Friday, December 1, 2023

Rosicky ‘100 per cent’ staying at Arsenal

There hasn’t really been any speculation linking Tomas Rosicky with an exit this summer but that hasn’t stopped his agent publicly stating that the Czech international will definitely be an Arsenal player next season.

The 32-year-old signed a short-term contract extension in March 2012 – a reward for demonstrating his best form since arriving in London in 2006 – only for a troublesome plantaris tendon problem, exacerbated at the European Championships, to again force him under the surgeon’s knife.

Despite being side-lined for the first half of the season, the midfielder has again forced his way back into Arsene Wenger’s first XI with his recent match-winning brace against West Brom a fitting demonstration of his ability to dictate games.

Confident that his client still has what it takes to perform at the required level, agent Pavel Paska, head of the International Sport Management, told Aktuálně.cz, “Rosicky will remain at Arsenal, it is one hundred per cent [certain].”

The report claims that the likes of Wolfsburg, Galatasaray (seemingly linked with everyone?) Olympiakos and AS Roma had previously shown an interest in signing Rosicky.

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salah olatunji

Too good to let go, he’s definately not a ‘cunt’, we hope to see more of his best in our shirt.

every mans arsenal

Are some of our players cunts then? No cunt wears the red and white. Cue the walcott b/s.


I think ‘Salah Olatunji’ was referring to that cunt Van Prick-Face Persie, that tool Ade-borrrrred to finished spelling his cunty name, possibly that other cunt Cole and others


Fucking right. Yes, he’s injured a lot – but the work he puts in to get back fit, and the work and creativity he shows on the pitch deserves respect and praise.

Sign him up (again)!

Gibbs' Ears

Always have time for our Mozart, despite his injuries his experience is useful and the youngsters clearly look up to him. Hope he retires with us.


Its good because hes now past the age where we will get any money in a transfer but in footballing age hes still maybe late 20s cus hes missed so much game time. I mean when Mario Götze says he looked up to him when he was a dortmund maybe other certain playmakers will learn for the future.


Ah sorry yeah, got confused, still quality players look up to quality players

Sue My Chin

It’s a bit early to talk of retirement just yet, in football years he’s still in his teens what with all the injuries he’s had… 😉


Great news. Would love to see him play 30-odd games next season. Could be a real difference-maker.


Wenger said (after the West Brom game I think) that he would like Rosicky to retire at Arsenal. The right decision in my opinion. Rosicky at the top of his form is the most natural and best CAM we have. He can speed up play instantly with his turns and quick passing. It is also a symbolic move: a once world class player retiring at the Arsenal to reverse the recent image of a feeder club.


How dare you suggest that people think we are a feeder club!!!
What big names have we let go then?
Oh crap sorry can we move on please?


who was the last player to retire at the club?

The invincible arse

It was the God who feared flying.


The God who was feared by flights*


Oh little little Mozart!!!!!!


32?? Bloody hell. He looks and plays like hes 25. But realistically with his injuries, and age i think next season might be his last with us. Lets go out with a trophy then Tomas yeah? Thank you in advance


someone like rosicky can play for another 2-3 years easily due to his physique and has showed no signs of age or slowing down. Look at giggs, almost 40, there is no reason why rosicky cannnot have a few more years at the top whereas someone like Rooney looks like hes already past his peak….


One of my favorite players of all time. Injury made him miss a huge chunk of his prime, but he’s found his form in the past season and a half. I hope he leaves Arsenal with some silverware. Pure class.

Mongolian Gooner

We need veterans in the squad with quality and that’s exactly what Rosicky gives us. He commands respect and admiration especially from the younger players, so it’d be great if he can stay with us for another 2 or so seasons. Hope he doesn’t get injured anymore, he might even be able to give us an entire season and be a starter. That he was able to force himself into the first team after every injury is very respectable, especially when you see how hard that has been for guys like Diaby. (not to slant on Diaby ofc)


Great player but don’t think he’ll play more than 20 times if we buy Jovetic as Podolski will want a shot on the left meaning AW brings Santi back into centre. Still great to have in the squad mind UTA


A damn fine player, shame he’s had so much trouble with injuries. We’ve got plenty of good attacking midfielders but none that can quite control the pace of the game the same as Rosicky. And I love the fact that he’s quite prepared to get stuck in and not let opposing teams bully us around too.


Great news. Despite his age, he is obviously one of our best midfielder. He always amaze me with his brilliant passes and outstanding workrate for a CAM. #Legend

Clock End Mike

Do hash tags work on blog comments?


I think Mozart deserves a trophy more than any of our other players. He’s a fantastic player and has never been ungrateful to the Arsenal. My favourite player at the club right now. No more injuries would be fantastic.

Jack's Right Foot

You wouldn’t know he was 32, the was he’s playing at the moment. He doesn’t have great pace, but that short burst of acceleration in the midfield over 10 yards is very important to our team. Well done Little Mozart.


He may be 32 Mentally. But Physically he is only 28 ! Thats what he said!! 😀
Great Player – And plus he loves heavy Metal!!!

Rock on Little Mozzart!


Read my mind.

Teri maa dhi

Good news – the bonus of having Rosicky in the team is that he has the talent to be a starter and more importantly win us games! Though when he is rotated or is used as a squad player his attitude means he is an awesome one of those too.

I don’t think i’ve ever heard him moan, bemoan or complain – maybe reflect on his situation or the clubs but the guy just oozes optimism and it shows in his game.

Jack, Santi and Rosicky competing for the same place – has anyone else got it as good?


Unlike 99% of workers footballers are paid even if they don’t play. And either way they are payed bucketloads too much. I think its high time footballers were brought into line with the vast majority of us. No play no pay. Sure Rosicky can stay but gets paid by the minute and the quality of performance just like the rest of us. One thousand pounds a 90 minute game with bonuses or penaltys for performance. Maximum of two grand per game. If that was the case the deadwood would be dead and buried and only the quality would remain. It… Read more »

Bacary's right leg

no one pays to watch you work


You like paying 62 pound to watch Arsenal lose to Bradford.


Much more than having to read your rubbish.

Teri maa dhi

You pay to watch Adebayor play!

Teri maa dhi

You pay to watch Adebayor play!!

Humble Gooner

Dumb argument: if he never shows up for training, he wouldn’t get paid. Game time is not the only measure of a footballer’s work. I’ve played at a high level and hate these kinds of ignorant arguments. Tomas is a great player and worth his weight in gold to have in training, helping the younger folks, and contributing solidly on game days.


While I don’t disagree with your general point, it’s just not how the world turns. Particularly in football. I happily accept it because it’s not something that can realisitcally be changed. Not anytime this decade at least.

Besides, Rosicky in almost any given game is immense. Worth every penny.

the only sam is nelson

brilliant, most footballers won’t mind 90% paycuts being illegally imposed on them, after all

although if their pay was brought into line with davonewzealand’s income i suspect they’d be on unemployment benefit as somebody suggesting such batshit insane nonsense can’t possibly be holding down a job.

sorry, i shouldn’t feed a troll, but still.


Footballers are paid obscene amounts, but the principle of being paid for ‘on call’ retention of services is an important one.

Perhaps the agent’s declaration is entirely innocent, but I wonder if they’re concerned Tricky might be urged to move on as part of a wage realignment exercise?

Red nose fucked us

Usually when players hit the 28year old mark they go in to decline mode they try to do every thing on the pitch with as little energy as possible, Some hit that mark when they are 30 and some dont even get near that mark like Zidane, Pirlo, Giggs, Inzaghi and Maldini.
Rosicky is one of the above, even though he is 32 he posseses the hunger and enthusiasm of a 21 year old


He’s a real talented player and in every club there’s always that 1 player the club does everything to keep simply by default regardless of form or injury problems. At liverpool you have gerrard, at united you have giggs, scholes e.t.c Their experience helps and youngsters and new signings look up to them for inspiration. I feel tomas rosicky is our guy. Retire with us.


Keep Rosicky as a mentor is njot a bad idea. Unfortunately we already have Squillaci, Ashavin, Bendtner, Chamak, Santos, Park, Denilson, Djourou and Diaby. Mentoring is a good thing but 35 million quid a year worth of mentoring? On top of that the manager is paid 7 million quid to be a mentor. Not so sure I would put Rosicky in the same class as Giggs. I think Giggsy has played 700 games and won ten Premierships. Gerrard is the English Captain and played in many Euros and World cups and played a million club games. But hey you might… Read more »

Barca arse 2006

@Newzealand You stepped over the line that says, “don’t fucking cross” when you compared Rosicky with Chamakh & Squilaci. You need to get tested for Syphilis, because your comment is of an insane person.

Merlin's Panini

I recently told a Japanese Arsenal fan my favourite player in the current team is Rosicky. She looked at me in total shock like I’d just done a poo on her cat or something.
In the next game he hit his brace against West Brom. What a glorious egg on face situation!
When on form there are not many players more exciting than Rosicky. He doesn’t hide, works his hole off, gets forward and is brilliant on the ball. Everything I like to see in an Arsenal player. Just a few less injuries would be nice.


When on the field and on form there is no one more exciting than Abou Diaby.

boundary conditions

Well then, think twice before telling that to a Japanese girl, davo 😉




Got a phone number you want to share

mach iii

Whenever he is injured, his biological clock is on pause. So he is just starting to hit his peak now – 27 year old footballer at the moment!

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Lord theo

Just like the way he feed theo that delicious through ball against manure.if there were 3 little mozarts theo would be scoring hattricks 4 fun.


Yawn. If he goes or stays it won’t make one bit of difference


He can’t go , needs to play more games for the team as the injuries taken years of his footballing careers at the club. Maybe haven’t got any trophy for his collection yet, but has the right attitude and quality as a gunners. Looking for him to end his career at the emirates and hopefully not in the nearest time.

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