QPR v Arsenal – stat pack

Arsenal stats

As always our friends at kickoff.co.uk have provided us with another fantastic Premier League infographic ahead of our game against QPR later today.

May the stats be with you.

QPR v Arsenal stats

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obnoxious loser

1ST!!!!!1 I am so awesome , my life has meaning now

obnoxious loser

I would like to thank my dad for the high quality sperm and god for being a totally awesome killing machine.. No, seriously i’m sorry, judging from the thumbs down, my comment wasnt funny Back to the matter at hand..Would love to see us give out a spanking today, we’ve done well grinding some results recently which deserves some credit ( Not that Arsenal will ever get credit like united , when they do it) so today i hope everything clicks really well for our attackers.. As blogs said in his post , this could potentially be one of those… Read more »


Dangerous, you are opening yourself up to the humourless brigade.




A nice solid 3-0. Cazorla, podolski and walcott. Keep it going lads your nearly there!

RC Motors

Get an early goal and see this game through.
Please don’t give me heart palpitations.

pauly bear

Theo to step up today.

stat predictor

I dreamt last night we won 8-0, Walcott hat-trick.


did gerv come on and score a hattrick aswell????? ……of misses?


That’s funny, because I dreamt that pochetino gave Tottenham a Spanking.


On that topic, how is Southampton not leading after the first 30 min. The Saints are all over them!

Di cano

That’s funny, because I dreamt that pochetino gave Tottenham a Spanking.


I dreamed an acquaintance was on a diatribe about how faceb**k was a great growth investment. He was going on and on and on. Then I woke up to the ending of a late night airing of ‘Mad Money.’ I turned the TV off and rolled back over.


Momentum the Ally, complacency the foe.

Bets on ‘arry to rally his troops seeing as both him and qpr have an affiliation to sp*r cunts. Lets make it a sore one lads.


Aaron Ramsey is sure to be on the scoresheet today. As for the celebrity concerned, well, they better keep their will ready.

It Is What It Is

Piers Morgan


Being honest, with our main striker supposedly unfit and the general lack of punch we have offered in the last few games, can’t see this being more than a cagey 0-1 or sneaking a 1-2 at the end as we throw everything into snatching 3 points, with a defender to score. Fingers crossed. QPR are the vole’s nuts but teams find it easier to get psyched up to play us and a fair few will be thinking of putting themselves in a good light for a decent wage packet when the summer fire sale happens. Plus Rednapp is a bell-end.… Read more »

A N Other

I just hope that our handbrake just stays downs and never gets pulled.