Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Doubt over Gunners Vietnam friendly

Doubts are growing over Arsenal’s friendly in Vietnam this summer due to a row over stadium fees.

Reports say the Vietnam Football Federation are unhappy that the cost of using the stadium is seven times the normal amount.

“The price the My Dinh stadium asked for is too unreasonable,” Le Hung Dung, vice chairman of the Vietnam Football Federation told Reuters.

The stadium owners, hit back saying, “All money is being used to renovate the stadium. This is a historic game and we have to prepare for that.”

Fears that the game might be cancelled are being played down, but a similar problem last summer meant that a planned trip to Nigeria was cancelled.

Instead, Arsenal sent three players to do some dancing.

The Gunners are due to face the Vietnam national team on July 17th.

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Koscielny to the rescue again

Obligatory “Apocalypse Now” reference to follow


Oh no! Was hoping to see Rambo vs Vietnam in real life, not that fiction stuff from hollywood


Would someone please think of the children!


No big deal. Send in a few guyz to do some crab-walking…..
Don’t see why not.


I believe we should have a article on our predicted revenue for 2013/14.

All i know for sure is our revenue should easily exceed 300 million.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Just from the gate money in Vietnam?


Spend some f****** money!
This lack of football & total lack of Arsenews is killing me!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, the cry from the Stadium owners in Vietnam was indeed “Spend some f****** money!”


Ok. Come over to Kenya then. We got afew nice stadia and of course they will love the sun here.


Quit the wishful thinking mate, the stadia in Kenya pose injury risk to grazing animals


Ah crap! now how will Arsene and his lads scout the next top, top, topedy quality, under 19, unproven, inexperienced signing.

Sad day for Arsenal.

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I am Vietnamese here. They are killing each other just to see Arsenal and then some guys realize a way to solve all the problems, cancel the contract. 🙁
Ok. just kiding. it is all about money once again just like Gazidis.


Dont worry, these thing are normal in that part of the world. I am very hopeful that it will go ahead.

Zohaib Ijaz

C’mon Arsenal make it work…ive already booked my itnerary from Singapore to see you in Vietnam and Indonesia

Dr Baptiste

It’s nothing to do with Arsenal, it’s the Vietnam national team baulking at the price. Also, it seems to be a case of the stadiums owners realising that, like many of our premier league counterparts, they can charge more as it’s Arsenal fans.


“Le Hung Dung” bahahahahahahahahahahahaha what a fucking name ! Quit this stupidity fucking about in east asia. Go where the real money (and world class facilities) is….–> north america yo! Make it happen Gazidis, fucking wanker!!!!!

some dumb american

I know of a country that has excellent stadiums, potential fans with a lot more discretionary income than developing nations, where one of the three major networks shelled out $250M to air the league for the next three years and where the sport keeps getting more and more popular.

… nah … forget it … let Chelsea and Manchester City play in front of a sold out crowd in a city that doesn’t even have a professional soccer team. The real money is in Vietnam.


That’s right. Forget the fan bases in other parts of the world lets just stick with good old western culture. 🙁

I can’t believe how blinkered and narrow minded some people still are in the 21st century. Sheesh!

Arshavin's Dietician

Hey dipshit, when was the last time arsenal toured north America. Can’t remember it in my life, so who is ignorant now!! Blinkered f@ckface


They should come to Latin America! Arsenal has a huge fanbase here too, i dont know why Arsenal never looks to America


Because every single Latin American only cares about Real Madrid or Barca. If you care about Arsenal, you’re definitely not normal in Latin America.




Any updates on this situation?

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