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Bullish Gazidis eyes Wenger deal and brighter future

Ivan Gazidis has reiterated the Arsenal board’s support for Arsene Wenger and hinted that the club are discussing a new contract with the Frenchman.

Refusing to be drawn on the specifics of what he labelled ‘behind closed doors’ talks, the CEO claimed that Wenger was as ambitious as ever and excited about a significant period in the club’s development.

“We think we have got a fantastic manager,” Gazidis told assorted members of the press.

“We hope that he wants to do what he is doing for the long term. I believe he does. I think he is still ambitious, still driven and sees the potential of the club as he looks forward and I think he is very excited by that.

“We have got a lot of confidence in Arsene that he is the right person to take the club forward and I think he will want to do that. We have a great relationship and he has a great relationship with the board as well. So, quietly and at the right time, I think we will make an announcement on that

“What I really don’t want to do is have a public discussion about Arsene’s contractual position. That would be a daily, weekly fixture on the public coverage if you start getting into that. This is going to happen very quietly behind closed doors, privately and then there will be an announcement.”

As he did in the aftermath of Arsenal’s fourth place Premier League finish, Gazidis again took the opportunity to outline more ambitious aims for the future.

Claiming that the club’s financial circumstances provide a firm platform for building a successful squad, he continued:

“We finished with 73 points and in fourth place which I would say was necessary for us. We want to be competing at the top of the game and in order to do that you have to be in the Champions League.

“But it is not ultimately where we want to be with moving the club forward. We want to be a club that is competing at the very top end of the game and that means competing to win the Premier League and competing to win the Champions League. On that basis, we are not where we want to be yet.

“I think it’s not idle ambition when we talk about wanting to get there. We have a very solid plan that will give us the ability to be able to compete at that level provided we do things well. The stadium move has meant we have tied in a lot of our commercial deals to it which has put us behind the game.

“The critical thing now as we look ahead over the next season and the season after is our developing financial capability which will give us a lot more options than in recent years.

“We think we have got a fantastic manager who has seen us through moving to a new stadium with consistency. We think we have got the right person to make the kinds of choices and decisions that we are going to have over this really significant period of the club’s development. We are feeling very optimistic.”

Arseblog News aren’t sure under what circumstances this interview was granted to the press but it does seem somewhat odd to hint so strongly at a new deal for the boss while simultaneously being at pains to highlight an unwillingness to talk about it publicly.

One thing is certainly clear; Gazidis’ recent rhetoric about the club’s future is increasingly bullish. With the new commercial deals seemingly in place, UEFA gradually rolling out their FFP regulations and the possibility of another year of Champions League football on the horizon the beat of the drum he’s been banging for years appears to be getting louder and faster.

It’s now down to Gazidis, Wenger, and the club, to prove this isn’t the same talk we’ve heard in summers past and put their money where their mouth is.

Squad improvement should be the first priority, and with the streamlining already begun, let’s hope it’s the precursor to the more important matter of new arrivals.

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If we are about to reap the rewards of our financial prudence then Wenger deserves the chance to oversee that after keeping us competitive under such restrictions.


Cannot agree more. I’d love to see us win the CL or the PL, but I’d especially love to see Wenger lead us there. Feeling pretty excited – the changes at the other clubs keep things interesting too.


I think realistically If we spend a good 50-60 mil net in the transfer market and have a good start I expect us to be around 80+ points by the end of league. Depending on how the top 3 go it could vary, I expect Chelsea will probably win if they spend big and aim for 90 points about or it could go tits up and Mourinho goes and it gets interesting. Maybe a good chance at both cups maybe try and be a bit more daring in squad selection by using more first teamers. Champions league I think quarters/semis… Read more »

Si in Galway

you’re very passionate for someone called Meh…

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Meh.. You feel excited EVERY summer when he has Money to spend. This Man should have been sacked 3 years ago. For the last three years I have been coming here I keep saying this man is FINISHED as a top class manager, he is only in it for the money not pride or glory. Now, comes 31st of Aug, I will come here to remind you this …we sign another Forehead no one heard of, few kids and the excuse we almost sign him will come out. READ MY LIPS, we will sign no one of note same rubbish… Read more »


I thumbed you down but I wish I’d ignored you now.

This isn’t the site to be saying things like ‘the man’s mentally ill.’



fans like you are a cancer to our great club.

Gandalf's Kebab

He’s bought a lot of risky players over the years, but you can’t deny it has worked for the return of CL revenue.

Forming a team that can get to the top is absurdly expensive, and you don’t get anything extra for finishing second. With a splash of cash we have an excellent chance to capitalise on any managerial turmoil with out nearest competitors, so I’m confident.


‘For the last three years I have been coming here I keep saying this man is FINISHED as a top class manager, he is only in it for the money not pride or glory.’ Yes – I bet he wishes a really wealthy club like P.S.G. or Real Madrid would offer him a job… Oh no, my mistake – that’s already happened. Repeatedly. He’s turned down France, Germany, Real, P.S.G. and Brazil to stay at Arsenal. It’s the club of his life more than it is of yours – who are you to question his loyalty, his ambition or his… Read more »


I can guarantee that if the positions were reversed, Cygan’s MLF have jumped ship a long time ago and gone on to manage another club.

Utter tool


I think this pretty much confirms that wenger was put on a strict funds diet due to commercial revenue we signed on for compared to the influx of billionaire money that couldn’t have been predicted by the club before the stadium move. gazidis pretty much is saying that you can’t piss on your commercial partners by publically saying the amount of cash we’re getting from sponsor x sucks. that said, if we can spend some big bucks early in the window and show some ambition it might sway the minds of other targets in our favor later in the window.… Read more »


Sorry Locknloaded the only thing that will prove if he had no funds over the last few years is if he spends big this summer. Otherwise the naysayers might actually have a point.

George Blazenby

Great! Bit srange, though – did Ivan call a secret press conference just to say that? Or did he issue a statement or something?


This last contract has seen AW use the fans’ goodwill. Unless he pulls off a blinder of a Summer and gets off too a good start in the PL, I don’t think he deserves a new contract.


there’s plenty of good will left with respect for Wenger from most of the fans, you name a better realistic manager…

jack jack jack

You’ll have a hard time naming a better manager full stop. Any club in the world would kill to have Arsene at the helm. It’s been said a million times but he could have fucked off to France or Madrid where he’d have been given a shedload of cash to build a team, but instead he chose to stick it out with us where he knew he would have next to no transfer funds. 99 out of 100 managers would have been swiftly on their way but he stayed, risking success and his reputation, to try and get us through… Read more »

Monkey nuts

He does have the comfort of a rather healthy salary and the knowledge that he will never be sacked at Arsenal.

He’d have been sacked at every other top club with the record he’s had in the last 8 years


No he doesn’t and no he wouldn’t.

The board aren’t stupid and they don’t blindly back Wenger for no reason.

People talk about his £8million salary. But the manager is THE most influential figure at the club so spending that on someone who has repeatedly performed, what I have no issue in calling, miracles is not too much.

He ain’t perfect, no-one is. But he is most definitely in the top 3 or 4 managers in the world.

Dr Baptiste

If he had gone to PSG, Monaco or Real Madrid (some of the clubs that were reported as after his services) he would have been on far more money (with the tax breaks available) and a far larger transfer budget each year without having to balance the finances.

big head

Lol!! He stays because he has a 7.5 million quid salary and has no pressure to win anything. Where else could he get a job like that??


You don’t think Jurgen Klopp isn’t realistic?

Andy Mack

In a few years time possibly but like AW he doesn’t break contracts and has a few years left on his present one. I also think he needs a few more years experience as managing only Mainz and dortmund for such a breif time isn’t the manager we need in the future when we become financially a big club.


Couldn’t agree more but I think it’s time for a change whatever happens. Let Wenger spend, I dont think he will, see if he can get the ending he deserves as a true legend with the PL or CL title or both.

After this season I want a new manager, new ideas and I think the club will benefit from a change. There are great managers out there so the “there are no one else” argument is not good enough. Sooner or later he will retire and what then?

Eboue's Perfectly chiseled b a l l s

So does Shamakh!


i’ve never thought of it but maybe Gazidis wants wenger to stay simply because they all have similar philosophies, get the best players for relatively cheaper money while balancing the cheque books, competing at the highest level but only just…..

I find it hard to believe any other manager would take the crap from Gazidis. In the event that wenger one day leaves (well he has to eventually) I very much believe Gazidis will follow suit.


#OneArseneWenger UTA


I’m all for an extension in theory, but if he/ they don’t buck the transfer trend this summer then a lot of people will abandon ship. Hoping for them not to wait for bargain time in the last few hours, just pay up for once. It’s torturous, it mimics on-field events.


If the required quality additions to the squad we need are not added this summer then it will be time to look at some people’s position within the club, money is there and new deals have been struck.

I do have much more faith in the comments to date, let’s hope they come to fruition..


Would have loved to see what Ferguson, guardiola and mourinho (all of whom are claimed to be superior to le prof by many deluded idiots) would do for their clubs if they were put in the same situation and given the same restrictions that wenger has had to deal with recently. I’m pretty sure that 2 of the 3 if not all 3 of them would fail to deliver what arsene has delivered in the past decade or so, i.e. financial stability, a sustainable model and a new stadium while still making champions league every season


What are you talking about? Wenger spent 4 million less than United over the past few seasons and was left in the dust of United’s title challenge. Thumb me down all you want but he has failed for 8 years, you try failing in your job for 8 weeks and see where it gets you. Sick of this stadium shit, Bayern built a new stadium around the same time and look at them. He has lost his best players and not simply to money because they could see that they weren’t going to win with him. 8 years is a… Read more »


Two words. Net Spend.


So he should be given a Net Spend trophy as well.

Wigan spent much less and got relegated and still have more silverware than the Arsenal in nearly a decade.

When exactly do the excuses end? Or don’t they?


So you would see us get relegated as long as we got a trophy?


It is funny how everything comes down to “trophy” these days. If you want my opinion, I don’t care two hoots about what Arsenal win or don’t win as long as they continue to try hard. There will always be tumbles (Bradford, Blackburn) but that is all part and parcel of supporting a club you love.

Dr Baptiste

‘Wigan spent less and got relegated’ pretty much sums up that argument. Cardiff won the Championship. So doesn’t that mean they’ve also won more silverware than Arsenal?


Ok, lets use the Cup winners Swansea as an example then (since Wigan got relegated)


You’re an idiot. He might have spent a little less over the last few seasons, but you have to look at net spend for that to make any sense. If you look at Arsenal’s net spend since the move to the Emirates it’s -40 Mil whereas Utd’s is in the region of 365M. So please, stop being so goddamn naive. Also bear in mind Fergie paid more for that fat cunt Rooney than Wenger did for Henry, Viera and Pires combined.


Hi, you made a good point perfectly well, but there’s no need for the name calling.

Dr Baptiste

But Rooney is a fat cunt….


@Dr Baptiste – heh


Is Rooney still a fat cunt if we sign him?

Gandalf's Kebab

He’d be even fatter. Him and Santos would destroy the canteen.


The Allianz is shared with 1860 Munich, who shared construction costs, and it was also subsidised by the municipal government. Total cost was 340 million euros – Bayern’s debt will have been about 100-120 million pounds plus interest spread over 10 years.

The Emirates is not shared with anyone, no shared construction costs, not subsidised by municipal or national government. Total cost was 470 million pounds – Arsenal’s debt was 260 million pounds, plus interest spread over 14 years.

According to Forbes:
Bayern’s ratio of debt to value is 5%.
Arsenal’s is 29%.

It’s not a fair comparison.

Andy Mack

There’s been plenty of ‘deadwood’ at manure over the years.


I really cannot understand though why the club kept insisting on having a lot of money to spend and only waiting for Wenger to identify the right targets. It made him seem as to proud to spend, which i guess was not the case. The fans would have swallowed this policy much easier and would have gotten behind the team if the board would have been honest and prepared us for a couple of relatively hard years (funnily enough coinciding with some of the best spuds seasons since colour TV, and we still finished above them every single year). Maybe… Read more »


you try to sell tickets to fans, players to come to the club by telling them you don’t have the funds to compete for first but you feel that fourth and up is attainable for about 7-9 years until you can get a tremendous influx of tv and sponsor revenue. plus you have to sell your best players to try to balance the books while you do this. I can see how “supportive”of the fans are now that we have some money to compete so I can see how well that would’ve went five years ago…


“Maybe they had to do it for marketing reasons or something?” Possibly. you can’t sign fat commercial deals if you won’t be seen in the CL consistently, so Gazidis has to be a bit bullish. At the same time, I think you are right to think that Wenger is not too proud to spend. The more believable version is that the money simply hasn’t been there to bank roll a 30 million pound purchase plus salary. You have to think those players know which teams have the money and which don’t and wait–and have waited–for the big bucks to come… Read more »


*while the club moved to a new stadium

Andy Mack

If messy had beome available for 50m then they’d have found the money. The problem is that too many good/very good (rather than great) players now cost silly money.
But in the million to one chance that had Messi wanted to move (the heart is a strange thing… look at the spuddies), he wouldn’t have gone to a team pleading poverty.


I hate the rednosed whiskeydrinking bastard but he is the best manager ever. Period. He took over manu when they were shite and today they are biggest club in the world. I love Wenger but he is not as successful as Fergie, not even close.

Andy Mack

Balls. He’s very good but he was manager of the best funded team (by a long way) in the PL for the first 15 of the 25 years. That allows you to put a very solid base down for continued success.

Gandalf's Kebab

The way he keeps fielding The Forehead in times of serious need puts me in mind of parents that let their overweight idiot adult children turn their basements into a nerd cave.

But I’d still take Nice Dad Wengy over the moaning sponge-faced hairdryer.


since that previous commentia awaiting “moderation”. keep it.

i’ve never thought of it but maybe Gazidis wants wenger to stay simply because they all have similar philosophies, get the best players for relatively cheaper money while balancing the cheque books, competing at the highest level but only just…..

I find it hard to believe any other manager would take the crap from Gazidis. In the event that wenger one day leaves (well he has to eventually) I very much believe Gazidis will follow suit.

gunn cabinet

maybe he just wants him to stay because he is a top top top quality manager.


Like his top top top quality signigs?


Exactly I could name them but the list would be to long.


What do they gain from “balancing the cheque books” … Not like they get to take the cut of the cheque book and the longer they underperform the more likely they will do lose their jobs and have no salary either. Seems a bit illogical to me to think that is what they are doing


Great news if this happens. With old red nose retired, only two of the top six teams retaining their managers, FFP and the new Puma kit deal; the future is Arsenals.


With the right signings by the close of the window, that could be the perfect storm that brings a trophy or two.


You really think FFp will have any effect on spending?

gunn cabinet

essentially what koscielny said re. the club’s ambitions to win things. i wonder whether media are going to write that gazidis has rapped his club blah blah blah…

anyway, coming from someone up there, this bullish interview should be good news. we now only wait to see the club act on it. maybe our seven years of hunger are now behind us. here is to seven years of plenty!!!


I didn’t know Gazidis could rap.

Gandalf's Kebab

I like hearing these things from the top as much as any AKB, but reading between the lines I get the impression the board are basically saying they’re giving him a year’s notice to give the competition a serious thrashing. That means no more experiments, no more better-luck-next-time, no risky purchases, and proper team depth.

I hope I’m right in that this puts a merciless fire in the boss.

Andy Mack

Doesn’t sound anything like that to me. It sounds like it’s said to keep the majority of the fans happy and to show AW how much the club wants to keep him.

Cesc Pistol

All 91 clubs in the football league have had a change of manager since wenger last won a trophy. The day after Ferguson retired would have been a good day for wenger to head stage left into Europe somewhere with some dignity instead he’ll probably get fired before Xmas.


All other 43 teams in the top two leagues have changed manager since Arsenals last trophy.

Only 3 other teams have made it to a champions league final.
Only 1 other team has been in the top 4 every year.
No other team has spent less money per season.
No other team has built a new stadium.
No other team has made it to the knockout stages of the champions league every year.


@ Cesc Pistol

Your name is awesome, but your comment makes no sense. If all 91 clubs had changed their manager and we were placed behind all other 91 clubs, then you could maybe infer some kindof correlation there.

As is it, your comment is just one random fact, and one very strange prediction (especially if you actually read the news story you’re commenting on.)


My feeling on the timing of this statement is that it has been issued to give confidence and certainty to players they are negotiating with that AW will be the manager for the period of their proposed contract with the club. It would be more than likely that there has been some concern expressed by transfer targets that the manager had only one year left on his contract and they were being invited to commit to a four year deal.

Dan Gunn

Finally someone with some sense! A good example of this would be Cesc Fabregas. He certainly wouldnt want to re-sign for Arsenal only for Wenger to turn round and say see you later next year. Wenger is a huge pull for many players that sign for the club. Giving our transfer targets this certainity could just be the difference on players that have multiple offers on the table.


How is he a ‘huge pull’ for players?
Is it because he hasn’t won anything for the length of their professional career?

FFS what is wrong with you people!?!

Dan Gunn

Get Carter!

My dear boy, you sound like a journalist.

You need only look at the names of players Wenger has taken from total obscurity to world wide reckoning. As a gooner i shouldnt have to walk you through the list. This is why players join Arsenal. To play play exciting attacking football, develop as players, play with the elite teams in europe and hopefully come next season… Win a trophy!

Wenger is one of the best in the business and you will miss him one day. I promise you that much.


Sceptical but sadly not unrealistic point of view.

Parisian Weetabix

I really hope that we do get to see Arséne operating in an ocean of money, just to prove that he definitely has still got it. There are too many fans and media outlets who don’t give him anywhere near the respect he deserves, because they refuse to appreciate the trying financial conditions he’s been working under. I maintain faith that he’s amongst the 3 top managers in Europe right now, and it’d be lovely to be proven right.


hear hear


And if doesn’t make the necessary signings this summer and Arsenal go without a trophy for a 9th year in a row, you will be typing the same blind support and making up excuses 12 months from now.

Mark my words. Well actually yours.


I don’t think we will win a trophy next year. I will still support Arsenal. I will still believe in Arsene and I will still realise that they are heading in teh right direction under the right management.

Go support Man City

Stroud Green Road Boy

“Go support Man City” – isn’t this the exact sort of comment that Arseblog himself in this very comment section has described as ‘beyond stupid’?


Yes, it’s a silly type of comment and I have amended the comment policy to reflect that.


Why are the post still up then? Take it down.


Maybe instead of the command “Go” he could have said; Your needs may be met by the billion spending Chelsea or Man City.


Why Man City?

Apparently people who think like me are simply glory hunters and given the fact that Man City didn’t win a trophy It makes no sense for me to go an support them.

Now Wigan on the other hand….


Oh and you’re belief that not winning a trophy translates into “heading in the right direction?”

Sums it up quite perfectly. Thanks for the verification.


@Sigh, no because, unlike you apparently, I don’t see the black&white of trophy or no trophy as the only measure of a football club.

@Blogs, sorry for the disallowed man city comment. I was just trying to point out that if all you care about is trophies and not the health and soul of the club then you should support a club that follows those same ideals, such as manchester city, or chelsea. Admittedly, I didn’t put it very well the first time.

Rad Carrot

Ummm… not sure about this statement. Wenger is a “war-time” manager, not a “peace-time” manager. He doesn’t know what to do with a large budget, he seems to think that with £30m he can buy three average players, and with £70m he can buy seven average players. Never seems to want to risk buying true quality. Not trying to be massively critical, but I’d prefer it if the club would quietly work toward getting in a replacement, rather than keeping Le Prof around (and alive) for another 58 seasons. Wenger’s done his job to keep us in it despite hardships… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

‘with £70m he can buy seven average players’ you mean like in the days when he bought:

Vieira (3.5m)
Overmars (7m)
Petit (2.5m)
Ljunberg (3m)
Lauren (7.2m)
Silva (4.5m)
Toure (150k)
Lehmann (2m)
Clichy (250k)

They weren’t for large sums of money and a lot of them made up the invincibles. You don’t always have to spend 30m+ on one player to make a team.


I remember the days and 10.5 (Henry) was a huge amount of money for a player in the 90 ́s, certainly equivalent to 30m today. 7m for Overmars in 97 was also a big, big signing back then (20-25 in todays money).
Except Toure and Clichy the rest of the signings was at market value back then. Remember that this was before Abramovitch and the rest of the oil russians.


10.5M adjusted for inflation from 1999 to the present day = 15.54 M. Good guess though…….

Andy Mack

They were big signings but certainly not huge.
they were all slightly below market value but not by a lot.
Arsenal have paid serious money at times for players but we haven’t had the moeny because of the stadium and we still owe on it now but are much better leveraged.

Bodom After Midnight

But FFS what Hatecrew means is that the inflated prices in football today would translate in those sums. I buy that withouth hesitation.
And he never said they were huge signings. Big and huge amount of money. Come on read.

Gandalf's Kebab

The other factors there were the scouting, David Dein, and the knowledge that Arsene brought with him to the PL.

The footy labour market in Europe is seriously overinflated and good buys are harder and harder to come by.

I could see what AW meant when he talked about conservative spending in an era of european financial instability; having cash (not debt) we have done quite well from the situation at Malaga, but still, that was a rare occasion.


You’re living in the past my friend. While people credit Wenger for keeping the club going under financial constraints, he is also responsible for a raft of poor signings and overinflated wages that have handicapped the club for the past few years. Never mind the stale tactics and weak mentality of the team. Those who think money will solve Wengers shortcomings are delusional. He is a top manager and I’d like to see him stay, just to see if he can get his mojo back. But… he is not irreplaceable (as many pointed out around Christmas time, funny how short… Read more »


Are you crazy?!

You sound like you are talking about someone who has just promoted a team from the championship but doesn’t know how to play top level football.

This is the man that, when we had competitive money, came in and made an instant impact and took us to the next level winning trophys and smashing records.

Rad Carrot

I’m not slamming what Wenger has built – absolutely the opposite, in fact. My heart bursts with pride toward the club and what he has done, and the fact we are still competitive after all these years of still making a Net profit are amazing. However, gone are the days where Wenger can spend £2.5m on an unknown player and turn him into a diamond. It’s just not going to happen any more, not with the other sugar-daddy clubs who can instantly lure said youngster to theirs for twice the wages. They’re savvy to what we used to do well;… Read more »


“Look at Mata – worth every penny of his £30m transfer to the chavs. We need a manager who can spot this, and I don’t believe Wenger is the manager for this anymore.” Whoa! Stop with the unexamined claims already. First, Wenger did spot Mata as a talent and Arsenal bid for him two summers ago. Second, whatever Arsenal offered, Chelsea would have topped…as that is exactly what happened! Arsenal would never have won that bidding war. Third, he got this… for around 16 million pounds while Mata has produced 12 goals/12 assists this season and 6 goals/13 assists… Read more »


My bad, you pointed to Santi as a good deal. You just failed to recognize that it was always going to be Mata or Santi, not Mata and Santi.


we bid one mata…the offer was accepted and he was on his way…..chav who use us as their main scout got interested,after that only one winner we cant outbid them with their unlimited £££.
but then we got carzola so fuck mata


**Bottom line, I’d like a manager who knows this. Who knows a good deal, but is also happy to spend £20-£30m on a good player. Look at Mata – worth every penny of his £30m transfer to the chavs. We need a manager who can spot this, and I don’t believe Wenger is the manager for this anymore.**

right. and along with that, there will be torres and such. Arsenal cannot afford such large risks, pure and simple. We’re not bankrolled by endless barrels of russian gas money.


Then can you explain how he had a team of “Invincibles” prior to the stadium debt constraints? Arsenal prior to Wenger finished 4th, 11th, 4th, 12th, 5th. Then Wenger comes and we finish 3rd, 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 1st, 2nd 1st, 2nd. Then stadium debt comes and he finished 4th, 4th, 3rd, 4th, 3rd, 4th, 3rd, 4th. So what we see here is that even while Wenger had the stadium debt issue to contend with, his worst performance was still just as good or better than the best perfromance in the 5 yeard directly preceding him. This doesn’t even take… Read more »


We have another 18 years of stadium debt related payments.

So try another excuse.

Andy Mack

1) Reduced debt related payments
2) Increased income (new sponsorship deals + TV etc)
3) If you’re old enough to have a mortgage you’ll understand that the first few years are the tough bit (sometimes seriously tough).

So no other excuse necessary.


I honestly can’t tell if you are serious in your comment or simply trying to get a rise out of people. If you are serious, I would like to suggest you research a few of the different financial measures related to debt levels. It would not take long for you to realize the debt issue we had initially with the stadium and the necessary, but unfortunately not so lucrative sponsorship contracts that accompanied it, left us in a very precarious position in which we operated with a signficant cloud of uncertainty on our future. The current debt levels and the… Read more »

Double Canister

At £20m per year including interest. AFC Could pay it all off in 2 years but the banks won’t change the deal.
The new a Emeirates deal will pay it off, and the puma deal is for player funds.


If it wasn’t for Arsene, we would have become Aston Villa during the stadium move period, or maybe Fulham or Liverpool.
Think about that…

Gandalf's Kebab

And look how well buying French (sounds dirty) worked out for the Geordies..

just sign da thing, Arsene


‘we are preparing to strenghten the squad ‘ i just hate to hear this. Wenger is always Unigue and great.


I assume you mean “unique” …

… otherwise … WTF?


Players, Some, Fucking, Buy (not in order)

maduforo uche

Hmmm.. keeping my fingers crossed.. Lets hope is not the usual statement when the new season ticket is about to hit the market so that many people will rush and buy.. Am tired of you reeling out club ambition every end of the season only for you guys to do less in the transfer window.. Ivan I look forward to the day you and Arsene will fulfill all this promise… In gunners I believe and in Arsene I trust…


If Gazidis said the truth , I think this transfer windows could be vital for Arsene, pretty much shaping the club challenges for next season. Hope there’s something going on behind the scenes about new signings .


offer wenger a new contact on the basis of what he achieves next season. Stupid to reward him a new contract on the basis of the past few years.

Plenty of better and more successful managers out there . No need to put all out eggs in one basket.

P.S wenger is nothing without a real football ceo behind him.. cue David Dein.


Who are these better and more successful managers that we can get?

What is the point in baseing the manager for the future on the results of one year (especially if you mean cups, which are really quite random).

We know exactly what Wenger is, how he works and what he is capable of.

Bodom After Midnight

That might be a part of the problem. We know ho he is and so does the rest of the world.

Gandalf's Kebab

Re: PS. Agreed, AW has had too much to deal with since DD left. Need some proper footballing people behind him at the top, not typical corporate managers.

Stroud Green Road Boy

How many times has Gazidis made similar statements over the years? How many times do people need to hear it before the penny drops? How many deja vu seasons do you need in a row? When has Wenger ever ‘spent big’? Why do you think he will now, because AFC have signed a kit deal with Puma? It’s totally against his modus operandi and everything he believes. Those running the club are happy with the model they have – top 4, make a profit in the transfer market. Wenger delivers that even whilst wasting millions indulging in his ‘socialist’ wage… Read more »


Those words are considered blasphemy on the arseneblog (corrected the spelling for you guys) website.

I foresee a ban in your near future.

Cause Arsene knows!!!! (except how to win a trophy, that is)


If you foresee a ban it’s because you’re actively seeking one.

If you notice the last lines of the article, you’ll see we’re well aware of what Gazidis has said in the past.

If you want to discuss the topic of the article, feel free. It’s open to everyone.

If you have thoughts about the tone or style of the website, email me directly rather than being a passive aggressive keyboard warrior.


Actively seeking one?

Why? Because I don’t use profane language or call others cu&ts that don’t share my views?


As I said, ‘passive aggressive’. And something of a wind-up merchant.

I’m quite happy, as any regular here will tell you, for dissenting opinions, differing points of view, debate, discussion and everything else, as long as it’s done with manners.

Too many people think they can speak to others like they’re morons or halfwits just because they don’t agree with them.


Like people who subscribe to the AKB POV, but call other cu*ts and tell to go and support another team that don’t share the same belief/vision?

Strange that these daily rebuttals aren’t considered to be nasty and acceptable.

Either way, thanks for the response and keep up the work.


I don’t have any time for those kind of comments either (especially the nonsense about going to support another club. It’s beyond stupid). We have a policy that we try and enforce to ensure that this place doesn’t descend into the kind of retarded shitbox you find elsewhere.

That requires something from us, but also from the people who use this website and engage in the comments.

Plus, I hate the AKB thing people throw around. People can believe the manager is the best man for the job but not think he’s infallible. It’s so lazy.


Similar comments routinely appear on another forum for miserabilists.


Why would a club be happy with transfer profits then content to waste money on wages. When you actually think about what you’re saying, it doesn’t make any sense.


People who want Wenger out need to ask themselves who they want instead? Wenger’s one of the best managers in the world and is unique in being able to keep a team competitive while at the same time making sure the club is run in a self sustainable manner like any other private enterprise should be done. For that he should be commended hugely. I’d love for him to stay 5 more years


Well he’s going to leave one day. And my choice would be the smiley deutchlander at Dortmund.

Andy Mack

Klopp is another man that doesn’t break contracts (like AW) and has a few years left on his existing one.


Absolutely right.

There are no better 4th place is a trophy managers available at this point in time.

Winners and managers with ambition need not apply.

Andy Mack

That’s a comprehensive list of alternative you’ve given there…… Oh sorry it’s not, it’s your usual whinging but with no substance!


I’m a big fan of Arsene but realistically he should be offered a new contract on the basis of how well he shapes the squad post transfer window.


I’m all in favor of giving another 4 years to a manager who’s recently pulled more late-season quality out of mediocre squads than anyone not named Moyes.

All that being said, if there isn’t £50M+ spent on improving the squad this summer, it doesn’t matter who the manager is–there will be no trophies for a 9th year.


Let him spend the available money and judge him at the end of the season. Any contract talks before that is simply insane.

Danish Gooner

Ohh lord you just been told a lie and taken it for a truth,shame on all of you.


Fuck trophies…sick of hearing about that shit.

I just want Arsenal to be in a position where we are challenging, really challenging. Or at worse maximizing all our energies and resources into doing so.

Arsene needs to pull of a few Cazorla type signings, you can’t guarantee the type of impact Santi has had but you can shorten the odds by buying better players, and dare I say more expensive players. We really should be breaking our transfer record this summer, of course for the right player. Hopefully Arsene can identify them.


“Or at worse maximizing all our energies and resources into doing so.”

I gather the Wenger Outs assume the club is not already doing that. I accept that the club is doing that, and 3rd or 4th place in the league is about where we fall right now.


It’s well documented that the club have had cash available for Wenger to spend, he simply refuses to do so. 3rd or 4th is not where we should be at all. Our wage bill is not that far behind Man United’s, and slightly above Spurs. Like some have said earlier, we should at least look like were trying to compete. The fact is we are seriously underachieving with the resources we have. We only scraped 4th and that was because Wenger realised 2 years too late that his squad can’t play Wengerball and needed to go back to basic 1… Read more »


Our wages are fourth highest in the league…


Luck is an uncontrollable occurrence that you can’t replicate on demand. Skill you can. As we haven’t dropped out of the Champion’s League and qualification can be done on demand I’d say its skill, not luck.


I think this statement has been made to try and sell the vision of Arsenal, and as the lynchpin behind it Arsene, to certain top top transfer targets that they are currently aiming to recruit but maybe struggling to convince to join. While there are a handful of players – because of exorbitant wages and ludicrous transfer fees – at the very elite level that Arsenal are not according to their current model ever going be in the market for, the level just below – and still considerable as “marquee” – is likely where this summer they are trying to… Read more »


Same old garbage ! Same old rubbish from Gazedis. We heard this last year – just before van Persie voted with his feet – and the season before. The only thing at Arsenal that keeps increasing hand over fist – other than the ticket prices and the hype – meter – is Gazedis’s salary. Come the annual report in October, you see if it isn’t subject to another thumping great increase. I see City – even without a Manager – have made two major signings already. And us ? We’ve signed…..errrr………..errrr……yes that’s him ! No one. When we’ve won something… Read more »


Maybe, if you’re going to criticise a man and call him a parasite, you could learn how to spell his name.


city 2 major signing!!!! one who cant get near the spainsh side and get homesick very quickly , a brazilan bought 30M!!! and has 5 cap at 28 from one of the poorest brazilan side i ever see

Dr Baptiste

“I see City – even without a Manager – have made two major signings already”. Aren’t City’s transfers dealt with by the CEO and Director of Football and not the manager (as was Mancini’s complaint about lack of transfers). So you’d expect them to continue throwing money around in the same fashion they have been and getting players in.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004 ???

Uh oh… every time Gazidis has made such bullish statements in the past it’s been followed by yet another struggle for the Top-4 ‘trophy’. Hope this time is different.

I’d rather hear ‘bullish statements’ about Higuain and/or Jovetic.


Personally think next season will be a bit different, we won’t be losing any massive players hopefully and this squad has has a season to gel. Yes we need a few additions, but more importantly we need the consistency we had at the end of the season and we’ll have a good season. It’s down to our players to keep going and it’s down to Ivan and Arsene to add in the areas where we can improve.


We won’t be missing any massive players because we haven’t got any massive players. That’s why Arsenal will achieve nothing next season, except fourth place – if we’re lucky.


Exactly ! We’ve nothing anyone else – who are serious about winning anything – would want.

And before anyone says Wilshere – he’s recovering from another op’ and you don’t get anything for injured players. Him apart, no top team would want to know the rest.

Andy Mack

So the newspapers are wrong about Kozzer, Poldi, Santi and Sagna being chased by CL teams. Thanks for the inside info!

Is the ‘6’7 in your name a clue to which team you really follow?


Wenger should not be offered anything right now. Unless Arsenal drastically improve next season it should be Wenger’s last. Gazidis is a gutless coward.

[…] Gazidis is playing his cards close to his chest on this one, though he has, interestingly, spoken out about whether Arsene will get a new contract at the club. Saying: […]

Ivor Biggon

Not once does he mention winning anything! His idea of moving forward is just making more money!


Yep ! You’ve got it in one. More money for Arsenal = More money for him.

Which is all he’s interested in.


No it doesn’t


Surely it is common sense to make public such an announcement, perspective marquee signings want to know who will be managing them.
A new contract for AW is not the end of the world, especially if there is a performance related clause in it.
I for one am looking forward to 2013-2014, challenging for the league and cups, maybe not winning but there or thereabouts.


No! No! No! No! No! For fuck’s sake, when is everyone gonna realise that Wenger is yesterday’s man? I think it’s so fitting that in the week in which we finally saw Mr 90k-a-week Arshavin finally depart the club we are now hearing what sounds like confirmation of a new contract for the man who foolishly bought him. The Frenchman is sixty-four, has won nothing for eight years – AND NOW HE’S GETTING A NEW CONTRACT? This decision epitomises everything that’s wrong with the club right now. Wenger is boring safe pair of hands who will probably just about get… Read more »



all the success he has brought us and keeping us in the top 4 during a time when the club is finacially restricted from a move to one of the biggest stadiums in Europe.

I cant say im suprised we havent won anything but I am suprised by how close we have come and i think with the club in a strong posistion finacially theres no reason not to be positive about the future.

Without City and Chelsea buying their success the premier league would still be a two horse race.

A fan from india

I made a huge mistake here. My finger just thumbed up that ‘Go support Man City’ comment.
I seriously hate this kind of shit. these are the kinds of plastic fans that spoil the game. If you are a true fan, then stick with your team, through highs and lows. Dont just fuck off when the going gets tough.
Wenger has guided Arsenal to this position beautifully, and it seems right that he be the one to reap the rewards of this. Especially since the stain that the trophy drought has built up on his reputation


When we finish in the top two and finally have a trophy at the end of next season (very likely) I’m wondering what the dissenting voices will choose to run the team down next. There won’t be many credible topics left for them surely?

Danish Gooner

I will bet you a tall frosty one that we will finish potless once again.


I know this is off topic, but any of you follow the NBA? Stan’s Nuggets had the 2013 coach & GM of the year and got rid of both this offseason.

Bodom After Midnight

It just proves that Silent Stan is a fucking retard who should be hounded out from Arsenal.


So our trophy drought will continue for another 4-5 years at least, how wonderful.

More seasons of colossal fuck ups and bottling chances to win silverware

More celebrations of 4th place

More last minute races with spurs

More shitty signings

More getting embarrased by all the big teams

All the opposition fans are laughing at us for keeping wenger

RIP Arsenal

Victor Hugo

Arsene Wenger is the problem. A new contract is a new era of fantastic failure. I feel sorry for the people that think this manager can turn things around. Going on a decade since we won the league, he should have walked 5 years ago. We are a laughing stock, no wonder van p left.

Gandalf's Kebab

Wee bit fatalistic, no?

If anything The Arsenal trolled the hell out of the people that were calling us a shit team even up to the last few weeks. That ‘shit team’ still finished top four. Feels good


Please everyone spend a few dollars, or pounds or euros. And buy and read Arsenal:the making of a modern Superclub. It was made clear that in summer 2008, we had a budget of just £18m. Up until 2010-11 we didn’t have much cash bc of the stadium deals. Wringer chose not to spend in summer 2010 bc we still didn’t have the sponsorship deals done. He missed a big opportunity that summer and we have paid a big price over the last 3 years. However all that is in the past, we have more money than ever before. Plus we… Read more »


“Swiss Ramble estimated that Arsenal could safely spend £50-60m on transfers BEFORE the ”

If he didn’t then, why exactly do you expect him to now?


Just throwing it out there, but before we didn’t have the extra income/security from huge new commercial deals.

I’ve said often I don’t think we’ve used our resources well enough, and I think we’ve left money unspent that could have improved the team, but you can’t escape the fact that our circumstances have changed.

It remains to be seen if AW has.


But the problem is that even if ‘our circumstances’ have changed, in the sense that we have more money; it’s clear that the people at the top of the Club have not. Kronke, Wenger, Gazedis are just as before. Equally compelling, is the fact that our rivals – Chlesea, Utd., City, Barca, Real, Bayern Juve’ and the rest – don’t stand around and wait for us to catch up. We’re closer to Spurs by their progress than we are to Barca’ or Bayern by ours. So at what point are we going to say – ‘right we’ve cleared the ‘Stadium… Read more »


See the new article –

To me that reads like Gazidis putting pressure on AW to spend. That’s good.


Quite evidently Wenger is not being put under pressure to do anything. If you want to put pressure on Wenger you don’t hand him a 4 or 5 year deal, you say to him you have one year on your contract, earn a new contract. That’s what any ambitious top club in Europe would do – if not sacked him years ago. But as we know, this club is abnormal. And for heaven’s sake, it’s not all about money. If it was Man City and Chelsea would be 1st and 2nd and Man Utd third. For a blogger of your… Read more »

Gandalf's Kebab

We’ve seen a glimpse of it with TV5 there. I won’t claim to be his shrink, but it’s clear he rues the failure of his youth project and he knows he needs to get ruthless if his players won’t. Most people in his position would be keen to leave on a high note.




He will not spend, same thing every year all talk no action, sick of getting excited this time every year, wenger prove me wrong please

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I burst out laughing reading comments from people like Sigh (perfect handle) and Fatgooner. Such know alls who know so intimately the capabilities of people like Wenger and Gazidis. Person like Kroenke who invested close to $500+ million apparently knows nothing about business, management, performance targets, brand building, company growth etc. He and other Arsenal senior management should come here and learn from Internet trolls how to run a club.


Performance targets? 4th place trophy? 1st place balance sheet?

omosh wenger

all you saying wenger is not good for arsenal why not give me a name of any manager you think will hand us trophies?

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