Vermaelen: I’m happy at Arsenal


Thomas Vermaelen has reiterated that he is happy at Arsenal despite spending much of the final third of the season on the bench.

Speculation has been rife since the end of the season that the Belgian international could quit the Emirates this summer with reports claiming interest from Barcelona, Juventus and even Manchester United.

Giving short shrift to the notion of moving to pastures new, the 27-year-old made clear that he accepts competition is part and parcel of top-level football.

“I am happy at Arsenal,” Vermaelen is quoted as saying by

“I didn’t play much and that did result in frustration, but things can turn around quickly.

“I was on the substitute bench, but I could as quickly be playing again. I’m working hard to make that happen.”

Playing down suggestions of a move, he continued:

“These are things that happen in professional football. Arsenal is a great club where there is a lot of competition.”

The captain’s latest words echo those written in his pre-Wigan programme notes where he underlined that he had learned a great deal from his spell on the sidelines and is determined to return stronger.

As such there’s nothing new, but like with Arsene having to continually swat away links with PSG, it appears the media will continue to ask the same questions in the hope of drawing a quote which better fits with their tittle-tattle.

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When one is benched. The media interpret that as.

[Player x] seeks pastures new after breakdown in relationship with [manager x].

Master Bates


When one is one of the top player . The media interpret that as

[Player x] seeks new pastures ,he’s new too good for that team.


he looks like hugh jackman , i m nigerian

Hugh Jackman

He looks Nigerian, I’m Hugh Jackman.


Actualy is Dolan.

Rational gooner

Fabregas to Man Utd…………this is what the cunts can find close to a transfer saga.

The article goes Fabregas to Man Utd blah, blah,……. David moyes ……..admirer it goes on for 2 paragraphs with out showing some tangible proof when finally you ask how do you know all of this and the article answers because they want Alcantra too. Totally made up.

But if this is true and Cesc joins them i will stop calling Adebayour and Nasri cunts.


Cesc won’t do that to us. He just won’t.


Cesc cesc cesc!!!!

You little fucker why did you have to get us through this (worrying if you’re going to united) U should have never left. “i want to go home?”……..what was that about cesc? Wtf was that about!?

I expect you to have a pair of balls and admit you messed up, tear up your barcunts contract, book the next plane home. Take a chopper land at centre of the emirates pitch there and let us recieve you!


“You little fucker why did you have to get us through this….”

He didn’t. Some prize cunt with a word processor and a few column inches to fill with incendiary bullshit did.


hope that he didn’t have it too bad with that knock he just got in the international game vs the USA


Always knew that Vermaelen is smart enough to understand competition for places in football. Comeback stronger for the next season , Verminator !

There are lost people in AW's coat

I think people shouldn’t rite off tommy just yet. He has fantastic ability, I remember a game against Celtic in the champions league where he was fantastic. I think he’s problems are all confidence related and for me one of wengers strong points is not giving up on a player he sees something in – see gervinho or diaby. Hopefully after the summer he can come back twice the player he was before..


yes! he was bloody brilliant in that game, the 08-09 CL qualifiers if i’m not mistaken!
the same season kolo left, he couldve formed a great partnership with the verminator
i saw true determination and grit from verma in that game
glad to see some non-fickle fans here with good memories!

master floda

kolo and vermaelen are too similar in style that they could have formed a good partnership. same with vermaelen and koscielny (remember that horrible chelsea game…)


Thats true, he did play well….like 3-4 years ago?! No seriously i think Vermaelen is a verygood centre back that is just going through a confidence problem. Im glad he will hopefully stay and compete. Otherwise we need 2 CB’s. Also, he may have to be patient because i dont see Mert and Kos being broken up to suit him. Unless he tailors his game to become the deeper defender like Mert, because potentially if he can adapt, he can become a better defender as he posseses all the qualities that mert lacks. Pace and is battle hardened. Now a… Read more »


You are right Thomas, Football does change very quickly, especially with the great attitude he shows now. A year ago or so, it was inconceivable to not have him the starting line-up, and for sure that could happen again if he gets his head right.


Arsenal skipper in ‘I’m Not Fucking Off Elsewhere Moaning About Lack of Trophies, When I’m One of the Ones Responsible for Said Lack of Trophies’ shock.

Biggest news story so far.


Wow if this is the news just days after the season ended, its going to be a long summer. Next there will be articles on Santi’s Culinary corner were he teaches us how to make top top quality paella. Summer signings can’t come soon enough!


On the one hand yes. On the other hand I quite like Paella and always have room for another recipe in my file, if its really good.


I’d read those articles, but then I read an issue of ‘Carp Weekly’ that someone left on a train once. Christ, the sooner this media shit storm is over, the better.


That’s a captain mentality, to be honest. If he can fight back for his position, it’s all for good, that’s what we need for every position.


Yep, he’s off this summer.

idika samson

i think Thomas will be back in form and will help us in rotating the defence line .He as said it already that he is very happy and also using the opportunity to break all the speculations linking him out of the club.Up gunners!!!


The media try to destroy clubs to sell their papers / subscriptions. They’re bastards.


Fingers crossed that he means it and we don’t intend to sell him. Any other CB purchase would just be to improve squad depth since the Squid is out of contract this summer (I think). On second thoughts, I hope we don’t buy any Dortmund players. I don’t want to see (at least) Arsenal buying their players and breaking up a very well built squad. Finally, people who think Fabregas could actually move to United are deluded. He is far too loyal. We have a first right to buy back FOR A REASON. We will buy him if Barca sell,… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

No no no, I’ve thought players were loyal before, they rarely are.

If he gets to play with an old friend, for plenty of cash, and have the midfield to himself, I wouldn’t bet against it; I hope I’m wrong but…


I don’t think he’s in it for the money. If I remember correctly, he took a pay cut to go to Barca. We were offering 100k but he accepted 80k at Barca. He shelled out 4-5 Million pounds (or euros, don’t remember) to fund his transfer to Barca. After moving to Barca, he still tries to watch every game of Arsenal. He tweeted “I am shocked” when RVP moved to United. Pique says – “All Fabregas talks about is Arsenal.” Wenger once said that “he could come back because he’s really an Arsenal Man.” I am convinced, regardless of what… Read more »


We not buy any Dortmund players? Doesn’t seem logical. If they have players that can improve us, then let us sign them. Those are the breaks, and I doubt Klopp would give a shit if the roles were reversed.


I’d like to see him play a midfield enforcer role similar to Fellaini. That’s where he could really make a difference. He wouldn’t need to worry about keeping in line with his other defenders, and could use his pace to close down the opposition higher up the pitch.

Midfield Corporal

I remember fans saying the same about Djourou. I’m not sure it would work with TV as a CDM, he’s not the best at positional discipline as a Centre Back when the game is there in front of him, so moving him further forward might make him think he has the freedom to charge up field even more, I believe the technical name for this is ‘The Song Syndrome’. Every club needs for Centre Halves if they are competing in 4 competitions, so I would hope Thomas is confident in his ability to think once he gets his chance he’ll… Read more »


Miquel should be promoted up. He’s pretty tall too, and can be a nice sub for Merte.


C’mon Arsenal, C’mon Arsenal! The only reason i hate summer. No red/white captivating me into bliss with entertaining play. Let’s push on next season and shake up the league!


Many Arsenal fans are fickle c*nts, a player hits a period of bad form and they are looking to move him on. They react to speculation that X is unhappy, by saying that they don’t care if they get sold or not. For X read Vermaelan, Sagna, Arshavin, Song, Gervihno, Ramsay… etc etc Then we wonder why RVP and Nasr leave us… they do in part because they read all this fan stuff. I am delighted that vermaelan has said this – he is a fantastic defender and would get into any squad in the world and 95% of first… Read more »


Thank you for that comment! a breath of fresh air. Particularly liked the Santos and Squillaci remark as I personally detest the patronising ‘They just didn’t have enough talent to play for Arsenal’, as if we the community can be judges on talent!


Np – Its the truth – Santos has played 24 times for Brazil – he can’t not be talented… Ashley Cole would have struggled to get 24 caps for Brazil (Up against Roberto Carlos tho) You can argue that he’s always in a b team but still how many footballers in the premier league would win a cap for braziil (not counting Brazilians) – 20? The squid has played for Monaco, Lyon and seville as well as 21 caps for France. Both of them were no brainer squad players. Santos having a much higher pedigree than Gibbs or even Clichy… Read more »


lol.. I’m sorry but fans don’t have to like/respect players, do they? Also, it’s not anything unique to Gooners. Most Liverpool fans didn’t flinch when Adam left a season ago. It may seem “cruel”, but Santos himself has to accept he didn’t do well, and that he is ultimately responsible for his performance level. Yes, Arsene has to coach/guide him, but like in any job a player has to motivate himself. It can also be argued that a truly quality player would hit the ground rolling in any club he moves to, and not take time to “adapt”. It’s like… Read more »


lol.. yet you don’t think he did badly? I think he simply needed to be dropped, since his play was poor.

As for RvP, when did he ever show poor form? And Nasri’s entire reputation is based on 2/3 months of “world class form” in 2010/11. I would say Senderos was always average, as was Djourou.


Vermaelen knows as well as anyone who watches Arsenal regularly that his performances haven’t been anywhere near good enough last season. I didn’t see much leadership from him on the pitch and he was benched due to a catalogue of basic errors/poor defending. I hope he picks it up next season as he could be a real force in this team, but another CB is still a priority for me.

Brahma Pochee

I don’t think being fickle is a trait unique to us gooners, more of a general attitude in todays bang for your buck footy industry. Let’s face it vermaelan has been shite this season, but he’s got the ability to turn it around-that I’m sure of. How much do you want it Tommy??


Maybe its my Goonspective.. but i don’t see Man U fans turning on Nani to the same degree, or Say carrick… we would have hounded him out of the club if he was performing like he did in his forst coupla seasons.

Dick Swiveller

Going by what I see on the BBC they’re willing to lay into Valencia and Welbeck at the drop of a hat, Valencia hasn’t had a great season but Welbeck is a good player so it shows it ain’t just us.


If welbeck were ours he wouldn’t be still with the club… look what we did to bendtner, a player with quite a decent return (statistically)
Sure he’s a dick but he’s ours – Manu fans love rooney, Chelsea fans love Terry, Liverpool Suarez
B52 could have been a roaring success if (he could trap a ball (see there I GO)) we got behind him…
We are always our players biggest critics

and our job is to support

Dick Swiveller

Hmm, and Welbeck has problems with alcohol abuse? Banned from driving? Or is he a hard working, humble guy who wants to improve and do the best for the team?

Some people really could stand to be less critical but that’s the internet as much as basic fan-ness imo.


There is a statue of a guy outside the grove who had alcyhol problems and was banned from the road…
in his youth he was ridiculed and called a donkey..

Bendtner's ego

I’m his ego and even I don’t care for Nicklas.


Remind them u r our captian 2 goodluck dude!


write properly god dammit!

Yankee Gooner

Double98–I agree with most of what you said, but I’d be surprised to find out that RVP and Nasri left because of some negative blog posts and comments.


Although Nasri, taking the Adebayor lead, would like the world to believe that’s why he left.
Rather than because he’s a greedy, fat, bench warming @&’*.

Samir Nasri

Well prepare to be surprised Yankee Gooner. I was happy to stay at The Arsenal until Arseblog News was created. That fateful summer I was so hurt by some of the spiteful things I read by fickle fans I decided to join Man City, it had nothing whatsoever to do with the obscene contract they offered me when they tapped me up. I did tell Arsene how hurt I was by the nasty comments but he told me to ‘take it on the chin’….Well when your manager joins in the abuse you know it’s time to go.




I am not saying they do, only that it hardly engenders a bond if we piss on them everytime they struggle for form

Rad Carrot

Indeed, I’m happy for Verm to stay with us – but I still feel that Arteta should keep the armband. Verm does have the professionalism to play a decent role with us next season, but it’s got to be at centre-back – I can’t understand why people think he’d make a good DM (he wouldn’t). Quick rant: I know the media are to be trusted as much as John Terracist’s left testicle, but if reports linking us with Martin Skrtel are correct, I’m seriously going to blow my top. If we blow £12m on a player who’s worse than any… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

On principle I agree with most of what you say, although I think Vermaelen might be worth trying out there even if I don’t think it’s a surefire solution, but I think ‘professionalism’ is the wrong thing to call him out on in a comments section to an article where he shows great professionalism.

Rad Carrot

Wasn’t calling him out on it, quite the opposite – I think he’s great, and very professional. If anyone can handle being dropped, it would be him. All I’m saying is that I don’t think he’d suit a DM role at all. He’s got great passing skills and a willingness to get forward, but I don’t see him being effective in that position. Perhaps if we were to get someone like Ashley Williams, those two might make an effective pairing – having four steady CBs at the club would be brilliant, and certainly something we haven’t had in a while.… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Yeah, turns out I’m unable to read.

Gonna apply for the Spurs job when AVB gets fired.

Merlin's Panini

I agree with you, but equally Ashley Williams isn’t as good as any of the others either. It’s just the giving money too Liverpoo that I don’t much like.

Merlin's Panini



One thing I have always noticed about TV5 is he seems incredibly grounded. He never seemed to be distracted by flashing lights of money or one season glory (Na$ri, soon to be Pursetrings). I hope he does come back more focused, what’s not to love about a team containing an on form Per Kos AND Verm? Bring it on!


Invoking the ‘class is permanent’ cliché, I’m more than happy to see TV5 stay and resolve any problems he has over confidence or lack of form.

Surrey Gooner

I’m prepared to be shot down in flames here but have wondered what the verm would be like in front of Mert and Kos. He likes to go forward and make things happen but does have a defensive head also. Could he be another Alex Song with a bit of Wenger tuition?

Midfield Corporal

Being another Alex Song would be the problem though, Song had the ability but not the discipline to be trusted as the defensive midfielder. If he could be the new Gilberto Silva then we’re talking.


There was never a midfielder so slight, or a forward so puny that could not push him off the ball. I saw modric out muscle him… he was not a DM – he is a good passer and attacked from deep

he fouled out of frustration at his lack of strength and high center of graviy


I do sometimes wonder if the players we have would be better suited a different formation. Could it work as a Plan A or B to have Vermalen, Kos and Mert all together and use full backs who could potentially be very effective higher up the pitch and have great engines (Thinking Gibbs and Jenkinson, possibly Monreal as well). This could also suit our array of forward thinking central midfielders and potentially make better use of our forwards who all seem to prefer playing centrally. I think this would still allow us to play a pressing game (When the players… Read more »


There will be competition at any top side….unless he wants to go somewhere like Sunderland where he might be guaranteed first pick!

[…] 来源: [Arseblog News] […]


He shouldn’t be happy at Arsenal, he should be fucking livid with himself for going through a shitty patch of form and getting dropped.

He should go around punching Spurs players in the face to show just how livid he is.

Some of their fans could do with a slap as well.


ALL of their fans


Some of them are quite young, and you shouldn’t use violence against them…you should point and laugh instead.

Bruises heal, but pyschological trauma lasts a lifetime.


If there is something wrong with the bitch then there is something wrong with the pup.

Did harry potter teach you nothing?


I don’t recall ever having a teacher called Potter.

There was one named Mrs Till who had enormous tits though.


Did you ever come in to some money with Mrs Till?


As I was 11 years old, I don’t believe that Tits Till would have had much interest in me.

Bendy Bowers on the other hand…

the only sam is nelson

we used to have top class centre halves who were rotated – adams, keown, o’leary – so frankly don’t see why we shouldn’t enjoy that again

and tv’s “problems”, such as they are, seem to me to stem from impetuosity – racing out of position etc – rather than ability-related issues. i’d rather have somebody fuck up through being over-enthusiastic than through being rubbish and tommy is definitely not rubbish. we should all be able to forgive mistakes borne of effort (think of kos’s own goals for example) and that’s what put TV on the bench I think.

Merlin's Panini

That and the brain farts. Passing to some grey haired twat to score didn’t help his cause. I think we need to sometimes remind our players that if they are in any doubt they should just hoof it really far away or really far away and into row z before panicking and pooing it up.
I think he has the character and quality to come back so I really hope we keep hold of him.


You didn’t see the boss or sack put their chin down when they were on the bench. Koscielny is up there with the best in the league. And which team wouldnt want a big fucking german. But hes all ours. Big fucking Gooner.

Is it august yet…


Sorry, I don’t see him helping Arsenal anymore, and I think now is the time to sell. You can call it a bad run of form, but the issues with his decision making and leaving space in behind have always been there.


Him filling in at left back was more disastrous than anything else that went wrong this season. …I think it drew Szc into the mental demise too.

I hope he stays. …won’t complain much if he went to play more games else where though. Not that he’s not good enough but at his age and reputation (once captain) he might not have the patience to wait around.

We all know what agents can do.


Guys and girls…. What do you think of this cesc to manure story….? Haven’t we got first refusal…?


Have to admit I was totally green tonight even though the OX and Walcott had played but Ireland showed they are a team to contend with and I would like to see McCarthy playing for the goons


And Coleman


Long as a third striker – hes a bully, fast and sly… i love him



…Long time.

den ice berg kamp

Although there good players , sadly they arnt good enough for arsenal

Arsene Wenger

Already can’t wait for next season. Impossible to predict the order of the top 4. Only 2 things are certain:
1)We’ll finish above Spurs.
2)John Terry is a cunt.

Yankee Gooner

Aaaaaaaand TV5 picks up a nick against the US.


Oxlade and Vermaelen pick up injuries in pointless international friendlies. Can they finally have a fucking rest now FIFA or what??

Rational gooner

Any one Know why we haven’t seen next year’s kit yet b/c Ceski showed theirs. All of City, Barca, Madrid, Dortmund, PSG have shown their’s. Liverpool’s will be available for sale just after a hours today.

Maybe NIKE made an amazing Kit for next season.

Thank God finally.


I thought we had the current kit for 2 years. Could be wrong. I quite like the current kit anyways

Arsene Wenger

Surely releasing a new model every year is better for Nike and the club’s revenue?


Hmmm.. always thought that blue/purple ring looks gay.

I prefered 2011/12’s kit, reminded more of the classic Arsenal kit (for me the 70s/early 80s strip).

Merlin's Panini

We have the current home kit for next season. It was announced at the time it came out.
We should be getting a new away kit though. I hope we don’t have to see that purple crap
again next season as a third shirt.

[…] From an Arsenal point of view, well, Thomas Vermaelen has been talking about his future and he says he’s going to stay and fight for his place at Arsenal. Speaking to local press ahead of a local game for local people, he said: […]

Dark Stein

Completely unrelated but something to take up 4 mins between now and Aug 17th:

[…] 咱们再来说说阿森纳,维尔马伦谈到了自己在阿森纳的前景,他说愿意留守并为赢得一席之地而战。维尔马伦在国家队比赛前对当地媒体谈到: […]


Hmm… I may receive flames (don’t care, it’s just an opinion lol..) but IMO he was the reason for our shitty defence for much of the season.

Like Bacary, he’s also declined in quality, and has lost his positional sense. Per and Koscielny are our best defenders at present, and this has been highlighted by our defensive improvement.

I’m not saying sell him, but give him time to improve his performance. Until then, Arteta is an able captain.