Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Arsenal transfer shocker as Frey escapes once more

For the 15th successive summer, Arsenal have missed out on the signing of Sebastian Frey.

The French goalkeeper, who has been on Arsene Wenger’s radar since before radar was invented, today left Italian side Genoa for Bursaspor.

And it’s left the Gunners looking like prize turkeys once again as they miss out on their number one goalkeeping target.

The Arsenal manager has tried time and time again to sign his fellow countryman, but despite having brought in a clutch of keepers, a veritable succession of stoppers, he has never been able to convince Frey to join his French revolution at L’Arsenal.

In 2001 he was tipped to take over from David Seaman, but as Arsenal were poised to pounce, before swooping in to grab him from Inter Milan, he left for Parma.

And it was a Ham-mer blow for Wenger as he ignored the North London side’s entreaties, making do with eccentric German Jens Lehmann instead.

In 2006 he was finally set for the move he was always destined for, until Wenger told him he’d have to compete with Manuel Almunia for the number 1 shirt via the medium of interpretative dance.

This move to the Turkish league is his most elaborate and painful snub yet, and it remains to be seen if Arsenal’s transfer business can recover from such a massive and lube-free buggering.

Meanwhile, sources in Vietnam have reported overhearing the Arsenal manager on the phone to right back Hatem Trabelsi, saying, “Still? Aw come on … I’ll be your friend.”

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Shit! I hope we won’t miss out on Artur Boruc too.


How are we so s#it in the transfer market?


Frey would have been great. I heard he even knows how to save a life!


That was fuckin hilarious!

George Roscoe

Thank you 🙂


This is why I love the Internet.


Heard his agent and father Walder is really a pain in the ass to deal with.


Surprised anyone would want this bloke after the Red Wedding


hahahahahahha 🙂 Well played


Well played sir! Well played.


Well it’s either Erik Thorstvedt or Pegguy Arphexad then.

It Is What It Is



Enough. My nerves have been Frey-ed once too often with this bloke.

Wenger out. Gazidis out.


how about ivan out and dein in. wenger was a winner with dein but not with ivan


No, it’s……oh, never mind.


I know this will get thumbed down like crazy but why do I suspect we will not be doing anything exciting this window… As usual

the don

Whats happening with fabregas?


He’s in the process to fulfilling his potential to becoming the new Frey, of course. You learnt nothing from the article…?

Dr Baptiste

WHAT?! Wenger Out!!

Midfield Corporal

Well as long as the Philippe Mexes deal doesn’t fall through I’ll be happy.


I really hope we manage to get Hangeland in

Rad Carrot


I’m so aFreyed of the way we do our transfer business. It just seems like we’re constantly climbing Cahill. Just Higuain it seems that we’re Bender than the rest,we’ve Gonalons and Messid it up when it Matas again.



petits handbag

Is that Argentinean lad still in Church?


David Trezeguet is having a medical tomorrow.


I got a theory on Arsenal.
I got a feeling the Higuain deal is a done deal! I also think we are serious about getting Suarez and IF we get him then they will release a statement saying that we have signed TWO TOP CLASS STRIKERS!!! I think it’s blind faith but could u imagine it!!!!
If that doesn’t happen then we have to ask the question… What is Wenger waiting for?
Come on Arsenal, give us some signings


We need a goalkeeper, a center back, a defensive midfielder, and a striker. Why would we waste money on two (very expensive) strikers when we need cover for those other positions? With Verm out for who knows how long we only have two center backs. That’s terrifying. Last year, both Szczesny and Fabianski were out with injuries for an extended period of time. If that happens again this year, we won’t have anyone to play keeper because Vito is gone. I hope your optimism is right about the Hig deal though. He’s top class and would be a great addition… Read more »

Dark Stein

I like your optimism. So i’m going to cling to it like a newborn clings to a boob. If your wrong, then you’ll hear me cry like one.


If he is then we might as well wrap up the deal for D. Sturridge Dean that is…

Dr Baptiste

Has anyone seen that Nordtveit kiddie in our reserves? He looks pretty good


He has left for Monchengladbach. Keep up man!

Dr Baptiste


I don’t even know how to respond. Have you missed the transfer jokes so far?


Well played sir! So many transfer jokes, don’t know what is fact and what is joke.

*Hits himself on the head*

Graham Stack

I’ll make a return, it’s all going to be ok!

Matt Senior

Dont sniff at the squad we have. Look at our record in last half of season. We keep that up we’ll pull off something huge next season!


goal is reporting man city agreed 23 mil fee for jovetic. hmm now wasn’t he just opposed to moving to england????


I am the only one who has a really bad feeling about this window, every time I read a report it has no substance. I have a horrible feeling that all we’re gonna end up with is a couple of youngsters. Why so much promise, why??? I also know there is nothing going on when people start saying cesc is coming back.


I would still prefer Frey to what we have.


Timewarp to Champ manager 97/98?!

el bahja

Am going to get enough (n) down if we don’t sign any player we would end up trophy-less

Wayne Rooney

Whats the gravy & mashie peas like in North London?

Manchester Gooner

Our 2-step cunning plan for transfer window
1. Deceive other clubs into believing that we are going to hunt for top players early. This happened in the first half of the window. The rivals were rushing out to buy and spend all their fortunes on over-hyped over-priced players.
2. Near the end of the window, when all the rivals are fully stuffed, we will be going out buying whatever we want.


whatever we want ? don’t you mean whatever is left 😛


I heard we have an interest in a french lad from lyon – Yoann Gourcuff – could be the new kaka they say!

david hillier

I hear Patrick Kluivert in in the back of a cab on his way to London Colney right now

Twisted cuntloks

Higuain can fuck off


I heard we are on for a treble signing

Frey Bent Os man


I saw Kerlon seal nutting a ball down Holloway Rd this afternoon with Freddy Adu a few steps behind him…World Class.

harry rednapp

I tried to get him for spurs because I like to try and sign every arsenal target at spuds

It Is What It Is

I want Hummels, Cesc, Reus, Higuain. I’d honestly stick with Fabianski as no 2 or find a Schwarzer if he pipes up. Hummels to become one of four competing for a regular spot. Our defence has to be our strongest positions. If we don’t concede, we can’t lose. Last quarter of last season emphasised that. Reus is Gervinho with shooting boots on 24/7. He’s an Arsenal player. Mert and Poldi can ‘tap him up’. If Barca entertain offers for Cesc, we’ve got him. Higuain….I thought all was rosy with him as he didn’t make a fuss while sharing a position… Read more »


sky sports reporting that ronald de boer stepped out of the cab after kluivert got out at colney. at last!


Was there a keeper called Veira that we were constantly linked with aswell?

Cyril Washbrook

Yes, Sebastián Viera. Arsenal made a serious chase for him but negotiations with the player fell through. The explanation reported at the time was that he failed a medical. He’s now playing for a first division team in Colombia.

steve brignall

Sonny Pike was spotted in the arsenal fish bar earlier


Edgar Davids has bought a house in Barnet

mark heeley

Apparently wenger has his eye on Ibrahima Bakayoko, Mark Kerr and a promising Portuguese striker named To Madeira

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