Podolski admits ankle problem, rules out surgery


Lukas Podolski has admitted he’s been struggling with an ankle problem this season, but doesn’t think it will require surgery in the summer.

With no summer tournament, a good off-season of rest could cure the problem which has clearly inhibited the German international and derailed what was a bright start to his Arsenal career.

Speaking to Sky Sports in Germany, Podolski said, “I have small problems with the ankle, but I do not think post-season surgery is necessary. After the season I’ll decide together with the doctors and physiotherapists, what’s best for my health.”

However, with some recent speculation over his future at the club, the former Cologne man said he was content with his first campaign in England but wouldn’t be drawn on any rumours.

“I am happy in London. I think I played a good first season. Everything else, we’ll see. We still have two games if we win these, we are in the Champions League next year.”

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joey sixpack

Oh this makes sense now. Poor lad’s been playing through his pain. Lets hope he’ll be 100% next season and firing on all cylinders.


Podolski admits Giroud problem, rules out murder. More like!

Gunner From Another Mother

Thank you for your well thought out contribution to the discussion.

boundary conditions

I’ve read this site for over a year, but I have never seen a proper discussion. Here there are only ‘thumbs’, whatever they are, and on that currency I think you’d find I’ve contributed 25 more than you as of the moment of speaking.

So I suggest you put your fingers to good use next time.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You Sir, are the Winner. We bow down to you in your moment of Triumphant Glory. Don’t forget to count those red thumbs friend.


The only player in our squad who can do something like that.

Loop A Hole

The only player who can do this.


Thank you Loop A Hole. Everybody is all over the Montpellier goal but no one seems to remember that brilliant goal he scored against WHU. What a rocket!


“We still have two games if we win these, we are in the Champions League next year.”

not so sure now, are we?


Ye of little faith.

Matt Senior

If sp*rs win on Wednesday. We will need snookers. Draw or Chelsea win and 6pts will guarantee 4th.

As for offloading any of the current squad… No! It needs adding to but everyone in it can at least be a squad player. Even Gervinho if he sorts it out.




“We still have two games if we win these, we are in the Champions League next year.”

If Bale beat Chelsea, this might not be enough. Considering the game is now less of a ‘must win’ for Chelsea, it could easily happen too. It’s out of our hands. Shit.


I actually has never been in our hands. Can’t remember us being third or fourth with Chelsea or Sp*rs not having at least one game in hand.

However, I don’t think Bale can save them every time. They will definately not win their last three games. Especially since Chelsea needs to win against them to secure third place. They can still get fifth.


It was in our hands. The draw against Manure put it out of our hands.

Arsene Wenger

Rafa will want to sort out top 4 before the EL final so he will probably destroy Sp*rs and play a B team against Villa, resting players for the CL. The Fatty didn’t risk Hazard and rested a couple of others against United so he’s obviously giving the Sp*rs game some importance; actually beating Hotsperm will leave them behind for good.


Chavs will beat bale, orcs will draw, we beat wigan happy days


I wouldn’t bet on it, Chavs have played 70 games this season, they are getting very lethargic in the way they play, their minds are on the Europa league. The orcs arn’t as good at holding out draws either and Bale always seems to save them, im getting worried.


Notice hazard and co being rested on sunday? Tottenham dont have that depth. They ll be as tired if not more than chelsea. Theyll need to use the same starting 11 on wednesday and sunday


Chelsea don’t revolve around hazard, its all about Mata, he makes the difference for them, he scored the goal against manu when all seemed lost. Although I agree spuds don’t have much depth they have played far fewer games recently and will have more energy over the course of the game, and they have bale to save them. I just hope im wrong.

Arsene Wenger

I think the combination of Hazard, Oscar and Mata would probably be too much for Sp*rs’ frail defence and Hazard will exploit their high defensive line worse than… I’m not going to say it.

Chelsea are not Southampton and they are not playing at Shite Fart Stain.


If Hazard, Mata and Oscar all start against Spurs, it leaves Chelsea exposed on the wings…against a counterattacking team who will probably field Bale and Lennon. Not happening.


Thanks for posting this video. Really feel for him. A player of such quality. He finally gets his chance in his preferred position and he had to make a mess of it thanks to not being fit enough. You would only saw his motivation would be doubled when he plays in his preferred position especially when his chance came after such a long wait and is probably the only chance he will get. there is no reason anyone would, but instead he looked like a guy who dint even wanna be on the pitch, never really wanted to attack the… Read more »

Kurtis Fehr

Can’t win with some fans, they complain that players don’t play through their injuries, they then complain that we get too much injuries and now they’re complaining that we have players not at their best ability because of their injuries… Wenger can’t win sometimes!

Yankee Gooner

Injuries OUT!


I second that!

Der Kanonier

Injured? True Gooner! They are not ours if they are not broken 🙂


Podolski has been a disappointment this year and perhaps the injury is why. If so he deserves great credit for playing through the pain barrier. Podolski saying he will be ok with out surgery could be because he wants to remain attractive in the transfer market. If Podolski does go to Galatasary I think that is not bad for us because he has struggled here. Diaby’s injury blighted career has been a sad example of wasted talent. Should we consider off loading Jack Wilshire now too or will he recover like Aaron Ramsey?. Some very expensive decisions to be made… Read more »

how can i keep calm?! I'm a gunner...

are you on crack?


If not then he needs a crack on the head for the dumbest dumb ass post I have seen this month 😉

Teri maa dhi

Great name!!!

chamakh's barber

(Indian here) great name, “Teri maa di” heh


You bring great shame to glorious nation of New Zealand.


Podolski would never in his life go to Galatasaray..oh wait..you are just trolling. No one in his right mind would consider selling Wilshere.


I think that it’s true that he’s been a disappointment according to the level of expectation. But that doesn’t mean he’s had a bad season. Of the three big signings, only Santi really hit the ground running.

But next season is onwards and upwards – even if Poldi doesn’t start, what an option to bring off the bench.

Double Canister

It’s Wilshere!


any BTW- No pro player is going to say they are carrying an ankle injury into 2 games with “‘lets say it’ Dirty Northern Bastard teams. Sanga had an unhealed leg break last season and Norwich – Bam! straight into the same spot as soon as they could target him.
Agricultural Cousin Fuckers.


Erm… Norwich aren’t northern. I kinda take you’re point though.

Double Canister

Anywhere north of finsbury park is in the Middle Ages.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s Sagna!


Give yourself a thumbs up for swearing in Urdu. Douche.

Red nose fucked us

Wenger needs to be extremeley careful with his targets this summer he has to look every were and every team in top Divisions in Europe.

Because we could have gotten more for less
When we could have bought
*This doesn’t include Cazorla because he has shown that he is better than both Kagawa & Hazard.


You should be a scout.. oh wait, you used hindsight.

67 + 6 = 73pts = CL spot = Jovetic coming?

Benteke would have been nice. He’s too similar to Giroud (not the looks, a category where Giroud is far superior) so can’t imagine us going for him at this stage, but can’t help but imagine where we’d be had our ‘replacement’ for skunk been Benteke instead of Giroud. We need the super-quick and clinical Jovetic playing upfront along with Giroud. But not in a ‘4-4-2’ but in a ‘3-2-1-2-2’ where Kos and Verminator become defensive midfielders: – Back Three: Jenks/Mert/Nacho (cover Bellerin/Ashley Williams/Gibbs) – Deep Midfield: Arteta/Kosciely… these two could be like ‘pistons’ moving back-and-forth between defensive and attacking positions… Read more »


Sell wilshere. You are mad mate. Wenger is resting him after just admitting he has overused him. Podolski will be a great squad member next season. IMO these are players that should be in our starting XI next year. He gaps we need to strengthen. GK – Defence- kos, mert, gibbs Mid- cazorla, jack, theo Att- Need Gk to compete/challenge schezzers Need RB if sagna leaves to compete with jenks Need Dm to compete/handover from Arteta. Need Winger who can compete with Gerv/podolski. Who preferably has an end product Need ST. ……….plz plz plz Jovetic. Or Muriel.. ……right thats my… Read more »

Jack's Right Foot

Do you want Muriel based purely on playing FIFA 13? In the games I’ve seen him in, he’s not Champions League material at all. Maybe a good future purchase, but not for the next season or two.


Whos Muriel? I play fifa, could do with another good attacker!

Jack's Right Foot

Not wanting to sound lame, but he’s incredible. Rating of 88, pace, power, ball control of 98, finishing. Brilliant left winger.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Gutbukkit Deffrolla is an incredible left winger with a rating of 98 and ball control of 98 in FIFA 13. We really need him at Arsenal.


A midfield with Jack, Santi and Theo??? That’d expose our back four like no other (also would seriously be the shortest midfield trio ever). No Mikel or Aaron, who have been at the heart of our regained form? Madness.

Jack's Right Foot

Surely it requires surgery if it’s been *all* season? Poor Poldi.


Well actually we were linked with him last season. Some youtube clips, and money being the big one. We cant buy the likes of benzema or lewandowski. But jovetic i like. I like Giroud.But im not convinced he should be our starting striker. Just my opinion.

gooner odst

its that damned number 9 shirt, when are management going to decide that enough bad luck is enough before they retire that number? They should give number 9 to Squillaci or something.

To be fair Poldi has been riding out the curse well but for fucks sake we need a counter-curse strategy/shaman or cut our losses.


Theres also the argument that we could promote from youth. The like of Gnabry, Bellerin, Akpom some would argue are good options. But are they gonna improve us right away….no. We need solid aquisitions. People say stop dreaming, getting that player will never happen. But we need to spend. Get whoever we need. Obv we might not qualify for CL. Then i dont know…..

The Car2n Goon

Blogs, Would it be possible to do a statistical analysis of the leagues top midfielders? I’ve been having an ongoing feud with Gooners that do not see the correlation between Ramsey’s move to CDM, his improvement in form and the 20 points out of possible 24 in the last 8 games… It would also be interesting to compare the first and second halves of the season to track the improvement. The comparison against Carrick in the Manure game has got me thinking that the second half of the season Ramsey has been the top performing CDM in the league. I’m… Read more »

Teri maa dhi

Good post! Considering the other names in that list it shows we have a top player, which is compounded by the fact that he is just starting to find his game, and can only improve. I feel it it is impossible for Ramsey to go backwards in his ability so it all good. Start building a team around our core british players and give them to chance to just focus on their strengths ( and not expectations) and we will have an amazing team. This season has been shit but we are not a million miles away from the Champions… Read more »


That’s pretty good stuff from Ramsey, a guy who has found himself again this season. I had faith in him, and always thought the hate towards him was so very misguided. Regarding his passing accuracy, to be fair to him he has pretty good passing accuracy everywhere BUT the final third, which I agree is where most of his improvements need to be made. He needs to regain his composure in the final third, pass better and definitely finish better. He’s such a smart footballer but his touch lets him down when he does well to find or create space.… Read more »

The Car2n Goon

If I’m not mistaken Ramsey’s passing in the final 3rd is better than Carrick’s (or, at least in the Manure game he was better).

Red nose fucked us

I don’t watch The Serie A so i can’t really judge Jovetic’s performances.
Is he another one being hyped up by the media to sell papers.
Do you remember the hype on Edin Hazard I’m sure that many thougt that many thought that he was the best play maker in Europe but I’m sure he isn’t worth £32 mil and 150 K he’s not even in the top 10 behind
David Silva, Mata, Cazorla, Reus, Pastore, Gotze, Kagawa, Vidal, El Sharawi, Hamsik.

boundary conditions

el shawarma, don’t make me laugh. hahahahahaha


if suarez becomes available in the summer, get him! I wouldnt give a fish’s tit about his preferred diet. The easiest way to get thumbs up it seems nowadaya is to gloss over anything ramsey does even if he’s shitting in the bush.Guess it makes people feel less miserable about their lives.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Notice that there are a now a few people here who believe the point of posting is to gain “thumbs”. Rather pathetic that so many people today believe that anything done on the web must be done competetively.


Don’t we all know that as it is now in the log table arsenal is under pressure: if tottenham Wins their last 3 matches, arsenal Wins their Last 2 and Chelsea Wins 2 out of Last 3, arsenal is out.wednesday night is A must support Chelsea night.

Red nose fucked us

Red nose spent all week saying that he was going to play a good side against Chelsea.
I thought that he wouldn’t let Rafa come to Old Traford and take all 3 Points at least.

This game was a must not win Chelsea game for us. I thought that i would enjoy Wednesday’s game no matter who won but i don’t think I’m going to watch if Spurs score early.

Glasgow Gunner

It’s the uncertainty that’s so unsettling. Arsenal can’t even tie up deals early (before the window opens) because its unlikely any world class player’s agent is willing to commit to us yet. I sincerely hope we are not still floundering around the market mid to late August, offering the usual soundbites. “we are on the phones” , “We are ready to spend” , “it’s difficult to improve on what we have”, “Youngsters have the mental strength to full the gaps” Time for a new strategy?


Hazard is gonna be a great player. So dont write him off red nose. Kagawa better than hazard?! Please. Thats just being ignorant as fuck.
@f13- there are gaps in original post because i believe we can improve starting 11. Theo plays rw now so technically a wide mf anyway. santi and jack play mf together so dont really get any of your comment. Based on our 4-5-1 formation i believe there could be one or maybe two additions if u read what i was saying.


Hazard is gonna be a great player. So dont write him off red nose. Kagawa better than hazard?! Please. Thats just being ignorant as fuck.
@f13- there are gaps in original post because i believe we can improve starting 11. Theo plays rw now so technically a wide mf anyway. santi and jack play mf together so dont really get any of your comment. Based on our 4-5-1 formation i believe there could be one or maybe two additions if u read what i was saying. As well as a striker, goalie and right back

Red nose fucked us

I have watched more than 1000 games of FootBall.
And it is with some certainity that I tell you that Hazard isn’t going to be a great player.
He is just a quick player, who is arrogant and has a big fat ass.
He is a good dribbler, But is he a good passer?, Is he a good Shooter?, Is he a good finisher?

Players I would rather have Instead of Hazard
-Walcott [good finisher, good shooter]

boundary conditions

I see you’re in the habit of effing up your lists at some point.
Let me laugh this time 😉


Is he a good passer: Yes. Not like Mata good good nonetheless.
Is he a good shooter: Emphatically, yes.
Is he a good finisher: See above. No the late arriving tap in type though.

Double Canister

All I want to see is Lousie and Ramiers kick some serious monkey butt.
A draw would be acceptable.
It would guarantee € haves at least 4th place, as Spuds would never make up 6 points and the huge GD.

AFC’s best option, is sadly to hope the Chavs win even if this makes 3rd place unrealistic for us, but it would mean we would only need 1 win and 1 draw to pip the spuds.

and lastly…… seriously? your user name?!
Can you type and peel a banana at the same time too?

Double Canister

4-5-1 ehh??
INHO It was more a 4-3-3 earlier in the season and its now a bit more like a 4-2-3-1.
Manure play 4-5…………1

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Does anyone remember when Hetman Podolski grew a mustache…?


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