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Arsenal sign second banking sponsor

Arsenal have added to their lengthening list of regional partners by announcing a sponsorship agreement with Sterling Bank which will see co-branded debit cards made available in Nigeria.

The three year-agreement follows similarly packaged deals with Imperial BankMalta Guinness and Airtel; each of which also use Arsenal to promote their products across Africa.

Last year the Gunners planned to play a friendly match in the Nigerian capital of Abuja only to pull the plug at the last minute due to safety concerns. Despite a replacement match failing to materialise, the club have pinpointed the region as a real growth market for the Gunners brand.

Speaking about the latest deal, Vinai Venkatesham, head of global partnerships at Arsenal said:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Sterling Bank, a highly respected financial establishment, to offer Arsenal branded debit cards to our millions of fans in Nigeria. We look forward to building a strong and successful relationship in the years to come.”

As an added bonus for local Gooners, an Arsenal Soccer School coaching clinic has been thrown into the mix – fingers crossed they can find us another Kanu.

Rumours that the above deal was set-up following a lengthy email exchange with a very persuasive bank manager are unconfirmed, although the use of Western Union money transfers might explain why our transfer business has been slow this summer.

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So no new actual signing yet?…No? Okay, I go sit at the corner now..

Master Bates

Julio Pleguezuelo Selva 😀


Can banking sponsors play? In that case, we have signed 2.

I’ll get my coat now.


Nice to see more sponsors being added, with this deal we be able to stretch to £40,000,010 for Suarez:)

Quick question for people that would know better then me, has the Arsenal sponsorship deal with Malta Guinness been terminated? The deal was supposed to be for 3 years but the link on the Arsenal partners page has dissappered.

twisted cuntloks

just buy some players already


MOAR MONIES !!!!!!!!


Hands up, who got excited when they saw ‘Arsenal sign’

the only sam is nelson

BOOOM!! That’s one in the eye for the haters

So, where does this youngster Sterling play? presume he’s a tricksy attacking midfielder?

Kenyan Gooner

I’m a proud Kenyan Gooner. Hope to see more partnerships around Africa.


Nigeria’s 17th largest bank…I think we’re heading the wrong direction since Imperial was the 8th largest in Kneya


A big bank wouldn’t necessarily need to sponsor Arsenal to get more clients. An up and comer looking to make a splash, however…

…Anyway, is it just me, or is Arsenal’s involvement in Nigeria beyond irksome given their national laws against homosexuality?

If you can be angry about Suarez, you can legitimately be pissed off about this too.

Toruc Macto

Look man, am a proud Nigerian, been supporting since 2001, our view on homosexuality is our business, if you think the club shouldnt do business with us then you must be selfish. There are millions, and i mean millions of arsenal fans here. We deserve it.

Corona X

Ehm… They’re ordered alphabetically, not by revenue/size.


but then again, the top 5 might just all be giant email scammers

chris taylor

According to wiki, Imperial: As of September 2010, the bank’s total asset base was valued in excess of US$240.5 million

Sterling: As of December 2011, the bank’s branch network numbered 186, distributed throughout Nigeria. At that time, the bank’s total assets were valued in excess of US$3.61 billion


That’s great. They can almost afford Brendan Rogers’ idea of what Suarez is worth then.


That’s great. They can almost afford Brendan Rogers’ idea of what Suarez is worth then.

Chris Dougan

They only need our sort code and bank account number


If you can refrain from starting headlines with “Arsenal sign…” then that would be great.

I was so excited.


I hope “Second Banking Sponsor” is adept to playing on the flanks as well as in the striker position.
Oh yes, here’s my bus…


Gooooooooooood afternoon sir…


Millions of Arsenal fans in Nigeria?


It lives like 150 million in Nigieria, so if we do have a couple of million fans from Nigeria, it wouldn`t surpirise me at all.

Wenger's Waterbottle

I’ll wire you the monies.


Show me the monies


Does it score goals?


Do we make any serious money from developing country sponsors or is this just to get good PR and expand the brand? I.e. One for the long term in terms of benefits.

Any chance Sterling bank could fund the buying and leasing of higuan to Arsenal we pay 200k week no transfer cost since they’ve got all that money lying around. Think 3 yr company car lease, a fool proof investment for sterling considering our need of a striker.


Not a Signing for the pitch perhaps, but assuming as a fellow gooner up there has caught malts’s space is gome, assuming this isnt due to a no room issue on the site then good news, not great news, but any sponsorship deal that adds to the war chest is good by me. so long as it is put back into the 1st team

Silent Stanley

There are so many talents in Nigeria, unfortunately, the rich kids and people who knows people gets picked.

Silent Stanley

There are so many talents in Nigeria, unfortunately, the rich kids and people who knows people gets picked.

Not sure about finding another Kanu.

Silent Stanley

There are so many talents in Nigeria, unfortunately, the rich kids and people who knows people gets picked.

Not sure about finding another Kanu.

With the right and the left

I don’t understand English football fans. Most of you when quizzed about it would probably say that the amount of financial inflation in football brought upon by the likes of Man City, PSG, etc. is a bad for the game and that on the whole football clubs talking on unnecessary debts to achieve short term success is completely irresponsible (its quite clear now that there’s a bubble in football and eventually it will burst and a lot of clubs will go down, Rangers was only the tip of the iceberg). You’ll also complain that the English academy system is completely… Read more »

Mills (the other one)

I love football and my club winning trophies using the resources they have… Fair?

In other news, I .. oh fuck it I can’t even be bothered to make a joke. Fuck me, just sign some cunting players!


It’s no wonder bankers are swaying to sponsor the Arsenal. Our money is safer than Fort Knox because its not going anywhere.


Our money is safer than TGSTEL…oh, wait, no….

The Alsacien

“Rumours that the above deal was set-up following a lengthy email exchange with a very persuasive bank manager…” ha ha ha
Maybe they got that bank manager to promise Liverpool 4,000,001£

Buy Me, I'm a CB

Nigeria probably has more gooners than England. 160million people, and Arsenal has the largest share of supporters among them than any club worldwide. I was gonna close my Sterling acct before I saw this…Arsenal debit card? Sign me up!*
The Arsenal Soccer School is a great idea as well. It’s a football-mad country and, with the right prodding, we’ll find amazing talent here, I’m sure.

*sorry for the “sign”


Am Ƌ gunner from Nigeria,it’s always nice to hear arsenal deals in Nigeria,I bet the arsenal fan base here is enormous
I guess we are doing good business in every aspect of our finances except actually signing Ƌ player!er….come to think of it that good financial business on its own


It’s very interesting, expanding the fansbase in Africa and Nigeria in particular. Follow me if u r a gooner @jaifArsenal on twitter or


Woopie bloody do da.
Good news seems to be scarce


Argh. . . I thought we had just signed Rooney . . . I’m a faithful Nigerian gooner and i’m pretty excited about this. There’s a very strong and passionate fan base here and I look forward to having the Arsenal XI in Nigeria for a game of two. . . COYG!


Been a gunner for 20 yes now and a Nigerian. We r not all scammers, and we do have over a million faithful long suffering gunners here. Very classy bunch I can assure u all, compared to chelski and manure. We want d same thing u all want, arsenal back on top competing for every trophy.


hello sexc

oak law

the foremost Kenyan bank will barely scale the hurdles for banking business in Nigeria, so don’t compare Sterling Bank of Nigeria with Imperial (Leather) Bank of Kenyatta. the difference are enourmous!!
Nigerian viewership of the EPL is second to none in Africa,,, go ask Multichoice , Dstv, and xyzztv.
Kindly follow me @bigfootafrika if u are a true Gooner


Lets hire some football players next

Da mon

I’m a Nigerian Gunner.this is good news.i’l open a sterlin bank account just for this.
The future looks bright.

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