Sunday, September 24, 2023

Sir Chips appointed chairman as Hill-Wood steps down

Arsenal have confirmed that Peter Hill-Wood is stepping down as chairman of the club and will be replaced in the role by fellow board member Sir Chips Keswick.

In a statement on, Hill-Wood, who suffered a heart attack earlier in the year, explained that despite having recovered he felt now is the right time to step down after 31-years at the helm.

“This has been a difficult decision as Arsenal Football Club has been a huge part of my life,” said the 77-year-old.

“Although I am feeling better I feel this is the right time for me to stand down. I would like to thank our majority owner, Stan Kroenke, for the respectful and dignified way he has handled this and I know Sir Chips is the right person to take the Club forward.”

Paying tribute to Hill-Wood’s custodianship majority shareholder Stan Kroenke stressed that the cigar-loving old-Etonian will be much missed around the boardroom table after more than 50 years of service:

“Peter has been a wonderful custodian of this Club. He has been a member of the Arsenal board for 51 years and his vision and steadfastness have been central to the successes of this great Club over that time. Peter will be sorely missed but we will ensure we recognise his many contributions to the Club in an appropriate way.”

New chairman Sir Chips, who is a director at the Bank of England (which should stand him in good stead at the Bank of England club) spoke of his pride at taking over from Hill-Wood, while also paying tribute to his close friend.

“Firstly, I am sad to see Peter standing down due to his health and we all hope he continues well in his recovery. The Hill-Wood family has made an extraordinary contribution to Arsenal over many decades. They have been central to the Club’s many achievements during this time.

“I am greatly honoured to have been appointed chairman of Arsenal Football Club. This is one of the great clubs in the game, recognised and loved by millions. I am looking forward to leading the Club to future success.”

Arseblog News wishes Peter Hill-Wood all the best for the future. The man certainly deserves his retirement having worked tirelessly for the club over the course of half a century.

We also extend a hearty high-five to Sir Chips, whose name will no doubt provide us with much fun punning in the future.


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I can see a statue coming


That might be the drugs?


That’s disgusting


Sir chips ..?? Sounds a bit fishy to me ,cant really wrap my head around his age ..maybe the newspapers can and also ketchup with whats going on.

To much ?? Well at least I attempted punning .


Thanks for chipping in.

Mikel Artekkers

Just Nacho day I guess.


Just hope he doesn’t look back in Angha…..


Don’t listen to these guys… Curry on….

Bodom After Midnight

That’s the transfer window done and dusted, bring on the new season!!




So the chairman chronology looks like this:

Wood Chips


Carlos Vela was selected as chairman?!

Weed Wisdom
Weed Wisdom

WTF? Mr. Blogs’ filters are eating everything. Where’s the image I posted? Fuck this. Fuck this shit.


le grove allows though.

Henry's beard

With regards to replacing old blood with young blood (Mr Chips is 73) I can only sum up this appointment one way…

It’s good but it’s not the one.


Who would be the “one” in your opinion?

Henry's beard

Wouldn’t have a clue. Was just getting the Catch Phrase joke out the way to save everyone the bother.


I’m going to do the unfashionable thing and admit I don’t get it. However, I will spare you the indignity of explaining it to me, and instead explain anxiously that I am indeed intelligent in other ways. Super smart. Like, above average. Or even average. Good for average?


[hours later]

I get it!



Big Dave

This is what I first thought when I heard Sir Chips…

Gunner From Another Mother

I have to say I laughed at this much more than I’d care to admit.


News best served with a side of haddock.


Well I’m taking this news with a pinch of salt


Sad and cheerful news all around. Lets hope now that with Mr bank of England our next signings are not as cheap as chips!

I’ll see myself out.



COAT ON!, capslock off.


Appropriate background. Weren’t Arsenal once known as the Bank of England?

Emannuel Eboue

Sir Chips doesn’t look as gangsta as PHW. I am sure he won’t say, “thank you for your interest in our business” and I really doubt he will talk to the Daily Star. This may not be much entertainment. Booo! Typical Arsenal board, penny pinching*.

*This is sarcasm


Chip off the old block?


More like a Chip from the Old board.

See what I did ?? I just P Diddy’d your shit with .
.I stole your hit and made it mine with very little effort some will say its Nacho right it but many will love it.
“Take hits from the arses , but do it sound so crazy”

Proper Lettra

In proper English this is actually quite excellent.

More like a Chip from the Old board.

See what I did ?? I just P Diddy’d your shit .
I stole your hit and made it mine with very little effort some will say its Nacho right but many in the Hood willl love it.
“Take hits from the arses , but do it sound so crazy”


we now have Chips and Nachos..a bit of salsa is all we need..


I expect signing news but I wish this is good for Arsenal.


Cheers PHW

Comedy Dave

When did Mr. Chips get his knighthood, and where’s Roy Walker?


Ah, and it’s Vital Football that wins the ‘First to Reference “Goodbye, Mr Chips”‘ Award!

the only sam is nelson

The sports desk at the Daily Star will be gutted


Did anyone see his profile? The guy must be legendary in business and also a great diplomat. Being from outside of U.K. idk much about him. But he must hold great honor among a lot of people in U.K.

Cheers to bright future and new Chairman, Mr. Chips.


Hope he doesn’t live up to his ‘cheap as chips’ nickname!


ahaha Sir Chips , what a delight.


News came out of nowhere. I’m surprised there wasn’t any sources with Chips.

the only sam is nelson

Sir Chips will need to ketchup with the manager and discuss transfer targets now he’s chairman.


Let’s hope Sir Chips will be dipping into the transfer market. But of course any rumours of Sir Chips’ involvement will have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

the only sam is nelson

It’s been said that Keswick’s appointment might lead to a downturn in fortunes for the Arsenal, but I’m not one who believes in Chips and dips


I heard Sir Chips was covered in a grey v-necked sweater at his appointment.


Arsenal go all in on Sir Chips.


I think Alan Davies painted the definitive picture of Sir Chips Keswick on the Tuesday Club podcast, “Chip’s Ear Trumpet.”


His family controls a 57 bn$ company. Maybe he can pay off Usmanov and tell him to cunt off.


I’d rather he told Stan to do that.


Might explain why things have been a ‘bit’ quiet on the transfer front. Or is that a load of wishful thinking?!


Its a load of wishful thinking.

By the way, who is this “Sir chips”?
Is he any good on FM?

petits handbag

Yes but he can hold the ball up front on his own…..
I prefer talking about actual football
Although if he ever gets the sack I call “Chip Chopped”


Can’t help but think of how out of touch with the fans and dare I say the arrogant behaviour PHW displayed towards the end. How he conducted himself with the AST members present at the last AGM was shocking. Yes done great service, yes hope he gets back to full health – but this is a positive move forward


Eric Estrada is our chairman?


This appointment will no doubt afford the disgruntled Arsenal supporter with the chip on their shoulder some balance.


Does Stan Kroenke call he Sir Crisps?

Merlin's Panini

No, he calls him Sir French Fries.


Freedom fries that is.


cheese and chips :p


Not entirely sure about now being the right time as far as PHW is concerned, 5 years ago was probably more the right time in my mind, but best of luck to him – don’t wish him any ill at all, but there’s no denying he has been horrendously out of touch and also extremely disrespectful to the fans over the last few years. Whether the new chap is a move in the right direction, well – will reserve judgement until we’ve all had a chance to see, but at 73 I can’t honestly see it being a move that… Read more »


Sorry but how is a 73 year old new blood? Is he the only one on the board not to walk without a zimmer?


Lets hope he doesn’t get too much of a ‘battering’ if he makes a mistake…


Let’s wait for some chip signings now!

Midfield Corporal

I love The Arsenal because we are the only football club who can get away with a man called Sir Chips Keswick as our chairman.

Thanks to PHW and his family for their efforts over the past decades, probably a good time to see a change. Hopefully we may see an ex player appointed to the board to give an alternate voice to the marketing and finance men.

Merlin's Panini

…but not Paul Merson. 🙂


Got to be Keown hasn’t it, purely so he can jump up and down and pull scary faces at them if any of the old boys fall asleep on the job!


Although on second thoughts we don’t want the whole lot of them having to step down due to heart problems lol

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, yeah, um, yeah, I think I had a good board meeting. The gaffer gave me my instructions and, like, yeah, um, I just tried to do my, um, best, you know? Yeah, um, well, it’s great working on the board with all the guys and the banter and everything, and I don’t, you know, um, listen to the um, yeah, um I think it’s, um, great, you know, that we have so much experience, you know, in the um, board room, you know. Great. Pleased, Um, yeah, you know, happy just to be here, and um, you know, um,… Read more »


Chip’s challenge

Parisian Weetabix

I’m sure Sir Chips is very happy to receive the award for now, but when the Chips are down we’ll see what he’s made of.


well, the chips are down…

adam t

Will miss PHW and his views.
His family have done a honourable service to the club over the years. but a younger chairman is needed.
Sir Chips is 4 years younger !

Little Swede In The No14 Shirt`

Chip Replacement.

I’m here all night.

Pete the meat

Dick Law will have some bargaining Chips now when negotiating transfer deals.

Merlin's Panini

now we have Sir Chips on board perhaps he can help us ketchup with the rest of the top for.

Adam Richards

There’s something fishy about all this

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He was just looking for compliments from us fans…

Fishin’ Chips.

Ituna Eno

I wish Chips the best of luck. We need quality signings as a welcome package. Up gooners

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, no, no!

“Up the Gunners.”, yes.

“Up Gooners!”, no!!

Never, ever say “Up Gooners”. It makes my nads shrink back into my body at the thought of what it might mean.

Merlin's Panini

I heard Sir Chips was looking at controversially bringing in Patrick Berger to sit alongside him, but I think my sauces are off the mark.

Gandalf's Kebab

Not far off, it was to go ahead until Berger demanded we also sign Harry Bunn and Dean Gerken


Since Sir Chips is appointed as the new chairman, expect our players to score some beautiful chipped goals from next season onwards.


Am quite disappointed not to see new or younger blood on the board . After the q&a gazidis hinted we would be shaking up the board , this move for me shows no such thing .

We have money driven people in every position of the hierarchy , why can’t we get a footballing mind up in that board . Someone to challenge and push Wenger . Otherwise we will continue to be known as a great business not football team

Merlin's Panini

Wenger is the footballing mind. He’s not on the board but he’s the one they listen to about such things and he’s probably the footballing mind who will be on it when he retires from management.

Dr. Phil

For when we get our next chairman: Goodbye Mr. Chips


“What’s sir chips doing?” “erm… helping Arsenal to win the league?” “RIIIGGGGHHHHTTTTT!!!”


Was he the only one in the boardroom that doesn’t shit himself on a regular basis. I get the idea that we must keep to our traditions but is there someone more youthful. Perhaps an ex player.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

What decisions will an ex-player help them to make better? What is the point of having an ex-player on our board? The board don’t manage day-to-day business (Gazidis) or football (Wenger) so unless he was a businessman-player his relevance to the football we play would be negligible to nil.

Have you seen what ex-players have done with their jobs in charge of such groups as the F.A.? They don’t “board” in the same style that they used to “football”. They become the establishment and they become the butt of jokes about old men and out-of-touch has-beens.


I would like thank him and his family for every thing they have done on behalf of The Arsenal Football Club over 90 years THANKS ALOT.

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