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FAO: Japanese and Finnish Gooners (tour guide needed)

Arsenal are touring this summer, to Asia and Scandinavia, and Arseblog News will have a correspondent there. He’s looking to meet up with other Arsenal fans to get a flavour of the atmosphere, the fun, the games, the chants, the banners about why we haven’t signed Higuain yet.

Please read the below carefully, and get in touch with him directly if you think you can help him out and show a fellow Gooner a good time locally. We’ll be carrying his reports on the site too, so all and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Some people go to great lengths to alleviate the crushing emptiness of a summer without Arsenal. Some devote their time to summer hobbies, like spending time with their families. Some throw themselves into their work. Some post endless links to a website that earns them 0.2p for each gullible fool that clicks on one.

And some, perhaps the most stupid of all, follow Arsenal half way round the world.

This summer I will be following Arsenal in Japan for the game against the mighty Nagoya Grampus. This will ll be followed by a short break to put in just enough hours to avoid compulsory redundancy before I head for Finland in August. As a lifelong Gooner and current season ticket holder, I’d be delighted to meet any Japanese or Finnish fans when I am in your respective countries to find out a bit more about your love of by far the most fiscally responsible team the world has ever seen (it’ll catch on) and to explain to you why Gervinho is actually just misunderstood.

Whilst my Finnish is shaky and my attempts at basic Japanese are best described as “culturally insensitive”, the international language of Arsenal Football Club unites us all.

Arseblog News will very kindly be sharing my incoherent ramblings with you during my travels, but if you would like to get in touch before then do contact me via Twitter (@PlNNERS [lower case L, no I) or via email at andrewcpinnington at gmail dot com.

My schedule is below – do get in touch.



July 20th – Arrive in Osaka, travelling to Kyoto for that night
July 21st – Kyoto
July 22nd – Kyoto, travelling to Toyota for the match
July 23rd – Kobe
July 24th – Kobe- Osaka then home
Aug 9th- 11th – Helsinki

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Toyoto is a place? We learn something new every day.




Yep, renamed after Toyota became based there


I guess you’re heading to the bar Sports Academy before the game in Helsinki like most of the finnish Gooners will do, I also heard that a couple of swedes will be joining us there. Looking forward meeting you in Helsinki!


Welcome to Finland and looking forward to meet you! Cheers!


What a brave man *salutes him*


thanks all- please spread the word and send me an email/tweet me with any advice. in return if i see higuain at any airports i will be sure to let you all know


Wellcome to Finland. There will be a fan happening in one local club. There are rumours that Away Boyz are going to play there also. You and your fellow gooners are warmly wellcome.


This tour is purely to market ourselves and to make money.

Going abroad has been publically stated to be unbeneficial for building up to the start of the campaign.

I even heard it will make us 15 million to just go out there and tour so ad that to the funds for players.


guess i won’t see you there then mate. you must be great at parties


Just stating the truth all the traveling is bad for preperation.


MU, chav have been travelling all around the world well before us, thats hasnt stop them winning trophy
you cant handle the truth 😀

Mr. P

I wonder if I can successfully migrate to Finland in time to catch this game.

Probably not…

Maybe I’ll get a rare opportunity actually see a competitive game before I go.


Kyoto is ridiculously humid in the summer. As there is no ocean around and in a valley it can get quite uncomfortable. Thong and the new Arsenal away kit are all you will need.


Isn’t there a team called Kyoto Sagna?


Kyoto Purple Sanga


PlNNERS, I strongly suggest that you don’t stay in Toyota when you are over here. It is dull, dull, dull.
I will be traveling from Nagoya to see the game, and suggest that you do the same.
btw, do you know where the Arsenal Team will be staying?


Can we cancel the south east asian leg (ie jakarta)? South east asia is such a waste of time… Japan yes…. First world facilities and all that but not south east asia.

South east asia is where fake arsenal kits are produced and distributed. Its just a waste of time to sell kits there. U could get a copy for less than 10 quid. Fuck that shit hole!


Really, Bro? Way to be insensitive to the Indonesian Gooners. Do you even know how many Arsenal fans are here? I can honestly say that most of them would never have the chance to see Arsenal at the Emirates, even I know for sure that some of them spend their life savings (not their weekly or monthly wages, their LIFE SAVINGS, mind you) just to see the team play in Jakarta, as they have to travel a long way from the other islands. So, to have a chance to see The Arsenal play here, in front of them, would certainly… Read more »

Mills (the other one)

Pity we can’t thumb down more than once thereby hiding your stupid comment … Maybe arseblog will remove it for you being a twat (can’t remember if that is in the rules, but it should be)


@GreenGooner regarding your comments on the South East Asia leg. I have some sympathy with some of your comments, especially if that part of the world is where fake kits are made and sold. It certainly detracts from the business case of sending the team out there. This will make Jason even more cross, so don’t tell him… However, I disagree with your conclusion about cutting out the South East Asia leg. I detect a Wengeresque (Wengerian?) long term view being taken. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, the largest economy in the region and is… Read more »


@Blogs: Let us know if you fancy having someone correspond for the Vietnam match?
Myself and 3 mates are attending, 1 of whom speaks the local lingo.


my dad is going to the match in vietnam before i meet him in kyoto- would be really keen to hear from you. @madeiragooner on twitter- send him a message


Sure thing, cheers

Indonesian Gooner

How uneducated and what a twat you are. Why dont u support sp*rs instead? You’ll feel more at home there.

Indonesian Gooner

Ofc I’m referring to th3 teat twat that is GreenGooner..with ignorance like that, hes probably an american


I completely understand your frustration but let’s not fight fire with fire. He was ignorant and is being rightly slated but no need to offend the Gooner Americans.


I’m travelling from Australia for the Japan leg of the tour. Hope to see all you gooners there!


Could you detour via Spain and pick someone up for us?


Finnish Gunners going to bar Sports Academy, I understand correctly? From St. Petersburg for the match will come a few people.

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