Thursday, July 7, 2022

Arsenal to let go of their Coq

Francis Coquelin is on the verge of leaving the club for German side Freiburg.

The Bundesliga outfit have reportedly targetted the young Frenchman and Eurosport say he could join the Bundesliga outfit on a season long loan.

It’s not a surprise, as Arseblog News told you back in May, the versatile midfielder was attracting some interest, both from Premier League clubs and back in his home country, but Germany seems to be the go-to destination right now and he could line-up against former team-mate Johan Djourou who joined Hamburg this week.

With Arsenal seemingly after a big-name defensively minded midfielder, with a €23m bid for Leverkeusen’s Lars Bender turned down, Coquelin’s path to first team football would become increasingly more difficult.

Last season he found himself benched for much of 2013, making the occasional substitute appearance in the Premier League, and he hasn’t been shy about expressing his desire to play regularly. A move to Germany would allow him to thrust his career back on track, a shaft of light in his increasingly darkened world.

It’s another fringe player on the way out and the squad is getting to the point where it’s becoming threadbare. Which can only mean one thing.


We’re trying to recreate the 70s by winning the league with 14 players.


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From the image it looks like the Coq read the headline of this news item 🙂

Mongolian Gooner

haha yeah, a look full of disapproval “Nah, not cool man, not cool.”


“Ca c’est n’est pas bon”


It’s actually ¨Ca ce n’est pas bon…..¨ but nice try!

remember the invincible, because we aren't good anymore

Disappointed to see him go. He’s a good player. Hope we inserted a buy-back

remember the invincible, because we aren't good anymore

oh it’s a loan. Didn’t see that. then it’s proabably a good thing!

shouldn’t the word “invincible” in your name be in plural ?

there is only one arsenal…


I thought it would be Frimpong and not Coq that would be let go! Anyway, I hope he comes back.. He might get a few chances to play in a season or 2 because Arteta’s not getting any younger


Arteta is perfect and will always be.


He’s perfect yes, but won’t always be. Plenty of seasons left I think though


Age will cathc up with Arteta eventually. He needs an understudy who’ll seamlessly slot into his position. I don’t know why but I fancy Ramsey to be Arteta’s replacement.

double canister

Well, his hair is.


He’s only 24 in hair years.

North Bank Gooner

Oi fritz, get your filthy hands off my Coq!!!!!


Another one out the door albeit temporary and only one untested youngster in. Can you say de javu anyone? Wake me up when the season starts, sick of this club playing with my emotions


I can’t say de javu. I can say deja vu though.


I can’t say deja vu. I’ve never seen a season in which we’ve been getting rid of our ‘deadwood’ so forcefully. Nor can I say that we’ve ever had a summer in which we only bought one player, not that I know of anyway.


TJ….you have been asleep since birth already…time to wake up and open your eyes…AFC are going places now and they left you behind a long time ago….as far as the club playing with your emotions….its more likely you playing with yourself….you need to take a valium, some x-lax and chill out because you will burst at the seams from excess rancour, stress and ignorance which are making a lethal Coq-tail of unfufilled hyperbole and blinkered frustration!


Oh yesss! Happy that he’s leaving…only on a loan.

I rate him very highly, gives 100% everytime, goes into challenges without fear, has way over par average vision and ball playing skills for a CDM.

With ample playing time I expect him to grow into a fine defensive midfielder, and can take over Arteta in due time.. Happy we’re not selling him.

Up Le Coq! Err…


This is unfortunate. Let’s hope our Coq ends up in a better place.


Coq’s out boys.

Master Bates

Our Coq will come back Stronger and experienced


A more hardened player if you ask me 🙂

Master Bates

Freiburg will pay in Europa , so we can expect them to unleash Le Coq on Young Boys

Merlin's Panini

I hope they look after our coq, he’s still very raw. It’s what they do with him that counts.


I only hope the Coq stiffens up a bit playing away from home.


unfortunately the Young Boys didn’t qualify for the Europa League…


Far too much fantasizing from you Master Bates!!!


Loving this clearout.

[…] could be followed out the door by Francis Coquelin who is being linked with a move to German side Freiburg. His departure is not a surprise really. It had been whispered back in May, and although he […]


An already small squad gets even smaller. We need to do some serious business soon.


Voldermort …I think you’re referring to your Coq, not the squad!


I’m sure the Freiburg players will enjoy playing with our Coq


Hope our Coq isn’t too rough on the training pitch


Cock in the anus.


Oh wait. It was supposed to be an unimaginative pun?


Let me take a time machine to back when I was 12 years old so maybe I think up and post a cracking Coq joke. Coq thrusts in the midfield. Coq dominates assholes like John Terry. Coq has staying power. Coq is excited to play regular football. How am I doing?

Merlin's Panini

you just ruined it.

Harish P

I can’t remember a year where we have had so much Bundesliga interest in our players.

I hope Coq has a fantastic year, with his passing he has good potential as an Arteta-esque midfielder.

He has that potential for being a good Arteta replacement (when the time eventually comes). Hopefully he can hit that.


This is in the BAD NEWS category for me. I hope it doesn’t happen.


Hope our Coq will play hard down in germany…. Coq will definitely get stuck in their jerry arses…


Thank you HalMal. Your French is clearly better than mine and it gave you a real buzz to point it out didn’t it?


Wenger will stop the move at the last minute in the ultimate coq block.


That’s quite the stretch, Blogs. Maybe Arse2Mouse should handle the puns from now on? No offense.


An Irish double substitution could well be Doyle, keane for long, cox


And Arsenal make their final changes. Double sub. Coq, Suker on, Arshavin Jack off


Coq looking like quite a classy player.
I wouldn’t bet against him doing really well wherever he goes on loan.

rosicky's-outside-of-the boot

The coq’s staying powers have been seriously curtailed in the last few seasons. Hope he comes back sooner rather than later.

Merlin's Panini

as long as he doesn’t come prematurely.


Francis Coquelin is only on 15k a week and he would on loan which means we will be paying some of his wages so nothing saved here . We had to pay out Denilson and Djourouso we lost millions there. Manonne was not being paid much about 20 k per week and we will have to pay 6 mill for a replacement and pay higher wages so nothing saved there either. Bendtner has cost ten Mill in salary so we will lose millions whatever he does. Squilacci and Arshavin ran their multi million pound freebie contracts right out. Santos, Park,… Read more »


You need a Coq in the mouth. Six million quid for a mediocre, third-string keeper? What are you smoking?


I bet it’s Coq.


Is that a good pun? How am I doing?


Can we not please just save the scepticism for the next month or two? Wheels are turning and your constant bleating is just boring the shit out of me. If on the 1st of September, we have not made adequate transfers I will join you with the fire sticks and pitch forks but until then let’s just let Arsene do his job. And for the record, every team in the country has players on their books getting paid insane amounts who aren’t contributing to the team. It’s a gamble you take. Doesn’t always work. But people like you will be… Read more »


Davidnz…..where di you trump up your salary figures from? your assessments are so inflated and INACCURATE because there are NO figures publicly available for AFC. Secondly your scepticism and negativism is ill-placed since you obviously are a total Coq-up and a pseudo-supporter whining away like the rest of that loser group.àStick to sheep shagging mate… suits your tiny LeCoq.

[…] joined Sunderland. Good luck to him. Joining him in the exit lounge could be Francis Coquelin. Arseblognews report that he’s on he verge of joining German side Freiburg. Eurosport say he could join […]

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Thank you Francis Coquelin for showing nothing but passion and dedication during your time at Arsenal. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

In the modern game you are probably not suited to play DM anyways. With your pace and passing capability, hope you excel as a Right Winger in the Bundesliga.


Chill bro its a loan deal, I for one believe he will develop into one of the world’s best defensive midfielders from what I’ve seen.

[…] 来源: [Arseblog News] […]


The coq is slipping away from the Arse and now he is Frei (German for Free).

BAM, Nailed it! You are welcome everyone.

*Takes a well deserved bow


I live not too far away. I might go and watch him.

Freiburg have a good reputation here in germany for training young players so its a good place to send him.

He might even come up against amaury bischoff in the cup!

mach iii

Excellent player, has superstar potential. He needs a few years though..


Yea, I can’t wait until our coq is bigger


can you people just stop dis coq thing? pls coq it hard. lol.

Merlin's Panini

I’m sure that would be funny if anyone understood what you were saying.


pity. I was really looking forward to that Bender playing with our Coq.

no offense.


We couldn’t use the cow atleast not at the moment hope freburg can find a permanent place to insert him to gain the clearly needed experience

Rectum Spectrum

they took our coq, maybe they’ll take our bend(tn)er?


Would be sad to see him go, always liked him. Plus he’s pretty nifty on FIFA! Having said that, if it means we’ll be getting a world-class defensive minded midfielder I will be a happy Gooner. On another note – can we have images on the iOS App blogs!? 🙂

Andy Mack

I think he was injured for part of the season otherwise he’d have got a bit more playing time.
But It’s a good idea to loan him somewhere he’ll get more 1st team action as there’s little doubt that’s what he needs and we’re not in a position to play him if there’s a better option at the moment.


Blogs, you thinking of doing a top 10 Coq comments? I think then we can put this one finally to bed, in a nice flacid state.


I’m beginning to wonder just what our squad is going to look like by the end of the transfer window.

Mannone, Arshavin, Squilacci, Coquelin … all little-used members of our ‘first team’ last year. Does this mean we’re bringing in better equivalents? What if Gervinho does go? And Frimpong, Miyaichi, Campbell, Bendtner?

Are we clearing out EVERYONE who we don’t expect to contribute?
Are we bringing in a whole bunch of newbies who we do?


I’m with you, even if we do bring in Higuain and maybe a couple others, we’re really on clear out mode! By the looks of it it’ll be our starting 11 of the end of the season so Chezzers, Sagna, Per, Kos, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Theo, Santi, Rosicky, and Giroud plus Jack, Ox, Verm, Fabianski, Jenks, Monreal, Gervinho, Sanogo. With a couple additions that’ll bring us up to 20 or so players, and not a bad roster at all actually now that I’ve listed everyone out.

Merlin's Panini

I like Coq, he’s good at sitting on the ball. Can get a bit hairy sometimes, there’s the occasional close shave.


Merlin you dropped a pearl from the coq (book of puns that is)


At least he won’t be alone in the Europa League – I hear there’s a team full of Coqs who are in the Europa League (again) this year.


Sad to hear it, but I didn’t really think he had the potential to be a starter in a title winning side which we hope to build. Good luck to him.

Pat Rices left nut

The coq will cum back someday

omosh wenger

and who will we be playing in the league cup matches?


A coq on loan is a good coq.

Naija Gunner

We are letting go of our Coq…how do we dance without it?

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