Friday, January 27, 2023

Frankfurt call off Bendtner pursuit

In news that will shock nobody, Eintracht Frankfurt have officially given up on signing Nicklas Bendtner.

In a statement on their website, they said:

Eintracht‬ Frankfurt will not pursue the transfer of Danish striker Nicklas ‪Bendtner‬ of Arsenal FC. Despite very positive efforts of all parties involved the club decided against the transfer after weighing up all pros and cons.

SGE‬ Sporting Director Bruno Hübner: “We would like to thank ‪Arsenal‬ manager Arsene Wenger especially for the positive negotiations and good collaboration. All three parties showed great willingness to make it happen, but after all it did not come together in the end.”

Quite where that leaves Bendtner, we don’t know. Except it means he’s still an Arsenal player and yet another potential destination has gone.

Frankfurt admitted that it was a financial issue, but even with Arsenal willing to subsidise his first year’s salary, no agreement could be found.

Ultimately, it’s hard not to think this is due to Bendtner’s unwillingness to compromise on what he’d be paid by any new club. What odds on yet another deadline day loan move to a club that doesn’t really want him?

We wouldn’t bet against it.

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*flips table*


I hereby propose that NB’s acronym changes from TGSTEL to TTTWNF. “The Turd That Will Not Flush”


Counts as a “retweet” on my part. no? okay.
I just thought that summed up what we all think of bendtner.


How ridiculous that plagiarism in this age can be justified by a “re-tweet.”


Exactly! How ridiculous it is, that plagiarism in this day and age can be justified in the name of a “re-tweet”.


What we all think of Bendtner? Ok, people are now taking this too far.

Merlin's Panini



hey people, bite me.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

How can I ever trust your words to be original thought ever again?


You got caught wanking!


Hey frrrred, bite me.

DL Gooner

You wish you could flush that comment now..waka waka wa!


just feck off please


I get the feeling he’ll be a parasite for us until the day his contract expires.

Speaking of which, that day should forever be known as St Shot of Nicklas Day (the second greatest Arsenal holiday after St Totteringham’s Day).


…and, according to transfermarkt, that day will be June 30th (2014).


For. Fucks. Sake.


Someone should think of an acronym for that phrase.




TGSTEL – the greatest striker that ever lived

Dr Baptiste

A swing and a miss…

Arsene's zip

Not sure if I’m more bored of this twat or the press bullshit with Higuin.

Mills (the other one)

More bored of this twat hands down


Looks like I’m not the only one who couldn’t be fucked to think of a worthy comment for this complete pile of slap… oh wait…

Does anyone know of a good assassin?

good assassin

You asked for me?

Currently, we have a special, two for one.
Business has been down for a while now 🙁

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Who to pick as number two though?


Howard Webb?


Take him, take him for free!

pak gooner

Bendtner = bhenchod. Yeah, I said it!!


^^I wish there was a way to like this comment twice

Arsene's zip

Actually, I’m definitely more bored of this twat.

Stefan schwarz

Like a fucking bad smell just fuck off!!


What exactly is this guy’s problem? What a cunt.

Oh Long Johnson

Well, #heishim after all.


Just who are we talking about now?


Lets just put him down. A total waste of oxygen.


Nicky, my man. There’s the door. Use it.


“I’ll come looking for you with Haitians…”

Henry's beard

The man is a fucking arrogant twat.


The original statement read:

SGE‬ Sporting Director Bruno Hübner: “We would like to thank ‪Arsenal‬ manager Arsene Wenger especially for the positive negotiations and good collaboration. Two parties showed great willingness to make it happen, but after all it did not come together in the end because Bendtner is a greedy cunt.”


He doesnt want to make less for working more, its as simple as that.

And since no club will pay him what we pay him, he wont leave till his contract expires.

Sad by true im afraid.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’m here to tell him that he should be building his reputation, not pulling it down around his ears. Unemployment is shit, and while unemployment with large amounts of money is probably easier to handle you have to wonder if the money will last a lifetime. No play, No pay started July 1st 2014.

Be careful Bendt one. You could soon become


The Greatest Unemployed Striker That Ever Lived

Dr Baptiste

But Arsenal were going to bridge the gap in wages so that he’d effectively be paid the same as he is now (just we would not be spending as much for the remaining year on his contract.

Money is not the problem, Bendtners cuntishness is


oh arsenal. SSDD. a graphicalistic representation of my excitement this summer regarding arsenal would probably closely mirror the air trajectory of a melon flung into the air off a tall building. quick spike, peak, followed by plummet and splat.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Lucky you. Mine would resemble same melon but wearing a parachute. Quick spike, peak, followed by the longest, slowest, drawn out plummet in the history of plummets, with a final gentle submersion in a foetid swamp.

some dumb american

Well … I dunno … maybe we should just play him this season … or something? Maybe he can be competition for Giroud … in a hot dog eating contest … or something?

I dunno guys, I’m totally out of ideas.


I think the rest of the boys should give him a hard time in the shower after each training till he fucks off.


As i was writing that, I initially made a mistake and wrote “the rest of the boys should give me a hard time in the shower”

Subconscious telling me something ? Damn I blame your Giroud is hot agenda! 😀

some dumb american

Reading this made me feel dirty


Same here but I did laugh a little too.

It Is What It Is

Hopefully, this public reality check has humbled him. Oh, no……….#sumtindelusional #milkinit

Leave or stay, players can be cunts. If it weren’t for his attitude, he’d be a better bench warmer than Park or Jar-Jar. Plus, him and Gervinho could bang heads and work out how and where to put the ball.

harry rednapp

even I wouldn’t touch him


Liar, everyone knows you are not Redknapp, Redknapp can’t write OR use computer machine thingies.

Dr Baptiste

Or spell his own last name it seems.


Just get out of our Club you fucking parasite!

How many years does this jumped up twat have left !?

renaissance rosicky

Till when is the guy under contract?:(

Dr Baptiste

I’m going to let you figure that out for yourself. There is this thing called Google and if you put in words, you get a list of other pages that contain said words or the answer to your question….


Don’t name him to the 25 man squad, don’t let him train with the team, don’t loan him out, don’t let him play with the reserves, U21s, U18s, or Next Gen or whatever their called now… Let him rot in his flat eating Walkers and slowing turn into Ben Stiller at the end of Dodgeball…….

Loop A Hole

And what, pay him enormous amounts of money for that?

Dr Baptiste

Surely we’re paying him anyway, so may as well get his rendition of Milkshake out of it

Rad Carrot



L.A.N.S anybody?


what a cunt


Malaga signed Santa Cruz, so scratch that destination too.

Arshavin's Dietician

You know your careers in trouble when Santa Cruz is getting signed ahead you

Edu's Braces

You know when you want someone to leave and they just won’t and it’s really awkward

Harish P

This guy needs an Arseblog infographic special, just to make us feel better.

Richard Marshall

Maybe something like “10 reasons a lame badger is BETTER than TGSTEL”…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Dead Badger

A Twat with a Keyboard

I’m going to keep my reaction downgraded. Maybe take a leaf out of this twats book.

*standing, chewing gum, hands on hips, looking bored.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

With your trousers around your ankles.


Fantastic player Bendtner. Now that Bendtner is not leaving Arsene will be so happy he can call off the hunt for rubbish like Cavani, Higuain and Suarez. TGSTEL, welcome home. LANS. Summer signings complete. Bendtner Chamak and Girvinho up front. EPL and ECL double coming up 🙂


What’s tragic is that I can see this being the perfect excuse not to bring the likes of Higuain or Rooney in.

Dr Baptiste

I can think of a couple of other excuses not to bring Rooney in….

Harish P

Arsene upon hearing the news:

*burns holes through that zipper using his eyes*



I think we should start a “For fuck’s sake” counter on any story involving Douchner….ahem…Bendtner.


I’ll tell you precisely where this leaves both Arsenal and Bendtner. Stuck together; with the whitless ‘hastag hero’ still drawing £50,000 per week from Arsenal for the next 52 said weeks, thanks to Mr. MaGoo who is the only lobotomised ‘fuckwhit’ on the planet, who would ever have handed Bendtner anything like this sum of a weekly wage. And what’s more if I was Bendner, I wouldn’t budge either, because 5 years from now I’d be lucky to be drawing a wage stacking shelves, if I was limited to his skill set. Whose fault is this ? Not Bendtner’s, that’s… Read more »


It’s as baffling as Diaby’s longterm contract, but you can hardly get angry at Wenger and Gazidis for it. All sporting clubs award contracts to players knowing full well that player may or may not work out. Even the best football clubs make mistakes because early potential doesn’t materialize. Don’t forget that Bendtner had scored 15 goals in 27 appearances when he signed his contract in 2009. That’s a very good return.

Merlin's Panini

Actually it was 15 goals in 50 appearances in all competitions. Doesn’t look quite so hot now does it? He’s only the 2nd highest goalscorer because Giroud and Podolski have only had one season each. He won’t be that high up come the end of the new season.


You really felt like you had to explain that fact huh? …..

Merlin's Panini

I just can’t give the pants showing douchebag any leeway. Sorry.


*Drives off cliff. *luckily falls out of car. *throws self at burning car anyways.

gooner odst

I really hate when reading on newspapers and other sources about Arsenal ‘preparing £x bid for player x” or ‘preparing to consider to informally approach player x so that £x bid can be prepared’ etc Wouldn’t that be considered an actual bid? the fact that the media is supposedly reporting what the bid will be. At least with this latest Bendtner saga, we know where we are at i.e. screwed. No speculation and we can move on with other things. But i swear if i ever find out that our deals are hanging on whether Bendtner leaves or not, I… Read more »


Bendtner now officially TGCTEL


he’s second to van judas


John Terry.

Merlin's Panini

4th. C*ntley C*nt.


Na$ri. 5th and counting.

Let’s face it, TGSTEL isn’t actually that good at being a cunt either.


Funny i read Cuntly Cunt as Cashley Cole straight away…..

It’s not even close

Twisted cuntloks

Wenger you created this tosser, pay him off , ship him out and get someone in that can actually do a good job for our club.


The Greatest Super-Glue That Ever Lived


TGCWEFADP: the greatest cunt who ever fucked a Danish princess


Let that be a warning to all Danish owners of Austin Princesses.
Stay off the roads when Bendtner’s around.

Actually I suspect that holds true regardless of what car you own and which country you live in.


If i was shit at my job, i would get sacked. and rightly so. Can’t Arsene just lay it on the line…

“…Nicklas, you are piss poor. You are fired…”

Master Bates

The problems is it will cost us more than just paying his salaries for the rest of his contract

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So if you wanted to do it… STEP 1: LEGALLY PROVE that Nicklas Bendtner is shit at his job.

OK, so he stays until his contract expires.


Correction: *greediest


If Nicklas says, then so do I!!


Dear Niklas,

Get out.


Bendtner shall be staying with Arsenal this season, but with a new look.
He is changing his shirt number to 69, and his shirt will now say “The Clap”.
You can’t get rid of The Clap. Well, until his contract expires.


We should create a human centipede of useless shite in our dressing room. The only question is will nik prefer his head up santos or chamakh’s arse.

Merlin's Panini

Depends. I reckon Santos’s is smellier but Chamakh’s would be a tighter squeeze. With him having to get his giant ego in there it’d be a tough job whichever he went for.


I know he has no chance of playing for us again but is there any reason he’s still pissing about on holiday? Shouldn’t he be at training, you know, making up the numbers/acting as a goalpost?


I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you’re looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.

If you GO now, that will be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.

[…] 来源:【Arseblog News】 […]


Even David Villa at 31 put his career ahead of money and pride, can TGSTEL learn from this guy? If he does keep his head down and learn, a good team will come knocking in no time nikky. He’s still got age on his side…




I,m a fairly reasonable man, but in the case of this turtle-necked-tosser I completely despair. team spirit in wenger sides cannot be under-estimated. dead weight must be given away if necessary. better to opt for youngsters with their heart in it. when I think of bendtner the horrid memory if his stupid legs blocking fabregas’ goal-bound effort(CL by foggy memory) come flooding back. when you have someone as passionless or wonky(sorry gervinho – you seem like a nice guy) they are a complete liability. even loaning him out probably effects team moral(knowing he’s still “our” player). hitman please? sidenote: i’m… Read more »

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