Thursday, March 30, 2023

Arsenal let Denilson leave

Football 365 are reporting that Arsenal have agreed to let Denilson leave the club, having come to an arrangement regarding the final year of his contract.

They quote the player’s agent, Alexandre Soares, who said, “I can confirm Denilson and Arsenal have agreed to terminate his contract at the end of this month.”

“Denilson is free to move to another club and a number of clubs are interested in him. I do not want to name teams, but there is interest from Brazil as well as Russia, Italy, Germany and Turkey and I am talking to them.

“No decision has been made and we will assess all offers that come our way. If Denilson does stay in Brazil Sao Paulo has the priority, but I do not rule out him moving to another Brazilian club as well.”

The Brazilian joined Arsenal in 2006, on deadline day, and made a total of 153 appearances for the club, scoring 10 goals.

His best season came in 2009/10 when he scored 6 goals, but after showing great promise in his early years, lost his way and has spent two seasons out on loan.

Arsenal fans have been looking for the club to get rid of the ‘deadwood’, players on loan they don’t want but can’t sell, so this move shows they’re being pragmatic and cutting ties rather than hanging on for transfer fees which would likely be minimal in any case.

Arseblog News wishes Denilson good luck at his next club.


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Summer clearance begins!


i am with you, but please do not talk about players in terms of commodities, however much true it may be nowadys……..


why are people voting harsh’s comment down? are you all for viewing players (and hence people) as commodities?


Commodity implies he has worth. Denilson is more accurately an infection.


F**cking awesome news, this!


fuck off u nigerian back to nigeriaaaaa


holy crap….

what’s the world coming to? lol


Get fucked mate, wanker


summer’s almost here, and fuck off to why hug late, your brains’ eligible for europa league at most.


Ridiculous! It’s Cesc all over again! Wenger out!


thanx a bunch

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

The clearance is just as important as making signings IMO. Too much of a financial burden, and offer nothing to the club. Best of luck to all of them.

remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

whoaaa let’s not get carried away.

remember your mom because she isn't good anymore

Yeah the clearout is a better sign as it means the squad will be leaner and we can sprinkle some real quality.

I like the fact that we basically let him go and not look for a fee – a real sign from Wenger that he is going to waste time in waiting for a good price. Clear space and add better.


yep agreed.

The clearance of Arshavins, squillaci, chamakh, denilson will clear upto 200k in wages.

just the right amount to afford rooneys pay package? no?…uh okay!


Your name made my day


Perfect photo


Is it just me or does he look a bit like C*nt Ronaldo in that pic…

loose cannon

Nope. Just you.


It’s just you.


Beat me to it, ya bastard!

loose cannon

Now that denilson is leaving, most have kind words of encouragement. good luck, best wishes.
where’s the consistency?


Never the one to have any ill feelings towards players going out (except the dutch skunk and that chinless bastard). Didn’t mean to be derogatory towards this guy. Best of luck wherever you are headed.


A lot of the criticisms has been about his contribution on the pitch, not against him personally.

Now that he’s left, he will no longer play for us, so all that’s left is the personal bit, to which most people don’t really bear any real ill will.

Completely consistent for most people, unless you genuinely hated his guts, which I certainly don’t. The boy’s done well to get out of poverty. Just because he wasn’t good enough to play for Arsenal does not mean you need to hold a personal grudge.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We are The Arsenal. We don’t hate the players who come to us but can’t quite make the step up to greatness with us.

If you feel you have to hate a player who has played over 150 times for us and whose main fault was only that he wasn’t a second Fabregas then I feel sorry for you.


Just like denilsons passes It’s good to see the BACK of him.

Merlin's Panini

…must just be you who he looks like.

Arty's Art

Arsenal ‘let’ Denilson leave. More like Denilson ‘lets’ Arsenal get rid of him.

Either way, that is an area in the squad free, and it also frees a little cash.

Hopefully that money can be spent somewhere other than Central Midfield! (Unless we are talking about Cesc).

Jimmy Neill

thank fu*k. now bentner


You do realise Bendtner is a league title winner, do you?


Good one fellow Kenyan!!!! We should retain TGSTEL to let us in on the title winning secrets

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, if you followed his career last season you will already know the secret to his becoming a League Winner.

If Wenger chooses to use the same League Winning tactic I don’t mind, but I just wonder if we have a large enough squad to let every single one of them sit out 85% of our matches next season. 🙂


League/trophy winners since leaving arsenal.


They might have fucked us over but abit justified given the silverware. all we ever got was glassware (diaby)

Donut Maestro

Well said Kenyan. Arsenal needs ego, our egos are as poor as our physique. You should be a pundit on Sky! Hobnobbing with those individuals would definitely bring out your football/punditry/managerial/financial/[insert any other field that those chumps think they know a lot about] talents.


you do realize he’s probably being sarcastic…?

Johnny Jensen's Bender

You need to play more than 90 minutes in the entire season to get a medal, so I dont think that counts.

Master Bates

you do realize he scored zero goals

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ah yes, but he cheered a few from the bench didn’t he? It’s all about the teamwork! And the underpants! And reigning in your ego for the greater good!

(Oh, OK, I made that last one up. He never would have done that)


Good Talent, Couldn’t quite make it to the top
All the best for the future Denilson.


yes – he looked like a good prospect and had one very respectable season before song became the main man. not sure really what happened after that but hope he can make a good career for himself now.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think he could see his shortcomings in relation to Fabregas. It can’t be easy to be seen as the understudy to such a great player and know that even though you may be good you fall short of such talent. He was never going to be a crowd favourite when so often his place in the starting lineup meant that Fabregas was missing from it for whatever reason. I think that is why he never really got the backing of the crowd. We needed a second Fabregas for when the first one was injured, and he had the misfortune… Read more »

Mongolian Gooner

I remember a time when people were calling for Wenger to play Denilson for his intelligent passing and positioning lol


Same haha. Funny how things change over time. We have to realize though that he is still only 25 so he’s got a lot of time to make a comeback and hopefully a move to a lower league might to do wonders for him. I wish him the best.

Andy Mack

The usual problem, he got injured, came back unfit and played a couple of poor games, the fickle sections of the crowd got on his case and he then lost interest. A shame as he was a good attacking player but got boo’d for a few missed passes so he reverted to ‘safe’ passing sideways.


Probably its just a start of the very good summer transfer activity at emirates 🙂


Not as bad as folks made out but if we’re never going to use him and seemingly can’t sell him then this is the logical thing to do. All the best to him but at least we sorted this early (this season).

Woolwich Peripatetic

If he’d added a proper physical edge to his game there would still be a spot for him, as a stand in for Arteta. Ramsey just offers a lot more.


he was only good in taking free kicks, never knew how to defend. Anyways wish him luck for future.


Really glad we are shipping these dead wood out at last and I hope more will follow.

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

you’ve made my day. now tgstel.

Salam naim

Am very sorry for denilson,but i wish him goodluck.


A massive flop by nearly all accounts. Now. It’s about time we started unearthing gems again. The goblins down the lane have had a much better run of players than we have recently and that must change. I want the new Pires, Henry, Vieira and Toure. Over to you Monsieur Wenger.

Gervinho fan

Parker? Sigurdsson? Dempsey? Holtby? Adebayor?!

Yeaaah I’m so jealous

Why not

they finished 5th


….and if it hadn’t been for their trained monkey they’d be nowhere near that.

Oregon Gooner

Good start to the week!

All the best to denilson but it was past time.

Rad Carrot

Hopefully signals intent to clear the decks at the club. Not a bad player but didn’t live up to his full potential. Good luck to him, wherever he goes.


Kind of hard to believe that he is still only 25. Will never forget Rooney running past him to score in the champions league game with Denilson hardly breaking out of a jog to track him, complete lack of effort in one of the biggest games of the season, talk about negligent. Christ I cursed the day he was ever born that night!


Thats vry nice.nw bendtner and chamack

Donut Maestro

Thats v’e’ry nice too. N’o’w, some vowels.


But if we’ve terminated his contract doesn’t that mean we’d have to compensate on the wages he would have earned if he was still with us. So [If that’s true], then we haven’t really saved any money at all.

That’s what I thought. Maybe I’m wrong…?


Arsenal probably had to compensate him a percentage of the wages he would have earned, right enough.

Without knowing the finer details of the agreement it’s difficult to comment.

Cyril Washbrook

It’s feasible for a club and a player to negotiate a reduced amount of compensation if both sides are minded to do so. Given the agent’s statement, that’s probably what has happened here.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, that would be a mutual agreement. We cut our losses and he becomes a free agent. Everybody gets something from the deal.


My wish list
2. Hair Jelly
3. Djourou
4. Chubby monster
5. Park


Chubby Monster is already gone. He gets paid more a week than Messi and Ronaldo put together 😛

Merlin's Panini

I’m still of the opinion that Djourou is a very good 4th choice centre back. His reputation has suffered from his time playing at right back. I feel sorry for him really. He’s the ultimate victim of the most fickle fans. He was hugely important to us the season before last and then suddenly we was dog poo. He’s still fairly young so could still make it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go this summer though. The rest I wouldn’t be sad to see go. Glad we’ve moved Denilson on. I’m sure he can go on and have… Read more »


Djourou has been pretty bad at Hannover though. I actually always lliked him and thought the loan signing would work out well for Hannover, but he just wasn’t very good.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Takes a while to recover from being declared dog poo by fans who had supported you so well the season before. From all the interviews with him early on it was clear he loved being at Arsenal and was proud that the fans liked him. Can’t have been easy when they all turned on him when all he was trying to do was help out in an unfamiliar position where “big” and “tall” aren’t terribly useful. Football isn’t just a fitness thing. It’s a confidence thing as well (ask Denilson). I had hoped he would have a good season in… Read more »


That’s one fifth of Rooneys wages freed up ……..

Merlin's Panini



I am so uneasy about the idea of Rooney coming to Arsenal, it’s not because I hate the guy, I do. And It’s not because I think he would taint the Arsenal shirt, cos he would. It’s because he would have the oppotunity to socre Goals for Arsenal and thus become a fan favourite… that really makes the skin crawl.. the thought that he would have the oppotunity to grow on me, like a cancer… eww they just don’t make water hot enough.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arsenal play best when they play with high energy. If he could be rejuvenated by Wenger in some way there’s no doubt he is capable of playing with high energy. Potentially he would team up well with the Ox and Theo (Well, Woy thinks so, anyway, and it did work on Sunday)

But yeah, we would have to make a “Nice Goal! But we still don’t like you!” banner.


The first bit of rejuvenation required would be extensive plastic surgery to stop him looking like a Stoke player wearing the wrong shirt.


I hope this is indicative of the club’s plan for the summer. He was never the monster people made him to be (I’ve got a lot more time for him vs. a certain dumb Dane), but Denilson’s time at the Emirates has been over for some time now. Wish him all the best at wherever he lands.

Now let’s work on offloading some of the others shall we?


Finally! I have a question though, will he be paid his final years wages at the termination?
If not then why didn’t we do this with the squid, arshavin and a couple of other players?


The club probably negoitiated for a lesser sum than the total of the remaining time. The others probably refused to.

Arsebloggers 80s half-shirt

I must confess…I had nightmares about the ‘like a new signing’ line being used this summer. So, that’s one down, how many more to go?

Arsebloggers 80s half-shirt

Chances are that he accepted a %, where as others like Arshavin refused it and decided to see out their contracts for full wages and possibly loyalty payments.

Arsebloggers 80s half-shirt

Talking to yourself is not a good thing. Don’t try this at home.


Good move , will help the club if they wish to sign big. Denilson came as a promising talent but can’t quite make it. Good luck to him whenever he goes .

Next could be Squillachi, Santos and Chamakh. I’m asking too much , no ?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Not Squillaci. He’s fallen away so badly there’s probably not much of a career left for him. I imagine he will (has) stick it out til the end of his contract as he is likely facing long term unemployment after he leaves us.


I thought the Squillaci was out of contract this summer, so he’s out anyway?


I hear he’s resigned on a pay-per-play contract, rumoured to be worth somewhere in the region of £0…..


Oh my, oh my.. Quelle Surprise!

[…] 来源:【Arseblog News】 […]


I think he summed up that squad really – lots of natural skill and potential but not enough character when push came to shove. Telling that they all fucked off in search of easy life. Hopefully our current crop will prove more resilient and want it more. They certainly seem to have more about them.

Henry's boot licker



Denilson would not be paid the full amount for the final year of his contract. For the player and agent the value of being a free agent now and the reduced sum of the salary will outweigh the cost of being under contract (can only be bought during the windows) and the total salary owed under the existing contract.


Pity his career has collapsed. He looked good for a while and I can guarentee most here were pushing for him to play instead of Gilberto right. Played a little out of position, and not that good at adapting to it, left him half the player he could’ve been. Needs to go to Italy or Spain to get some time on the ball to make the right choice.
Hope he gets back on course.


Surely we didn’t just cut him loose without some form of compensation? The remainder of his wages?

In any case, it’s a good move for both parties. Good luck Denny old boy.


Good luck Denilson for the Future! but a least that’s one of the dead wood gone!
now for chamack !


3 down, 7 to go…
Goodluck, Denilson.


Also, for those those wondering why we have loyalty payments:


Loyalty bonuses and long term contracts are the result of EU conviction that footballers should be just like any other employment contract. They have come in as clubs protect themselves against the possibility of a court case happening and blowing the current system apart. So generally, when a key young player steps up and a new long term contract is offered this will also mean a loyalty bonus will be added. When a star player is added, they will probably have a large loyalty bonus included in the contract, while a squad player will not have a significant loyalty bonus… Read more »


Pardon the ignorance, but what is a loyalty bonus to begin with? Is it a bonus that the player recieves when they see their contract out with us? If that’s the case then it makes sense the likes of Wilshere, Ramsey and the Ox will be on very large ones.

Thanks for the informative post btw!


A loyalty bonus can be thought of as the exact same principles as a the “golden parachute” terms in the contracts of CEO pay at a big company. It is basically a financial incentive for your player to see out their contract and not leave early. So it is only paid when the player completes his contract / renegotiates to stay longer at the same club / is sold by the club / the club terminate his contract early. The player would probably only receive the full amount in the first instance. In each of the other cases their will… Read more »


Sorry, so the answer to your question is that it is a lump sum payable at the end of a player’s contract at the club. For the club it is great as they can save for a fixed sum at a future date, and the player gets “closer to the prize” the further along the contract they are so would be less willing to leave. It’s just a shame that it didn’t work on the one recent player we wanted to keep and seems to prevent some of the other players we want to shift from leaving! Glad you found… Read more »


one down…

[…] puntastic as reported Arsenal and Juventus target Gonzalo Higuain has said farewell to Real Madrid, Arsenal has said farewell to Denilson, Yaya Sonogo has said hello to Arsene Wenger, Perry Groves has linked Arsenal to Victor Wanyama and […]

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Next it will be gervinho boo hoo!!!

Naija Gunner

Good news at last, loved the guy when he was Denilson but disliked him when he turned lazy!

Wish him luck in his next club, where ever that is?


Brazillians are supposed to be lovable but with denillson there’s no way around it. just get rid. Thankfully he’s off.

If any of the fans in brazil like a sitdown to watch backpasses then he’s should feel right at home.

also interested to see how the Neymar project turns out at barcelona. hopefully he outperforms messi so wenger finally gets his dream signing after a lengthy spell on the bench, struggling through hamstrings and dwarfism and constant “we don’t need messi, we have neymar” from the farca faithfuls.

[…] Meanwhile, some very interesting news regarding Denilson and the fact the club and player have come to an arrangement to cancel the final year of his contract. According to his agent: […]

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