend Ulreich saved a penalty in the 2-0 defeat by Greuther Furth.

Ulreich, who has made 42 appearances for Stuttgart this season and is well established as their number 1, wasn’t drawn on any rumours, however, saying, “I do not concern myself with such things. We have plenty of other problems in Stuttgart right now that I’m focused on.”

With Lukasz Fabianski out of contract at the end of the season, and Vito Mannone not sufficient cover/competition for Wojciech Szczesny, it does seem likely that Arsenal will buy a keeper this summer.

Rumoured targets have included Simone Mignolet, Asmir Begovic from Stoke City, Iker Casillas (!) and Joe Corrigan.

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Heh @ Joe Corrigan!

the only sam is nelson

poor old big joe lost out to clemence and shilton, it’s about time he had a shot at the big time


Jimmy Rimmer.
Less a name than a description of sexual proclivities?


Done deal. He’s wearing a Puma kit in the graphic.

Why is my name required

Yes ,yes the start of a new era

let’s hope he is the first of many signings


Ulreich great heights

Return of the Egg

I think you owe everyone an apology for that one! ;o)


Metallican’t go wrong with him.

*gets coat.

*shoots self in face*


Damn! I wanted to be the first to make the Metallica joke.

Hopefully this Ulreich fellow is the opposite of the scrawny, whinging douche known as Lars Ulrich. I love what he brings to the band musically, but I wish he’d never open his mouth.


I like that we’re looking at some goalkeepers but when are the scouts going to look at some quality strikers? It’ll be nice to know they’re not just waiting on Jovetic or even going to Loftus Road.


when did blogs get into the transfer rumor before August mode?


I think they’re looking at the news aspect, with the point mentioned on scouts watching him.

If Arsenal scouts watched Neymar or someone, I’m sure it would come up here somewhere too.


There is a fella I know who fixes zips for a living who was talking to a very tall French man who said that a north London team that wears red are very close to signing George Weah!

Matt Senior

He bought some new poomahs and got all retail happy


Reminds me of a scene from family guy. “and now they poo”


Im pretty sure wenger said if could have any player in the world he would have Neymar…..well Arsene….nows as good as any time.

I dont want a casillas. I especially dont want Valdes. I mean he hasnt had to do much for the past 3-4 years has he. I liked the Adler rumour best.

Matt Senior

I don’t give a fuck what you want.

Sorry I leant my phone to Ivan


neymar …ho no please,the most hyped and overrated player since heskey :^^


Looks like it’ll be Ulreich on the night.


We certainly need back up.


We need this goal keeper as number 1.


How does one pronounce his last name?


Well, since in english you don’t have that ‘ch’-sound I guess it would be ‘Ulrei-k’.


Reich is pronounced reich, as in Third Reich.

Ul is pronounced, well.. Ul.


Perspective from germany: Pretty good keeper, he gets little attention because Stuttgart have been very mediocre and have some financial constraints and the standard of goalkeeping in Germany is very high with several young goalies coming through like Neuer, Adler, Leno, ter Stegen, Zieler, Baumann, supply seems to be endless. Ulreich’s very solid, very dependable, he was maybe one of the five best last year in the bundesliga. Adler is the flavor of the month right now, but Ulreich isn’t a bad backup option, would come cheaper too. But both Stuttgart and Hamburg can really use the money, Hamburg is… Read more »


IMO Adler would be a better choice, just because he’s 28. Would provide good competition for Szcz and not too young to unsettle our boy too.


Yeah, Adler would be my pick, too. He’s ambitious and at a similar point in his career as Podolski, there’s no german CL calibre club left for him to play for, so to play internationally he’d have to move. He’d probably be more expensive but absolutely worth it, Hamburg do need the cash.


Actually I’d like Arsenal to take a look at Ron-Robert Zieler from Hannover. He’s one the backup keepers of the national team. He came through the ManU academy but never played for them, so he would be used to be abroad and knows the PL. He’s been a bit inconsistent this season but great young keeper.

Jim Jimminy

Bit like the young keeper we already have then.

Merlin's Panini

interesting. Good analysis.


Just s small thing to add on: Ulreich had the best stats in the Bundesliga last season, when it came to the “saves per goal” ratio.

Merlin's Panini

Never heard of this guy. I’d rather keep Szcz at number one. I actually don’t think we’re really doing too badly on the keeper front. If we managed to snare Casillas that would be quite phenomenal though.


I’d rather not take Valdes or Casillas, they both would come with big wages and and as guaranteed starters. I don’t think Sczeczsny would be so patient to wait 3-4 years to play. I’d rather have someone for him to directly compete with for the number one spot.


There’s rumours here in Norwich that John Ruddy is leaving the Canaries. He hasn’t been picked for them even though he’s now fit and their reserve keeper is crap. He’s also been avoiding questions from local media. Talk from the City fans are that he’s on his way to Arsenal but it’s probably just hear’say.

Gunsen Gunner

I hope its hearsay.He’s a good MOTD keeper but not Arsenal calibre.


I’d take myleene


Klass is permanent…..

Merlin's Panini

I hope hear’say don’t join Arsenal. We’ve no use for an irrelevant early 00s pop group.


Insignificant? My first record was Hearsay…

Arsene Wenger

Posting this at 1-0 to Chavski.

Arsene Wenger

Disgusting Adebywhore.

Arsene Wenger

Good lad Ramires.

Arsene Wenger

So Adebayor and that goon Sigurdsson decide to only turn up for this match.


2-1. Chelsea. Still a long way to go. Time for Bale to score a hatrick.

Arsene Wenger

Why are you so negative?

Spurs could have easily been 3 goals down by now.


Draw! It’s all in our hands(feet) now.



Benitez knows what he’s doing! Benayoun hates spurs!


Its a very open game


Sounds good…but i’d rather have Adler.


Logically, the Chelsea win is sound. Emotionally, can there not be a freak earthquake…

Eric Irish gunner

This is not good for the fucking heart 2-2 is perfect I think for us

Arsene Wenger

Nice, good result.


Thank fuck for that, I couldn’t listen to it, I had to come on here to try and tentatively see what people were saying. 2-2 is awesome. It tires them both out and knocks the wind out of Spurs’ sails. Come on Arsenal!


All in our hands. COYG!!!


3rd….It’s still on boys.


Wigan are going to be tough. Let’s hope they are taken into extra time by City. COYG! We are playing it close to the chest!

Eric Irish gunner

It will be wigans 4th game in ten days and one is a cup final so hopefully they’ll be fucked, still hope stoke get at least a point because needing a win in the last game against the pardew prick won’t be good for any arsenal fans health


I actually wanted chelsea to win cause if we draw one we can still win the other and still get 4th.

But atleast Spuds didnt win.

Cyril Washbrook

An alternative view is that if we win both and Chelsea slips up – not unthinkable that they could stumble at Villa or against Everton in Moyes’ farewell game – we can get third.

Bromley Gooner

Come on you reds


Wow . Great game Chelsea v Spurs. Heart attacks all round. Its back in our own feet and heads now. Massive games Stoke v Spurs then Arsenal v Wigan .

Arsene Wenger

As filthy as Spurs are, Villas-Boas’ substitutions have a very high success rate in terms of impact on the game.


Then learn from him. 10 draws this season, sheesh!


Is Giroud available for Wigan game? We need in those two games

Arsene Wenger

No, he’s only available for Necastle.

Lightning Pace

He’s not back until the last game against the jar of humbugs


No. Look got to keep the faith yes Wigan are desperate for the win and so are we like last season. Saying that they won last year which should work in our favour. We know we can’t take them lightly. By the way going to orc land needing a win when they are fighting for survival is not easy. Keep the faith!!!!


He’s back against Newcastle.


Be nice to win 3rd and put Newcastle down all on the last day.


Would be great to get third but I hope Newcastle stay up. The Premier league should be spread around the country more. Wigan going down is better because five Lancashire sides is too many. Hull and Cardiff qualifying is great. Leeds and a Sheffield club would add balance and increase interest more so than say Reading or Wigan. One less London side would not hurt. C’mon Leicester.

Eric Irish gunner

Will that not mean Wigan will get a result against us?

Gunsen gunner

Giroud to score a hat-trick on heard it here first.

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

Anyone know the teams that we could draw in champs league qualifying if we get fourth place?


It’s a disgusting thought, but were I in their tramps shoes with the soles flapping about right now, in 5th, 2 games to go, next one against the Orcs, I’d be cacking myself.


Putting yourself in the shoes of a Spud -and- thinking about playing Stoke? Are you feeling okay?

damien joyce

I thought Fabianski was contracted till 2014


All this still looks abit not where we want to be. We have the money seems we’re looking for the cheaper option yet again. We have developing keepers in schezzer and fabianski. An experienced goalie would provide the good blend that we need. Someone who has won things and knows what it takes to win things.

Red Cannon

We won’t have Fanianski next year, as his contract runs out at the end of this season. Getting a keeper to replace him is a bit of a tricky business. We want someone who will keep Scsz on his toes and playing his best, but we don’t want someone who will stifle his development. A veteran could be great, but most veterans who aren’t completely past it will want to be #1, which would stifle Scsz’s development and probably make him want to go elsewhere. I, for one, certainly don’t want the Pole going anywhere else!

[…] 风传的流言中,阿森纳潜在的购入目标还包括桑德兰的米尼奥莱,斯托克城的贝戈维奇。这俩都不算啥,其实我们的目标是圣卡西。当然,曼城名宿乔-科里甘也是一直在我们的考察名单的哦!我相信,时隔30年,他一定会为破厂重新复出的! 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I’m stoked

niti nirvan

Talking of transfer rumors, how likely/unlikely is Wayne Rooney to Arsenal? Are there any insights among you native gooners or its still just anybody’s guess like me in India.


No chance. He’s going abroad to PSG or some other foreign team.


I would barf out of my nose if that ever happened.


You have to ask yourself: “Which team would be in the market for a troll that’s had his pubes glued onto his head?”

The answer is then obvious. Stoke.

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