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Diaby returns to Clairefontaine

It’s just over two months since Arsenal revealed Abou Diaby had damaged the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, but aside from the club’s initial prognosis that he’ll be out until 2014 there’s been very little in the way of updates.

L’Equipe now report that having undergone surgery the midfielder is continuing his rehabilitation at the Clairefontaine academy, the technical centre outside Paris where he spent three years before moving to Auxere in 2002.

Given the relatively short time that has elapsed since the injury it’s likely Diaby isn’t undertaking strenuous rehab exercises, but given the Arsenal physio team probably fancied a holiday its good that he’s still able to work in familiar surroundings.

Fingers crossed everything goes well for him. Given the number of setbacks he’s had its plausible that his ‘football age’ is less than when we signed him.

Talking of injury-prone French footballers it’s been suggested that prospective new boy Yaya Sanogo could be loaned back to Auxerre if the Ligue 1 side’s chairman gets his way.

While a deal has yet to be ratified by Arsenal, Guy Contret revealed that Arsene Wenger is keen to take a closer look at the young striker during pre-season before deciding on his first team credentials.

“Wenger wants to see Sanogo on pre-season before taking a decision about a complete move to Arsenal or a loan to another club,” said Contret.

“If Wenger decides to loan the player, Sanogo will play for Auxerre next season.”

At 20-years-old and with no work permit problems to overcome it would seem an odd decision to immediately send Sanogo back to France. For one he needs time to adapt to life in England and secondly we need squad reinforcements not more padding.


Contret quotes courtesy of @GrooverBlog

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In Arseblog, Get well soon diaby: What a beast

In reality : “Poor diaby he’ll probably get injured again while in rehab. Get rid”


Get rid, that was the same thing people said about RVP.


and what did we do in the end?


got rid


no he left and won the premiership


Yes he won the league. But he also hugged fergie and this i believe is irrelevant but heck.

They are probably on holiday together rubbing oil where “my hand won’t reach”

Yuk. Yuk!


Sorry to hijack this, but i was wondering does anyone know if Arseblog has an official email address and , if so, what is it???

I really want to send him a message of my gratitude for everything he does


contact link at the top. try there.


The Trolls are clearly bored today.


why are you bored?


Diaby: LANS since 2006


Most arsenal fans take more shots at their own than they do other clubs. Pathetic.
If abou can go back to playing 20 games a season, we’ve still got a decent player on our hands. Not like we’ve lost out on a transfer fee or anything FFS

remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

ABOOO. cracking player. with cracked bones.


No we arent loosing a transfer fee but we are wasting wages no matter what he earns. Diaby has always been one of my favourite players and still will be as long as he is in an Arsenal shirt but are these injuries ever going to end for him? we need to take him out for a year let him train build up his fitness until he is fully fit and then start him of in games as a substitute.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Not sure why you tied these two things into the one reply. Do you mean we should keep him as a player but not pay him until he is better? I don’t think that is legal, let alone moral. You don’t mean that do you?


I’m not a Diaby-hater, but £60k a week to play 20 games a season (but in reality it’s usually less) is a poor return for the club. We desperately need a player of his stature, but his presence in the squad (and often uncanny ability to be near fit just prior to a transfer window) has for many years prevented Wenger from buying a similar midfielder who can actually contribute on the pitch.


abou is a complete right off ….wake up


Any merit in paying out the remainder of Diaby’s current deal, basically releasing him and then seeing if he would go for a pay-as-you-play contract.
That way, we’re free of his wages and we still keep the player if he’s keen.
And we can replace him if he is not.


A don walks with Ease

If we pay him off till the end of his deal, and then pay as you play on top of that, we end up paying more than if we just let him see it out and THEN offer him a pay as you play.

Abou already has a contract – lets just back him until the end and then see if he merits a pay as you play.

Wish him successful recovery and better fitness.



So he’s been at the club since 2005/06 (perhaps our longest serving player if one thinks about it) and he hasn’t contributed much?

As for wages, so what? He’s still a player so we shouldn’t pay him? If an office worker is injured, does this mean his or her firm shouldn’t pay him?


No loss on transfer fee but the guy is costing us 60k a week in wages and he is taking up a place in the squad cause Wenger won’t buy anyone while he’s still here. Thanks abou but it’s time to move on


No he doesn’t. There’s an insurance kicking in as soon as a player gets injured for a a specified number of time.

remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

surely no one would provide this insurance for diaby.

The Ghost of Peter Storey

That’s assuming that any company is going to insure him. Or maybe the insurance costs £60k p/w.


Every player is insured. Did you really think a multimillion-pound football club is so unprofessional not to insure against these cases? Players are the club’s most valuable assets, it’s common practice to insure players against long-term injuries.
I’m sorry to burst the bubble and to rob everyone of their most favourite and original line of “waste of wages”.


I don’t believe it. The insurance payments would be so high, because players frequently get injured and insurance companies like to make money.

It might be true (let’s see a link), but I doubt it.


But they have to insure the whole team, the losses on one player are made up by the winnings on the other players. That’s insurance in a nutshell. They don’t insure this one player, Arsenal will take their buisness elsewhere in the future which is an even bigger loss for the company.


I won’t do the google work for you.
You just seem to have a very limited view on how buisness deals are done. This is not a basar or something, profits aren’t made by just a single transaction or deal. You need a relationship with your customers and you need them to continously do buisness with you, so you’ll take a larger view and need to bite the bullet to make them happy on a single deal that isn’t so favourably to you but helps you in the long run.


Yeah, the rate is high, that’s what you have risk assessment for. You weigh the probability of injury against the sum that’s being insured.


Insurance only makes sense when you don’t have enough cash to eat the cost yourself.. ie stuff like your house burning down and turning disabled in an accident.

Remember, the insurance company makes money of this stuff, so you’re always going to be losing money *on average*.. so insuring Bale for Tottenham would make sense, because they have such a huge amount of their worth tied up in that one guy, but insuring regular squad players doesn’t make sense at all.

It costs you money, and doesn’t mitigate any risks that you would break your business.


emob, I find it highly unlikely that an insurance company is currently paying Diaby’s wages, and does so for all players in football for the duration of their injury. Or rather, I find it difficult to believe that such an insurance portfolio would exist (such that it would be profitable for an insurance company…and what would be the premium for a player making £250k a week???). I also find your ‘proof’ (basically, your argument is that this MUST be happening because it’d be silly for it not to) for this scenario to be a logical fallacy. Could you perhaps–and I… Read more »


Well, okay, I’m not affiliated with Arsenal, so I have no idea which company insures Arsenal nor do I have access to any contracts, so I wouldn’t know to proof. However a simple google search of “insurance football player” brings enough results. There’s also this article here which touches the subject however slightly.



yeah the point is on balance in the long run we’ll always be paying the insurance company more than we’re receiving from them, so the point about insurance saving Diaby’s wages is completely irrelevant.


i didnt read anything in this article to suggest that insurance is offered to football clubs for this sort of thing. the article is all about risk management and what lessons businesses can learn from football. i also dont know why some people on here are so damn rude when presenting their arguments. paper tigers.


Well you could take a look at the club’s financial statements. Page 19 of the 2011/12 accounts cites as one of the reasons for increase in operating costs… “increased spend on player insurance premiums”. The exact spend isn’t specified (and I wouldn’t expect information of that sort to be in the public accounts) but it is clearly amongst the club’s business expenses.

And why wouldn’t it be? As emob says, no serious business lets its major assets go uninsured; if that were the case I’d expect the accounts to show a significant self insurance provision.


I’m not a big fan of his but injuries are hardly his fault nor Arsenals. AW tried to reveal the physiology behind it all and it’s unfortunate. So, “costing” us sounds a bit harsh to anybody. Business – yes, but surely Arsenal (rich a we are) have sympathy too.
There’s a limit surely, so those who ‘dislike’ him because of injuries can express their feelings too.

Richard Marshall

We have plenty of space in the squad. Only using 17 of the 25 slots in the fist team squad at this stage (5 home grown). Jenks, Jack, Ox & Coq will still all be U21 next year. Arsh, Fab & Squillaci leaving. So we can still buy 5 non-home grown players, and come in under the limit… No need to get rid of Diaby to open a slot. And to be honest, who is going to buy him anyway? I reckon we hang on and hope he fulfills his promise…


Mind the stairs Abou!


The big bad stairs.


May he be what bennayoun was for us in 2011 next season 😀


It pays massive tribute to his talents that as soon as he becomes fit, he walks back into the french national squad no matter whose coaching. But it ends up doing him more harm. Pointless fucking international friendlies

A don walks with Ease

At this point, I would recommend he retire from international football and focus on the fans who pay his wages and love him the most.

Come on Abou, confound us with supreme football and fitness next season.

Gunner From Another Mother



Yaya Sanogo – Loan A New Signing


in an ideal world Abou Would occasionally get injured like most players, recover, then pick up from where he left off and play great like we know he can. buy its not an ideal world. His body obviously cannot deal with he fitness levels required in professional football. Its a great shame. hes not the first or last player this will happen to. Look at Ledley King(i know). I think he should look at coaching and i hope he can make a career out of football that he can actually enjoy. And finally i agree that he should be released… Read more »

Richard Marshall

Gnabry and Eisfeld are both U21 so they don’t need a slot in the squad. We have plenty of space available. We can buy 5 non-home grown players before we have to release anyone…

pauly bear

Is he really costing us 60k a week in wages, surly we have some kind of footballers insurance on players. And if we do he has defo lost his no claims bonus.


Every player is insured, that’s common practice. It would be damn unprofessional not to insure your multi-million piound assets.


Maybe in the first year.
Come renewal time, it’s difficult to imagine an insurer who’d touch that risk with a bargepole.


That’s just not true. Sure, premiums rises with the risk, but that’s hedged by a package of insuring all of the club’s players. Else the club would take their buisness with all of their now and future players elsewhere which would be a massive loss for any insurance company. Managing such risks are exactly what the insurance buisness is about, it’s never just about a particular case but a package.


the insurance point is total bollocks. if one member of the squad is injured all year, you can bet the premium for the whole squad will be edged up in the years to come.

with insurance, apart from really exceptional circumstances like a house burning down, you will ALWAYS end up paying more than you get in the long run. we WILL be paying for Diaby’s injuries for years to come in the form of increases in our premium, if you believe otherwise you just don’t understand how it works.


So what you’re saying essentially is there’s no point insuring anything ever? None of us know the specifics of how Arsenal’s insurance cover works but we’re far from the only club who have players with long term injuries (e.g. Fletcher at ManUtd, Lucas at Liverpool) – it is simply something that happens when insuring football clubs and so will be considered within the insurers business model to begin with. Of course premiums will vary over time (the accounts say as much) but to think that a single player in a playing staff of over 50 – no matter how well… Read more »


Its a shame he never had the chance to replicate vieria


If he could replicate Viera, we’d pay him more than that to sit in a room somewhere manufacturing Viera replicas for us.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I don’t want a Vieria replica or a Viera replica. I want a bloody Vieira replica.


Anyone listening to God’s sermon?? Henry being interviewed, The Arsenal needs a striker in your mould Lord Henry.. Win a game striker.. Thats all no high profile names.. Dont care about that.. Just want a striker like you my Lord.. Let Bergkamp be with us this transfer season..

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

Can anyone of the people who have for the last few seasons been shouting out that we should “get rid” of Diaby tell me exactly how you are supposed to offload an injured player? I’m pretty sure when you’re injured you can’t pass your medical.


I’m sure Vito Mannone knows a guy that makes people disappear.


Had enough of these ‘how to get rid of’ questions stinking the place up. Lets get rid to some struggling pub quiz or something.


He’s contracted until June 2015 so we’re not going to abandon him anytime soon.

If Rosicky can put his injuries behind him then there’s no reason the same thing can’t happen with AD2.

Here’s hoping.


Tomas has been injured this season, how is that getting past your injury-record?


Yeah, but no more than many others during the season.

It’s not like we’re back to ‘not being able to work out what’s wrong’. That’s been sorted.

Mate Kiddleton

Rosicky has at least been playing a run of consecutive games over the last two seasons and contributing heavily


You dropped this ‘r’ when typing Auxerre.

I do hope they don’t break him further.

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Stop talking shit coz when fit diaby is the best player arsenal have followed by santi and kozzer. Why would wenger wanna score his best player again!? Am sure hes learned from last season






The problem is not so much diabys injurys its the fact that we have not bought anyone of his like to compensate for while he is injured.
Its fine having sympathy for him and hoping he can get fit, that’s understandable but we need another player to fill his role.

The Car2n Goon



Yeah, Ramsey. Or Jack.

We have plenty of midfield options.


Sell him. I’m sure some lower Premier League team or some Championship team will take him.

Or pay off the remainder of his contract and make him retire.

He’s not IMO going to fulfil his “potential”. I still remember his injury at Sunderland and this was SEVEN YEARS AGO!! What has he done since then? lol…

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