Thursday, December 1, 2022

Really good-looking duo tip Arsenal for success

Two of the most handsome men to ever wear the Arsenal shirt both believe the club can build on last season’s fourth place finish to challenge for the title next year.

Taking time out from being professionally good-looking, both Freddie ‘chisel-cheeks’ Ljungberg and Olivier ‘le six-pack’ Giroud have stressed that the Gunners must set their heights higher if they are to restore the club to the peak of English football.

Speaking to Arsenal Player while on duty in the Far East as a club ambassador, Swedish ‘invincible’ Ljungberg revealed he’s been impressed by Arsene Wenger’s ability to secure Champions League football despite off-field constraints but insisted that now is the time to again push on.

“Wenger’s done remarkably well for a very long period of time and I think with some certain economical restraints at times when they were building the stadium. To still achieve what he’s done is actually quite remarkable.

“The Club went out after the game against Newcastle and said they weren’t happy with being fourth. They want to win trophies as a Club and I think that was a very important message they sent to all the fans.

“I think they have the foundations. I think it’s extremely important that they qualify for the Champions League, otherwise it could be difficult to attract certain players. I always say that they are going to win the league so I’ll say that again.”

Meanwhile, current star Olivier Giroud says Arsenal can take heart from their solid end to the season and believes a good start to next term will see them consolidate their credentials as title-challengers.

“If we start better than we did this season, I know that we will compete for the title next year because we are used to playing together now and have improved as a team,” the Frenchman told

“We have also improved as individuals throughout the season, especially the newcomers like Santi, Lukas and me.”

Tune in for tomorrow’s EXCLUSIVE – ‘Average-looking ex-pro suggests spending money in the transfer window’

Yeah…it’s still very quiet out there. Sorry.

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Norn Iron Gooner

We shall have to settle with an ‘Ugly looking cunt’ of an ex-player speaking out and saying “Don’t trust him to spend it wisely”, a reference Stewart ‘Dobby’ Robson made against Arsene a few days ago.

This from a man who based his entire argument on the boss not spending money…


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m GFG! (Gay for Giroud)


oh so you gave it a name?.
I think you’re overally a gay individual.

Gunner From Another Mother

Dobby! hahahahaha

Davey Jones



Freddie and Olivier are good looking Indeed, but i was expecting Robert Pires. 🙂

Zorro in the box

For some reason I assumed Arteta and Fellaini (yeah..go figure that one out)…


Love the double meaning!

glory hunter

None of them have anything on Gervinho 🙂


Gervinho, such a beautiful. the george clooney of football for many years to come.


*beautiful man

Davey Jones

When I saw the title I assumed Bob & Freddie. Half right ain’t so bad.

Dan Gunn

I think Fellaini would fit into our line-up rather handsomely. Tenuous i know…

How do people see this one playing out?


He is not good looking enough.


his beautiful afro compensates for that


Maybe if we let Beckham train with us again, will that compensate?


becks is not a person. over the years he has recieved numerous makeovers he probably started out looking like grant holt..what money can do.

another case of what money can do (how in fucks blazes is coleen still in a rel/ship with rooney) p/s rooney is on vacation, bald head. hideous to see then he still affords a smile. even more ridiculous looking. definetly not arsenal calibre.


Why am I reading this shit?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Shit! I read your shit before I realised it was shit. It’s given me the shits to see you call people’s fun shit.

petits handbag

They’re a step up from Stepanovs, looked like he played.
Speaking of good looking things, any word on a new kit for the new season? I want to start picturing Mikel lifting something now


I think the home kit at least is the same this year, it was a two season kit irc not sure about away/3rd

Harish P

@Dan Gunn (sorry for not ‘Replying’ in the normal way, Android app no longer allows it)

I don’t see Fellaini happening. Great footballer, but not £23m great. Then again it could be argued that it would be worth the extra money for what he did to Shawcross.

Besides, the rumours of this release clause payout was debunked apparently.


I disagree, I think he is world class. He can change a game all on his own and I’ve seen him dominate games against big teams. He has a physicality that is missing at arsenal and that is why he is worth 23m for arsenal.

Besides, Everton paid 15m for him, you don’t think they’d sell for less than the buyout clause when he is arguably their best player?

arteta's perfect hair

It has been abnormally quiet on the transfer front for Arsenal. The only thing that has come up that Fellaini’s dream move to Arsenal may lie in tatters as Arsenal aren’t prepared to meet his buyout clause. The Mail seems to be affected by this lack of news, so has introduced the Cesc to Utd issue again, this time modifying to say that Arsenal want him now too.

arteta's perfect hair

Chelsea have also gotten their act going. Schurrle signs for them. Seems an exciting prospect

Jim Jimminy

There’s only one Jim Collins! One Jim Coooollins! There’s only one Jim Collins!!!!

Theo's Speed

Theo is more handsome than Giroud

Helena Imperial

Rambo is more handsome than both of them combined. Have you seen that shirtless photo of him in Vegas last week for Theo’s stag do? Dude’s got abs that rival Nacho’s.


his cheekbones tho! abit extra time into ramsey by bergkamp I must say.


Arsene wenger is a joke. what are these signings gonna help us with. sanogo,
crowley, ptrezegui….who gives a crap.
citeh have bought fernandinho and navas yet they finished no.2 while having a far better season than us. that’s ambition, they want to srt the record straight and regain top spot.
Arsenal on the other hand?, still early
but I have been fooled too many times….

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Far better season than us?? They were 5 points ahead of us. 5. That’s a small gap. With 5 more points we would have finished second as we had a better goal difference than them.

We’re not as shit as people would have you believe.


Freddie is either towing the company line, he’s on the source or he’s been the same course as Gazidis …… ‘Soundbites, bollox and spin 101’

We are miles away from a title challenge. We need to strengthen to even catch up with Utd, City and Roman’s turds and that’s assuming they don’t add to their squad, which they’re already doing.

Me bitter ? ….. You betcha !


To be fair, Freddy said he will always back arsenal for the title, which means he did it last year, and the year before, and so on. Not a ringing endorsement.

Dr Baptiste

‘We need to strengthen to even catch up with Utd, City and Roman’s turds’. I’d agree with Utd (but we’ll see what happens with them now having Moyes in charge. For all the hate, i reckon Ferguson probably won them 15 to 20 points extra a season) but with City (5 points ahead) and Chelsea (2 points ahead) we weren’t that bad or far behind and can only get better (considering everyone claimed this was Arsene’s worst ever squad).

Blurred Lines

Okay I thought you meant Giroud and Ramsey when you posted this article. Let’s face it, both of them are by far our most attractive players at the moment. But Freddie did have his heyday (those CK commercials!). Now if either Olivier or Aaron did some of those…


Wojciech is pretty decent looking, and Arteta’s hair is just… oh wow

Blurred Lines

Okay I’ll give you both of them, I agree. Arteta’s hair deserves its own profile on Arsenal’s website.


Wow….am happy to c “us” arsenal fans chat so peacefully …and say funny tinz…am truely glad…u gunners


By “us” i suppose u mean the ones of the gay predilection… as this is the “us” that is discussing…u gay gunner


haha u straight gooner. take that!

Are u sure about that, being miles away from winning the title? Did we strenghtened b4 we took more point than any other premier league team btw feb and may, and that include champ, Man U? Though we still need more firepowers in some department but we’re definitely not miles behind any of the 3.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That’s a valid point. A season of the sort of work we put in from February to May would have seen us Champions, and it was done with our current team. So all we lacked last season was motivation from the start.

We will buy players this summer. I don’t know what quality, but there is no reason we can’t improve the team. Increased funds give us the possibility of buying well. Possibility is hope. We are not miles away from the top three teams as a starting point, and it is way too soon to start writing us off.

Bodom After Midnight

Why would we need a B4?


Wil wenger n d management of arsenal ever sign a big players dis new season

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He did last season, and with less funds. It is a bit too soon for Gooners to be getting depressed.


you just wait untill all those [player x] [y] are off the market not for any other reason other than ofcourse our rivals signing them then you’ll get depressed.

Im not saying we wont sign anyone but we the big kitty we have and the desperate need to add quality it’s only fair to have had one big name signing by now don’t you think?


if arsenal fails 2 sign players dis time dey shd 4get takin first or fourth dis new season

Dr Baptiste

Why? Our form in the between Feb and May was one of, if not, the best in the league. If we can carry that forward (which is definitely possible as it’s the same players) then we stand a very good chance of at least getting closer to first.

Yes we all want Arsene to sign players but right now he hasn’t and we have to look at the squad we have right now. A full season behind them playing together can only be a positive.


While Arsenal are being linked with the best players Chelsea and Man City are buying them – same shit different summer…


Guys can you tell me with the additional tv rights deal, Emirates deal and new kit deal will we be making more revenue than Bayern Munich?

I think this might be the case, if so we will be in the top 4 in the rich league with only Real, Barc, and Man U above us.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Great, we’re aiming for 4th again. 🙂


I think i have worked it out.

Arsenals revenue of €290.3 million (£234.9m) and Bayern Munich sit 4th (€368.4m)

Arsenal next season new sponsorship deals 30million emirates deal, tv rights deal 30million and kit deal 35million.

So Arsenal will reach about (£325 million (€405.9m) revenue and Bayern Munich (€368.4m in revenue.

Thats if Bayern Munich revenue stays the same if im wrong please correct me i did try but according to this we will make a lot more that Bayern.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The new kit deal replaces the old kit deal, so you have to subtract the amount of the old kit deal’s final season income to get an accurate figure.

If you don’t count the losses as well as the gains you end up like my mate who “always wins” $20 or $30 every week betting on horses. He always forgets/refuses to factor in the $150 he spends each week betting on horses.

Bayern Munich’s revenue will increase.


Ahh i see, am i right in saying that our old deals were so low in funds anyway that reductions wont be needed? xD

Seriously tho how much should i subtract?


Just think of a B4 as our defense. Sure we’d concede while it was turning for a run, but one rain of gervinho shaped bombs would wipe out any opposition attack


Man United right now £320.3m (€395.9m).

Arsenal €290.3m (£234.9m (£234.9m plus the additional funds im estimating (€405.9m/(€395.9m (£334.9m)

If this is right we are really catching up with Man U.

But they do have big deals on the way.


woljjech needs abit more “manliness” into what he’s got going on then he’d be quite it. the hair, smile, faces passes him for a mere boy.


Arsene wenger is a joke. what are these
signings gonna help us with. sanogo,
crowley, ptrezegui….who gives a crap.
citeh have bought fernandinho and
navas yet they finished no.2 while
having a far better season than us.
that’s ambition, they want to srt the
record straight and regain top spot.
Arsenal on the other hand?, still early
but I have been fooled too many

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, you said that twice now. It’s still exaggerated doom mongering.


You do realize the window hasn’t even opened yet right?


why are you using that as an excuse. the window NOT being open did not stop city, chelsea, norwich, manu etc did it? {Eager to get out there and secure their top transfer targets}

im sure Arsene had his targets long before the season even ended, what is he doing dithering now? baffles!


Any older school Gooners remember Ritchie Powling? Boy was he a hottie A cross between Hunchback of Notre Dame and Ian Dowie.


You’re saying that Ian Dowie and the Hunchback of Notre Dame are not actually one and the same?
You learn something new around here every day.

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