Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Rosicky: Wenger wants me to stay

Tomas Rosicky says he’s planning to see out the final year of his contract at the Emirates despite rumours of a possible return to Sparta Prague and is optimistic that Arsenal won’t lose any first team players this summer.

Confirming that Arsene Wenger is eager to keep him, the Czech, who is currently on international duty, also backed the arrival of reinforcements claiming the whole squad will benefit.

“At the end of the season I spoke with the coach and he said he wants me to stay at Arsenal,” the 32-year-old told

“Of course you never know what can happen, but I should stay. Will I return to Sparta [Prague]? Not yet.”

Reflecting on another injury-hit season Rosicky underlined that he was pleased to play a part in Arsenal’s revival but admitted that he did harbour frustrations when fit but not playing.

“I returned from the European Championships injured and that’s never a good start. When I was fit though, I didn’t get many chances. I thought I would play more. However, towards the end I was happy that I played and that we were winning.

“I’m pleased I contributed to the turnaround after the trouble earlier in the season. It’s just a pity that I did not start playing again [sooner].”

“Given how badly we started, we have to be satisfied,” continued the midfielder when asked about Arsenal’s quest for the top four.

“We chased it until the last minute. Naturally, we wanted to be much higher but at least we made ​​it to fourth place.

“The table doesn’t lie. When it turns out that way, it’s fair. We’re a club that every summer sees one or two players come in, but we still find ourselves needing to replace someone and it’s always difficult.

“It looks like no one will leave [this summer] and in turn we could have reinforcements. We’d all benefit from that.”

Arseblog News would certainly like to see the Little Mozart stick around for another twelve months (his agent thinks it likely) although with the club expected to be active in the transfer window it wouldn’t be surprising if he were to reassess his options later in the summer.

Already battling for a coveted spot in midfield against much younger rivals you wonder how he might react if Arsenal were to sign another attacking midfielder or if a lengthy deal presented itself elsewhere.

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Mhhmm , everyone is pledging their future to arsenal in the summer …. Well this is a first ( in a while ) .


Lets just wait til deadline day to see if that still rings true, what players say and do can be changed in an instant with a lot of money. Its also abit strange that our longest serving player who is a first teamer is Walcott…

remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

he’s a superb player.
A more ready made replacement for Cesc there could not be.
However, his injuries need to stop.

remember your mom because she isn't good anymore

It is telling that when this dude came into the team, both last season and the season before, the team did really beging to get better results and it is no coincidence that two years running when ROsciky entered the starting line up our play and points tally improved.

Definitely needs to stay around.

Cazorla, ROsicky and Arteta are brilliant as our senior players,

Jack, Ramsey, Ox, (insert new signing here) give us great depth in midfield and valuable youth and are complimented perfectly by the above three.

Is that how injuries work?


To be expected really, Arsene said previously that everyone who he wants to stay is staying this summer. That statement would for sure include the little Mozart.


I hope he stays. One of the most reliable members of the squad (when fit)…


ther is just no comprehensible way you can dislike rosicky……. never fails you, never frustrates you, he is like a footballing robot…….


He’s like Arnie at the end of T2. You can stick a giant iron rod through his chest, doesn’t matter. He absolutely will not stop, ever, until you have Champions League football.

master floda

never gives you up, never lets you down, never runs around and deserts you 😉

loose cannon

That reminds me of a certain song:

something arsenal

Rosicky is heart and soul, something that robots, nasri, that little kid didnt have. its very harsh to call him a footballing robot. and thats why you enjoy watching him play.


Super Tom Rosicky! Wish he’d become a coach at Arsenal.


let him play his fill of football at first!!!


I for one really hope he stays no matter who we sign here. His energy and commitment on the pitch is always fantastic and was crucial in our run ins both this season and last. He’s a fantastic mentor for young players, and he does seem to be a fan favourite. Plus, he seems to be a bit of a lucky charm for the run ins at the end of the season!!


One of a few bunch of players we have who actually drives forward with the ball. I hope he can nurture some of our talent in the time left at Arsenal. Ox would benefit a great deal, seems like he’ll be in the mould.


Love is committment on and off the pitch. It’s a great shame that he had his share of injuries and worst one was in 07-08 season. Only If…….

pak gooner

I’ve said the same for Sagna, though Rosicky’s case is more optimistic: players like them stuck around when it was needed, and I think the worst of our problems are behind us. I think it would be really nice if Sagna and Rosicky got to retire as Gunners. See, being a Gunner is unlike being a player of some other elite club. No. Its bigger than that. The likes of Bergkamp, and Henry, and Adams etc., these players had Arsenal flowing in their blood, it was like a home away from home. I hope Rosicky and Sagna never leave Arsenal,… Read more »


super-thumbs-up !!!!


Tomas is one hell of a professional and he showed it on the field. Not much talk off the field. His first interview Ive read abt for a long time. And as usual very positive with hi,self and the team. Definitely a great mentor to many of the younger players coz he does the talking on the field and not talking cock off it. Commitment, perserverance, energetic, enthusiastic, hardworking, intelligent, calm influence, aand most importantly very expereinced. That Ast part showed in the run-ins towards the end of his season and last. AW played him precisely for that. No panic,… Read more »


Hope he stays and more importantly stays fit.Can rotate him alongside Cazorla. Just hope he is able to score a few more goals though.




who the fuck thumbed this down?


Good, think I speak for most gooners when I say we’d very much like you to stay as well Tom.

Gunn 'em Down

good player to hang on to


Strangely enough, he is one of the most important players (type of players) that we need to keep. He is a missing piece of a puzzle type. We need some older heads around the squad that keep that never die attitude. He has been a big part of us getting CL football the last two seasons. What could have been with him being 100% fit is just a little annoying to think about.


Too often injured and at his age Arsenal should have let Rosicky go, using his wages to pay a 22-24 year old.

Jimmy Neill

stay. ure a ledge


Love our little Mozart, quality player, top professional and a rock god to boot.


“It looks like no one will leave [this summer]” – waaaah! Hope this isn’t true. There’s a conga line of players who can leave without damaging the strength of the squad (negatively). Bendtner, Chamakh, squillachi, Park et all I’m looking at you through squinting, judgemental eyes.

Delighted Rosicky wants to stay though, great player and I’m baffled we didn’t use him more.

Fergie the Gooner

Apparently Denilson’s contract has been terminated by mutual consent, so that’s one down!

Andy Mack

Some of those names are leaving as their contracts have ended.
AW said something along the lines of ‘we aren’t losing anyone that we don’t want to lose’.

gunn cabinet

Rosicky, Ramsey – I’d have these guys in my team any day, even if it meant they would spend the day rauuning around chasing their tails – I know they do it with heart and desire, and they would hurry the likes of Walcott into doing the same…
Stay on, Mozart. stay on


With all due respect Rosicky does a lot more than just chase after the ball. In fact its usually other players who are trying to catch up with him…..


As does Ramsey, they both do a lot for us. But I think what gunn cabinet meant was that they both play with tremendous desire and effort, and this is reflected in the way they both press for the ball (which made a huge difference during the run in that got us 4th).

Giroud's Tribal Tatts

I’m quite confused as to why we’re so heavily linked with Grenier. To me AM is the one position where I would say we have an abundance of talent within our squad. Even if we are planning on phasing Diaby out for good (he was more of a link player between DM and AM anyway) we still have Cazorla, Wilshere, Rosicky and Chamberlain. They have differing ages but Wilshere and Chamberlain are both still under 22 along with Ramsey who maybe with time will start to play further up the field. Although at this time I think he is absolutely… Read more »

Arsene Wenger

Cazorla- Played on the left. Not exactly a spring chicken.
Wilshere- Injury-prone and still has not worked out which position he plays in (this is not a criticism, just an observation)
Rosicky- Splendeid but injury prone and ageing
Chamberlain-Good option but I’m not sure if he’s ready yet

I think adding someone who can play in the attacking midfield (not just centrally either) is excellent. That Grenier guy can play anywhere on the front line and he can also play deeper.

I also agree we need a physical player in midfield so hopefully we can secure someone in that mold.


Be our Gigs.we love have the game plan upcoming Gooners.pls stay.


It’s been a while for me to see a player who spends many years at arsenal and retire here. Would love Rosicky be the one. Plus, he needs to play to fulfill his footballing years, he missed too much , unfortunately.


I do not see the point in letting rosicky go. This is where the team has character in players like him. If anything he would be worth every single penny of his wages by being on the training pitch and dressing room. I dont care who this grenier guy is but what I do know is he is no rosicky, even at 32. I dont see why rosicky cant be a vital member of the squad next season if wenger finally gets rid of the garbage out on loan and those mugs on 50k a week to get massages at… Read more »


Big Rosicky fan here. He’s had some tough breaks, but seems to be a great clutch player. Maybe not a high scoring AM, but always gives 110%, which in turn seems to inspire the rest. Fingers crossed he stays.


I’m most delighted on having 2 see our very own *Little Mozart* stick with Arsenal…
I see Rosicky as a model and future ambassador of this great club…
His creativity, experience, foward passes, twist and turns and connections with other team mates when on the field just makes him amazing 2 watch
God bless the *LITTLE MOZART*


Now go and listen to some actual Mozart and see what the comparison implies.


I believe the reference is in regards to the way he plays football. Orchestrating the midfield ect, and nothing to do with his personal preference in music or the guy himself…


Are you sure? I mean, yes, the ‘orchestration’ thing works, sort-of. But wouldn’t the ‘virtuoso’ thing or the ‘genius’ thing be more appropriate?

Or even the ‘one of a kind hindered by fate’ thing …

It seems to me that far too many people take advantage of ‘Mozart’ without knowing an effing thing as to why. Listening to some helps all ’round.


Love that Rosicky will stay, when he’s fit he pushes the team forward and he chases back as well !
Something Fat boy Song should have learned! plus he’s not cash chasing like the chinless na$ri !


Have you got issues.

Let it go.


Yep, i got issues!


If this is his final year with arsenal I hope we win a title and nothing more would please me than seen TR7 lifting the trophy.

Pires fly-trap

Yes!!! more outside-of-the-boot crosses next year!

The outside of Rosicky's boot

You can count on that.


He is a huge part of the reason we managed to regain 4th despite our woeful start to the season (without him). Got to win the prize for most under-rated player of the year.

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