Sunday, June 4, 2023

Kos agent dismisses Barca talk but stirs rumour anyway

It wouldn’t be summer without the Catalan press hyping up the possibility of Barcelona signing an Arsenal player and this year is no exception.

This afternoon reported that the Camp Nou side not only want Laurent Koscielny but have already contacted the Gunners board with a view to thrashing out a possible €15m transfer.

It’s not the first club the French international has been linked with this summer. The 27-year-old has also been tipped for a move to Bayern Munich with Pep Guardiola apparently a long-term admirer.

As usual though, it looks like our friends in Catalonia have again jumped the gun. Within five hours of this afternoon’s report, Koscielny’s agent, Stephane Courbis, told French Eurosport that no club has made contact with his client.

Of course being a football agent Courbis couldn’t let slide the opportunity to boost his client’s credentials in the process.

“But I know that Laurent is part of a short-list of three or four players for both clubs,” he slyly added, presumably with a knowing grin on his face and pound signs lighting his eyeballs up like a slot machine.

Kos caused consternation a couple of weeks back when, despite stating he was happy at the Emirates, he dared to suggest Arsene Wenger’s current squad could do with reinforcements if they’re going to compete at the highest level.

The bottom line remains that he’s under contract until 2017 and Arsenal, seemingly flush with cash, have no need to sell him.

Arseblog News suspects this story will continue to pop up during the summer but maintains that there’s little chance of ‘Dave’ leaving.

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Koscielny to the rescue again

As if he would ever rescue this *****


That Koscienly picture must have been his reaction after hearing of the c*nts interest……..

Koscielny to the rescue again

As if he would ever rescue THOSE c****.


There’s absolutely no reason for us to sell, unless we’re offered something just clownshoes ridiculous for him. He’s on a long-term deal: he recently just penned a 5 year deal. All this started I think after meaning (partly) was lost through translation, it was intentional I have to say seeing as the media enjoy an arsenal fire sale every summer. they better get used to a different one this time though, only a few dead wood will be sold, no stars! (hope Arsene doesn’t take this as a challenge lol) afew more additions and we’re up for it next season.


It’s unbelievable how the agents can do this without any sort of backslash.


This is the problem.

How much regulation is there for these parasitic cunt agents?

Serious question!

Mikel Artekkers

Seems like a right farce of a job. I might be a football agent, let’s see what do you need:
Ability to speak – check
A phone – check
Sneakiness – maybe, I have been in contact with many clubs regarding my sneakiness.


We shouldn’t generally absolve players from responsibility for what their agents say and do, and allow them to just sit pretty behind them. After all, they hire these greedy conniving scumbags.


agreed – there’s not even a light forwardslash


Koscielny have 4-5 years left in his contract from what I know. Arsenal should put a 60 million price tag on him like that tottenham c*nt Levy does. That will scare them off. I’ll be very disappointed if he is sold. With 4-5 years left in his contract, there is no reason to sell him.


Cuntolian assholes can fuck off and continue their fall from excellence sans Kos.


Arsenal 3 Bayern 3.

Barcelona 0 Bayern 7.

This doesn’t mean anything persay, but it warms the heart.

Long Dong Silver

Barcelona: Eleven little gremlins.
Bayern: Well-rounded players and an outstanding team.
Us: A good team but not outstanding.

So what will happen over the summer?:

Barcelona: Have paid out of the arse for another little gremlin.

Bayern: Have already added possibly the brightest prospect in the world and will reinforce further.

Us: Will hopefully enforce the team and avoid overrated players such as N*ymar.

I hope Barcelona fades into nothing and becomes our feeder club. Heck, we lready steal their youth.


I know we all like to defend our beloved stars against the scum of player touting but overated neymar? Come on he’s a fantastic player just a shame he went and joined the parasites of Catalonia imo obviously.


Sorry to bring this up, but who is the ‘Dave’ mentioned at the end of the article?

Lukas' Winning Smile

Probably a reference to the fact that people may not be able to accurately pronounce Koscielny?

The cuntalonia again ?

The cuntalonia again ? Not this time


Ha!, sport!
They’re saying he wants to leave because we’re not playing CL next season!
“La no clasificación para la máxima competición europea ha provocado la ira de este jugador”

Love em.


It will surprise them even more when they have to play us again then!


Especially when they realise Neymar only shows up against the small teams and Messi is having his marmite mined.


How about trolling on that site? Anyone with me?


This is one story that we can simply dismiss outright.

This summer no one is leaving Arsenal that WE don’t want to leave.


There’s a view that Arsene has a price in mind for every player he has decent info on. If they outbid that value we’ll sell alright.


i’m sure every club has that. $300m and messi’s all yours.


Good luck to Kos if he wants to tread in the footsteps of Alex Song who was voted 2nd in a ‘Worst Signing of the Season’ survey by readers of Spanish newspaper Marca.


Pep a long term admirer kos?? Couldnt of been that fucking long! Straight out of Wengers crystal ball.


Can we come up with fake quotes of cesc coming back, david villa signed with us, pique leaving them and stuff just to get under their skin. I mean for once we have to stop playing the nice guys.
There will be reporters coming out now with questions on these rumours was wishing if Arsene or Ivan told them no one from Arsenal will be joining them this summer but someone from their side will be heading to Arsenal mmmm Xavi(hate him) he is a player that intrest me. Fucking for once play the mischievous ones.


That’s the difference between Le Arse and all the other cunts of footy clubs.

Arsenal = Class

You just cannot buy that.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But if they let Comedians run the club then we will pretty soon give our Class away. Say NO to Comedians.


As everyone here has already stated it well **** off you Catalan ***ts!!!

Kos isn’t going anywhere so who cares how much they try to unsettle Koscielny. Besides all he needs to do is ask Alex Song & Cesc how It’s going there on the bench to make his decision.

Arshavin's Dietician

Cesc isn’t a bench warmer, he played the most games for an outfield player


Well as for me i don’t blame Barca for there attitude towards arsenal players i only blame arsenal board for can they do so to any barca players? Or when last did barca sold there star player to arsenal answer is No. So why is it that arsenal board and coach cannot say No we don’t won’t to sell but they can’t bcos they too like money than future. Well i don’t trust them


Always check ur write up before posting


2nd language writer probably he dun goode 🙂


Normally I’d be confident but with this Arsenal board, you never know. They could cash in on any player anytime.


Cash$ielny to Barca… I knew it all the time :). Wenger out :). Fat Gooner takes over:)


wow the fish biting today 🙂


Guys can you explain to me this and i quote. Barcelonas Matchday revenue of €116.3m (£94.1m) has increased by €5.6m (5%) from 2010/11, but Barcelona have now slipped behind Arsenal as the fourth highest revenue generating club from this source. The club played the same number of home matches in 2011/12 as in 2010/11 (29), and their average matchday revenue figure of €4m has increased by €0.2m compared with the prior year. Barca’s average home league match attendance was 75,069 in 2011/12. This is from Deloitte money league statistics we make more than Barcelona in matchday revenue we make the… Read more »

Gandalf's Kebab

Telly rights mean that Real and Barca have had it easy for years compared to other La Liga teams, and they get all kinds of other breaks from the Government, never mind the Judiciary. Not sure what’s going on with the tax thing though, perhaps that’s the cost of making certain medical evidence go away..


Spain is broke and Barca tickets are cheap. Additionally, our sponsors pay top $$$ for luxury suites, etc. I’d imagine the avg Barca tix is around 25-30 pounds while ours is around 45-50. Throw on $$$$ for luxury boxes and the such….


Ahh i see makes sense and with our debt i guess ticket prices will be higher as well.

But still selling the club’s best players, while charging the highest ticket prices in the country.

It has worked in making money and paying off debt but now I think the fans deserve some pay back with new signings and silverware.

And il be more than happy to forget the tough times of the past few years if we start to step up.


The UK economy is currently doing much better. More precisely, the people who turn up at the Grove on matchday has more cash to part with versus the ones that turn up at Nou Camp.

Shit’s more expensive in London, too.


“Shit’s more expensive in London, too.”

Too damned right! You should see what Spuds reckon their diving chimp’s worth.


I heard we our in a 25 million bid for messi to put his tax problems away too. get the fuck out of here


Never mind just found a article explaining it. basically its because we charge to much for our tickets 🙁


Their ticket prices for members for games against Real Madrid ranged between approximately £79 and £240, compared to our category A range of £62-£123.50. For their games against other teams the prices range from around £20 to £143, the lower price being the eqivalent of our category C £25.50 and the higher our category A £123.50.


No trust me we charge to much for tickets.

A season ticket can be somewhere in the high thousands.

We charge high prices and sell out every game.

As Wenger said we are very lucky to have such a loyal fan base.


e.g. 1900 pound theres a site.

I found we compare all our season tickets with other clubs in England we are the highest.

Wigan charge 300 pound for their and they actually win trophys!!


Those comparison sites never compare on a like for like basis. Our prices give entitlement to 26 games, other clubs are generally the 19 league games with, in some cases, a requirement to buy cup tickets. If Wigan provide value for money, why are their attendances so low? Perhaps the demand is greater for us than them. I attended the legends tour with Sammy Nelson in 2007 and one of the points he made was that the 7,500 or so seats on Club Level and the Boxes brought in for each match day more than the complete match day income… Read more »

It Is What It Is

Next time, just make the point. And try to do it in a comment or two too.
You have a bad vibe. Maybe be an agent.

Double Canister

One fucking trophy in their entire history.

Your insecure gal pal, Barcelona

Hey Laurent! Looking good there!
Hey Bacary! Luv ya big boy! We should get together, maybe next year?

-x- -x- -x-


OK. They can have Kos but only in exchange for Fabregas and Messi.


People will always talk, that is the nature of the transfer window. But change the fucken record… Barcelona make me sick with the way that they conduct themselves at this time of year. The next thing will be that wax faced butthole xavi or busquets or any of the other cancers they have on the books down there will start saying how kosielny would be a great addition to the team etc etc vomit vomit

Patrick Ssekatawa

Maybe there’s another Koscielny they want, but the one who dons the No. 6 at Arsenal is NOT for sale. They will not get him, not even his shoe lace! The period when Arsenal had to sell at least one of their star players has long ended because we have more money from sponsorship deals, we are not financially desperate anymore. No valuable player in our squad will be sold, I’m sure.


Well it looks as if he will be going to Barcelona then – every player they have ever wanted from Arsenal they have managed to buy. Koscelny has already stated that he will leave if Arsenal do not win trophies so that is just paving the way because Arsenal realistically won’t win anything next season. Looks like Arsenal will remain a selling club after all


My Agent is just messing with you. Don’t mind him!


Kos to barca? That’s a bit ridiculous. But if they really want him, I hope he turns them down and stay with us. I heard from my sources that Messi has sent a private msg to AW to please take him away from barca since he has a clause in his contract to leave barca for 25 million whenever he deems fit. He needs to get d tax fraud covered. We should jump @ dis.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

My favourite sauce is OK Fruity, but it doesn’t have any inside information about Barca players, or even Arsenal ones.

Incidentally, I’ve never seen such a sad case of language collapse as your post. Started off in English but suddenly decayed into something else entirely. Did your fingers get tired from typing whole words?


I think we should just make a public bid for Messi. CR7 cost £80 million. Apparently R.Madrid recouped that in a few months just through T-shirt sales. So bid for Messi at around £150 million, offer him wages of £300-350 000 a week. Obviously, and here i’m assuming Barca have atleast a single smart person in their board, they would reject that. However, it would send a message to Barca that they should seriously stop f**king around with us every season. Then again, 20-25 million pounds, and Wenger might actually sell. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the end… Read more »


If they accept that bid, we are screwed!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Nah, it would just send a message that they were getting to us. You don’t want to encourage them. All we have to do is say that we will only sell Koscielny to a team who will also buy Bendtner for an equal fee. Then we tell them Kos costs 40 million.

If they want him that bad they deserve every(Bendtner)thing they get.

Woolwich Peripatetic

It’s bullshit anyway. They need to replace Puyol, not Pique. Kos isn’t the right kind of CB to do that. Luiz would be a better bet.


Are you just basing that on the hair?

[…] there’s Barcelona interest in Laurent Koscielny, something his agent rather cheekily admitted. It’s all bluster really but I only mention it because underneath the story on Sport, the […]


I wonder why Wenger doesn’t tell them: No problem, 50 million Pounds, and he is yours! It seams that’s the only language those cunts understand.

Midfield Corporal

It would be nice if Kos just came out and said the rumour was rubbish and he’s happy at Arsenal. Why can’t footballers speak for themselves? Just makes me doubt his integrity.


It would be nice – but why should they have to. He’s probably on a beach some where taking a well earned break with his family. So why should he have to interrupt that to speak about some bullsh!t rumour?

North Bank Gooner

Yep, especially when the bullshit rumour was made up by bored Hacks trying to generate a “story”

I also love the way they link us with players just so they can later print that Arsene was too tight to pay the fee and wages. Sells a few rags i guess………

pauly bear

Hes not a bad player but not great either. He had like 10/15 good games now hes the best defender in europe.the story is b.s and only writen because he is flavour of the month just like bale a good second half of season now in the papers he is worth 85 mil.

It Is What It Is

I saw him give his all in every game, not just 10/15/20. He has a fighting, winning spirit. It would be costly to find an equally good replacement, not to mention an almighty hassle.

Kosh is shtaying putsh.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Absentia Rose

Oh barca, they’re still pist off to us cause we mixed Cesc dna a bit.

Midfield Corporal

Garo, he shouldn’t have too but it would be nice if he thought ‘I’m paid a fortune by this club, we’ve endured a few turbulent summers, I could just put matter to bed and settle the fans nerves.’ Wouldn’t be that much of an effort.

Bodom After Midnight

God I truly hate cuntelona. What a classless, shitty little club that is.


Anyone heard of this rumour that Wenger has agreed a deal to take Pedro to the Emirates? Is he the answer to our striker problems? Is this true? Maybe the Kos stories are just to cover up this Pedro transfer?

Eric Irish gunner

Fuck off Barcelona


The annual display of cuntitude from Barcelona begins. Why Koz though, why Koz my lord?


Some on somebody so we can have something to read about. Can’t believe I’m soccernet reading about how Ferguson and mourinho shared a bath tub.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Lets face it for the past three years Arsenal have let two key players leave, Fabregas and Song, both of whom had long term deals to run. When you do, the message goes out to both players and clubs, that Arsenal players can leave and all they have to do is ask to be let go. Put the foot down, Arsenal do not need money from Kos sale. I am saying that he wants to leave, but if he does, then let him rot in the reserves and run down the contract, but do not sell him and send the… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

A slight error above.

I am NOT* saying he wants to leave, but if does …

kiss my arsenal

bullshit or not, 15million euro? get the fuck out of here barcelona you cheap bastards, he’s worth close to double that


I would say triple that and then add Cesc, then we might think about it!


Watch this guys a amazing video it shows how much work gets put into a new stadium. Spurs take note!

imo spurs moving to a new stadium is all talk.

Yankee Gooner

Would Barcelona be interested in a gently used Ivorian winger?


Now Marca are running a story on Kos saying that they will bid £9.5 million! (15 million Euro) Now that’s just a insult!
Cuntalonia taking the piss again!


Bloody fuck off already!


I mean Cuntalonia of cuz

Arshavin's Dietician

£9.5m is no where near €15m. Is more like €10.5

Jordan Sandals

Various brands like Nokia

Double Canister

What the fuck.
kos’s agent was Adebayor’s agent.
This is beginning to smell fishy.

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