Sunday, September 24, 2023

Gazidis: We can compete like Bayern

Ivan Gazidis says Arsenal’s spending potential could see the club compete with the likes of Bayern Munich, a club which generates its own income and isn’t reliant on sugar daddy funding.

Expanding on comments made earlier in the day, the Chief Executive said that the club is moving into a new dimension in terms of its financial situation, and compared us with the German giants while admitting we’re still some way away from what they do and how they do it.

“We have got fantastic support from Emirates through the new deal we’ve done with them”, he told a group of reporters yesterday.

“We’re very confident with the new deals we’ve got coming through, although we can’t talk about that in any detail. That’s showing really positive progression. We should be able to compete at a level like a club such as Bayern Munich.

“I’m not saying we are there by any means, we have a way to go before we can put ourselves on that level. But this whole journey over the past ten years really has been with that goal in mind which is why I say that this is an extraordinarily ambitious club.

“We get beaten up along the way but I think we are an extraordinarily ambitious club. This has been about putting us up with the best in the world and now the question is turning that platform now into on-field success.”

And with fans eager for new signings, and perhaps a marquee player like Dennis Bergkamp was in 1995, Gazidis said the club could do that when asked if Wayne Rooney was a possibility.

“We can look at some options that weren’t really in our financial capability. There has been a financial constraint and we had a strategy within those financial parameters which hasn’t delivered what we all want, I accept that, but that has been carefully thought through.

“Of course we could do that. We could do more than that. We have a certain amount which we’ve held in reserve. We also have new revenue streams coming on board and all of these things mean we can do some things which would excite you.

“What excites Arsene isn’t necessarily what excites you. We can think about all kinds of things. The important thing for us as a club, and it may frustrate everybody but we don’t think about what’s going to excite our fans for the next couple of weeks, we think about what’s going to excite them when we start playing in August and hopefully when we’re in March and April and competing.

“That’s what we’re focusing on. For Arsene, it’s a question of getting the right players, the ones he believes in, not necessarily the players the fans want. He’s very disciplined about his beliefs and how he wants to structure a team. And he’s done a fantastic job at that over a long period. He has new tools available to him financially and I think he’ll make good use of them.”

While Gazidis’s words may ring hollow to many, it’s interesting to read them in context – and a full transcript can be found on the Mirror football site.

Basically, Gazidis has made it clear that the club have money to spend, and a lot of it, and failure to do so will be down to the manager.

The ball is in your court, Arsene.

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yeah we can compete like bayern it will take timebut please….the news of the day here. fellaini on his way ey?


Marouane Fellaini assaulted Ryan Shawcross in a game this past December. Left the snotty little orc on his ass crying.

Honestly, I can’t think of a better reason to sign Fellaini.


he’s also a tall and imposing CAM who could bring much needed steel in our lightweight midfield. that’s a reason too!….sorry im being pedantic here don’t mind me.

there also many other reasons we should sign him like say the wag he keeps at she hot? I just know it…… but your criteria tops it. he roughed up an orc dammit, sign him up!


He prefers playing DM apparently

Django 2Chainz

Fellaini will be to the team what Diaby could/ should have been and they both have similar attributes so it would make sense if we are sigining a player who can give what we will no longer get from Diaby. I don’t expect it though we have had this happen to us loads of times so I am very wary of anything like this happening. But tactically this would be a brilliant signing. It diversifies the midfield even more and allows to play in different ways especially as this guy has uses defensively but is great offensively. Fellaini, Yaya Toure… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If we get Fellaini, and if Diaby gets back to a competetive level in the second half of the season then a clear task will be set for Diaby. Do better then Fellaini to make the team and prove the belief Wenger has shown in you was not misguided.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004!!!

I can think of a certain French weasel and a certain Dutch skunk who would be close to the top of my ‘headbutt’ wishlist!


While we’re on the topic of Bayern and transfers, why is no one talking about snatching up Gomez. He’s a top top top quality centre forward, yeah maybe he hasn’t got the pace but his hold up play is top notch and let’s not get started on his finishing. His goal to game ratio for Bayern is 2/3 if I’m not mistaken and he’d be available on the cheap. Not to mention I’d take him over the fat cunt Rooney any day of the week. Oh! and he’s got great hair.


OzGooner, just to let you know, Gomez is very very uncoordinated and not very good. The only thing he would be good at is using all of Chamak’s hair gel while they both sit on the bench. Leave him there and lets get someone who can play football instead.

Django 2Chainz

I think Giroud offers more than Gomez to our team already and he is improving, Gomez Peaked a few seasons ago.

I’ll put it this way, had we had Gomez already and Bayern Giroud we would be pining for Giroud.

We need a different striker to add to those that we already have, Higuain-esque is what I am hoping for, a bit more potent and technical and astute positionally.


Fellaini would be one of the best signings this team could make, him and a top center forward, maybe a wide left man, and we are looking strong. Throw in Minoglet and another RB/CB and I’ll be ecstatic.


Imagine the difference he could make to our set-pieces! Following on from Tim Cahill and before that Duncan Ferguson and evern Dixie Dean, it seems Everton have always had players who can head a ball!


I think Wenger’s frugalness must be contagious. When I read about the Fellaini rumours, my heart almost stopped when they mentioned £22mil! “But what if he gets injured?! Maybe we should just hedge our bets by buying 3 lesser known players instead”!

Django 2Chainz

Hahaha I agree – I too suffer from that contagion – though it will be better than spending £30m on 28yr old Fernandinho and £17 on (I am homesick for Sevilla) Navas.


Heard this all before re. Financial clout etc etc. Prove it by buying class and not cheap tut (park, squillaci etc), add that to the sound squad we have now and you will see results.
1 or 2 class players will make more difference than filling the squad with cheap ‘maybe’ players and tying up wages for 4 years.
Prove it Ivan – get fellaini and a great striker and only then I will believe you. When you do I will gladly eat humble pie as I will be too happy watching my boys clean up! !


All us arsenal fans hope for arsene wenger to spend more money in the transfer market on quality players but the sad thing is we have had the quality players but he ends up selling them because the money is just too sweet. Van persie, fabergas, song, toure, clichy, Henry, Viera to just name a few. If you have the heart to sell your best players and that has prevented you from winning any trophies in eight years, then how much do you really care about success. The only success I think you really care about is financial. I can’t… Read more »


“While Gazidis’s words may ring hollow to many…”

spare us the disclaimer. They read like the whine of someone who sees that Club Level Tickets aren’t renewing as they should and needs to spread the bullshit as far and wide, across as many fields, as he can.

There’s no need for talk. Or interviews, or disclaimers.

Just do it ! Win something ! Anything !

Then come back and tell us how wonderful you are.

But until that happens, this and other outbursts should be treatied, like the dross and hot air that they are.


I’ve read this and other crap from Gazedis until I’m blue in the face and it’s the same old shite, as per before. David Gill never wasted his time – or ours – at Utd with this crap. He let Ferguson and the Utd team do the talking. If Arsenal are about to conquer the world – FINE ! Wonderful ! But do it first. And specifically make those signings that we all know are required. Not fatty Roony or Mesie but players like the ones we’ve been – supposedly – linked to in this window that are up and… Read more »


It looks to me like you’ve been very gullible, and somehow twisted Gazidis’ earlier press conferences about where the club want to be and turned them into promises. That’s not at all what Gazidis has done, and in fact in the transcript posted above, he talks specifically about his role at the club in terms of the message he puts out there. But he’s been bang on message the last few years, “we’re taking steps to be where we want to be.” Now, this is the first time ever he has actually said “we’ve taken the steps and now we’re… Read more »


“Actions not words are required.” === Well, you must in a different universe, because in the current one, both matter. Fans need to hear about where the club is at, the club needs to worry about how its words will be taken by the media and its readers, while a club’s words are also crucial to how markets perceive its brand, leading to revenue. You don’t get lucrative deals from the Emirates and Puma by moaning about how the club has been shit and nothing’s changing. And you don’t improve or become competitive without those lucrative deals. Surely you understand… Read more »


“And specifically make those signings that we all know are required. Not fatty Roony or Mesie but players like the ones we’ve been – supposedly – linked to in this window that are up and coming and affordable and then give it our best shot.” prime example in how the media can really do a number on fans. while the board is far from perfect and i’ve had my own frustrations over the years, you can’t get angry at them for not doing things they never said they would. transfer rumours appear out of thin air and then people get… Read more »

Gold Wenger Delusion?

I may be deluded, but I have taken our new solid gold bar coloured change shirt as a bold statement of intent for the coming season.I am expecting at least 3 major signings, of the standard of Feillani and upwards. I expect us to finally improve on our standard 4th place with a real push for the title with the necessary additions in place to complete the job. This is my expectation, and if this does not happen I will consign myself to the ranks of the utterly delusional. But I will never support snottin’in hot splurts.


I’m not sure Ivan has said any thing vastly new here to be honest, the bloke is a brilliant speaker and just seems to be saying the same things in a slightly different way. What excites arsene may not excite the fans, is the most telling thing he’s said. I really hope im wrong and have believed all year that the club was about to change its transfer policy but this is beginning to feel like the statements he Put out last year. Arsenal fans have been patient and it got ugly at times at the grove last year, if… Read more »

Django 2Chainz

There there have a hug… everything will be okay…


He may have an open mind, but his rear hole is closed. That’s why he’s full of s***.


I found this piece of analysis of the new commercial deals over at the Telegraph quite interesting:
“If Arsenal maintain a relatively conservative 60 per cent salary to turnover ratio, that will make an annual wage bill of £180 million easily affordable within the next two years.”

Worth reading the whole thing for how that looks in the context of other “big clubs”:
Puts us right up in the “A” league of European financial clout.

A positive article about Arsenal in the press? There’ll be bears using the public lavatories next, mark my words.

Zorro in the box

I think the other point to be made is this is meant to present a contrast with Chelsea. While they certainly have won things, they can afford to use the lure of excessive wealth to cover their failings. When a £50million flop buy doesn’t win you anything, they can spend our transfer record fee on a back-up in the January window. And that’s something that papers over the institutional cracks in their management structure. By contrast, Gazidis and Wenger (and the rest of the Board) present a business plan, a targetted and attainable ambition and, most importantly, security – financial,… Read more »


Yeah that’s right, it’s great being stable and not winning a trophy for eight years. Its also great that the club is not broke but just remember this: the extra money they save from buying average players does not go to us fans, it goes to the board and arsene. I don’t care about the money the club saves/ has in the bank, I care about us challenging to win trophies. You cannot sell your best players year after year and expect to challenge for anything.


Lets hope so.

not that handsome french bloke

Never been so excited for a summer…. bring in the left backs!! (I kid, I kid)

2013-2014 = 2003-2004!!!

Speaking of leftbacks… can we use some of that money to BRIBE the Brazilian club Gremio to take Andre Santos off our hands for good?


I think just releasing him will be cheaper 😀

Django 2Chainz

I say keep him – that way GIbbs and Monreal will be fresher for the main/ important matches and not geting scared that one of them will get injured in a lge cup match.

Top Gun Gooner

I heard that as well is it true?
And how much money is bayern level spending?

Malaysian Gooner

I’d like to point out though that Bayern didn’t do much else besides that. They generally make one or two big signings per season and don’t do much else.


They don’t do much…except win the treble


Ive got a really good feeling. Looking forward to next season! Come on You Gunners


Rooney is a fantastic player, who says otherwise is just biased. We signed Silvestre from them and they signed Cunt Persie from us. Time for a payback?


It’s hardly payback. They took the core of our attack and we’d be taking what, a player they barely even need these days?


He scored 27 goals from 34 appearances in 2011-12 season in the Premier league FFS.
This season he was playing behind the striker and still managed 12 goals and 10 assists from 27 appearances.
I’d be happy ‘IF’ he is signed by Arsenal. I would even try to forget that dive to end the unbeaten run. He is a complete player and the type of player we need upfront.

jack jack jack

Agreed. He’s easy to hate but if we’re honest he’s a genuinely brilliant player and a fucking hard grafter. Wouldn’t be bad to add that bit of quality, experience and determination to the squad but I have to say it all seems a bit unlikely. It would be beyond sweet to nick their player and win the league next season, beyond sweet I tell you.


Rooney will NOT come to Arsenal. He even threatened to leave Man Utd due to lack of ambition and you think he’s going to come and join Mr hasn’t won a trophy for 8 years.

Wenger full well knows Rooney is not coming. He just sat down with Gazidis a few weeks ago and they agreed to string the fans along because season ticket sales are down.

When are Arsenal fans going to wake up and stop acting like mugs?

Dave Gooner

Rest assured, every season ticket will be sold. How long is the waiting list now?


Cool, what else was in that meeting you attending with Wenger and Gazidis?

Long Dong Silver

Why does everyone fucking say ‘season ticket sales are down’ like they are ITK? You don’t know shit so don’t act like you do. Try getting on the waiting list for a season ticket.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004!!!

I think we’ve all supported Wayne Rooney before when he’s playing for England. Nothing wrong with his performance against Brazil last week (wonderful curler goal + cute little flick to Oxlade-Chamberlain for an assist).

Merlin's Panini

well, it was more of a lucky deflection curler goal, wasn’t it?
I do think he’s a good player but he’s also a hot head a fat potato and likes grandma’s a bit too much.
I would much rather see someone like Higuain.

Dave Gooner

Wayne Rooney doesn’t, and never has, conducted himself like an Arsenal player. Brassers, grannies, that whole swearing into the camera in front of a nation of 9, 10 and 11 year olds thing. Sorry, but i couldn’t bring myself to support that, or tell my 8 year old that his picture belongs on his bedroom wall. I don’t care how much he has won. In my real life, I coach kids. These things really do matter. Arsenal, unlike Manchester United, is still a proper football club, and our values count. Or at least, I for one hope so. I expect… Read more »


I think he’s peaked as a player too. About 8 years ago. As soon as he gets that final cosy long contract that fat bloke waiting to get out is going to emerge. I’m not sure Gremio would be able to take him off of our hands either!

Alex Cutter

Anyone who claims that we wouldn’t be greatly improved with Rooney is a liar or an idiot.

Arsene's Nose

Arsenal rising from the ashes like a Phoenix


Ivan Gazidis: Trolling Arsenal fans since 2009.


Nice bit of joke. hopefully not this year

Dr. Love

Ah come on be fair to the guy. He clearly confused Bayern with Barnet, it happens to the best of us.


Dr. Love: trolling Arsenal fans since 2013


Hopefully Gazidis keeps banging on this drum so that we have some pressure on Arsene coming from the top brass.

No excuses this summer, really.


“What excites Arsene isn’t necessarily what excites you. We can think about all kinds of things. The important thing for us as a club, and it may frustrate everybody but we don’t think about what’s going to excite our fans for the next couple of weeks, we think about what’s going to excite them when we start playing in August and hopefully when we’re in March and April and competing.” And “That’s what we’re focusing on. For Arsene, it’s a question of getting the right players, the ones he believes in, not necessarily the players the fans want. He’s very… Read more »


I too felt the same. It comes across as you correctly pointed out ‘point blank’ and hands in gloves kind of approach. His words are very polarising. What the fans want and what Wenger wants. That is so subtly put. It therefore does not appear blatant. Ivan Gazidis might be very categorical, deliberate and honest in speaking his mind, but his speech is far from the truth. A half truth is much more dangerous than an outright lie. Fans make the game of football and fill it with passion and fervour. Not the management or the board. Yes they run… Read more »


I really wish he didn’t say: “what excites Arsene isn’t necessarily what excites you”

jack jack jack

I’m really glad he did – half the idiots out there wanted us to buy Chris fucking Samba not that long ago.

jack jack jack

Oh. Like that. Yes well…Urgh.


And the other half get aroused over signing an injured Ligue 2 player…


Koscielny? Though he had made the step up to Ligue 1 the season in which we signed him.

Merlin's Panini

@Evil – I think Sigh’s referring to Yaya Sanogo


The same know alls who said Vermaelen and Koscielny were too short and inexperienced and Mertesacker too tall and German.
Thank heavens these idiots aren’t running the club.
Or rather, perhaps this is among the myriad reasons why they don’t.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004!!!

During his previous time at Chelski, Jose Mourinho commented about Arsene Wenger “a VOYEUR-like person, who’s got a telescope in hand to peep through the windows of other people’s houses.”

Gazidis: “What excites Arsene isn’t necessarily what excites you”…

I hope Gazidis was referring to football matters!


But Mourinho is under a lot more pressure than Wenger. Mourinho has been “ordered” to win the EPL and the Champions league otherwise he gets the bullet albeit with a 20 mill severance package where as Arsene only has to finish fourth to retain his 7 mill annual salary. Amazing world the majority of us don’t live in.


Yes. The majority of us, overwhelming majority of us, cannot do the jobs of any of the top 100 managers.

amazing world eh


All we want to see is Players coming to take us to the next level period, this is my only interest. when ever the season has ended or about to kick off, Ivan always comes out with stuff to keep us dreaming. It is about time we turn these dreams to reality. we want to see the talking on the pitch with proper quality players. What is the point of having money like bayern munich but on the pitch we do not have players on the same quality. ……we need to see players coming in of quality., this is all… Read more »

Henry's beard

Interesting that when pressed on the possibility of resigning Fabregas, Gazidis said he didn’t want to be pressed on individual cases. When Rooney was mentioned earlier as a possible signing, his comments read incredibly bullishly and he didn’t move to outright dismiss it either (despite it being an ‘individual case’).

No doubt I’m reading too much into semantics, but it was an interesting detail nonetheless.


You ARE reading too much into semantics. He didn’t talk about Rooney either.


‘For Arsene, it’s a question of getting the right players, the ones he believes in, not necessarily the players the fans want.’

This line sounds like we’re going to buy five 18 year olds that will be amazing in four years.

The fans want established players to make the difference next season and what’s wrong with that?


“what’s wrong with that”….uh established players is what is wrong with that! lol

Gandalf's Kebab

Yup. We’ve had too many flops in the first team or recent so I can’t really believe like Nice Dad Wengy does. I want track records, not potential, thanks.


What does established mean? Wenger wants to buy the right players that understand the system he wants to implement. He wants technical players to carry out those instructions. There are many established players in this world, but fewer right ones for each club.

jack jack jack

What a load of old bollocks. Wenger has proven with our most recent signings (Podolski, Arteta, Mertesacker, Cazorla) that he also wants ‘established players to make the difference’, not just 18 years olds that will be amazing in four years. As he has said, the financial shackles from the stadium move meant that he had to put faith in youth (because it’s a riskier but much cheaper way to get talented players) and his recent record plus his past record buying proven talent (Arshavin etc), and his expressed interest in a player like Rooney, shows your jibe to be utter… Read more »

Gandalf's Kebab

Proven in Russia / League 1 / Superliga isn’t proven in the PL.


Yeah, which is why we should’ve gotten Chris Samba, eh? Proven in the Prem, wasn’t he?
And we got Silvestre, who was as proven in the Prem as it goes, having won the league a bazillion times and look how that turned out. Bloody marvellous!


Lucky for you we aren’t signing Messi then.


Don’t understand why people in here are playing dumb. rooney is a good player, he’s had one bad season after being played in a relatively unfamiliar position, he’s found it hard to play second fiddle to rvp and that has definetly played a part in his below par season.

Like he himself supposedly said, he needs a fresh start and I find it hard to believe that’s he’s past it. it’s okay to hate but don’t hate and be stupid at same time.

buy rooney, fellaini grenier and cesar and lets do this.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004!!!

If we get Fellaini we don’t need Grenier. We’ve got find enough playing-time for a midfield boasting Cazorla/Wilshere/Rosicky/Ramsey/Arteta already. Julio Cesar conceded 2 goals a game (to be fair with a shite QPR defence). Michele Vorm of Swansea is my first keeper pick! Actually, how about Michele Vorm AND Mark Schwarzer (who’s available on a free from Fulham cuz he’s 40yrs old) and we sell Schezcny and let Fabianski leave. We’ve all had near-heart-attacks playing Fulham when RVP/Nasri/Fabregas takes a ripping shot-on-goal only to be saved by the diving Aussie. Think he can perform until he’s 43yrd old unlike fat… Read more »

King Henry's Squire

At this point in time it’s difficult to read about comments Gazidis is making when he and Wenger should be flying around the world courting some top-tier talent. The delay in purchasing from the other big-spending clubs because of the managerial shuffle is the ideal time to wrap deals up or at least put them beyond any doubt. It doesn’t need to be Higuain or Jovetic exactly, but the “additional financial capabilities” have been mentioned enough times to make any sane Arsenal fan lose his sh*t. Stop talking, start acting. I won’t begrudge anyone in the Arsenal administration purchases like… Read more »

Gandalf's Kebab

Somewhere in Switzerland, behind heavily guarded doors, Arsene is diving in and out of a pool of Arsenal cash, Scrooge McDuck style.

That’s the only explanation that makes any sense at this point.


I don’t argue with anything you said. I just wanted to point out that “it doesn’t have to be Higuain or Jovetic exactly” is common cause with “What excites Arsene isn’t necessarily what excites you.” Read together with Gazidis’s comment that Arsene judges players with his own eyes and not based on their reputations or price tags, I take it to mean just that we may not get the players we are linked with on a rolling basis because it sells papers, but we will try to bring in guys who are in reality just as good. I don’t see… Read more »


I’m hoping with Freddie becoming the ambassador for AFC, we will hear less of Gazidis. I have nothing against the guy, just the club are trying to make him the link between the club hierarchy and the fans and it hasnt worked.

Long Dong Silver

We need to show some ambition and sign John Terry as our embassador instead because he is ‘Premier League proven’ and adds to our English core.


Is this another wind up arseblog, this site is like a rollercoster all the up and downs hopefully were on the up now


I’ve got a good feeling. More PMA guys. Enough negativity.


People should read it focused, he basically says that we do have more money now, and it’s all down to Wenger to decide how it is spent. If we don’t spend money, it won’t the the board’s fault, especially not Kroneke’s fault (I know, I know, he is so easy to blame), but Wenger’s own decision. In the end, of course the only thing that matters is our performances during the season, so if Wenger manages that without big signings I’m all for it, but we probably could do with a marquee signing to be honest – hopefully Wenger isn’t… Read more »


Money blah blah transfer blah blah by blah buy buy blah buy blah


People may not realise what a monumental change the club has undergone in the last decade or so. Wenger, the board and the high level staff have carefully planned and thought through these years on how to give the club immortality. Five to ten years from now, the likes of Chelsea, Man City and PSG will wane due to their unsustainable financial model, but the hard work put down by Wenger and his team will endure. Sure everything has not gone to plan: there were several years in which trophies were expected as the squad matured (the players’ responsibility), but… Read more »

Gandalf's Kebab

“There is no philosophical line in the sand and I suspect that he would pay £25m for Lionel Messi.”


Q: It’s very clear that fans want big names, big players, will you be signing them? IG: If Arsene thinks that’s the right thing to do, yes. Q: What do you think fans want to see? IG: “I think fans want to see a real form of progression. I think they want to see good players being added to the team. But I think it’s important that whatever happens in the summer that it is only relevant when we start playing in August if the team is better and is performing better. Obviously always want to see big name players… Read more »

Bodom After Midnight

Spot on. Its all bullshit from the slimy one.

Long Dong Silver

It’s not bullshit. This is why fans like you get disappointed. He’s telling you the truth and it is not pretty. He says we have money but it is Wenger’s choice if he spends it or not. Has he said that the club will bring in big name players? No. Did he say we will break the bank? No. Did he say it as down to Wenger? Yes.


Did he say we wouldn’t? No.

Long Dong Silver

He’s not going to sit there and say ‘fuck off, we are’nt signing anyone’ is he? It makes the club look bad to both the fans, media and any potential sponsors.

Glasgow Gunner

To be fair to Ivan he did say we can’t win the league without seeing improvement. That’s should be counted as a form of pressure on the manager to do something.

Glasgow Gunner

….Assuming that winning the premier league title is a genuine goal and not just a strategy in avoiding conflict.

Pretentious git

“What excites Arsene isn’t necessarily what excites you”

I always knew he was into the freaky stuff, the sly bastard.


Back to the future 4, they use a cannon to fire us back to the invincibles, but it will not be back then, it will be in the present moment time to make new history again gunners


Arsenal like other teams sell their souls by having Emirates as a sponsor etc.-how pathetic.
Are ManCity and Chelsea worse-yes.

Bayern Munich have mostly Bavarian and German players and always a German sponsor on their shirt and Stadium. Their youth system is outstanding for Club and country.

I do like Wilshire on Arsenal. An Englishman.-Wow!


You can’t have “mostly Bavarian AND German” players unless both statements are true and clearly they are not.

As for the side that won the CL? Dante, Ribery, Javi Martinez, Mandzukic, Robben, Alaba (again with the Anschluss perhaps?)

And how exactly is having ‘Emirates’ sponsorship any more Faustian than Coca-Cola, Samsung, Lego, or Burger King?

Is this all about German nationalism? Or anti-Gulf money? Or just about you being a dick?


I’d love for us to be sponsored by Lego. We already have a working relationship with them, viz. Arteta’s hair, so it’d be nice to kick it up a notch.


Some people have such poor memories. Some may even have no memory at all. Prior to Arsene Wenger arriving at the club we were nothing like the club we are today. We were among the second tier clubs in European football, and domestically we’d won the league three times in the previous 26 years. Then everything changed. And we started winning stuff and competing for stuff in a way the club had never seen before. Now look at us. We really are one of the world’s great clubs with one of the world’s great stadiums and with one of football’s… Read more »

Johnny Jensen's Bender

‘For us the future really is just starting’

Exactly! Too much short sightedness


Prior to Arsene Wenger joining the club we were the second most successful team in English football history after Liverpool. Now we are third with Man U leap frogging us due to that freak of nature Ferguson. We are the only club never to be relegated from the top flight. We have also won 3 league titles in a row. We were a great club prior to Wenger coming so please do not degrade our history in order to support him. Go and read our History. Compare the 1930s to Wengers reign. It is equally as good, I would say… Read more »


“There are lot of ways in which on field performance can be developed and it’s not actually all about making new signings”

can’t wait to see the technology in these new puma kits…

Humpty Dumpty

You lot actually seem happy that you’re reportedly spending 22 mil on fellaini?! I’m a spurs fan and I wouldn’t even put him in your starting 11 for free!

2013-2014 = 2003-2004!!!

Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall FFS! What you doing here anyways?

Or… are you tired/disillusioned from reading depressing news such as “AVB is looking to strengthen the Tottenham Hotspurs squad in search of Champions League qualification by scouting WEST BROM players!”?


I’m sure YOU wouldn’t put him in our starting eleven. You certainly wouldn’t pay to do it.


Yes of course you’d know best.
Remind me again, when was the last time you finished above us in the league….?

Merlin's Panini

Fool. Fellaini would walk into your rubbish midfield. You’re a one man team and when you lose that one man within the next two years you’re screwed again.
For us Fellaini would bring us a tough tackling midfielder who’s good on the ball, good in the air and not afraid to shoot. Whether he would start or not (which he most likely would if we got him) doesn’t matter as he would add another dimension to our game. I’d love a player of his quality at Arsenal. Don’t tell us what we need. Concentrate on your own terrible team.


For who would he come in, you think? Serious question… I think Ramsey. Push Cazorla wide on the left and play Wilshire/Arteta/Fellaini. Diaby and Ramsey on the bench with Rosicky.

Anyway, I’d put him in the starting eleven.

Merlin's Panini

that could be an option yes. I think I would prefer Fellaini as a defensive midfielder with license to come forward, alongside Arteta or Ramsey who could cover him when he gets forward. It would also allow Arteta the chance to show the more creative side of his game as he wouldn’t have to be as disciplined. Having played together at Everton, they will know eachother’s game too. We could either play Cazorla or Wilshire in the playmaker role and Podolski or Cazorla on the left. This is all hypothetical though as we’re not guaranteed to sign him and it… Read more »


A filthy Spud fan is on the site.

their likes rats crawling out of the woodwork.

You missed your one and only chance to finish above us you’ll regret that forever.


There was a time this site had rational discussions in the comments section. All I read nowadays is bunch of moaners who think of themselves as the best managers for Arsenal. As someone mentioned if Wenger would have listened to these media shepherded sheep, we would have Samba and his ilk around in our club. Arsene is not a God, he is not infallible, he has made mistakes but atleast he has kept sight of the final destination unlike most pundits and lot of fans. Sometimes reading comments here makes me feel like I am at Le Grove minus the… Read more »

Anaekwe Patrick

Gazidis is a top top politcian who establishes himself in the act of playing with words, who enjoys himself toying with gullible Arsenal Fans. Believe him, believe anything.


Ivan just says that we’ve got more money to spend but also says we won’t be competing with oil/mafia clubs. Man City have signed a Top player in Fernandinho and a winger already and he is talking riddles about things not settling down in the market.

No Top players left at the club to sell and one or two nww additions…so another battle for fourth next season in my view

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

Dude, they reportedly spent £30 million on him. There’s no way we could compete with that yet, and if we were to spend that kind of money, I would hope it would be on a better player in Fernandinho. They’ve also given themselves a problem, in that one or two of Javi Garcia, Rodwell, Yaya, Barry might have to be sold as they’re really crammed in mf.

Also, does anyone know how spending the kind of money they are spending fits into the new FFP? Or is it just a load of old bollocks?

Long Dong Silver

It’s probably old bollocks. We have to concentrate on our own revenue and use that to compete. Bayern have done it and we need to follow their model. That starts with trimming the fat.


A top player like Fernandinho? Alright be honest with me, how much attention have you given him before City signed him?

Skeptical Gunner

Forgive me if I don’t exactly put stock in Ivan’s words

I feel like we’ve been told a similar story before, until I see these words acted upon and the requisite ambition shown, they will remain empty

Fellani is the rumour today eh, would be a great signing for CDM


I think some of us have to take out thumbs out of our asses and us these round things on our bodies that God was kind enough to fill with more content than most animals were lucky to have. Gs gooner puts it wonderfully and since we all know that the finance are finally here let’s see what wenger does with them instead of bashing both him and Gazidis. Ask yourself do you think just because the like of man city won a title just a year ago that most don’t cream in there pants at the prospect of being… Read more »


Anyone who thinks there’s some kind of pressure on Wenger from Gazidis to win or spend big must wake the fu.k up. Wenger is the most powerful manager in football, with total control over all football related matters, and that’s just how Gazidis likes it. That’s why Wenger isn’t going anywhere regardless if he wins trophies or not . Jose Morinho had it right ,when he said there was no pressure on Wenger to win unlike at Real or Bayern. Speaking of which, Arsenal will never be like Bayern , who have former greats at every level of management .… Read more »


A little less conversation, a little more ACTION, please!!!

South African Gooner

We can read all these articles and read between the lines all we want. But for me something feels different this year. I read these with a certain level of doubt because every year we go into the transfer market with a level of damage control because our best players are leaving but this year noone is leaving and i just have a feeling it’ll be different this year. i think we will make the signing to compete and who is to say in 3 or 4 years we won’t be like Byern?

i’m excited for the new season!!


When asked by reporters if meeting a transfer fee of some £20million and £200,000-per-week salary was now within the club’s budget, the chief executive added: “Of course we could do that. We could do more than that. “We have a certain amount which we have held in reserve. “We also have new revenue streams coming on board and all of these things mean we can do some things which would excite you, (but) what excites Arsene isn’t necessarily what excites you.” Gazidis believes Arsenal’s careful commercial strategy will ultimately prove dividends on the pitch. “This year we are beginning to… Read more »


This is just the usual summer bullshit, designed to boost season ticket sales. As somebody on this page has already said, if you are going to do something then just get on with it and stop talking about it.

But I’ll tell you what’s really going to happen: Wenger will make three 10 million quid signings from French football then tell us that: “we have enough now”.

Enough to finish fourth again next season.


Jam tomorrow….


I know why some of you are pissed at what Gazidis is saying. And its true that he has been harping on about how we have money to spend and how its going to be a whole different summer ahead. But the fact that we havnt got close to winning a trophy over the last 8 years is not particularly because we didnt spend. But more to do with the fact we couldnt keep a core group of players. This summer is mighty different from the summers gone by because this time we are unlikely to be embroiled in any… Read more »

Bodom After Midnight

Completely of topic but please Blogs can you have a real go, in your blog tomorrow, at that stupid fucking neanderthal Stuart Pearce. Let your creative juices flow like never before.

He doesn’t deserve the attention but it would make my day. If he just could learn how to read til tomorrow so he understand how detested he is….


Ivan said our failure to win trophies is because of our finances going into the stadium build. Losing to Bradford for example was because of the installation of two extra water coolers on the 6th level of section 10. Now with more finance we can be “stronger” and more “competitive”. Disturbingly he stopped short of saying we “will” win titles and added that no matter what Arsenal spend Chelsea and Citeh will spend double. So if our success is tied to our financial strength relative to our main competitors then one assumes Ivan is hinting that we need to temper… Read more »

Long Dong Silver

I agree about the lack of ambition etc. but people need to stop crying about the Bradford and Blackburn losses as if they happen every week. They were terrible but they were anomalies.


Mind you failure to win the FA Cup and League cup let alone the EPL or ECL has become an annoying 8 year anomaly its now a ‘normaly 🙂


yes an anomaly like the Birmingham loss as well. That’s 3 major anomalies in 3 years. Starting to look like a normality.

Long Dong Silver

The spin people put on it is that our squad is unable to compete with Championship clubs. It’s simply not true.


I bet you all we will be competing next season.

And my prediction is Spurs will hardly be mentioned next season, their no threat anymore.

I find this is the most we have ever spoke about tottenham and iv been on many blogs before this one normally their just mid table and nobody can be bothered to acknowledge them.


The players Wenger believes in not the ones fans want.Mmm. Euphemism for 2nd rate players that are compatible with business plan. Seems Arsenal dont have a footballing compulsion to occupy the top of the podium but a business objective that puts lucre before silverware. Its such a pity. Gunner’s fans deserve so much more.

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