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HFB talks Suarez. BFG eyes UCL

Olivier Giroud says he’d have no problem with Luis Suarez joining Arsenal because he’s not afraid of squad competition.

The French striker, who appears to have spent much of the jaunt around Asia being asked if he’s worried about his future because the club want a new striker, told L’Equipe that he’d be fine with the Uruguayan making the move to the Emirates.

“I’m not in the know but in any case, he is someone with whom I could have a relationship on the pitch so I am for his arrival. I’m not afraid of competition.”

Asked if he was worried about being bitten in training by the Uruguayan, Olivier snorted before stating:

“Ave you seen how amazing I look? I see one blog label me l‘Andsome Bloke Francais. Tout le temps I get people in le street trying to kiss, bite, grope, touch, slap and tickle me. C’est la vie, non?”

Just before trotting off to have his six-pack photographed by the Arsenal media team, he added with a cheeky wink, “…although nobody likes too much teeth, you get me? Eez very ugly, like a fritemonk.”

Meanwhile, Per Mertesacker insists that Arsenal have to be quick out of the blocks in August recognising that success in their Champions League qualification double-header could be vital for squad confidence.

Chatting to journalists in Vietnam the German international made clear that for all the excitement of an early season North London derby his focus is firmly on finishing the job of securing European football.

“We are looking forward to the Tottenham game but first we have to think about the Champions League qualification matches,” Per is quoted as saying by, presumably while doing his much loved funky chicken dance.

“They are vital because our first target of the season is to get into the Champions League group stage. We have to prepare well because I think all the supporters are desperate for us to be in the Champions League again.

“So that’s the first target, and we are looking at the first league fixtures, especially the derby game, as well of course.”

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So, we have the Good (Giroud) and we may have the Bad (Suarez). Guess Gervinho should stay or we’d be short of the Ugly one.

big dawg

Shut up.

Merlin's Panini

nah, Suarez would also be the ugly one. He’s the most vile looking person I’ve seen, and I’ve seen Franck Ribery.

North Bank Gooner

I heard Ribery was going to sign for Chelsea, but he was too worried that JT would get his hands on Esmerelda!!

Merlin's Panini

haha nice.

Buy Me, I'm a CB

Totally off topic, but I can’t seem to figure it out. What was the meaning behind Koscielny’s celebration at the winning goal last season?


This too is off-topic, but why does my crotch itch?


While we’re off Topic we should try snickers, they’re pretty similar


Why are my balls blue?

Midfield Corporal

Are you a Smurf Deji?



twisted cuntloks


Midfield Corporal

Surely it would be a love bite? (Do teenagers still do that?)


Hahahaha that was gold really needed that

“Eez very ugly, like a fritemonk”

Can always count on Arseblog to make my Arsenal woes go away


Surely Suarez covers both bad and ugly?

Jimmy Saville

After watching this I think I can forgive Suarez for everything

Pretty funny, non?


I am afraid that you missed the most important part of his interview in L’Equipe, that I just read. When asked about his objectives for next year, he says “Qualifying for the Champions League. And, when you see that our main competitors have changed their staffs, why not get involved in the hunt for the title? It is not the objective, but if we can, we’ll do it”. He just said that winning the title is not an objective for Arsenal!!! I couldn’t believe it and had to read it again. Then wipe my eyes, turn the computer off and… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Unfortunately that seems to be the mind set we have created at the club. It used to be the case we’d at least play good football but were a stepping stone to bigger thinks but even that’s gone now. The only way to show intent is to sign some big players.

Midfield Corporal

‘Things’ not Thinks


We’re still gunning for the champions league this season. I wouldn’t kid myself that we can win the league or the champion’s league. We’ll probably nick 4th and challenge for the Carling cup in the process. Lets all be REALISTIC.

Indonesian Gooner

If Giroud wasnt HFB he would have the same treatment as Bendtner. Shows how far looks can go, even if ur a footballer.

Merlin's Panini

Footballing ability also helps.


I love to picture that stereo typical English football fan, fat, skinheaded with a pint in one hand and a pie in the other. Turning to his mate and saying…..

“You know I wouldn’t rate Giroud if he didn’t have such a fantastic arse”




Giroud just scored a lovely goal, Vietnamese 0 Arsenal 1

Merlin's Panini

make that two lovely goals:

He really is massively underrated. His left foot is excellent.

Merlin's Panini

oh wait, it’s 3 now.

Merlin's Panini

7-0 again. Check out Zelalem’s pass to Ox for the 6th goal (Akpom’s second). It’s quite beautiful. Looks like he’s gonna be a very handy player, as will Akpom.

Merlin's Panini

7-1 the gloriously named Tran Manh Dung. The celebrations were pretty epic considering they’re getting smashed.


I am so fucking hot. Sitting at work in overalls in central London. Im so hot that ive just read these comments and taken absolutely nothing from them…….did i mention im hot and my face is close to melting?!? im gonna lie down now…

Happy Dave

HFB is hotter

Midfield Corporal

I’m up a ladder next to Liz Hurleys house in Herefordshire, if I fall off I’m hoping she’ll give me the kiss of life.


What are you waiting for? Shall I come and give you a push? But then it’s my turn, ok?

Ivan Gazidis

You can have Shane.

Dr Baptiste

But how hot do you feel?

Perry S.

HFB has now scored 5 goals in 2 preseason matches thus far. Yes, the competition is, to nicely put it, shit, but that should do wonders for his confidence. Hopefully he doesn’t burn up all the goals in the preseason and run out when it matters. I think he’ll have a great season, I might be a minority with that mindset.

Admiral Nelson Vivas

I agree. Also, all were very good finishes (I think vs. Indonesia he scored 2 goals with his first 3 touches after coming on). If he can up his consistency, and start spanking them in against the top teams in the league, he could have a great season. Let’s hope his first season (respectable 17 goals / 10 assists I think) was just the getting used to new team / league season (a la Pires) and he pushes on.


Am I the only person who thought it was funny BFG said we need to be quick out the blocks?


Higuain is off to naples…n then suarez is off to madrid…
Then all arsenal will have is some 2nd class player like giroud…poor old arsenal!!


Where does all of this leave Ibrahimovic?


HFB is hot. Suarez looks like he could eat an apple through a letterbox.


actually just laughed my bollocks off at that. tears and everything. holy shit!!

Admiral Nelson Vivas

“Fritemonk” = genius


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