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Podolski: No way I’m leaving Arsenal

Lukas Podolski says he has no intention of leaving Arsenal this summer despite speculation linking him with an early Emirates exit.

The German international has had an efficient first year in North London, scoring 11 goals and assisting nine others, but will no doubt be looking to build on his experience after regular playing time tailed off in the second half of the season.

Currently in the USA on international duty, the 27-year-old underlined his future plans to

“I feel very comfortable and I am completely satisfied with my first year in England. I have no intention to leave the club.

Playing down links with clubs in Turkey and reigning Serie A champions Juventus, the striker added that rumours and speculation were not something he can control.

One man who is attempting to quell spurious rumours is Arsene Wenger. The boss has stamped out any suggestion that Bayern Munich (or anyone else for that matter) have a chance of signing Jack Wilshere by stressing that he’s only thinking about adding to his squad, not letting people go.

“We won’t be selling any of our top players this time around and that includes Jack Wilshere,” Wenger is quoted as saying by Sports Mole.

“We’ll be adding at least three significant signings.”

Arseblog News can’t verify the original source of Wenger’s quotes but we suspect the above might have been something said while working as a TV pundit for last night’s Champions League final. No doubt, more will seep out over the course of the next couple of days.

UPDATE – Cheers to @SiuFay for the correction. It has rightly been pointed out that the ‘Wenger’ quote actually came from an unnamed source talking to the Daily Star. We’d have updated this yesterday but we were in the sunshine.

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Good stuff, I think he’ll be great for us in the future.


you mean wenger or poldi??
as for me, i am going for both…..
i think wenger is going to get us at least one trophy this coming season, and poldi is going to be one of the most influential players towards that end…….


I believe this is what someone on Arsenal-land was asking Thomas Vermaelen to do. See, it is possible.

Poldi <3


I need new news and I need it now I’m scagging out here come on arseblog give me something I can’t take it tell me we signed messi or even David seaman anything how am I going 2 last till August I think footballers should be like us 2 weeks holidays and that’s it


See you Guardiola….you can fuck off!

Indie Gunner

Mr Blogs, do you know what you’ve done by writing that three signings line? You have instantly created eleventeen ITK accounts. Sigh.

But Poldi stays! Yay! *throws confetti*




In the know


Well looking at the pic, you can’t say he isn’t happy can’t you.


whoever has found taken this pic has done a great job and although by now, i have seen this pic ample times, i just can’t help laughing every time i see this pic or even think about it.
It’s so ironic, i mean, what the hell is he finding so funny when everyone else is looking worried??


I can’t help thinking it must have been even funnier come 77 minutes.
Three subs, all wrestling with jammed zips while the 4th official facepalms himself.

Lightning Pace

You know, to me it looks like Poldi had boiled eggs for breakfast.


A Senior Arsenal Figure. Meaning BULLSHIT!


There is one senior Arsenal figure who has been known to speak to the Daily Star, and if he is the source, then it’s a credible one.

Cyril Washbrook

Well spotted, SiuFay. I think a correction on Arseblog News’ part is in order.

From everything I’ve seen of it, “Sports Mole” is not a credible source for anything. The writing is third-rate and frequently sensationalist, the editing is sloppy, and the sourcing ranges from shoddy to non-existent. I’d trust it about as much as I would trust Wayne “Joe Cole to join Arsenal” Veysey over at




nice pro pic, btw..


Those girls on the Star have cracking tits, so the magazine is allowed to do what it wants.


This is the day after my crash on my bike and this is the best news iv had all week.

Come on Wenger get in 3 top signings now and thats us on the up again.


‘At least three significant signings’????


They had me going until that bit.


Three “Top, Top, Top” $ignings please Arsene.

Dial square

I’ve heard it all now, Fabregas wanted by Man Utd, so what, who wouldn’t want him.
I’ve always quite liked David Moyes, seemed like a decent bloke and I hope he doesn’t turn into a complete cunt, but by joining that lot maybe he already has, still have smile at RvP though, signed for probably the greatest club manager ever who promptly fucks off to be replaced by a second rate one, who’s laughing now!!!

Bergkamp Ghoulfest

Uhm, might I suggest RVP is laughing, having won the league and retained the Golden Boot in his first season there?

I hate Man Utd as much as the next Gooner, but there’s no point deluding ourselves…

Dial square

Let’s see if he’s laughing this time next year shall we!!


Talking about signings, I mean, real ones nor falcao or Rooney…. Who is really worth 20+ million and can make a difference (better than Giroud ) cuz this Jovetic doesn’t look SUPER impresive! … Maybe the YaYa kid comes out good…

Edu's Braces

I dunno, that time he was whinging about Cesc saying something in the tunnel always pissed me off. I suppose he’s not the worst though. Hopefully Cesc remembers that time and refuses to play for the guy because him playing for united would be the end of football for me.

Cazorla's Left Foot

I cannot even possibly imagine Cesc playing for Manure. If that happens, even though it’ll never happen, i will lose all hope in football.

But, it won’t come to pass. The whole is a bit of joke to me. There are only 2 clubs Cesc would play for.

Cazorla's Left Foot

*the whole rumor*

Edu's Braces

It’s only 2/1 at BetVictor which made me feel very ill. Still though, I could never see it.

Why is my name required

The least Arsene could do as a present to us would be to sign either Reus or Ledowanski. One of them.

and then it would make me happy. Just like that picture of a smiling Podolski

North Bank Gooner

A Lewandowski isn’t that much more £ than a Jovetic.

I know which one I would prefer 😉


Lewandowski is off to Bayern, it’s the worst kept secret there is. Wenger even confirmed it during his pundit job.

Cyril Washbrook

Heynckes let slip after the game that Lewandowski would soon be arriving.

If Lewandowski had seriously been considering going anywhere other than Bayern, there would have been more competition from other big clubs. But this isn’t a case where you could just fork out a big wad of cash and pick him off the shelf: it’s highly likely that Lewandowski had his sights set on Bayern, and Bayern alone. Any reports you’ve seen about “[Insert club] closing in on Lewandowski” or “[Insert club] to test Dortmund’s resolve with £[insert two-digit number] million bid” are just noise.


“at least three significant signings” … perhaps i’m just a naive fool, but i’m going to cling to that hope for as long as i can …


i do not understand why some people give stick to podolski,even with his injury and all,his first season in england,he managed to score 16 goals(some of which were spectacular).He worked so hard with gibbs down the left flank;provided plenty of assists.
i bet he is gonna be in our first team next year,and if even if he doesn’t,just imagine having lukas podolski our bench.


Media do, because it sells papers.


And the media hate Arsenal…


podolski is like walcott, he’s a striker playing in a winger’s role, so his concentration lapses and there are sometimes long stretches of the match where he is completely invisible out there. that’s why our success came when we stoped playing poldi on the left with walcott on the right, and instead normally opted to play a midfielder-type at one of those two wide positions. and walcott’s the better player, so that doesn’t leave much of a role for poldi as a starter. podolski’s numbers have been great, but those numbers can deceive, somewhat. many of his goals came in… Read more »


Poldi is that impact player that we need to have. He can start the majority of games – but he is the a highly experienced player ( 108 caps for Germany is madness ) and a natural goal scorer that can come off the bench in big games and score the goals in our most important games.


“We won’t be selling any of our top players this time around and that includes Jack Wilshere,” Jack Wilshere: 1. He’s a bigger Arsenal fan than most of us 2. He signed a long term contract this year (along with several of his mates) 3. He’s injured still We know that ‘Van c*nt face’ leaving us after all that bollox he said has surely left Arsenal fans feeling rightly a bit cynical and jaded about players supposed ‘loyalties’ but Jack leaving in the summer… come on, please The idea of Wilshere leaving this summer is about as likely as us… Read more »


Unfortunately, Jack’s a West Ham fan but they’re probably the only club he’d go to and there’s not a chancee of that happening


no football player is a “fan”, its aall about the money. See that jack jebb in the reserves, i personally know him, all he boasts about is his 60 k signing on fee and his 2 k aweek earnings. THERE NOT FANS.


Mr blog r Ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ø̲̣̣̥u̶̲̥̅̊ sure dis is real?


Just 1 dortmund player please.. Gundogun.. Reus.. Bender.. Any one would be perfect for our midfield..
And concerning Rooney.. Hell fucking no.. £30 million?? Who do you think united will buy to replace rooney with that money..? Only one person Lewendowski.. And who would you pay £30 million for? Fat cunt.. Or probably the best marksman in world football today?
Oh and Cesc.. (tears in eyes) please..


None of that is happenning. Not Rooney, whose people are inventing all this interest out of thin air for a new contract, not Cesc who won’t be leaving his childhood club just because of one mediocre season, totally fabricated. Lewandowski is going to Bayern, there’s no chance he’s going abroad, it’s probably about to be officially confirmed in the enxt days.

North Bank Gooner

I love Poldi, the cab riding, Theo – sign da ting singing, always got a big smile all over his face diamond geeza!

Can you imagine him in the dressing room, cracking everyone up, must be great for pre match nerves.

Hopefully we can get him fitter, he is top top special.


I think Podolski needs to prove his loyalty with an Arsenal tattoo to match the Cologne one

Gunner pundit 1989 liverpool vs arsenal title decider

Dial square

Just watched the Anfield 89 link, never ever fails to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, Alan Smith probably the most underrated Arsenal player ever, George Graham as cool and smooth as ever, Mickey Thomas forever in your debt, Rocky Rocastle not forgotten….COYG. (Steve MacMahon total wanker).


Still brings tears to my eyes.
Great day full of unforgettable memories.
Started the day planning to watch it up The Gunners and ended it in the surge up at Anfield just as he was about to shoot – the only moment in my life when time has actually stood still – before we went fuckin mental when we realised he’d done it.


For me Podolski has been a major disappointment. For a bloke with more than 100 German caps, and a huge reputation, I wanted to see more. He has clearly been injured all season and has almost never played the full 90 minutes. Neither he or Giroud were adequate replacements for Van Persie.

As for the “three major signings”, I’ll believe it when I see it. This is the same Arsene Wenger who said that he would be “very busy” in the January transfer window.

Dial square

The “very busy” thing is a fair point, but I still believe Arsene, I just can’t help it!!


But he was very busy wasn’t he? I mean we had like 7-8 games then…


We got Nacho in that window and we were after Villa, but Barca weren’t going to sell. But it’s nice of you to try and find an angle to blame Wenger for other clubs not wanting to sell their players.

A winger who can also score goals, atleast 12 in a season, a midfielder/ball carrier who can create scoring chances and can score goals himself a combination of TR7/CAZ in 1 player, a CD, probably A.williams and a target man to give giroud a gud competition upfront. With that commitment we desplayed in the tail end of the just concluded campaingn, we will surely win the title next season


Bayern signed goetze wht else do they want


Well podolski was never going anywhere winger always gives players the chance to prove themselves. I agree that our three attacking options did well in their first season scoring goals and providing assists. Yes pods efforts are slightly better as he started fewer games and never really completed a full ninety minutes add to that most of those goals came when he played on left wing its an even better deal. I would be worried by wingers comments of signing at least three significant signings does that mean we are going to sign three players or three big players and… Read more »

Cesc Fabregas

I’m coming home

That picture captures the precise moment when Nacho Monreal “turned” after a bite from Suarez.


He’s only 27?

i think everyone’s criticism of Podolski this season are misplaced, because it was only his first season. I wonder if the assumption is that because he is “in the twilight of his career” then he should hit the ground running? (i.e. Davor Suker)

In reality, he is 27 and should still get better. Remember, he is younger than Cazorla!

Podolski, for me, is a better player than Giroud. Granted; different players, and Giroud adds something, but I don’t want “something” I want goals. And Podolski for me is better in all areas apart from aerial. It’s funny how little we know about what goes on inside the club. Podolski is a great player for me but doesn’t play a lot; I guess it was a tactical thing. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is this guy is experienced and is not afraid, and he’s tough, I would absolute love to see him starting regularly next season.

2 things giroud has that will make it very difficult for AW to drop him. 1stly, his aerial prowess, this guy is damn gud in the hair not only in the opposition box, but also in our own box 2, and 2ndly his link up play, the way he old the ball up and bring others into the game and those 1 2s just luk at the no of assists he had. Unless we’re getting a Cavani, a falcao or an ibrahimovich.


i hope we never ever sign somebody as repulsive as ibrahimovic


I hope Poldi is staying unless we are getting someone better then why not trade up? 3 significant signings eh. Yaya Sanogo must be a significant signing otherwise why are we signing him? That leaves just two significant signings. Unless Sanogo is an important but not significant signing?


Is it that asshole of Guardiola who said that Barcelona has 10 Players in second Team better than Wilshere?


Unsurprising, no one was expecting him to hightail it after just one season. He can be useful as an impact sub from the bench. His finishing ability will be valuable late on in tight games

Glasgow Gunner

Neymar to barca. Makes me sick (with jealousy). Unless it sets fabregas free. Alexis Sanchez or marik hamsik would be significant


One day it’ll be us who has the enviable reputation and everyone else sick with jealousy.


@Glasgow Gunner: Surely Neymar to Barca is far more likely to set David Villa free right? (not that he wasn’t already really).
Guess who’s hot favorite now to join our ‘spanish core’


When wenger says three, is yaya songabonga or whatever his name count as one?

Big Chief from Antarctica

To want big names is one thing but being disrespectful towards a relatively unknown player is just pathetic. Especially since your username is “kos”.


I am kos the boss


Kos the Toss more like…


Whilst we would all like to see some great players arrive in the summer i think we have to be realistic with the calibre we should expect. A Reus or Lewandowski arent likely to join us as they currently play for a club that narrowly lost the CL final and all the oil rich clubs could offer more money and more chance of trophies. That doesnt mean we cannot still get quality with players who have been overlooked or considered a flop at a top club and offer them a new challenge and decent wages. After all TH14 was considered… Read more »


Reus would never join us, because he is a Dortmund bloke. He came through their youth team, didn’t make the cut but in interviews in Germany he has always been talking about how he wants to return to them. He’ll probably stay with Dortmund until the end of his career.


Niiiceeee. Double good news and no apocalyptic articles about us so far. I forgot how it felt to be more curious about incoming players and less worried about players leaving. The only player who could truly worry us is santi, but he didnt once put the arm band on this season so I think we are sweet! Vermaelen on the other hand….

fel the gooner

Three players huh? Hmmm a.williams, jovetic, marko reus please arsene. and put the verminator in def.midfield like david luis and he will smash people in winning the ball back for us whilst glowing in a shade of green hulk style lol


This isn’t the time to think about letting Podolski go. He’s had just the one season in what is touted as the most difficult league in the world to adapt to. (Though how one ascertains that kind of thing TH14 only knows.) This summer we need to look at other areas as a priority. And iff he goes backwards (like AA did) then next year there’ll be a similar amount of dosh to contemplate someone more productive on the left. 15 goals and 10 assists in 33 (8 as sub) Premier League and 6 Champions’ League matches isn’t a bad… Read more »


I just want to make a point which I feel that everyone has neglected. Provided that we sell mannone and djorou,we are left with just 5 overage homegrown players(sczzers, gibbs, ramsey, coquelin and walcott). Hence, we can only declare 22 overage players(unless we buy new homegrown players). If we sell the overage players who are currently on loan, we are left with a squad of 19. So, we can only sign three players born before 1992. Also, one must consider the fact that in 2014-15 we will have 7 more players to declare(Jenks, Wilshere, Miquel, Miyaichi, Campbell, Martinez, Frimpong). Signing… Read more »


As the other clubs we should be competing with are chasing the cavanis and falcaos. Atleast I felt we are good seeing as we’re chasing higuan/jovetic but so far the clubs and the agents have reported nothing of Arsenals interest. So just rumours there.

But ask about twenty year olds and Arsene is in.
Sanogo- we’re looking at him
Grenier- I have been following him, he reminds me of nasri.

I just hope arsene comes good on bringing in quality. We have £70M yet his targets remain the same (of a mediocre budget).

Prove me wrong Arsene you twat!


Grenier is a fantastic talent. He is a regular for lyon and is a real playmaker. Also he has the ability to take juniho-esque free kicks. Yes, sanogo is unproven but signing grenier would be akin to signing someone like isco. Only grenier would be cheaper


Im not saying he’s not good but he’s a prospect and that remains that. we should be going for proven quality, we have many “prospects” as it is. I just thought you wanted that aswell, sorry then.

Mikel Artekkers

I know its off topic, and as much as I hate Pi*rs M*rgan, the Dutch Cunt has just reserved himself a place in history as one of the most classless footballers of all time.
Truly, he is a little boy.


I agree that we need at least 1 or 2 proven players. But negotiations for big players take time. And as long as we add to the squad,i am happy


Photo of the season.

Lightning Pace

You know, to me it looks like Poldi had boiled eggs for breakfast.


3 major signings:
Minor signings:
-Julio Cesar
-Yaya Sanogo


This summer: abou diaby, andre santos moe turned skillful left winger from a loan spell in the effn brazillian league. Then perhaps…..only perhaps! Higuan/Grenier seeing as arsenal fans were starting to call for wengers head just before the window closes.

Piers morgan

Malouda: “A number of my teammates used to fake injury, the whole team laughed but she still had to do her job, she liked the attention”



Clock End Mike

I don’t get why everybody’s going “I want Arsenal to sign Higuain / Grenier / Lewandowski / Reus / Villa / whoever”. It’s not as if AW can walk into a supermarket and take his pick. We saw that in January when it was admitted we’d tried to sign Villa but he wasn’t for sale. As AW has said, there’s more money than top players these days. And we may have a bigger pot of money than for a while, but everyone knows we’re not going to spend silly money to lure players to Arsenal or prise them away from… Read more »

Arsene Wenger

Exactly, people forget this is not FIFA and players do not have overall ratings in real life. Buying Higuain does not necessarily guarantee success, it just costs a lot of money in wages and transfer fee. Clubs like Citeh can take that risk as they have bottomless pockets, we can’t. Honestly, tenyears ago, no-one would have cared if we signed no-bodies, but now they do because they want us to sign big names, forgetting that most of our success was built on signings out of the blue. They forget that our problem has been letting go of players, not a… Read more »

It Is What It Is

In: Aurier, Sanogo, Benteke/Lukaku, Capoue/M’Villa, a good deputy for the Pole in goal, and Isco for the fun of it.
On a LANS: Miquel
Fabregas, Navas, KP Boateng and Hulk if we decide to go crazy.

Out: TGSTEL, AA, Santos, Squillaci, Park, Chamack, Denilson, Don Vito, Fabianski, Djourou
Indifferent/possibly: Gervais Yao Forehead

Arsene Wenger

I’d like to add a couple more: Christiano Ronaldo, Messi, Falcao, Cavani, Hummels, Lahm (why not?) and Casillas.


you really should go support Citeh or Chelski if you are asking AW to buy players for the fun of it

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