Saturday, February 4, 2023

Good kerching, Vietnam! Arsenal confirm Hanoi game

Arsenal have added a fourth fixture to their summer tour of the Far East with a showdown against the Vietnam national team set to take place in Hanoi on 17 July.

The Gunners will be the first Premier League side to play a friendly fixture in the country with Arsene Wenger’s squad strutting their stuff at the 40,000 capacity My Dinh National Stadium.

Speaking about the latest destination Ivan Gazidis revealed:

“Arsenal has so many loyal supporters in Asia and we are delighted to be visiting Vietnam in July to play a match in Hanoi. Everyone at Arsenal is proud to be the first Premier League team to play a match in Vietnam and to be spending time in this wonderful country.

“Arsène Wenger, the players and all the staff have hugely enjoyed our tours to Asia in the past two years, and we are all looking forward to visiting Vietnam as part of our Asia Tour 2013.”

Arsenal will play the Indonesian national team on 14 July in Jakarta before flying to Vietnam. They will then conclude the tour with two fixtures in Japan against Nagoya Grampus and Urawa Reds on 22 and 26 July respectively. Details of the forthcoming Emirates Cup, scheduled for the first weekend of August, are expected in due course.

Meanwhile Arsenal have confirmed that friendly games have been arranged for the Reserves against both Leyton Orient and Luton Town.

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Arsenal should do a trip to India sometime.. So many Arsenal fans here

Donut Maestro

Hear! Hear!


Bayern and Barca have been to India in the last year! Come on Arsenal!


Not until we get a proper pitch where ball stays on the ground and not keep on bouncing all the time and also a ground with proper infrastructure.


Got the time and moneu for multiple well structured bollywood theatres but not for a proper pitch or stadium. If I were arsenal i’d cross u off my list.


Hey the JLN stadium in the capital isn’t half bad. Bayern played the national team there for Baichung Bhutia’s testimonial. Same capacity as the the Grove.


There is also the Salt Lake stadium. 120k capacity. Second largest in the world.


Heard of the salt lake stadium in kolkata? 120,000 capacity…..


Are u okay with 20….never. Talk as if you’re the only country arsenal has never visited that has many arsenal fans. Regardless of whether they ever visit my country or not i’ll stay satisfied with being a gooner.


Had your meds yet?


India has a billion population and arsenal is the second most popular premier league club…. The numbers speak food themselves…. Upto the arsenal’s director to recognise the opportunity…. U just have to look at how many Indians have commented on this thread…..


They have visited many south east asian countries and its only natural that we fans here in India want them to visit our country. The market in India is in its nascent stage and a few clubs have started to build a base here like barcelona, munich,utd etc. I only want them to capitalise like these clubs has. My local team is heading to Malaysia to compete in a tournament held by one of these clubs to compete with other asian clubs.
Regarding the last statement everyone here loves the club for what it stand for and won’t change loyalty.


why would we want to visit that shi* hole


Why are you talking out of your shi* hole?


Didn’t know you were in the team. We want Arsenal to come to India for the same reason it’s going to other south-east asian countries.


hes right, i hate you fake foreign fans who BEG arsenal, why dont u support a indian team

Master Bates

Arsenal , It’s a global club .

It will be like if Arsenal only played homegrown north london english players


@ tony…. As free, intelligent and resourceful citizens…. Upto us to support favourite team….. And who says we cannot support an Indian team simultaneously? It’s not as if they are going to play each other in the champions league or something……

It Is What It Is

Be patient. When the time is right.
Great teams come to all those who wait.


Good that were pushing he commercial side alot more. Has this puma deal actually been confirmed yet?!

Jack's Right Foot

Mertesacker to Vermaelen: “If I say its safe to surf this beach, Captain, then its safe to surf this beach! I mean, I’m not afraid to surf this place, I’ll surf this whole fucking place!”

A man can dream.


Vietnam Japan and Indonesia. Sounds like a cruisy build up for the team in some exotic locations.
Building the fan base in Asia while bedding in our half dozen quality tipitty topitty signings.
Bet the reserves are thrilled with their exotic destinations. Leyton and Luton .


We seem to be trying at hitting virgin markets. I suppose catching them before others do is a decent way of going about it.


For some reason, we sure love our markets to be virgins.

Why is my name required

kaching, kaching, kaching!

look at all those $$$ in the cabinet

well fuck $$$ i want trophies not $$$

whats the use of money if we dont spend?
ill have to see it to believe it myself and i really hope there is intent to spend

big black clock

“well fuck $$$ i want trophies not $$$”

Well fuck i want to read smart and constructive comments in the comments section and then I read comments like yours and you don’t see me bitching over it.



It Is What It Is

Go support city or chelsea. Even Liverpool or QPR. You are a retarded fool who will chat the same ol’ shit to anyone who’ll listen. Teams spend barrels more than us and end up below us.

For the first time in my life, I can actually say that an individual’s opinion isn’t worth listening to.


They love us long time


I hate spurs… That’s all 🙂

Master Bates

I concur


Speaking of vietnam. Here’s a chuck norris pun.
Chuck norris will be starring in the 300 men (movie) sequel. It will be called………. 1 man.

Dr Baptiste

I don’t think you’ve got the concept of a pun quite right there.

“I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.” This would be a pun, where you have a double meaning in a word.

Yours is more of an awful joke…


Hehe, you should be a teacher and not a doctor. Coz I just got schooled!

gooner odst

Luis Suarez once bit Chuck Norris then at the stroke of midnight on a full moon, Suarez grew a Norris beard, fired an automatic weapon that never needs reloading and was seen doing roundhouse kicks.

Chuck Norris only suffered minor bruises.


Actually Luis Suarez once *tried* to bite Chuck Norris.
That’s why his teeth are bent.


“Speaking of vietnam. Here’s a chuck norris pun.
Chuck norris will be starring in the 300 men (movie) sequel. It will be called………. 1 man.”

That’s bad even by my standards 🙁


Plus the movie is called “300” not 300 men. And regardless, chuck Norris doesn’t have squeals cuz no one survives their first encounter with him

Double Canister



The overseas tv deal is THE huge money maker for the PL and it’s clubs ..
no harm pandering to it 🙂


The UK TV money is still bigger, but with the way the economy’s bleeding here while other regions speed forward and prosper (or at least generate a larger football-watching middle class), that’s probably not gonna last.


no its not
check the data
too lazy to find and link to stuff


It’s in our hands again. Which is also nice.


as a vietnamese gooner this is the best Arsenal news i have received in 10 years


Arsenal visiting Vietnam is better news than Arsenal winning the league unbeaten?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He was probably too young to understand the meaning of “topping the league” when it last happened. I’m sure he would enjoy it if it happened next season.


Good to see Arsenal making the most of Asia. I really think the club are finally moving forward. If we secure 4th this season, next year will be huge!

chamakh's barber

@comedian hey if it is good enough for barca it is good enough for us. After all its just a friendly for the fans to enjoy ,not a cup final


Arsenal team playing this as they arrive


On second thoughts it might not go down so well…


If anyone is fed up with all the Fregie crap then this should bring a smile

Olivier Giroud

That’s his cat that got the cream face

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He’s entitled to smile. He bought the bloody pizzas !


Why aren’t the team going to Thailand? There’s some wonderful places out there – and plenty of entertaining establishments to be found, if you know what I mean.


What like amusement arcades and candy floss?


Just back from Thailand last weekend. Saw 3 Arsenal supporters out there. The majority is without doubt Man Ure followed not so closely by Chelski.
It’s 2 more than I saw last year and they had more presence on TV too (saw a program called ‘Arsenal Mania’).

Master Bates

I know what you mean , I saw hungover 2


Love me a game of ping pong

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

giroud's header

Visit india arsenal!! Indian Gooners are waiting 🙁

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They haven’t been to Australia yet. We have lots of good stadiums.

Agent orange

STOP mentioning Vietnam………..keep losing minutes in the day looking into space with my thousand yard stare………. Takes me back to Dra Nang in 66………was hit pretty bad but Chuck Norris pulled me into a foxhole and patched me up……. That was the hell we called Nam………. Etc etc

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Ahhh, harrow, can you tell me when arsenal play in China? I hope it velly velly soon! LOL

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