Thursday, December 7, 2023

Arteta a ‘massive doubt’ for Newcastle

Arsene Wenger has revealed that Mikel Arteta is a serious doubt for Sunday’s final league game of the season against Newcastle.

The Spaniard pulled a calf muscle late on in the 4-1 win over Wigan and is unlikely to recover in time for the trip to the north-east.

The injury takes a small amount of shine off the victory which saw the Gunners move back into the top four and keep their Champions League qualification hopes in their own hands.

Wenger acknowledged the fact his team found it hard going against the FA Cup holders until a blistering second half spell sealed the game.

“Sometimes when you want the result absolutely, it takes something away from your team,” he said.

“We were edgy and nervous at the start of the second half. But in these games you have to hold your nerve.”

And they did. And Mike Dean can go jump off a bridge. Just thought that needed to be said.

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This is bad.. Newcastle have a lot of pacey players.. Big game needed from Ramsey again


Ramsey to come in at D.M? then coquelin or vermaelen to play the ramsey role. Or verm/coq at D.M? then ramsey to keep doing what he does best :Being just everywhere and helping out where he can.


Aye. I noticed that the defensive shape of the team today was a 4-1-4-1, with Arteta starting in that defensive mid position and Podolski the lone man in the front. I also noticed that when Arteta was pulled out of his position to close a man down, Ramsey automatically dropped back into his (Arteta’s) position. If we get this sort of discipline from whoever plays with Ramsey, then we should be ok.


They’ve been doing that for ages. I love it. I think Coq will do a good job in Arteta’s position. He would be the ideal replacement in my opinion and a straight swap for Arteta. Ramsey needs to stick to what he’s been doing and Jack should remain a plan B.

Loop A Hole

I dont know why guys are saying Ramsey for MOTM yesterday, but simply said, yesterday was a pretty average display among a lot of impressive ones. Made some crucial misspasses, once near our defence and two of them resulted in downright counters. Never been a Ramsey hater, and yes he got the goal, but never an MOTM display for me. Kos or Theo or even Gibbo would have been my choice if not for Santi.

remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

Coquelin is a good player. He should play.


I think we will either start the Ox, play Rosicky and Cazorla in the middle with Ramsey as the holding midfielder. Else we might start Coquelin. I’d prefer starting the Ox and having a more attack minded midfield!


I agree. If Wilshere is not fit to start (which I don’t think he is), we can still re-jig with Cazorla moving back. The timing is also ok because we have Giroud coming back (though of course we’ll miss Arteta):

Rosicky – Ramsey – Cazorla

Walcott – Giroud – Podolski


Yeah I agree those are the two best options. This news is a big blow, but if Wenger does play the Coq and he does well, it may just go some way towards ending the small bit of speculation that is beginning to surround his future (e.g., ).

Here’s to a win at Newcastle regardless of what Wenger decides!

Gervinho fan

Ramsey has been superb as the box to box guy, I don’t think it’s wise to change his role when he’s flourishing. The Ox is far too attack minded and ill-disciplined to play either of the CM roles, so as much as I’m a fan of his there is no way he fits the bill there. Cazorla in instrumental to our attack (4 assists today) so he must be further forward too. Rosicky is a decent option as he has energy, solid passing and can tackle, but again its taking something away from our attack. My preferred choice would be… Read more »

mr flops

i think the referee was a big ballbag

Mate Kiddleton

*small ballbag. You give him too much credit



you know.


The Referee IS a (microscopic?) ballbag. Just saying.

The sad thing is that the fact that Wigan were so bad that we won despite him, does not bode well for the next time we meet.


Lacking Arteta could prove serious, but at this point we have no excuses! We have shown incredible resolve and deserve 4th place (or even 3rd)! We can and will beat Newcastle! I hope Arteta is fit enough to be part of it, but even if he is not, we have the quality to put down those cunty Sp*rs’ hopes of Champion’s League once again!!! Come on you reds!

Oh and fuck Mike Dean, cunt of the highest order. Worst Wigan player of the match.

Rad Carrot

Get well soon, Mikel.

Not a massive disaster, though – we’ve won without him. I’d play the Ox centrally and use Ramsey and Rosicky too, hopefully nick a couple of goals early on.

Still going to be biting my nails all week, though.


Right, Ramsey has been groomed by the marvelous Spaniard for the past 10 or so games, the performances Ramsey has put in have been brilliant, same job needs to be done again without Arteta beside him but based on what we’ve seen he is well up for it. Sunday will be his biggest game in an Arsenal shirt with regards to how disciplined he is with positioning and tracking back. Have every bit of faith in him. And a fucking sensational 3 points tonight by the way, Up the Arsenal.


Arteta’s grooming… Do you think that the Spaniard with the beautiful hair has been giving Ramsey hair advice as well?

Rosickys' boy

WIll arsenal or chelshit be third if both the g.d and points are equal?
P.s mike dean is a cunt of epic proportions


I’ll be a fan of alphabetical order if for/against and points are all level.

The '92 Away Kit

Pretty sure it goes on ‘goals scored’ – they have 2 more than us at the minute. If they draw with Everton, we need to win by +2 of however many they score…


If arse win 2-1 and chavs draw 0-0 in there last games the stats will be all square and this would bring in a rule in the premier league rule book that has never been used before. The two clubs would have a play off game for 3rd and 4th.


If we win, we will have a play off were we to tie goals and points with chelsea. Something formal. I’d love to get one over them after them doing the double over us.

No real celebration just yet, today was the 1st leg of a double header final. Need to finish the job next week. Let’s not forget this. Coyg!


We’re 2 points behind Chelsea; -1 goal difference and -2 goals scored. If they win, they’re third. If they lose and we win, we’re third. If they draw and we win, it gets more complicated: …we must win by 2 or more goals (2-0, 3-1, 4-2) to overcome them on goal difference. OR …we must win and outscore Chelsea by 3 goals on Sunday (e.g. win 3-2 while Chelsea draw 0-0; win 4-3, Chelsea draw 1-1; etc.) to overcome them on goals scored. If they draw and we win while outscoring them by 2 goals on Sunday, then we finish… Read more »


Oops, last scenario should read:

If they draw and we win [*by only one goal*] while outscoring Chelsea by 2 goals on Sunday, then we finish even on points, GD, and GF. Does third place go to a playoff? Let’s hope so, because head-to-head would be in their favor. We lost 2-1 in both league meetings.

New guy

It is a playoff in that case although (even though it doesn’t work in our favour in this case) it seems like head to head would make sense as the last tiebreaker before the playoff. Having said that, after the way Chelsea made it into the CL last year I wouldn’t feel bad for them at all if we beat them in a playoff after they beat us twice in the league.


Horrible news about Arteta, then again we won the last game of last season last year without Arteta to secure CL football. And Yeah MIKE DEAN needs to jump of a bridge. What a F***KIN joke he is, PINK soles on his cleats REALLY for a ref REALLY!!

Gunsen gunner

Don’t say that!!! That West Brom game shaved 10 years off my life and i’m only 22!!!!!!

Jim Jimminy


Jim Jimminy

Actually forget it, what am i talking about.

Eric Irish gunner

Dean being a massive cunt?


This would be a massive blow.

But again you get what you deserve, sell Song to bet on Diaby against Newcastle could cost more than we thought.


@d7g7 Although I agree with you, NOT the time to critisize Wenger right now it really isn’t it.

A N Other

Can’t really agree with you.. His deputy Coq is good and Wilshere, who may step in for him, is probably the best player in Arsenal when he is fully fit.

Mike Dean

Has anyone noticed what a cunt I am?


Yes I have so Fuck Off

Goatee of Robert Pires



Darlin’ you were a mistake


kiss my ass


Tomas for the arm band!

Arty's Art

Yes please


I second that notion!


I say let Vermaelen play as a shield in front of the back four and give Rosicky & Ramsey a bit more freedom to push forward, if that doesn’t work then bring on Wilshere

Eric Irish gunner

Agree, protect the back four and he can carry the ball out and maybe get the winner like he did last season against them


This is an idea that interests me in the long term as well, good ball player, Kosc and Per seem to work better together at the back. Could TV be turned into a defensive midfielder, like Song except giving a shit…

New guy

Too much like Song – I’m not sure he’s disciplined enough to do it well.


It sounds good but he’s never played there before for us and this is arguably the most important game of the year. So yea…no.


Fair enough DCGooner, although Wilshere’s hurt so I personally don’t see how that’s a better option.


thus the phrase ‘long term’….wouldn’t be trying this on Sunday. I’m in DC as well though, so happy to get together and have a fight about it, if you’re keen.


Yeah for his aerial ability alone Vermaelen should play there. A big part of shielding the back 4 involves soaking up those aerial balls and arteta did a good job at this. Vermaelen = beast in air. Worth a shot.


Verminator CANNOT play D.M.

He needs to be disciplined in position, composed on the ball, and he needs to keep his passes accurate.

three things that arteta can do brilliantly and that Verminator cannot.

mr flops

by the way adebayor is a massive cunt

Goatee of Robert Pires



You really are fabulous, just so you know.


What happens if we finish on same points and goal difference as Chelsea?

Gunsen gunner

Maybe it goes down to goals scored?


head 2 head

Arsenes Nose

Yeah.. That would be lovely

Eric Irish gunner

Someone mentioned its goals scored and they have two more at the moment


It’s goals scored then it would go to the head to head


It is not the right time to start experimenting with Vermaelen in midfield. The Ox is solid in the centre, remember his performance against Milan. He should get more games there.

Podolski's Left Foot

Dont worry, Giroud will come back and get a hattrick, we will win 3-1, Chelski will draw with Everton and we will get 3rd


This is very concerning, and in hindsight, could have brought him off earlier, or maybe Gibbs, but we have to fight on. We are 5 unbeaten at St James Park (even though 4 were draws). Giroud is back, and even with Coloccini at the back, they have one of the worst defences in the league. We can use Vermalaen, or play Ramsey or Coquelin, so will be interesting. And definitely agree with Mike Dean. Whether it’s against Spuds, Udinese or Wigan, when we are forced to go into battle, we come out victorious.


Arteta,Santi and Theo have been the mainstay of this team all season. We really only have 12 quality players so any injury to these 12 exposes us. Giroud will be back though so I think Jack will reoplace Arteta with Rosicky coming from the bench. Wenger said Jack’s injury and surgery are very very minor but would only use Jack iin key situations. I am not sure why Jack was played tonight when the game was wrapped up, hardly a key situation. Maybe Jack was played to keep the crowd happy or something . The point is Wenger showed his… Read more »

Poliver Girolski

I think a lot of the reason Jack was played tonight was much the same as why he put TV5 on in place of Arteta. Final home game of the season and it was wrapped up by that point, and good for moral of both the players and fans to give them a run out.


Maybe he put TV5 on because Arteta was injured. And maybe he chose TV5 because our other midfield options were already on the field.


Vermahlen comes in for Arteta. It makes perfect sense and nobody will be expecting it.
It will beef up the defence and make more room for the playmakers to do their thing.


If it is so obvious how come no one will be expecting it?.


Hmmmm… dunno if i trust verm in defensive mid not to give away cheap free kicks like he had done prior to getting dropped.

Hopefully his time out did him some good


Mike Dean can suck an egg! What a wanker? Arteta shoulder to shoulder, if anything Arteta was in front! Moving on: rosicky, ox, Santi, Coq, Ramsey. Lot of midfielders in form, not worried. This was the game, now it’s nothing more to play for for Newcastle.. VCC


Wilshere to replace Arteta and if Wenger deems that as too risky then Coq. Quite obvious really. At least Giroud is back. We missed him tonight, although it may seem foolish to make such an observation after scoring four goals, we missed a target man up top during the first half. The ball kept going to Theo on the wing but nobody was getting on the end of our efforts, which led to Theo going into the middle. Giroud’s value to the team is evident through his absence. But yes we did score four tonight so this opinion may not… Read more »


Mike Dean and Fergie in a tree…

N… O… B… B… I… N… G…


Remember the pen he gave for Clichy’s “foul” at Birmingham when he got the ball. We might well have won the title if we’d won that game. What a C U next Tuesday!

Arsene's bottle of water

Watched the game on Sky Sports and had to endure that almighty cunt Martin Tyler making several jibes at Arsenal not winning a trophy in so long while Wigan just won the FA Cup. Also near the end of the match he said “if things go wrong in Newcastle, Arsenal could be joined by a Championship side in the Europa League”. By that point we were 4-1 up and as it stands it is Spurs who are going to Europa League. So why would that knob head say such a thing aiming only at Arsenal? It’s the kind of jibe… Read more »


I totally agree. I know we’re a big club who should be winning trophies but lots of “big” clubs go through spells without winning titles. It seems odd that everyone jumps on the Arsenal bandwagon when teams such as Sp*rs haven’t won a league title more than FIFTY (50!!!) years (half a century) and it is rarely, if ever, mentioned in the media/ by the mostly cretinous “pundits” on TV and radio. We’ve also been extremely close to winning in those years. 2 CC finals, 1 CL final, 2nd in league one year when we should’ve won it.


Arsenal failing to qualify for ECL will sell more advertising space thats all.


Martin Tyler and Fergie in a tree…

S… U… C… K… I… N… G…


Sorry wigan, we loved you but we love the top 4 more. Or the championship loved you more. Either way, sorry. Bye.

William Wallace

They but arteta straight into ice cold bath after he came off. Then rapped him in layers of cotton wool. He Should be find for Sunday!


Your typos are hillarious.


They came off Artetas ice cold but straight into the bath?!

Sounds like the kind of shit that goes on in the Shite Heart Lane dressing room …


If it was… “AVB wipes off Ad*bayor’s chin and wraps him up in duvet” I could almost believe it!


This is going to sound wired. AR16 in the holding role, TR7 as the box to box, and in the hole…AA23. Why not. It will be unexpected, and when given the chance he has shined in that position, even though he has not played there much….


Lol, the “wired” sounds really weird.


God danged iPad!


Final game of the season, everything relying on 3 points. Don’t think the answers Arshavin.


Just a comment on Mike Dean: Arsenal have now won 2 of the last 18 games he’s been in charge of, which everyone knows. But it’s worth mentioning that both wins have been by a margin of three goals, and in the game other than today (Spurs last spring), he incorrectly awarded a penalty to a diving Gareth Bale. The point: we’ve only won when being so superior that despite his best efforts, he could not impact the outcome. Arsenal have won 57% of its games under Arsene Wenger, probably less in recent years so let’s say they still win… Read more »

Arsene Wenger

He is such a fucked up cunt it is actually ridiculous. Can we not get some more referees from the South? I’ve got nothing against our inbred northern brethren but it is blatantly obvious how biased this motherfucker is.

Funny, on the Spurs boards they reckoned that he was on our side yet they managed to ignore that pivotal free kick he gave to Wigan, which that fat diving chode slooted home.

Heh, if you didn’t know the score and had only read my comment you would have thought we’d lost 4-0.


But of course all Arsenal fans are overreacting conspiracy theorists, and the clearly presented data* on the PGMOL website absolutely proves them wrong.

(*access to PGMOL website requires approved account)

By the way you are right on the win percentage– last 4 years is a smidge nuder 55%

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Koscienly the flying frenchman ===>


People have been (correctly) raving about Szczesny’s stop, but that one from Kos was incredible.

Damn. Arteta is our captain. I LOVE THIS MAN. Whenever I’m bricking it before a game, the one thing I always think is, “But we have Arteta. This guy has balls of steel. It doesn’t matter who we’re up against, he has enough genius and play-to-win attitude to see us through.”

Hope he recovers…


I imagine he would have been the difference to us winning the League Cup in the 2010/11 season. Real Arsenal legend in the making.


The wigan goalie was abit devastated on the goal there. Sorry wigan it had to be you, although you should have done your job earlier in the season! or even recently. How can you draw with sp*rs then get beat the following weekend by swansea (looking forward to F.A cup final maybe…oh well?) Hopefully they come straight back up next year. Onto Arsenal. Ramsey started abit slugglish (abit misplaced passes here and there) but grew into the game (so much so he had a case for MOTM!) as it progressed. Walcott was just everywhere tonight. Defending, striking (on the end… Read more »


We gonna miss you Capt. The field will be boring without the sight of your beautifully solid Lego hair. Get well soon.



No Arteta is massive issue, he’s the one disciplined CM who will protect the back four, and keep the ball sensibly. Anyone else who plays there will be missing something – Vermalen is a headless chicken, Ramsey not quite good enough and plays too many loose balls, Wilshere unfit seemingly…..

With a midfield 3 of Ramsey Carz & Wilshere it is very attacking but who is standing up to be counted, putting the tackles in if Newcastle are in the ascendency?


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