Monday, July 4, 2022

Bastia confirm Squillaci capture

Bastia have confirmed that Sebastien Squillaci will be unveiled tomorrow afternoon as the club’s new number 5.

The former French international was released by the Gunners at the end of June and has spent the last couple of weeks training with amateur side Hyères while completing negotiations with the Ligue 1 club.

The 32-year-old should have a few miles left in the tank after a restful three-year spell in North London which saw him only make 46 39 appearances.

There were highlights, a winner against Stoke comes to mind, while he also goes down in Gunners history as the player to captain Arsenal with the fewest games to his name. He did so against Chelsea on only his sixth appearance…

Anyway best of luck to the Squid in Corsica. He follows in the footsteps of Johnny Rep, Roger Milla, Michael Essien and err…Alex Song.

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Merde Bag

Good bye my son, our hopes and dreams travel with you


And Wenger says there’s not enough quality available this summer. Pfft.

wenger is blind

I am sure the quota of season ticket has been fulfilled…so wenger can honestly say the TRUTH! no new signings and plenty of LANS… Lightning struck twice and spuds stumbled in the finishing line but how much long can we keep on relying for the other teams to stumble for us to get the better PL standing. Pathetic display of timidness by the manager in the crucial summer. I really believed that pathetic Ivan that arsenal are finally gonna use their secret financial muscle and all the talks of signing fellainis, Higuains, rooneys and the suarezs truly created the bubble.… Read more »

You’re more dramatic than my mum.


His 3pts goal vs Stoke at the Emirates.

3 seasons with us and that’s the only positive memory I’ll have of Squillaci.

See you never again.


Oh no – now we also need to replace our 12th squad defender…

Master Bates

This club lucks ambition , always selling our best players


I know. Bastia’s feeder club, nothing more. Wenger OUT!


He made 46 appearances?!


Yes, and some of them out of nowhere!


Best of luck to old Squid. Ticked all the right boxes, just the wrong question.


From someone who works in Market Research, that made me chuckle.


I’ll always remember watching his last man body-check in the FA cup, was it against Ipswich? Anyway, he got a red card and I thought to myself ‘Classic Squillaci’.


this is great news. Just a real shame we can’t flog TGSTEL!


I’m sure we could (should?) flog TGSTEL and no one would protest too much. Selling him is another thing.

Ooh Gooner

good for him and for the arsenal. he wasnt the worst player i ever saw in as arsenal shirt, but was never Arsenals calibre. good luck anyway.


Agree. Caesar, Stepanovs and Silvestre were worse. Vince Bartram wasn’t much chop either, bless him.

Mate you’re forgetting Zinedine Cygan. He should top that list.


Good riddance to a lazy greedy twat. BHA wanted him on loan, a chance for him to prove himself a a club challenging for honours, but he turned them down. He would have received the same wages as we would have had to make up any short fall and he knew that baring a coach crash of the first team he wasn’t going to play for us but still decided to lounge around doing sweet FA. At least TGSWEL tries to play even if his stupidity and lack of talent combine to prevent this


It’s TGSTEL, mind you. His highness doesn’t like those kinds of insults.


I think he means TGSWEL- The Greatest Striker Wont Ever Leave


I erroneously went for ‘who’ ever lived but Slim’s is closer. What worries me is how long before AW takes pity and extends his contract proclaiming he’s ‘like a new…’


Condolences to Bastia during this tough squillaci period. Hope they get through it.

Rambling Pete

It never really worked out for him which is a bit of a surprise because he was more or less the perfect fit when we bought him. Lots of experience, played for decent clubs, but then I don’t imagine any manager can know 100% that a player will fit in. It strikes me he lost a lot confidence for some reason but wasn’t able to get it back, and that can affect anyone. I had a co-worker like that who everyone considered really good at their job but after just one incident with a nasty customer she had to go… Read more »


Your username is perfect for your comment.

jack jack jack

He’s a storyteller. A wise man indeed.

red or dead

Could this be the best comment in Arseblog history? Love it.

What other wisdom do you have Pete?


His the Defender we deserve but not the one we need right now.


When we signed him I think most of us were pretty happy! Shame he never really clicked with us. Best of luck to him, don’t have too many hard feelings to him unlike some of our deadwood. *COUGH* Bendtner


When we signed him I think most of us were pretty happy! Shame he never really clicked with us. Best of luck to him, don’t have too many hard feelings to him unlike some of our deadwood. *COUGH* Bendtner


For years Squilacci would not go any where but just stayed and sucked out every single cent
of his multi million pound contract.
Then just three weeks after his Arsenal contract ran out, away he goes to a new club.
What an arse hole.

Denilson's back pass

Not his fault he wasn’t good enough for Arsenal. He didn’t sign himself. He had every right to see out his contract. If you were payed more than double your worth, wouldn’t you do the same thing?

He’s played a shit ton of football at his age, it’s not like he sat there wasting the best years of his career like that Bendtner fella.

Give the guy a break.

Jason L

Think the point is that he could have gone on load, perhaps get some match fitness and confidence back and actually challenge for place at Arsenal upon his return, but instead turned it down just to sit on his ass at Arsenal while making a more than decent wage. That’s what I resent him for, not for his signing.

I always wished Shawcross would have given Squillaci a break instead of Ramsey.


Thats a relief. I was beginning to fret for him and it was keeping awake at night, I swear .

Piers Morgan's punchable face

My mate rather harshly nicknamed the guy ‘squelchy’ – as in something that you might step in. Personally, I don’t think he was terrible, just couldn’t make the step up. I wish the guy well at his new club.


@undercovermancgooner at least Bendtner tries to play. Because he’s not as good as he thinks he is and subsequently not worth as much as he thinks he is this doesn’t happen to often but the willing is there. SS was a dodger. Given the chance and preferred to watch others play and count his money

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Naija Gunner

Even Bastia are able to buy something.

When will all these nightmare stop?


Only if you call picking up a cigarette butt off the street buying something…


What a total waste of money he turned out to be.

But – as someone very critical of Mr Magoo whose time was up two years ago – there was a perverse logic to this guy. He came from a very good Spanish side and had an equally good reputation in France.

But in the EPL he was a fish up a tree.

Still, three years of @ £55 K per week means he’s unlikely to be selling The Big Issue just yet.


Shit. It looks like Chelsea are moving for Higuain now. No…. no….. no…….
This gets more awful by the day.


Goodbye squid, buy yourself a nice house in Corsica!

Article in the DM today that Real want 37m for Higuain… If it’s true I see why we balked. Add a couple of million, do the deal, sure, but 15m more? Fuck that. If Napoli pay that much I’d be amazed. I doubt anyone would be willing to pay that much for him.

Mellow Yello

When I saw that I snickered and just thought to myself, ‘typical’. Fucking Madrid, they are the worst.


I also read on a few websites that Madrid now want 37m, some said 35m, but none of them had any sources. Where are people getting the idea this is the money Madrid want now?


The Times also reporting 37m. That spiv Perez trying to pull a fast one over Le Prof de Pokeur. Would explain the sudden interest in Gnasher.


I know its off topic for this thread but would folk prefer that Chimp Faced Fuck signs for Chavchester or stays a Spuds? Also not sure I could bare Cesc at Chavchester

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We should buy him. 80 million to buy him. 500,000 for plastic surgery. He shares DNA with Ox and Walcott. Pay him in peanuts. Make a computer graphic of his copyrighted hand sign and show it on the big screen every time he scores, and that way he’ll make some money so that he can buy a tin to keep his peanuts in.

Double Canister

I’d rather mr P G Tips stayed with the spuds for a while, in case Madrid did something fucking stupid and offer 60-80m which would give AVB enough dosh to create a really dangerous team, or Levy could build a few hundred seats for the new superspudareana. FFS Madrid payed 35m for modric so they are that stupid. Bale will be found out this season, don’t let him turn inside and shoot anywhere within 35m of goal. It’s not as if there is any other spud dud who can score so him passing it is not an option so should… Read more »


Great, another one of our stars leaves the club after we fail to convince them of our ambition. #wengerout

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Anyone who scores a winner against Stoke can’t be all bad.

Glasgow Gunner

Ok. We are really going to have to sign some players before we are looking at hale end to make up the squad numbers. Gazidis said we would be busy. Who knew?


Squillaci???? More like IASDNCVIADUBVIPDUBVPDUBVADUPOSVBDJKSVdjbsdjbvpeuiobn!£(“U)(“£)(“U*)(“UER


fuck giggs SN1


At last, finally now we can erect his statue in that empty spot between Chapman and Henry!

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