Friday, June 2, 2023

Santos on his way back

Andre Santos is on his way back to Arsenal after being deemed ‘too expensive’ by Gremio.

The left-back was shipped out on loan to the Brazilian club shortly after Arsenal completed the signing of Nacho Monreal from Malaga.

But, after Gremio’s exit from the Copa Libertadores, Santos will be sent back to London to sort out the next part of his career.

“We signed André Santos for Copa Libertadores and his contract expires in July,” said the club’s football director, Marcos Chitolina. “It would be too expensive for Grêmio to renew his contract, he is a very expensive player.”

With two other left-backs, on their books, including former Mugsmasher Fábio Aurélio, the Gremio door has been closed for Andre.

“We thank everything André Santos has done, but we will keep Alex Telles and Fábio Aurélio”, said Chitolina.

It’s not any surprise this has happened, nor does it significantly alter the future of a player who has been recently recalled to the national team.

It just means he, and Arsenal, have plenty of time to find him a club before the new season.

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Oh no. I hope we sell him, not because I hate him or something, just that we can’t live with his wages next year. Sell him for free if need be!


Agreed, but in the event nobody’s interested in taking him (we won’t give him away for free), we’ll probably have to assign him to cone duty, Park Chu-Young style. The other possibility is to use him as a wide forward in domestic cup games…?

Monkey boy's ball-cocks

I have a paper bag that Santos can try and fight his way out of!


Let us hope he has a purple patch in a pre season game and that is enough to convince city to buy another left back from us 🙂


selling for free isn’t exactly selling, you know

Cannon fodder

Loan him out to Spurs.


No mate, he doesn’t deserve that severe punishment. But if he dreams about playing on Thursdays, I hear there’s a bit better club than Spuds called Wigan.

Andre Santos

I know I messed up big time, but I rather you killed me than loan me to Spurs. Love you gays!


Any sightings of extra rainbows in London?




Hahaha there’s the obligatory joke.

I like Arsenal to win things so having him on the books is clearly bad for the team, but I can’t think of a player in recent years that has made me smile quite so much. I have no bad feelings towards him at all and if we could pay him a bit less I wouldn’t mind having him as a sub for the left wing.

Mikel Artekkers



Hope he doesn’t eat Nacho up


I like him – he got suckered by rvp for shirtgate and I think he has more to offer – he can score and lets face it – he hardly had the creativity brazilians like to play with cazorla could change that aling with a renewed ramsey?


“Full story: Metro

Arsenal midfielder Arsene
Wenger has admitted his interest
in signing Lyon’s 22-year-old
midfielder Clement Grenier.

Full story: Daily Mirror”

silly season indeed. Thanks BBC.


No wonder Arsene doesn’t want to sign a defensive midfielder. “I am top top top quality” , “I don’t want to kill myself”


fuck sake. i think were honna have to do some BOGOF deals to clear the deadwood.
(buy one get one free)

im glad TGSTEL managed some minutes in his last game so were not trying to sell whilst injured. does the transfer window open june 1st?


july 1


Hahaaa….problems of our own making


make sure his position is changed from fullback to winger. He can go forward and will look like a ok for his 1% defending for a winger


Can he switch to left winger instead of stay back at LB. He did have few goals before. Who knew.. he may also get more opportunity further upfront afterwards..
If Bale can do it, why can’t he??? :p

Arsene Wenger

Can you imagine Santos doing a Bale next season? Would be fucking hilarious watching him cutting in from the right wing and smashing shots into the top corner and getting a £60 000 000 bid from Madrid next summer, which Arsenal promptly rejects.

Mikel Artekkers

It was all going fine until Arsenal rejected a bid. Illusion shattered.


Er .. can I stress there should be a comma before cazorla – I dont wish to imply that our skilful imp – has no skills, of course he has, I meant before him, I.e ‘old’Ramsey






I like Santos. He is a good passer.




Is there even a position he can fight through???


i dont want him in our squad next season. sorry Andre. good luck !


why thumbs down. santos was terrible last season. why the fuck should we find a new position for him? i dont want him being a left winger and hinder playing time for people such as podolski and cazorla or new signings and possibly youth players. more importantly he wont improve our squad for next season. which i thought all gooners agreed on? bunch of hypocrites.

Why not

hes would be a more useful addition to the squad than arshavin was last season. Wenger likes the Full back- Winger combo. Eboue, Gibbs, Monreal and santas, all have the qualities to play as an attacking full back or a defensive winger, when you need to balance between attack and shutting up shop. Some better than others of course, and im sure ive missed some names. But leads me to think that if sagna does go we will probably buy someone that can also function like that on the right as both sagna and jenkinson are too defensive probably. Although… Read more »


dead right rossi88 out the door with him even if it does cost money


@rossi88 You’re a shame mate, writing a comment underneath your previous comment wondering why you didn’t get thumbs up. You’re calling us hypocrites ? You’re just craving attention. To be honest, I don’t give a Suarez’s ass if Andre Santos goes or stay. You all talk about his wages as if he was paid 200 pounds a week, he’s not, so relax. If we can use as a sub on the wing in addition to the players that we have (or will buy), then why bother ?


I meant 200 000 pounds a week obviously.


He is probably on 40 grand a week it would help to pay a real players wages add on Denilision, Bentner, Chamak, Park, Squillaci and Arshavin who is out of contract a lotof dead money


im a shame? are you on drugs? i wrote underneath so its all local to the relative responses from dicks such as yourself. im a hypocrite? all i want is arsenal to improve, using the the resources we now have. Answer me this. Would bringing Santos back improve what we have now built…a solid base? No and if you think otherwise i think the majority of fans would strongly disagree. think about what your actually saying. yh lets bring an average LB into rhe squad even though we have two proven, quality LBs??!! Yes say hes on 50k. and so… Read more »


Thumbs down because many on this site believe criticising an Arsenal player is aking to criticising the infalliable messiah Wenger.

So they will defend the appointments and over compensation of all the dross/deadwood/failures as a means to justify their unbridled support for Wenger.

Imagine if these individuals had as much love for the Arsenal as they do for Arsene.


Spot on Rossi


He would be a great left back on an attacking team, but he’s not densively disciplined to hold the line, and sadly for him the lovable guy got found and his corner took the brunt of the attacks. He has done well enough, moreso in the 2011-12 season when we focused on attacking, but I think he should consider being a full time left winger or look to get him on a team that are all about attack (like Wigan, as an example). Would be good to see the fun-loving guy get regular gameplay at such a team, Arsenal had… Read more »


Yesterday I was crying out for news that’s not the news I was hoping for me and my big fuckin mouth

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Naija Gunner

I need football, can’t take this anymore. I need to see the red and white jerseys play live matches!

Can we fast-forward this boring break?!

Can someone explain how to get rid of a player not worth his contract with years left???


I’m getting a definite feeling of déjà vu.


Hey, a Brazilian LANS!

I suppose that’s one less signing that we’ll have to make this summer.

kipkosgei keny

Arsernal squad is great we need adefending midfilder ,ipropose verminator to be one

Bob Log

While the news of this rotund chap wheezing his way back to the Grove is unsettling,what is more upsetting is the lack of updates on how Arteta maintains his incredible legoman hair in the off season.Hes raised the bar,you could set your watch to that mans haircut


Mmmmh! I wonder what we’ll do with Calindro??


You can’t help but like Andre and I will always remember that time when he gave Balotelli what for. Just a really nice guy but sadly not the player we need but good luck to him no matter what happens.


Well that’s our left back crisis sorted.


He isn’t that bad to have as a squad player. Hard working, has a positive effect on the dressing room ( read that that even applied to the brazil international dressing room), and is better than vermaelen on the left.

He’s a good cover to have.

People moan about Arsenal’s squad size, and then simultaneously whine about ‘deadwood’ and ‘high wages’. Jeez.


only problem is we have Gibbs and nacho and don’t need another cover in the left back spot. especially at his wage.


Ali do me a favour please fuck off somewhere with Santos he useless and we don’t need a comedian.


we do moan about all that yes. we dont need three LB’s on 50k + do we. Gibbs and Monreal is enough wiyh vermaelen as emergency. i want us to improve the squad. i dont want a player we were happy to let go on loan come back just for the sake of it. we have put up with make do signings and mediocre shit for ages. This summer we have the chance and money to catch up and add to our squad and sustain a title challenge next year. Bringing Andre Santos back is NOT the answer!! FFS i… Read more »


Come on guys, remember when we signed this guy?
That * – 2 thrashing we dare not speak of.
Overall the deadline day rush we went on after that has worked out quite well.

Ok, I know, Santos and Park aint going down in anyone’s books as the greatest Arsenal players to ever live (© Nicklas Bendtner)

but in the same frenzied, dying last minutes of deadline madness we also snatched a Merter (Travolta has nothing on me) sacker and a certain Mikel (we all know I’m the real captain) Arteta


Yeah it was panic buying, we should never have been in that position, BFG and Arteta are solid, lets not compound the mistake by keeping a player we don’t need, is not good enough, and is probably well pleased to pick up his wages and do nothing as I said even it costs money he needs to go. His Arsenal career is over so this is all irrelevant.


Didn’t Arsene say once he could write a book about what when on that summer.
I really hope he does one day. Something very odd must have gone on behind the scenes for such a situation to have happened.

Brazil 2014

He’ll need to be on a team where he starts in order to play in the World Cup. Hopefully he doesn’t get stuck playing with our junior squad for that reason. I like him and hope he gets his shot. When he gets fit he isn’t a bad player. Our other defensive problems made him look worse then he is. He’d work better in a team that plays the counter attack. Even if you disagree pretend that you don’t or know one is going to buy him.


Give him another chance people, he is good going forward, and now we have a good defence and he will look much better


Remember the goal I scored against Chelsea?? give me a chance gayyss!!


Why did he leave in the first place. Such a talented left whose defendng is just top notch. Poor management by Arsene there.


This is going to be a tough one for Arsene and the Board. I’m sure it goes against all their practices and beliefs to let Santos leave on a free transfer. The sad thing is, I still don’t think there will be any takers. His reputation is England is virtually destroyed. It wasn’t just Arsenal supporters giving it to Santos but all the pundits and journalists had a field day with him. Someone in Brasil may take him on, but not at his current wages. Is it in Arsene and the Board to pay a portion of his wages and… Read more »

[…] other news, Andre Santos is on his way back after Gremio declared him too expensive to keep on a permanent basis and with his contract expiring […]

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