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Diaby: One month ’til I’m Running Man

Abou Diaby says he’s hoping to be running in a month’s time as he continues to recuperate from anterior knee ligament surgery on his left knee.

The French international is currently undertaking his rehabilitation at the Clairefontaine Academy just outside Paris but won’t kick a football in anger until 2014 at the earliest.

Reflecting on the slow process of getting back to fitness, Diaby told Football.fr:

“I’m on schedule even if my condition fluctuates. Sometimes I’m ahead, sometimes I’m behind, but I should be able to start running in four weeks.”

As the player himself well knows it’s a long road to recovery, but it’s heartening to hear that he’s still focused on a full recovery.

This time last year Abou’s summer return to fitness gave Wenger the chance to opt out of buying midfield reinforcements. Arsene being Arsene, he took that chance.

For about a month it looked as though his gamble had paid off, however, it was obvious that each time Diaby succumbed to a niggly injury so his confidence and form suffered. Without wanting to sound cruel there was an unfortunate inevitability about it.

This summer Arsene knows he can’t count on Diaby. Indeed, if we’re being really harsh we’d have to admit he can’t necessarily rely on Rosicky (who made 3 less starts) either. With Wilshere again recovering from an ankle procedure and Chamberlain, Ramsey and the Coq still quite raw it remains a position which could do with beefing up.

If the boss does make signings it could be that Abou finds himself a long way down the pecking order by the time he’s fit.

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Wenger 3 months from now: “New signings? No need. Diaby is like a new signing.”


Seriously give it a rest with the LANS jokes, very tiresome at this stage.


Come off it, you know it’s coming……..

Andy McGrath

This lad is probably the most unluckiest bastard I’ve seen in a while.

Don’t be surprised if you read something in the British news like, “Diaby paralyzed his crotch doing a 69 with his girl friend”. lol


f*ck you andy

he is arsenal player we have to saport him….not to abuse him

dear diapy god bless you, and I beg my god to give you good helth,
and I hope you to came back soon


Diapy sounds like a brand of nappies for babies. Mind you, they break straight out the packaging.


To be fair, even if the LANS jokes are boring after a while, there is a serious reason it doesn’t stop. The problem is, we know Wenger too much not to be afraid. Some people can be positive without seeing a single improvement, but some need assurances first before they believe that this year will be different. At least we aren’t as deluded generally as the Liverpool fans. Until Wenger actually stops relying on Abou, and makes the signings our financial capabilities allow and which we need, some people will keep on with their negative mindset. You have to accept… Read more »


they’re not jokes mate, they’re infact facts. wenger has in the past called diaby LANS after an injury lay-off. so he’s legit with what he’s saying.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

If the LANS joke is boring, tell your master Arsene to sign a replacement and stop using the phrase LANS to save money in order to keep his job.

Arsene IS the problme.


But can’t deny the truth in that. We are hearing the same thing for some time


i think wenger will make a new signing, he is a gambler all right be he has learnt his lesson and he is not the sort to make the same mistake twice……….
but if even if we make the new signing and diaby somehow, miraculously returns to full fitness and form; diaby will always remain on the top players in the pecking order, wenger has a LOT of faith in his ability…………


Wenger not a gambler? You are kidding me mate. He has been gambling on our GK’s coming good for the past 6 years, gambling on Rosicky coming back fit, gambling on a slew of pretenders like Wellington, Galindo, Park, Bischoff, Gervinho, Chamakh, Denilson, etc becoming class players. Sold Song and gambled that Arteta could do the job.

He wins a few, but mainly has a losing record in the past 8 years.


I’d say he won that gamble about Song and Arteta.

Bould's Eyeliner

All gamblers lose more than they win. The nature of what’s important is how and how much you win. 4th place with that team? Ready to cash in some big chips, finally? We really won’t know what the verdict is until the transfer market is well and done closed. This summer is going to be a long one, and the season coming even longer… brace yourselves my fellow gooners. This could be a season to remember.


how many more times are we going to hear this new signing garbage? try to be original next time


I want to try and put some context into how we’ve treated this guy. To begin with, I think he’s extraordinarily talented, definitely, so if what I say sounds cruel, it’s most probably arising from the context rather than any malice on my part. Imagine Diaby had a pretty decent two years – racked up 30 appearances a season, decent goals and assists – would he (some ‘in your heart’ analysis without full facts needed here) be the kind of guy who said I love Arsenal for being the club for standing by me through injury and I will, without… Read more »


While it may seem practical, i’m not sure knocking off a chap’s wages because he’s injured, is legally allowed.

Mikel Artekkers

Especially if you consider the fact that technically, he got injured at work. Please no Injury Lawyers 4 You Mr. Diaby.


That is precisely right, sam.

Every year, Diaby somehow manages to regain fitness just before a transfer window closes, and Wenger uses him as an excuse not to buy in that position.

Incredibly, and knowing Diaby’s past, Wenger claimed that Diaby would be a “key” player for us this past season. I’m hoping desperately that Wenger has rid himself of that delusion, but you have to remember that he held it in spite of Diaby’s consistent inability to contribute to Arsenal. Worrying.


I know many will crack jokes about his injury (and in good spirit, I’m sure) but I really wish this guy recovers and gets to play football (it would mostly be elsewhere).


Diaby potentially was the new Vieira at one point. Then he had his ankle shattered by a guy who now plays for Darlington in the Northern Football League. It is beyond a joke. Feel so sorry for the whole Diaby family, who have been robbed of seeing Abou achieve anything worthwhile in the game.


If it’s any consolation, he’s being paid a footballers wages, and apparently isn’t the kind of guy that lives the high life, so I’m sure he’s pretty comfortable.

I really hope he can recover his career, at Arsenal or not. The article seems to suggest he’ll be low down on the pecking order when he returns, but I’ve always suspected he somewhere close to Wenger’s first choice when properly fit and ready for a full match – not that there’s been many chances to test that theory.


So he’s a guy that play football and doesn’t do it for the money. That means that it was his dream to play football but he won’t because he’s always injured, no consolation

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

To qualify that… he is being paid a footballer’s wage until his current contract expires, but after that he may be as out of work as I am if he can’t shake the after-effects of the Dan Smith assault. You have to imagine he had dreams of what he could achieve as a footballer, and that cunt Smith may have taken them away from him. Not to mention the fact that Dan Smith could be partially responsible for our lack of silverware. How much more successful might we have been if Diaby ‘had’ proved to be the new Vieira? If… Read more »


It’s interesting that you consider a scrotal itch to be worse than fingers off 😛


With all respect, Diaby was never going to be another Vieira. Skin colour, nationality and height aside they are totally different players. Diaby was supposed to be a second striker with his biggest assets being his shooting power and his ability to dribble past defenders with speed, skill and power. He never really had the footballing intelligence to play deeper, it was only his physique which had him put there, and he struggled. He himself used to state that he is an attacking mid, whenever he was asked.


It has nothing to do with football intelligence. His basic instinct is as an attacking player, much like Cesc, Rosicky Carzola, etc. Ask any of those to play in the DM role and they would also struggle.

Balotelli, Dzeko, Lewandoski are all physical imposing players. Would you ask any of them to play DM? Makalele was a runt but has been acknowledged as one of the best ever at that position.

Merely different strokes for different folks.


That’s the spirit! It’s not his wish


It’s a shame for diaby and I’m sure most people feel for the bloke and none of what’s happened is his fault, but the club have been gambling on his fitness for to long.
We need a replacement and have done for two years or so.

arsenal DNA

i count him as an deadwood,wasting our 60k for nothing to offer except for medical bills,problem is no one’s gona buy uch an injury prone player


Thats what clubs take out insurance, to cover themselves against long term injuries. But I am sure a footballing powerhouse genius like you already knew that right?


I actually didn’t know that either. Teams buy insurance that cover player wages when injured?


Was just doing some quick reading on this, and it looks like many professional contracts stipulate some number of months that they’ll reimburse an injured player’s salary: beyond that, and it’s up to the player’s own footballing insurance to cover wages when injured.

Does anyone know how AFC handles this?


not specifically for Arsenal but it’s common practice for football players. After all they are the most important assets of the clubs.

Mongolian Gooner

It would make me really happy to see him play regular football and injury free one day. Just probably not at Arsenal. Even so, he can go to a less physical league and make up for lost time I hope


The will power of Diaby has got to be something else. If only his luck could match it coupled with his ability, we would have had fantisitc player on our hands.

I wish him well but he’ll never fulfill his potential thanks to that turd burger ; Dan Smith


‘fantastic’ even


Wenger just likes because hes french,hes injury prone mr wenger and has he ever played a whole season without getting injured? I dnt think so.

Dr. Love

For some reason I read this comment in a French accent – not sure why.

That’s my input.


Haha after reading your comment I imagined it in Joey Barton’s French accent.
I’m still laughing at it now


Le Coq is french too. Didn’t get to play as many games IMO. Good performances everytime he played but benched for months. So this arguement of “he’s french” doesn’t count.

Get well soon Abou


Even though Wenger is French, he can probably write a more coherent sentence than you.

Samuel L. Jackson

They called me Mr. Glass!


Any news on Diaby’s recovery almost sounds cruel as there have been so many false dawns, that such a news gives people a chance to rehash some of the old jokes!


…like the LANS joke!


I would make one of greatest ever football stories if Diaby came back to help us win the title. Wishful thinking I know, but still.

New guy

Absolutely right. I was just thinking that all these comments saying that we’d love to see him fit again and playing (but playing somewhere else) were making me sad. I’d like to see him fit again and playing for us in the way that we’ve seen glimpses of during his unfortunately too brief periods of fitness.

As a realist I know this is unlikely but it would be great.


Why do you have to recover when we are in the transfer season and not after? Wenger wont put is hand ihs his pocket !

Big Chief from Antarctica

Agreed. Replacement should be found as these injuries are indeed to frequent. But I would want to know, is where do you find a 1.92 m bloke who’s fits in our Wengerball philosophy as Diaby has shown in the Liverpool game.

As long as his contract runs and he still feels he can contribute, there’s no reason for him to stop trying. It didn’t stop that cunt, you know. I’ve got faith in him as he’s been a grace off the field, all the time, unlike Bendtner


Diaby has the spirit but some full brought down his carrier drastically! Hope he comes out of injury once and for all


I’d rather have a player like Diaby on our books than Bendtner.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, he completed the 2008-09 season, though he didn’t get started in it until October because of an injury in the previous season. He wasn’t at all bad, and I hope to see him back in the squad from January if he stays on course. I don’t like to hear people talk about him being injury prone, as if he was born with glass legs, when we all know that his problems all stem from a completely unnecessary and deliberate assault by that scumbag Dan “I’ll fucking cripple you” Smith, that inflicted a potential career-ending and actual career-blighting wound (injury… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Meant as a reply to BIGarse, who seems to have little of that sympathy or understanding that many of us feel for the plight of Diaby.


That might be FIFA syndrome. Footballers are humans too and to get the best out of them, you have to treat them like humans, not an amalgamation of attributes and skill points.


O.B.E? I thought he was doing it for free. All along i thought it was part of the “kick racism out of football” campaign.


I have read that he was injury prone before that tackle. Not that it helped anyways, what a needless tackle from a disgraceful man.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, I did a quick check and after he sold Diaby to us Jacques Santini said he had too many injuries the season he was his manager and also suggested he was lazy. Not sure I’ve ever trusted Jacques Santini. You could be right, I guess, but don’t think that excuses Dan Smith. I still wish the bastard a scrotal parasite (Can a cunt get a scrotal parasite?).


Our form picked up about the same time he got injured. This is not a coincidence. He plays the slow sideways/backwards possession based football that allows opponents time to drop and settle. He always looks for an easy option of a pass to Per or Kos instead of driving forward (a la Jack or Rosicky).

I admire his resilience but he’s not a player I rate even when fit

Big Chief from Antarctica

I don’t know what game it was (somewhere around winter?), but Diaby made this run around the halfway line, he powered forward, everyone passed by, only to run the ball out of play for a goal kick. Somewhat rusty yes, but that was a definite Yaya Toure-run.

He got it. Needs luck in his fitness because I’ve lost count of how many treatments he had. He deserves it.


It’s not true though, is it. Diaby was in and out since about September.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You shouldn’t rewrite history to prove your point. It just makes you look like Stewart Robson. Diaby played in 4 of our first 5 games, which were three draws and an away win at Liverpool in which he was the man of the match for us. Then he got injured 17 minutes into the game against Chelsea, and we let a goal in three minutes after he was taken off. I don’t think we can blame him for that one. After that we had two wins and two losses, so I would say the team became more erratic after we… Read more »


I would pay to see Wenger announce Diaby would be playing at the start of the season in a news conference before ripping off his shirt, scream YOLO, and then skip out the room cackling like the Joker.


Hey guys, I am gooner and I have just started a new blog, here’s it http://arsenalblog1.blogspot.in/ . If you like it please comment. thanks. And best of luck to diaby.


I think you are Gooner not gooner


He is coming back to stop other acquisitions and will break dwn just when the trasnfer period ends.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Why do people skip the o’s in their posts nowadays? What has the poor old o done to deserve that?

I’ll translate that fr the yunger readers…

Why d peple skip the ‘s in their psts nwadays? What has the pr ld dne t deserve that?


Hey guys, I am a gooner and I have just started a new blog, here’s it http://arsenalblog1.blogspot.in/ . If you like it please comment. Thank you. And the best of luck to Abou.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


once Diaby get a season without injury then he says Arsenal are too small for him,that he heard a little voice from the inside…….screw u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So much anger for an offence he has only committed inside your head?

pak gooner

Diaby’s a beast when in form and fit. RvP came back from the injuries too. I pray Diaby does as well, be it for Arsenal or another place. But I’d hate for his career to end early. He doesn’t deserve this, as he is no average player.
Also, might I state that it has been reported (again) that John Terry is, still, a massive, massive cunt 🙂

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…thus proving that a kick in the face will not cure cuntliness, no matter how much we all wish it could. It does provide us with a chuckle though, so still worthwhile. When Diaby is fit again we have a list of fresh targets for him.

Bodom After Midnight

“Diaby’s a beast when in form and fit”

No shit. 🙂


if he ever recovers completely and plays a few seasons of football, thats something we can be incredibly proud off. a few other clubs, if any, will stand behind a player like that.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep. Arsenal have again proved that they know how to show loyalty to their players, even though some of their players have no sense of loyalty to Arsenal.

I think it is important that we continue to do things the right way, and do them because they are the right way. We ARE a better club than most. We have set the standards for others to follow for 80 years.

a gooner in Manchester

I’d like the club to keep Abou Diability, as long as he’s not a big earner in the wage bills, and to see him have some good period with us and lift a cup or two as a useful squad cup-game player.


“French international”…ha!


Every Arsenal fan wishes Diaby the best.

Anyone who doesn’t clearly isn’t an Arsenal fan.


Assuming they are not self-conscious jinxers, right genius? 😉

Spanish Fly

Arsenal must sign Isco now. He has a 13m buy out clause. He is going to be world class without a doubt.

I have a name?

Except that he doesn’t have a 13m clause, he used to have one but signed a new contract and its now 30m+


Agree a hundred per cent eleanor


A hundred per two cents, take it or leave it!


One month then running and three seconds training… Fucked up again

Time to go!!! But don’t jog as we need resale value


@ gooner

What a shit blog you just copied every bit if news now bullshit you could find and you comments section doesn’t work so just encase you never got my post it goes like this… Fuck off you shit bag and get a life!!!
I hope you start a new blog called… [email protected] Ihaventaclue.nobhead.com


Can I say that anyone clicking on the ANR site please don’t as he is a nob that is taking us goons for mugs and must be a spud fan.
Please resist any of his bullshit as he only wants advertising revenue from hits and is no more an Arsenal fan or reporter than Gareth Bale


He doesn’t even have advertisements on his blog, you huge fucking numbskull.
How can he possibly earn money out of it?
It’s obvious that he’s in his first steps to writing.
I suggest you also start to do something more useful than spouting bollocks all the time.

Sorry blogs. I know I’m breaking some house-rules here; not to be repeated.

Double Canister

I did warn ya, Micko.


Give him and RoSicky to Spurs


There are a few things I’d like to see given to Spurs. Syphilis springs immediately to mind.

However if anyone from Shite Fart Lane is interested in our players, they can go and fuck themselves with a wire brush.


@ Fon

Yes he does have adverts so open your eyes you asshole and he filled us full of shit about Cesc you dip shit.
You are probably one of his staff or just a dick but eather way your an ass!!!


Story from Mat the other day on ANR

” Cesc has signed for Arsenal ”
I didn’t post it as I was at a BBQ ”

Get the fuck out of here I almost believed it until he totally back tracked today saying it was something to do with his agent!!!
So go Fon someone who who gives a shit about this bullshit!!!


Hopefully Diaby does a van persie and gets past his injuries! And then stays at Arsenal…


For one good season then move on to a ‘bigger’ club


It’s obvious that he’s in his first steps to writing.

WTF are talking about you tool? I know 2 year olds that talk more sence than that so fuck off and get a life!!!


First post by ANR Readers plead: Myles, write something positive. Here it is. Cesc Fabregas, a winner with the La Liga champions, is coming back to Arsenal. I got this scoop last night but didn’t post it then because we were invited a barbecue. Fabregas took over Vieira’s No 4 shirt and played for Arsenal for seven years and achieved 70 assists in the Premier League. Why is he coming? Because he wants to start every game and be with his baby daughter and girlfriend. He wants to see his kid every day. Which is fair enough. Babies and toddlers… Read more »



Why not Fon up to verify you shit bag


Are you using a device that doesn’t let you use the reply button?

See what I did there?

Toure Motors



Micko, or is it thicko?

Which article are you reading, clown?

As the link posted by ‘gooner’ is here: http://arsenalblog1.blogspot.in/

He’s a 16 year old boy from India, and from the looks of it smarter than you’ll be in your entire life…

Now lets see if your talents for apologizing come even close to your ability to generate inane levels of noise behind a computer screen. I won’t be holding my breath, mind.


Bullshit noises


@ Fon

If you had posted after the @ Gooner post then I would know what the fuck you are on about but as you never gave any reference then go back to bed and the site is still shite with no reference to anything other than shite posted on every other Arsenal site in arsenal news now!!!
Why don’t you start your own blog called i missed a post and made a cock out if myself


None of our linked transfer targets wants to join us. 🙁

Any news on signings guy?


so far from August 🙁


Anterior cruciate ligament surgery on the left knee, eh? I copped the exact same injury aged trhirt – two. It finished my career. Even after strict and intensive rehabilitation, i found i could run endurance distances but with no sprint. Not only that, but moving laterally off a straight line run was also greatly reduced.

This could be the injury that hurts Diaby the most.


*aged thirty-two. Fuck knows what kind of number trhirt-two is.


Wish him all the best. We were lucky to find the partnership of Rambo and Arteta that greatly helped us to a salvageable end of the season. In fact I was very pleasantly surprised that Ramsey’s performances were to the extent that we didn’t really miss Diaby all that much. Depending on who we sign this summer, I do agree that Diaby might fall down in the pecking order, but I feel as though there will always be space for someone of Diaby’s skill, fortitude and character at Arsenal. At least until his contract is out in 2015. I do… Read more »

Pete the meat

Speaking of contracts, le Coq would be happy with a nice long extension I’m sure.

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