Gibbs and Fabianski return for Wigan


Arsene Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of tomorrow night’s clash with Wigan and there are no fresh worries for his team.

Lukasz Fabianski returns after a rib injury while left back Kieran Gibbs should also come back into the squad. Olivier Giroud sees out the final game of his suspension.

Wenger is likely to keep faith with Wojciech Szczesny, and must make a decision about who to start up front. Lukas Podolski has been given the nod in the last two games but has struggled in an unfamiliar role.

Jack Wilshere is also pushing for a midfield start having been consigned to the bench in recent weeks.

The Gunners must win to keep Champions League qualification in their own hands and Wenger says, “We are in a position where our destiny depends on us and we want to finish the job.

“Both teams have to go for it, so it is difficult to know what will happen. It should be an open game. You could see on Saturday that Wigan have quality. They had a remarkable game. We want to be at our best”

Updates via @arsenal – and James Olley

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Shitting myself

big black clock

Have you tried eating some lasagne?

Mikel Artekkers

Will we still have lasagna next season?


If we do, we’ll all be shitting ourselves…

Loop A Hole

As long as I have Nachos, I’m not too worried. Wait ..

Runcorn Gooner

Remember the 1st 8 minutes from last year and learn from it

Eric Irish gunner

I might have to pop into my mad aunty for some of her calming pills while watching this one


My mad auntie really is mad Eric.

Goes on and on about how she got those sort of pills off John Lennon back in the 70’s.

Instant Calmer, I think they’re called.

Runcorn Gooner

That is going to go over a lot of people’s heads but v funny

Eric Irish gunner

Haha true aswell


Can’t wait! Pressure really is on now. Virtually a fully fit squad, 10 days rest, opposition that have played sat-tues-sat and now tuesday again, so there really can be no excuses.
Ps f*ck you shitty orcs and villa!

Have clichy and nasri been found?

And poor mans scholes___charlie fatcunt adam.


Yeah, blame the feckin orcs and VIlla. Pathetic. We want to play in CL? We should beat shit teams like Wigan and NewCastle without the constant moaning.

Have clichy and nasri been found?

I agree it’s absolutely stupid to ask for favors from other teams. We must be the 1st champions league club doing that…..

Dave Gooner

Go out and CRUSH them Arsenal.

Come On You Gunners.

Bould's Eyeliner

we can hate stoke without being called pathetic methinks


F*** sp*rs aswell.

Jim Jimminy

I hope this is one of those games we used to see where its 3pts in the bag and game over by 30 minutes.

Arsenes Nose

Whoever plays LB needs to work quite hard to keep Mcmanaman quiet..

The Ghost of Peter Storey

I hope that Le Boss actually learnt something on Saturday and we give Gibbs some protection. This is the game where we MUST not let Wigan score. Due to the number of games that they’ve had, they will tire desperately in the last 20+ minutes so even if it’s 0-0 we should still win. What we mustn’t do is to let them get 1-0 up and give them hope. I would actually consider playing BOTH Monreal (LB) and Gibbs (LM) for the first hour, just to stop McManaman from running at us.


You want us to set out from the start being scared of Wigan?? In a game we need to win?? We will go straight for the throat and kill the game early, we need an early goal, they then simply have to come at us and we should be able to get Walcott and Ox in behind, they are clumsy too, I predict a penalty.

Eric Irish gunner

Fuck stopping them go out and play our own game and their defence will crumble

Arsene Wenger

We are not a shit team. We do not malform like a piece of putty to combat shit teams effectively. They are the ones who have to prepare for us.

Gibbs need to start because of his pace, I just hope he doesn’t get himself booked.


Gibbs needs to start. Monreal looks like a tidy player but Gibbs is clearly first choice for me right now.

pauly bear

There is a reason wigan are bottom of the league. I think theo is gonna step up once again. Come on gunners….


There is also a reason as to why they’re FA cup winners. They’re a threat.

Have clichy and nasri been found?

There’s also a reason why we play in.the champions league each year. We get throu obstacles like this. Come on!


Agree. I think/hope we will have too much for them. They have momentum on their side having won a trophy, but we have fitness and proven quality of international pedigree in many of our players.

I don’t normally like saying no excuses, as it implies an IF WE LOSE angle on things, but in this case there really isn’t any.

All the players will need to bring 100% energy, focus and we need to bring our A game. 2 Cup Finals await us.


there’s a resason why we’ll win,
cos we are the arsenal

Jim Jimminy

That reason is man sheikhy.

Real gooner

Simple, the reason is motivational levels they were more motivated & focused than city


Stick with Chesney and put Gibbs in there to deal with McManaman. And then we wait for Three points.

Have clichy and nasri been found?

Shitting myself here aswell. Games in hand are usually so delicate but we can be encouraged by the fact that wigan won’t come looking for a point ( no bus parking) only a win. The game should be very open and that’s when we play our best football. The wings will be crucial for us. Poldi left, gervinho right, walcott centre…. We can do this gooners. Come on!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But our defence has displayed a weakness against teams who push up on them when we have the ball, and that is exactly what won Wigan the FA Cup. God I hope they’re too tired to do it properly tomorrow.

Have clichy and nasri been found?

In open games we always score the most goals (newcastle, reading). The defence your talking about was prior kos/per. We are much more organised now, they might sneak in one but we with the quality we have upfront we should be able to outscore wigan.

But yeah, I just hope they are abit knackered for this one, they will certainly press for the ball (hopefully ramsey, jack, arteta don’t get caught in possesion. Seen it too many times) but we should still come out on top. Come on!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I know who they are going to target tomorrow. We all do. This may be a good game to play Jenkinson if he’s fit because I’m really worried about Sagna’s confidence at the moment.

But yes, we do tend to score more freely in an open game. That’s why I hope we start with Rosicky. If they are tired he will surely put some fear into them. Then when they start to feel the pain in the thighs we hit them with the double whammy of Wilshire and Ox and REALLY start to run at them.

a gooner in Manchester


They also know we will open our game and can stay calm, frustrate us with ball-keeping and dribbling game to draw fouls and nick a goal on counter attacks/set pieces.

Just hope that some of our stars will shine.

Tenacious Defence

Yeah, don’t expect Wigan to press too high after their recent exertions. The smart thing for them to do, at least for the first half, would be to keep it tight at the back and then try and catch us on the counter.

big black clock

Bench Poldi and give Theo a go up front.



Cazorla – Rosicky – The Ox
Ram – Arteta
Gibbs – Mer – Kos – Sagna

Wilshere, Poldi, Monreal, Jenkinson, Fabianski, Gervinho, Verminator

What a subs bench. They would probably all get into the Wigan first XI


Caz – Rosicky and The Ox offer a lot penetration and direct play which should help us get some goals.

Ox + Theo are good on the counter too

Providing the back 5 + Rambo and Arteta can defend well it should be fairly easy

The Ghost of Peter Storey

I don’t think that we’ll be doing a lot of counter-attacking. We’ll get something like 65% possession and they will look to attack us on the counter.


You can counter a counter and I think they’ll be getting a lot of corners which we can counter from. But generally I agree.

Though theo isn’t good/strong enough to make much happen on his own and help from the front 3 midfielders is vital.

I back The Ox to make something hapen, even if it’s just getting us free kicks/penalties with his pace and quick feet.

Arsene Wenger

‘You can counter a counter.’

Exactly what i think will happen. I think the pattern will be like the match against Up North FC a few weeks back (we dominate, they counter, we counter, the game settles down, they dominate, we counter, they counter…) but Wigan do not have the quality or physicality of Everton so we should be able to nick a few.


Understandable to leave our Jack out the team because of our Rozza but to leave him out of the bench too? Shocking mate

Arty's Art

He was on the hypothetical bench. The first player to be put there in fact.

Pete, I think you have guessed the team sheet there.


If Wigan are knackered and don’t press us high up the pitch we could be looking at a game that requires more precision and ball retention up top. Theo is simply not the man if that is how the game pans out for the first half or so. Poldi will be our best bet imo. Start Theo on the wing and as the game begins to open up we can quite easily make a quick tactical change and take advantage. With the Ox on the bench too we should have far too much for Wigan, but its pressure time now… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Did he actually say that Wilshire is fully recovered? If there’s any doubt about his ability to play an entire game I hope we start with Rosicky, as he might be less inhibited than a Wilshire worried about fading as the game goes on. I do enjoy the Rosicky-action-packed Arsenal, but I’m happy for Wilshire to take the reins from him at 67 minutes if that’s what Wenger chooses and it keeps the work rate up. What I don’t want to see is the substitutions slowing our play down like we have seen too many times recently, and we limp… Read more »


But not 66 minutes, that just wouldn’t work.


Rosicky deserves to keep his place. Wilshere is a good player but I don’t think we have to constantly go over the question of him starting, every week, over and over again. Rosicky has done more and is playing well, it makes sense and besides it would be unfair to him. Would we constantly wonder whether Rosicky would start if the roles were reversed?


I would be happy with a midfield of:

– – – – – – – – – – Rosicky – – – – – – – –
– – – – Wilshire – Ramsey/Arteta – – – –

I don’t see why we can’t play both of them.

Wilshire is as good as any CM when on form and Rosicky gives us an edge in attack and defending from the front. It’s just Ramsey or Arteta has to start from the bench (Arteta is seemingly UNdroppable so it would be Ramsey!)


I really think we need to keep Arteta and Ramsey in the team. Together they are the base for both Attack and Defence.

Replacing either of them makes us more vunerable in my opinion.

Arty's Art

Removing Ramsey is madness. He and Arteta are the backbone of the team.

Eric Irish gunner

Ramsey has being our best player in recent games and the unbeaten run comes with him in his natural position


Naw man putting Wilshere next to Arteta would be inviting goals. If Wilshere was ever to play CM we’d need a huge nasty DM next to him, because Jack is amazing but defensive discipline and responsibility is not his strength. Ramsey and Arteta are the base of what this team is built on, we can’t drop either of them. Wilshere would have to slot into CAM, but I do think Rosicky should get the nod ahead of Jack. Jack should just view this season as a pit stop on his road to full recovery which we all know will happen… Read more »


A fit squad is great news so our guys should be able to run Wigan off their feet. Arsene said ” it should be an open game, both teams have to go for it”. I think he means he hopes Wigan will attack because that will be better for Arsenal’s chances. May be the game will be tight and the winner will score in the closing minutes. The first goal will be crucial because then the other team really will have to attack. No red cards please. Personally I think we will win easily. It is the match away to… Read more »


I wouldn’t worry too much. Pardew: “I don’t really care if Arsenal win 4-0 if I’m honest. I’m sure Spurs will, but I only care that our fans enjoy themselves.”

Why not

they are already on holiday. theyre safe. so lets not be complacent and fuck them up


But now Pardew has said that the whole country will be watching Newcastle and the FA will be on their case saying that there will be serious consequences for any breaches of professional obligations etc etc etc.


Gibbs should start to combat McManaman, his pace is important and he offers more going forward than Monreal..both very good defenders but Gibbs just shades it for me!


Happy Birthday to Francis Coquelin!!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Happy Birthday Fanny Coq !!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well it sounded OK when Fanny Lee played for Citeh. I don’t see the problem here.

Oh, well, yeah, maybe 🙂

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The pressure really is getting to some of us. As worry comes in the door our sense of humour is leaving through the window it seems. Lighten up guys, we’ll sing better tomorrow night if we are happy.

Does nobody remember Francis Lee, known as Fanny to the world, and a much respected player?


Well, last year and maybe to this point this season we have rode our luck a bit to be where we are in the table.

If we really want CL football next year we have to create our own luck now. Hopefully all the players are pumped for the last 2 games and make us proud.

Come on you gunners!


I’m tired of watching the last 10 minutes with one eye closed. Come on Arsenal be four up by minute 80! Just this once please? Okay against Newcastle as well.

Arsene Wenger

We won’t need a win at newcastle because the Vile Bastards will get DI-DI-DI CANIOOEEED!


The pressure!!!!

Dr Baptiste

Off topic but has anyone else read that Guardiola wants Wilshere? Why can’t he just fuck off and find another team to leech off

Have clichy and nasri been found?

I said this yesterday and will repeat it again. Guardiola might be a cunt. At barcelona he robbed us off cesc and the guy woud quit, came in every summer. Now he’s off to germany and already recruited goetze (from the arsenal of germany_BVB) Now the fucker wants wilshere. I feel guardiola is in a club with resources aplenty and won’t hesitate for a econd using dirty tactics. (oh im pep, I won et all at barca, wanna join?, we have the money you know?)

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Lack of Class is Permanent.

Pimp Guardiola.


Off you go son, it’ll be Wilshere’s best chance of winning a trophy cos he’ll win fcuk all with Arsenal

Why not

well you are a pile of laughs aren’t you?

Arsene Wenger

He’s highly lauded for his successful football but he seems to buy so much quality it actually seems impossible to fail and yet he somehow managed to do it last year against a 10-man Chelsea. Now, he walks into the strongest team in the world, which is probably going to win the triple this year, has taken potentially the most promising player in the world off their direct competitors, has a highly successful youth academy, and has massive pockets. I struggle to see how he can actually go wrong. My sympathies lie with Klopp and Dortmund. I hope we can… Read more »


Maybe we can try Gibbs at left wing? Just a thought. It’s going to be a tough game but it’s possible to win. We need to score early and shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Start Poldi on the left and we need to use that left channel too.


Jack is not a mercenary foreign player. Hes a gooner through and through.

But yes im so nervous about this game. If the playera wants champions league they simply have to win. If we dont qualify for it, well thats just how the cookie crumbles. Got no one else to blame but our own club/manager/players for a relatively dissapointing campaign….
If we qualify however, it’ll be fucking fantastic! Us fickle fans will forgive and forget, COYG

North Bank Gooner

Well the footy Gods haven’t been kind to us this weekend, guess they were too busy screwing Mancini, and laughing at Man Shitty. Personally, I would like to kick Charlie Adam square in the nuts, what a gormless muppett!!

Still, 2 wins and it’s Champions League Wednesdays for us, and Channel 5 for the Enfield Mugs, at least Wigan have no choice but to try and win, which should play into our rested and refreshed hands.

Come on you reds!!!

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den ice berg kamp

I’d go for schez
Sanga mert kos gibbs
Arteta rambo
Carzola rosiscky poldski


I’d be tempted to start The Ox (probably in place of Poldi).

We lack a bit of direct play at the moment, The Ox can shoot too. Not that poldi can’t but he is looking a bit sluggish at the minute.


If we can’t beat Wigan at home – after we have had a ten-day break, and they are playing their fourth game in eight days – then we don’t deserve to qualify for the Champions’ League. For me, the problem will be the Newcastle game. Yes, the Magpies are rubbish, and they were stuffed 6-0 at home by Liverpool, but our recent away performances at QPR and Fulham don’t give much confidence. Knowing that we probably have to win there brings me out a cold sweat. The annoying thing is the knowledge that we shouldn’t even be in this position:… Read more »


The only upside on the Newcastle game is that if we win Tuesday then they are safe and mid table (crazy how close things are this year), which may take an edge off the game with us. (Drop points Tuesday and…..) As far as the weekend went, both Villa and Stole were just teases, as soon as the 2 reds happened (Adam and Benteke) it was clear both were going to lose (at least to me). Then again, the situation is as it has always been since Spurs; just don’t drop points. I agree that the second half season form… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

The fat cunt wanted an early holiday, he could of being booked a few times even before that the stupid cunt


Honestly it smacked of Adam being on the take. Spuds at 1-1 in a game they have to have, and he gets 2 needless yellows either side of HT? The guy was a failure at Liverpool and surely had to take a massive pay cut going to Stoke. I could so easily see a guy like that scooping up an extra handful of cash (that he thinks he deserves anyway, because he is that specific kind of cunt who overvalues his own ability…you can see it in the way he plays with the h’wood passes etc) to screw his team… Read more »

V.persie's agent

Wow this is crazy, fat gooner is like a celebrety on arseblog i constantly Jump to bottom see your comments mate.
Do you ever think about starting a fat gooner franchise you know like fat gooners blog, fatgooner mugs, T-shirts, keyholders etc
Your comments interest me but surpress on your bitterness.


You’re not being sarky, are you?


Our biggest game of the season we can fucking do it and hopefully this time next year we won’t care who finishes in fourth because we,LL be closer to the top if Wenger buys a couple of top players come on arsenal

petits handbag

No worries tomorrow night, Wigan will be drained after the weekend, they’ll come out like a house on fire, but just see through the first twenty minutes and let the goals start to fly.
Whoever plays on the right has to take advantage of the space there left wing back will afford him

Arsene Wenger

Lord Theo will single-handedly molest a tired team which is leaving gaps.


Footballing gods made a real mess at the weekend bar Man City’s hilarious defeat. The fact that we were relying on Stoke & Villa just show how bad a situation we are in. 4th place is in our own hands now.

I really hope we can celebrate another St. Totteringham’s Day.

twisted cuntloks

it will surely be a significant test. winner takes all but I won’t put a penny on deciding who will win. Wigan’s self belief will be huge after the final, they know that if they can beat a team as good as shiteh then they can do they same again.

squeaky bum time as the great man used to say

glory hunter

We always assist Wigan in their attempt to escape relegation, will tomorrow be any different?
I hope so, but i have serious doubts!!!


A win is a must, but this game could well be very open, Wigan will fight for their life. Hope to see Walcott starts up front and put The Ox on the right hand side.


We’ll win tomorrow and we’ll win at the weekend, if the attitude is right. And if it’s not, we don’t deserve it. Simple as.

67 + 6 = 73pts = Abedayor kiss my arse

Mooro, you may actually be the only Arsenal supporter on Earth who is not shitting himself/herself (to some extent) right now. Care to share the secret?




Mental strength?


I just believe in the professional pride of these players mate. They’ll know how important this is for the Club, and they’ll not want the embarrassment of not only finishing below those cunts, but being the first Wenger managed team not to finish in the top 4. We know Wigan will scrap, kick, fight and bite for every ball, so we must do the same. Get at em from the kick off and don’t ease off until the job’s done. Then repeat at the weekend against a Newcastle team that have nothing to play for but pride. I can understand… Read more »




We have not scored that many goals lately. Wigan I feel can score so we will need to score more goals. Where will they come from? The team needs to step up a gear tomorrow. Theo, gerv, cazorla need to get us goals we need.

67 + 6 = 73pts = Abedayor kiss my arse

EVERY TIME Schesczny makes arrogant comments in an interview iwth a reporter, he manages to follow it up with a ‘stinker’ or two in the following match. Failing to notice this obvious pattern, last week Schesczcny went on yet another rant: “I hate Spurs” and “Spurs don’t have enough quality”.

Whilst we all like the spirit and anti-Spud sentiment, this has got to stop. Fabianski back in goall please!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Chesney out of the starting lineup because he talks like a Gooner? That’s a bit harsh.


best thing would be for Wigan to win, Arsenal finish fifth and Wenger quits.

we get new manager, one that might win something!

result all round

Arty's Art

Fuck off and support Chelsea mate.


why Chelsea?

Eric Irish gunner

Because they like changing managers maybe


I tell you what, It’s got to the stage where I’d rather support a team with ambition, than one with no desire to do anything other than finish fourth


@bibble: Great so we’re in agreement, you’ve got to that stage, so you’re a newfound Chelsea fan! Bye! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Now run to Stamford Bridge! Run!! 🙂


Just win


Months ago, when Arsenal were wobbling, this arseblog board had a healthy smattering of pessimists who thought Wenger’s time was up. Eight years of failure. Enough’s enough.
Now it’s arse lickers wall to wall. No criticism of anything Wenger does.

Finishing fourth is not a trophy. Would Fergie settle for fourth? Not fcuking likely. Yet Arsene claims it as a victory. Fcuking tosser.

Nothing will change till Wenger goes… next season will be just like this one


You promise to stop talking bollocks when Wenger goes? 😉

Don’t promise. Talking shit and breaking promises are two different things altogether.


go back to Spain, wanker


Ah yes lets stay classy and resort to racism without offering a shred of logic. Good job.


haha! quod erat demonstrandum, wanker.


your Latin means shit all, only proves you are a wanker, especially as you go no way to addressing my point… which is that Wenger has been a failure for years now
A hoy de puta…

Eric Irish gunner

Bring in who, I know 8 years is a long time but look at what ferguson spent every season to win things without the noose of a new stadium to fund, wengers net spend is 40 odd millions over the years,some of the cunts who he made as players fucked off when they hit the big time and became greedy bastards, money does not mean success, just ask city, he is also competing with 5/6 quality teams now who spend billions on players/ wages,it’s only when wenger is gone that he’ll be appreciated


what do you mean you Irish wanker?

The “cunts” who left did so because they are ambitious, and guess what, they were right to leave. Fab, Cichy, Nasri, Van P, all won trophies in their FIRST SEASON away from Arsenal. Had they stayed they’d have nowt.
How do you address that?
Had Wenger properly invested in the squad they wouldnt have left
Get fucking real

Eric Irish gunner

Keyboard warrior, brave man or whatever you call yourself behind your buttons you fucking knob, how many left and won fuck all and would be back tomorrow WANKER


do you need a hug?


Yeah Nasri had ALOT to do with City’s winning the PL.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Supporting a team is something most people take on for life. People on here have made a lifetime committment to Arsenal. It doesn’t matter if we don’t win anything for years. We will always be here, supporting our team. You?

Eric Irish gunner

Exactly your team is your team for life through the good and bad, I think he’s a racist John Terry fan so may be Chelsea is his real team

Arsene Wenger

What do you mean they had ambition? What’s ambitious about going somewhere where it’s actually easier to win trophies.

Had all of those cunts stayed, we would be destroying the league. Imagine our current squad + Ca$hley Cole, Fab, Na$ri, Song, Clichy, VP, Toure and God knows who else. We would be winning many trophies.


I wish it were true but when we had all those stars we still did not win anything. I don’t know why. Was it the Players was it the Manager was it that other teams and Managers were better? What is the solution. I guess we won’t find out until we next win the Premiership.


U are some fuckin dope

Ademola Master - D

Congratulationz to Wigan fc, winning fa cup those not guarranty of winning Arsenal fc tommorow, we have done it before against Swansea after their Carling cup victory z Gunnerz pls no tension we are going out victorious against wigan on Tuesday 9t, Arsenal 3 – 1 Wigan.

Dial Square

All we have to do is play our high tempo pressing game, no one can live with us when we play that way, problem is we don’t do it often enough.
Let’s tear into them from the off, surely they won’t be able to handle the pace and movement of our attacking players.
They know they’ve got to come at us and win the game to stay up, this game is hand picked for Theo – time to repay Arsene for your massive salary!!!

Arsene Wenger

I think the problem with pressing like that is that it is very tiring. I know professional athletes should be able to live with that, but then there’s also the problem of it leaving gaps all over the pitch.

Either way, we should play our agressive pressing game in bursts, I think, or they could get used to it. Either we could do it early and try and kill the tie, or do it late and destroy their tiring team with it.

Dial square

I get that, but we have not played for ten days while Wigan have been playing twice a week and just played in a cup final, if we can’t be motivated to run ourselves into the ground for the final two games of the season, considering what’s up for grabs, then the players need to seriously question themselves!! PS I so wish Giroud was available…


Wenger can call a presser tomorrow and say he is quitting after the season and this is his last home game. Wigan would not offend a retiring great and will roll over. Then when hand-shakes happen (after we beat them 4-0 or something), Wenger can put on his troll face – “U mad bro?”


I think Bubble at 3:08 has crossed the line with his comments “what do you mean you Irish wanker” Is this type of racist shit allowed on Arseblog. Should we accept it?

Eric Irish gunner

Thanks mate, I might be Irish but I’m a gunner through and through and only gave opinion and your bound to get one fucking racist on a site

67 + 6 = 73pts = Abedayor kiss my arse

The way to get rid of all this internal-bickering is to remove the thing we are all so frustrated about.

FFS Arsenal next season please compete for the EPL at least until late-April, get to the CL semi-final, and win the fooking FA Cup!


1,470 pounds for season ticket next year.
now that’s value for money.

wigan fans pay 300 quid

who is getting ripped off to watch serial underperfomers?

manager gets 140,000 quid a week! 20K a day!

for what?????


20 thou a day for Wenger!!
that’s likely six months salary for most of you In Arsene We Trust apologists.

What do you get for your money? Eight years of disappointment

bibble is a knob

You, are the definition of a long knob. Now shutup and don’t spread your stupid, opinion around.



Excellent name


I think its absolutely necessary that Arsenal start dominating early on and get the first goal. If that doesnt happen and Wigan, say get the first goal then they will sit back very deep and work off of counter attacks to try and frustrate us and that will be very mentally straining for us especially when we have just as much to play for. But, I still believe we have the quality to win this match fairly easily as long as we dont make mistakes. If all goes according to plan, I would sub Nacho for Gerv on the LW,… Read more »