Saturday, January 28, 2023

Report: Arsenal 4-1 Wigan

Arsenal moved back into the top four this evening after a 4-1 win against Wigan at the Emirates this evening.

Arsene Wenger made just one change from the team that beat QPR with Kieran Gibbs replacing Nacho Monreal at left back, meaning Lukas Podolski continued in the central-striking position, flanked by Walcott and Cazorla.

In a game that both sides had to win Arsenal started brightly, keeping the ball well and forcing Wigan backwards. The home side had the first real chance of the game when Walcott got down the right, and pulled back a cross which bounced just in front of Cazorla. The Spaniard couldn’t get his foot on it so stooped for a header which went just wide with the keeper rooted to the spot.

But Arsenal were ahead just a couple of  moments later; after a good Theo Walcott cross forced a corner, Santi Cazorla aimed his set-piece for the near post, looking for a Mertesacker flick-on. Nobody touched the ball, it bounced to Podolski inside the 6 yard box and he had the simple task of nodding home to make it 1-0.

Kieran Gibbs came close to doubling the lead when he almost got on the end of a Bacary Sagna shot from distance which was dragged beyond the far post, while Theo Walcott and Mikel Arteta both saw shots blocked by resolute Wigan defending.

Aaron Ramsey, fed by Cazorla, poked wide on the stretch at the near post, before Laurent Koscielny was forced into Arsenal’s first real rearguard action, cutting out a ball over the top as Kone threatened. A Shaun Moloney free kick hit the wall as Wigan enjoyed a good spell, and the same player saw his shot blocked after a positive run across the Arsenal penalty area.

Laurent Koscielny should have extended Arsenal’s lead in the 38th minute but the centre-half somehow poked a Cazorla corner wide from just 3 or 4 yards out, and when Walcott put the ball in the net the flag was rightly raised for offside.

Referee Mike Dean twice waved away clear fouls on Santi Cazorla, before awarding a free kick to Wigan in a dangerous position for exactly the same kind of thing. Shaun Moloney went down like a ton of bricks and Dean couldn’t wait to blow his whistle. Moloney’s earlier effort hit the wall, this time he skimmed it just over the Arsenal players and inside the near post. Wojciech Szczesny got something on it but not enough to keep it out and the teams went in level at the break.

Mike Dean left the pitch to chants of ‘cheat’ from the Arsenal fans, but despite the bad decision to award the free kick, Arsenal’s last 15 minutes were careless, they invited pressure onto them and Laurent Koscielny’s miss a few minute earlier proved very costly.

The second half started as the first left off with Wigan creating a fantastic early chance. They played their way through our defence, in tight areas in our box, Kone was one on one with Szczesny, and he smashed a shot which the keeper saved from close range. Strong hands from Szczesny stopped a certain goal.

Wigan then had the ball in the net before the offside flag ruled it out, before Arsenal almost went ahead. Cazorla was twice denied by Robles from close range before a Rosicky shot drilled just wide of the far post.  Lukas Podolski got a header on target but it was easy for the keeper, and the German was ignored by Theo Walcott who saw his near post shot saved.

But it was the England man who put Arsenal ahead in the 63rd minute at the start of a devastating period of play from Arsenal. Sagna played Cazorla down the right hand side, the Spaniard rolled in a perfect ball across goal and Theo Walcott’s run saw him get on the end of it, and poke it home underneath the keeper. 2-1.

After some great defensive work from Walcott, and just 5 minutes later, Arsenal were further ahead. A long ball from Szczesny was headed out, Cazorla headed it back in, Podolski stayed back onside and lobbed it over the keeper to make it 3-1.

Wigan heads went down and Arsenal took advantage to extend the lead even further. Santi Cazorla played Ramsey free down the left hand side, he took it on, into the box, and with two Arsenal players waiting for a pass, he gave the keeper the eyes and tucked it home high into the net. 4-1.

Jack Wilshere and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain replaced Rosicky and Podolski and although it looked all over for Wigan, sub Franco di Santo twice went close with a shot from distance and a header from a corner.

Despite their best efforts it was game over and the game reached it’s inevitable conclusion. Wigan go down, Arsenal, more importantly, are back into the top four and a win against Newcastle on Sunday will secure a top four spot and, at the very least, a qualification round for next season’s Champions League.

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Gooner For LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiFE

And they said he has the work rate, but doesn’t have the ability. Oh Where Oh Where are you Ramsey haters now? Great game for him to get that goal he’s been waiting for.


Just lovely too see him score!


About fucking time, average player sorry


You are an idiot if you are blind to Ramsey’s performances in 2013, let alone his performances since the start of April. He’s been an absolute asset to the team, has worked so well with Arteta and has been one of our most influential players in the past several games.


92nd minute at 4-1 up he went sliding in to try and win a loose ball. That’s the kind of commitment you can’t buy.

Matt Senior

Who thumbed that down? What the fuck?


He took his goal well today.

Parisian Weetabix

Took it like Ronaldinho! Looked one way, slotted it in the other.


Yeah all that. But more importantly who’s kicking it next?, that bucket

Le Chattelier

I bet Giroud can better than!


And celebrities the world over go to bed, wondering which of them won’t be waking up in the morning.


John Terry counts as a celebrity, right?


Looks like angelinas tiddies took one for the team….

Mikel Artekkers

1. van Quisling
2. Ca$hley £ole
3. John Terry
4. Joey Barton
5. Shrek
6. Adebuywhore
7. Na$ri
Got a lot to get done there Rambo… atta boy


Wanker – Not cool, bro.


Reminded me of the one arShavin scored at the other end against against Blackburn way back when lol


I had the same thought.

Arsenes Nose

Ramsey for President!


Chim,chimney,chim,chimney who needs Giroud!


that my friend is more pathetic then tony pubis’s post match interview.


Ramsey haters dissapeared weeks ago mate. He’s been brilliant for sometime now. Hopefully the walcott ones do the same.

Bould's Eyeliner

Today was actually a brilliant game for Walcott, or so I think. He was on fire in the beginning and then it looked like he just disappeared as all too often again, but somehow he just made one run and it kind of enlivened Arsenal, and then got that goal which kept the pace going and killed the game. Oh and he dispossessed someone on defense. What the hell, Man of the Match for me.


Walcott had a great game, as did Ramsey and Koscielny, but its Santi who’s my MOTM. 4 assists, say what!?! Theo Aaron and Laurent are my runners up.

Its so nice to have so many candidates for MOTM.

Bould's Eyeliner

oh yeah Koscielny’s fabulous ballet dancer clearance was the most brilliant piece of work all match agreed.


Angelina Jolie just averted a disaster by having cancer surgery….

Bendtner's Ego

Rambo scored, so some celebrity is required to die, or at least spontaneously combust.

I vote Piers Morgan.


Countryside: verb~to kill Piers Morgan

petits handbag

Would anyone really miss Gareth Bale? Although he’s only got one more game for the Spuds….


He would be a big miss at the london zoo no doubt. Never going there again!

I don't comment here often

Hey now, Bale’s just a good player in the wrong team. There’s no way he’s in line in front of Piers Morgan.


I followed the live blog, and until the moment Ramsey scored, most thought he was having a poor game compared to recent matches. None of these people were angry at Ramsey, and none hurled abuse; they were just pointing out that Ramsey was having a poor game, and thought he should probably be subbed off.

His goal was indeed well taken, but let’s not use that in the service of some revisionist history.

Bring on the thumbs down. I’m just telling you what I saw in the majority of comments posted beside the live blog.


I really like Ramsey, by the way. He’s working his socks off for the cause, and it’s great to see.

Arsene Wenger

I agree, I think he had a slightly off day, although I don’t question his commitment.

Still, if a player can pop up and score despite a poor performance, that’s fine by me. Against QPR and Manure, Lord Theo was not exactly great, but he salvaged 4 points for us. B*le scored randomly against Sotton as well.


I mean I know its opinion and all, but I thought Ramsey had a fantastic match, he harried and pressed and save for a couple of careless moments he was solid I thought, the goal capped off what I thought was an overall very good performance regardless. I followed the live blog at the Short Fuse on SB Nation and everyone there seemed quite positive of Ramsey throughout the match, even before his goal.

It’s all opinion here and there, so we can agree to disagree I suppose! Either way I rate Aaron and am so very happy he scored.

Poliver Girolski

I didn’t follow the blog here, but I think Ramsey had his best game in a while for us.

He has played a few wayward passes in previous matches, which made me cringe, but tonight was a 10/10 performance tonight for me. His work rate was second to none, his passing was great and he got on the score sheet.

it’s just a shame we have a magician such as Santi other wise he would easily of been my man of the match.

Teri maa dhi

You always seem to have to mention the thumbs-down! Very annoying. No need to be insecure and need to add in disclaimers after your comment. All comments have value and you should be secure enough in your own to be concerned about houw many thumbs up or down you get – or by constantly trying to preach to people about how this blog attracts ‘this’ and posters only post ‘that’. I tend to like your comments but they are spoiled by this constant drone, of what percieve as, bitterness towards others who don’t agree with you or think like you… Read more »


I was one of the people calling for the sub! I made it very clear I wasn’t a “Ramsey hater” but he was very sloppy last night: In a way that Arteta wasn’t. Although, Arteta got mugged for the FK, Ramsey never put us in that kind of danger. To be honest when he hit the ball rather than pass it I was getting ready to swear some more in the live blog (Was pretty prolific last night: I blame mike dean entirely!).. but fair play to the man! He scored a cracker. I can see Ramsey in arsenal colours… Read more »


Where is the cunt that calls himself Ramsey is shit he,s being missing for a while

Donkey boy is Adebayour

I was seriously nervous today. I knew that when I moved my morning shit to 2 hours before tonight’s game. but I will save my sigh of relief when I hear the final whistle after beating Newcastle.

German Gunner

Ramsey played ok, nothing more, it was relegated Wigan after all
He needs show much more quality, rarely creates any danger going forward.
Hope he can add more to his game.

Sue My Chin

Yeh, forget the 5 or so absolute sitters, dozens of long shots that have flew high wide and everywhere (two or three again tonight), this goal, this one goal to seal a victory against an already beaten Wigan side makes up for all of it…. This comment is a as knee-jeking as the ones putting him down to begin with. Love his work rate and commitment, you can see it best when he’s scrambling all over the floor to get up and get back, just wish he would play the fast simple ball and leave the flicks and back-heels at… Read more »


Absolutely agree Re: Ramsey, the delusion here is of eifel stand. A CAM for Arsenal cant ascertain himself against Wigan and everybody says he’s amazing because he scored a goal when the opponents were already down and out. And FFS what was he suppose to do with that chance anyway? Sky it when he had myriads of players to pass to and a window at the near post to exploit? Players of Arsenal standard should score that every and anytime. People say Ramsey is shit because the teams ahead of us are Manure, Chelshit and Mancity, and nobody can see… Read more »


hey, ramsey scored and nobody’s dead here but wigan is!

can’t wait to beat newwwwwcastle and go top4!

OoOoOHHH to be a gooner~



Say what you want about Walcott, today he had an awesome game. Not only was he an attacking threat throughout, you could see on nunerous occasions how he came back to help Sagna, something he has been rightly accused of not doing for much of the season.
Anyway, one more win and we have the last CL spot. COYG!

Arsenes Nose

Walcott played great today.. No one would critisize this performance if it was a bit more consistent..

Big Chief from Antarctica

Also the game before. He’s getting there. Team spirit all over the place. 10 game unbeaten. COYG!

Si in Galway

am i getting mixed up, or in the game before didn’t the stats confirm him having something like 9 touches the whole game?


Walcott had one of this best games in an Arsenal shirt. He attacked relentlessly, always positive, but, more importantly, he didn’t do this at the expense of defensive duty. He made some great tackles at our end of the pitch.

Si in Galway

for me this performance doesn’t address the question mark over whether he can consistently have an impact in games where the opposition isn’t relentlessly trying to attack us, thus leave space for him to run into. I don’t see that he’s developed the skills/tactics to solve the ‘massed defence’ problem. Yet. (hopefully)


Walcott has stepped up this season. You just don’t get to be consistent pap! just like that. He has had a much better campaign than he did last season and I want him to continue like so. Key asset for the team. He WILL get better and better!


Well played team! Now lets go get those 3 pts on Sunday and with good fortune and a great favour from Everton, finish 3rd on the table! It’s still possible, people! C’mon you Gunners!


Yeah next weekend is the 2nd leg final. We did sunderland a favour today, is it too much to ask that they do the same for us next week? while we ofcourse do our part against N.U.

Everton just need to be everton and frustrate the big teams like they always do!

Parisian Weetabix

MOTM for me.

Der Springer

Thumbs up if you are referring to any of the following players:
Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Rosicky, Arteta, Walcott, Ramsey. Cazorla, Podolski, or Bergkamp


I only thumbed because of Bergkamp

Dick Swiveller

Aye, Theo was probably up there with Santi and Rambo for MOTM.

Eric Irish gunner

Santi 4 assists, brilliant game


A word for Santi – FOUR assists!

Good job team and a nice happy win for us.

jack jack jack

He did have a very good game, good to see him getting some form back. Ramsey, Theo and Gibbs were all really impressive today, and Santi was sublime. Bloody great win, thought we were going to throw it away, but our grit pulled us back. Loving Ramsey’s resurgence, the boy’s got so much heart.


Glad you mentioned Gibbs. Handled McManaman really well last night. Ramsey and him doubled up brilliantly on that left. Throughout this unbeaten run we’ve made that extra effort to stifle opposition team’s danger men(eg. Arteta on Rooney a few weeks ago) and it’s great to see, something we were often careless about earlier in the season.


Great win. Mike dean must be devastated.


Good all mike dean. 4-1 to the arsenal go suck on that you bold cunt


That Koscienly clearance was classic! This game had Men of the Match. Hard to choose between Chesney, Koscielny, Walcott, Carzola, Podolski etc etc.. Massive performance! COYG!!!!!!!

Mike dean is a cunt

Mike dean must retire, or get stabbed…………..seriously. the cunt was probably thinking “oh, you are protesting my descisions, what do you think about this one, how about this one ….I don’t care”. I know some of you might disagree with me but i would like to remind you that if wigan had come back and won 2-1 we will be having a different conversation. And I’m sure that most gooners thought [before the game] that he would try to pull some thing like this. No matter how much he tries to be proffessional there is a Mike Dean inside him… Read more »


Can’t wait to see how blogs spins this Walcott performance into a shit one.


Heh. Cunto.


Welcome back frog! You been hibernating mate ?




Cunto eh. Nice blogs. Well done prick.


Quality blogs.

Jim Jimminy

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!


You also said he has shown more heart and desire in this match than he did the whole season, he scored 21 goals ffs. He’s been outstanding this season bar a couple of months.


If a player scores more than 20 goals in a season where he started significant amount of games from the bench, not to mention the number of assists he made, he’s Damn good. I don’t care whether he scratches his bum the rest of the game. He scoring goals when we really need it.

Bould's Eyeliner

but we’re just making barely 4th, despite him scoring more goals. Only eleven on the pitch, how does it make sense that on our team only ten defend, when others have the extra man? You can see how much of a difference it made that Walcott tracked back today. 4-1? might’ve been 4-2, or even 4-3 easily. An extra man for midfield possession, an extra man for possession in the final third, an extra man for defense – today Arsenal looked like a different team, with a different Walcott than the last 4 games we played. I don’t know why… Read more »


Just making a point mate I’m not angry. We always knew what his weakness was. This is not the first season that he’s been drifting in and out of the game.
I think Wenger has noticed that Walcott is staying central a lot more, if Wenger wasn’t okay with that he would have told walcott.

Eric Irish gunner

Now Now girls haha

Eric Irish gunner

I know it’s all a good laugh


I was just gonna say how I’ve given Walcott plenty o shit this season for running up his goal tally when we’re ahead but disappearing when we really need something. Proved me wrong with a decisive goal tonight.

Arsene Wenger

And against QPR and against Man U (in terms of actually getting something from a game).

Le Chattelier

Out of 15 paragraphs of the match report, 13 of those have Cazorla in it.
A 13/15=9 for Cazorla in the player rating wouldn’t be unreasonable, blogs.

Le Chattelier

90% to the nearest significant figure, therefore a rating of 9… for any keen pedants out there 😉

Arty's Art

Thank you Le Chattelier, I was getting the twitch!

Le Chattelier

Don’t blame you Arty’s Art, don’t know what went through my head – it was awfully written!


If match ratings were decided by the number of times a player is mentioned in the comments section it’d be 10’s for Walcott and Ramsey, and 0’s for everyone else in every game.

Crazy how much discussion those two generate, and I can’t decide if that’s a good or bad thing, which I guess explains it in a way.


Name calling blogs tut tut tut


What’s with the whore mouth blogs? Lol


Not that I care, but don’t your forum rules exclude name calling? Cunto is a good one though.


thought name calling wasn’t allowed


Walcott has been brilliant tonight. Never stopped running, worked tirelesly. Hunger, desire (goal celebration) everything was there. Just great.


Whatever leProf is adding to Theo’s water needs to continue.

Si in Galway

hundreds of thousands of pounds?


I think bergkamp paid him a visit for us. “paid” here means two things.


@voldemort-I think arseblog will be honest about Walcotts fine performance tonight…if he worked that hard in every fucking game (like he’s well paid to) I don’t think anyone would criticise him.
Anyway,job done today,lets finish it,and the Enfield cunts on Sunday.


Yeah so do I Rodders, I wasn’t being serious mate.

petits handbag

Don’t think there’s a need for the @….this aint the twitter

Arsene Wenger

don’t think there’s a need for capital letters, this isn’t an oxford’s dictionary forum.


@Arsene Wenger,

*Oxford English Dictionary Forum – no need for the possessive

Two birds with one cutting, witty riposte. I’ll sleep well tonight.


Wtf moobs? Stop being a boob.

Ljungberg 8

Walcott may have had a decent game tonight but he is still generally horse shit. His hold up play is non existent. He scores and he thinks he is Henry.


i don’t think as a winger he needs to have a good hold up play

Gervinho fan

Great result, delighted that it wasn’t a 1 goal margin for once. Sad that it meant relegating Wigan but needs must. I thought Ramsey and Cazorla were the standouts today but overall our midfield and wings were superb. Little bit baffled by the subs though, I would have expected all 3 subs to be made as soon as we went 4-1 up, and I really can’t understand putting Wilshere on when he’s apparently still struggling with injury and needs painkillers. Not putting Gervinho on (yes me being biased) meant we didn’t have a striker as Walcott was still playing wide.… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

I thought kos and theo were excellent tonight now to beat Newcastle 4-0


If only it was Stoke we beat. I met Martinez over the summer and he is a cool guy.


I think since momentum was with the current 11, Wenger wanted to have another goal or two to improve the goal difference. Wilshere was brought on later to give Rosicky a rest and he can also do a defensive job if need be (tackling or keeping possession). Ox was brought on to give Poldi a rest and provide a faster and more direct outlet for counter attacks. When it became clear that no more goals were coming, then Vermalaen came on (90th minute). I was pleased to see this since if Chelsea drop points against Everton (a decent chance considering… Read more »


The wigan goalie was abit devastated on the goal there. Sorry wigan it had to be you, although you should have done your job earlier in the season! or even recently. How can you draw with sp*rs then get beat the following weekend by swansea (looking forward to cup final maybe…oh well?) Hopefully they come straight back up next year. Onto Arsenal. Ramsey startes rather slugglish (abit misplaced passes here and there) but grew into the game as it progressed. Walcott was just everywhere tonight. Defending, striking (on the end of every attacking move we made). Santi wow! All 4… Read more »


Just the reward for putting in excellent performances week in week out, for Ramsey. Wonderful goal.

Arsenes Nose

Sorry Wigan… We just had to.. Fuck mike Dean..what an epic cunt!..


Agreed. He gave a foul for maloney yet minutes earlier a similar foul on cazorla was not called. What a cunt.

Only our 2nd win with him in charge tells you alot.

Si in Galway

2nd this season? Or ever?

Arsene Wenger

Si in Galway, ever, I think. At least since 2008/09. Before today it was something like 17 games, one win. He reffed disaster games like Bradford Blackburn, Birmingham etc. etc.


Knew he would make a crap decision so gave them a goal £5 on 4-1 = £85. Nice!

Eric Irish gunner

Had 10 on 3-1 but fuck it its 3 points


My thoughts: Firstly, congratulations to the team for an emphatic and desperately needed win. Secondly, can we please stop taking our foot off the accelerator after we’ve scored a goal. This fixation with winning games on a 1-0 scoreline is going to hurt us more often than is necessary. We need to be more ruthless in our on field mentality and bury all the chances that come our way. I promise that i will not respect you less if you win the easy games easily. Before the new season begins please watch the second half of all our games and… Read more »

Unyoke the ox

Proper score line

Arty's Art


walter the goon

celebrities are trembling with fear…this man Ramsey.BEAST

Donut Maestro

I’ll call Dean a celebrity for that!

Jim Jimminy

Never any doubt.

Mike dean is awful.

Next stop for the Juggernaut, 4th.


Ahem, 3rd 😉


Now let finish them off come Sunday. COG

Touched Your Mother

Relieved to get these 3 points, and for our sake in the future, glad to see Wigan go down due to all the troubles they’ve given us recently. I don’t understand why Martinez is so highly sought after, I mean he can’t inspire his players to play half-decent football until 10 games are left. I would be shocked if we lost to Newcastle because they have nothing to play for, hopefully we can put up 7 against them again.


I said yesterday that Arsenal would win easily tonight but that my great fear was the away game at Newcastle. I maintain my view. Hope we don’t need to rely on Sunderland.

Eric Irish gunner

We dident win that easy mate we were 30 minutes away from channel 5 football till theo got his goal


4-1 is easy

Eric Irish gunner


Arty's Art

Yeah Eric.

It = 3

Eric Irish gunner

Thanks art 🙂


Today’s performance was absolutely delightful! Ramsey’s goal almost brought tears to my eyes 🙂 Feel sorry for Wigan!

I had earlier commented on one of the blog news items that we’d win very convincingly! Just for my satisfaction I’d like to say – I SAID SO 😀


Four santiiiiiii cazorlaaaaaaaa


We love you Arsenal, we do!
We love you Arsenal, we do!
We love you Arsenal, we doooo!


Dial square

Fucking brilliant, now fuck off you spud cunts!


100k performance from Walcott.


100k per(week)formance


Great result! Keeps the spuds shitting it for the weekend! Referee did us no favours, but class and persistence prevailed.
Side Note: Anyone thing Pardew is taking the piss with the give Arsenal 4 goals comment? As we all know even then we ain’t safe!
Still its in our hands, 3 pts and who knows we might sneak 3rd! Come on the Arsenal!

Arsene Wenger

We can’t rely on Pardeaux. He is under pressure from the fans and media for his ‘four nil’ statement and now actually has to field a strong team and motivate them. Retarded cunt, he should have kept his hypocritical mouth shut.

Dancing Cannon

On games like this, with 10 days of rest, we truly see how special a player Cazorla is. When he is fully fit he is one of the best on the team if not the best. His quality and Walcott’s pace were key today, but over the course of the season he has been run down, good to see him at his best.


Yes we have 12 quality players only, and your right they have been run into the ground. The ten day break was a Godsend

Der Springer

Finally, after what seems months, we had 20 or 25 minutes where we could just sit back and enjoy watching the team.
Fantastic game. Here is to crushing Newcastle on Sunday.


Who’s going to die after Rambo’s goal?


Hopefully bieber


Piers Morgan


Piers morgan is too miserable. He’ll probably come back and haunt us.

I nominate rvfee


Oh Ramsey scored, Fergie to take a nasty tumble?


One more game in the same vain, job done! Minimum target for the season achieved.
AW show us what (else) you got next season or thanks for everything, very sadly.


Great Walcott, Fine Ramsey, Good Kos, Wise Cazorla and Efficient Podolski.

Anybody, what if Chelsea draws Everton and Arsenal win both Arsenal and Chelsea with the same number of points and same goal difference? Which team will be third? Thanks

5th Duke of Portland

Chelsea will by virtue of having scored more goals. However, if they draw and we win by 2 or more then we’re 3rd.


Ok thanks!


Point of information: if we win, say, 3-2 and Chelsea draw 0-0, we’ll be tied on goal difference, but one ahead in goal scored. We’ll get third in that case.

But I’d take fourth in a heartbeat.

Eric Irish gunner

Maybe goes down to results between the two teams which favours them


gos to goals scored i think next

Clock End Mike

If the Gunners win 2-1 at Newcastle on Sunday and Chelski draw 0-0 with Everton, the clubs will be tied, with identical points, identical goal difference, and the same numbers of goals scored for and against. According to John Cross in the Mirror, the Premier League has apparently confirmed that there would have to be a one-off game at a neutral venue, presumably Wembley, to settle third place and decide who has to pre-qualify for Europe. Pre-pre-qualification, is that what you’d call it?

I doubt you read it here first…

Clock End Mike

Or, presumably, 3-2 and 1-1 and so on…


Yes ! That’s what I just read also in L’Equipe (reason of my presence now here). It would be the first play-off game in the whole Premier League history…


what a shitload of bollocks


Delighted for Ramsey! Rewarded himself with a goal for his non stop running


No other player deserved a goal more than Ramsey, so happy for him, not only have his performances been amazing he caps off the last game at home with a goal!

Seems even more insane now that Santi wasn’t nominated for player of the year IMO… Great match, kinda feel sorry for Wigan though, never had anything against them


Watching these last few games is not helping my heart rate one bit.

Good job boys.

Bring on Sunday.

Rad Carrot

Phew. A relieved Gooner tonight.

It’s not over though, still one game left, still plenty of time to suffer some more heart failures. But if Everton do us a favour, it’s possible we could get 3rd… or we could still finish 5th.


Podolski's Left Foot

Feel a bit sorry for Wigan, their a good team, but now we have to get top 4 at all cost! COYG!


Come on Everton. One more win for Moyes.

South African_Gooner

Right. Next please

Der Springer

The goal differential compared to Chelsea could be very interesting Sunday.

gooner odst

we should have given Wigan a guard of honour for ruining na$ri’s season. Either that or give them 3 points…

We did neither and showed why they are where they are in the league. My lord if Ramsey had missed that goal there would have been volcanoes erupting…but he didn’t hahahahaa! they all had a good game Sczesser preventing a 2-1, Koscielny flying kick save from Kone, awesome. Just seen Santi in the tube accepting MOTM from Ramsey…fitting.


“Defensive” “Work” “Walcott” in the same sentence great scott! Great game tho eh


I’ve always criticised Theo but this time I will give him credit. Goals aside, he worked hard and for the first time – in a long time – he didn’t give the ball away a lot, and he crossed well too!. Well done, Theo, you played with passion today. Oh and you’re a winger.

All players played well yet again. Podolski really isn’t fit but he is a very good finisher. With Giroud back we can play Podolski on the wing.

3 more points please! Let’s play with passion again! COYG!!




‘heh heh thats more like it. Fucking Arse , 2 games left and they still wanna entertain. Fuck the neutrals.

Nate Brown

Delightful second half from the Gunners.

Mike Dean can set himself on fire, though.

A N Other

Absolutely classic.. The 2nd goal is the best I have seen arsenal score for some time now given the circumstances. Well done to Theo. I am going to sign a petition to play him in the middle when Giroud is not about. Defence looked solid. Their goal was good but only came about from a dodgy free kick. The whole team played well and special mention to Ramsey. It seemed there were 3 Ramseys today. And Lastly, I am absolutely gutted for Wigan. There are very decent team and hopefully they will be back next year. I thought the FA… Read more »


I know it’s not nice to wish someone to die, but I just wanted to see Mike Dean collapse to the ground when Ramsey scored that sublime finish hehe. Anywho, whoever is old n’ famous better watch out. Good job to the lads and Arsene, they really deserved that win. Now lets fucking finish the job and finish fourth! ST. TOTTERINGHAM’S DAY HERE WE COME!


If a player scores more than 20 goals in a season where he started significant amount of games from the bench, not to mention the number of assists he made, he’s Damn good. I don’t care whether he scratches his bum the rest of the game. He scoring goals when we really need it.


walcot plays well when he doesn’t wear a goatie..


yea cause a goatee makes you look like a goat and you lose confidence


wigan war sehr gut , aber Poldi war besser.
ich liebe Arsenal…………….noch so einen sieg!!!!!!!!!
geil geil ge………

German Arsenal Fan.

google translater sorry

Arsene Wenger

The only bits I could make out with my basic German were that:
>Wigan were good, but Poldi was better
>You love Arsenal

Be creative guys, German is not drastically different to English. Just because he can