Saturday, September 30, 2023

Joel Campbell to join Olympiacos on loan

Joel Campbell will join Olympiacos on a season long loan deal.

The Costa Rican striker has yet to play for the Gunners despite a protracted transfer saga in the summer of 2011, and has spent the last two seasons away from North London due to his lack of a work permit.

Despite gaining that permit this summer, Arsene Wenger has decided his development needs to continue elsewhere and the Greek side can offer him his first taste of Champions League football.

It’s clear he’s going to have to make a serious impression in Greece if he’s to convince the Arsenal manager he’s got a future at the club.

Good luck to him.

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Would have liked to have seen him on a loan to a PL club.

Hope it works out for him.


Yep, me too. Not quite sure why is he now going on a loan to a club in Greek league, when he has already played in French and Spanish league, but most important thing is that he plays regularly.


its all part of his european tour, next year he’s in germany


Ah it all makes sense now, probably a compensation for beeing excluded from the Asia tour. Well done Dick!


Complete Rubbish !

We spent a week – two years ago – signing him, whilst we were losing Fabregas and Nasri and we all know he will depart, without kicking a ball for us, in the next 18 months.

If ever there was an indictment of this Club’s inept and imbecile transfer policy, this it.

But hey ! Thumb me down as the truth is always painful to behold in London N5, even if your thumbing from Shanghai district Nine, ’cause that’s the way it is !!!—………!!!…….??????

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Truth is, you know fuck all more about it than the rest of us do.

Some of us want to try to look at the season to come with a little bit of hope, and it’s mighty irritating to hear the keening whine of people constantly pushing their anger at Arsenal into our faces.

Gordon Nutt's nuts

Agree with you Rob’67. We’ve been down this road before with the likes of Pedro Botelho, and I assume that Wellington Silva and Samuel Galindo (signed in 2010!!!) are still on the books.What are the chances of those two ever pulling on the Arsenal shirt in anger??


Good luck indeed. We’ll need him next summer when Suarez has decided he’d rather play for Real Madrid and has bitten an opponent…

Midfield Corporal

Where do we go with the Suarez deal now? We are dealing with a club that don’t have to sell him, and a player who is hoping Madrid come knocking. Madrid are trying to do the Bale deal, which may take a while so will probably only bid for Suarez if the Bale deal goes tits up. So in all likelihood this saga will run on until the last week of the transfer window. All the while quality players are being snapped up by our competitors. I’m not sure what’s worse, seeing our best players sold to our rivals every… Read more »


simply, we don’t. We get a good enough striker add him to giroud and get better elsewhere like D.M C.B. our strikers arnt as bad as every1 likes to think, and there are a few good strikers we could add who even if they arnt better than poldi or giroud they will add depth, and they may well be as good, it is NOT suarez or bust, and frankly i’d rather spend 25-30 on a striker and put the rest into getting 1 of the bender brothers or fellaini

Midfield Corporal

The Bender Brothers?? Don’t they make dirty movies?
I too would like to see us get Fellaini, but I haven’t a clue about any other striking options. Soldago has a good record apparently but I can’t recall ever watching him. We’ll probably get Jeremy Aliadiere back as a stop gap.


None of the Benders is available though. Neither Dortmund nor Leverkusen want to nor need to sell. And both had significant losses of players already, no way they’re parting with more.


Agreed. If we do get Suarez it probably won’t be until near the end of the window. For now we should be thinking about players we need in other positions, midfield and centre back. I’d love to see Fellaini in an Arsenal shirt next season. Premier League proven, a quality player and available for £23m. I think he’d give us that bit of strength in midfield that we need. It’s a no brainer in my eyes. The fact is there are players available out there, Cesar, Fellaini etc who would make us stronger but we seem reluctant to go and… Read more »

gnarly charlie

Ok, new conspiracy theory. We are smoke-screening for our real target. Gareth Bale’s hands. We’re hoping that by forcing the Suarez issue we’ll force Madrid into the bidding, thus freeing up Bale’s fabled hands and heart shape (TM)(C)(R)(Inc. Ltd.) to become the new mascot to replace a retiring Gunnersaurus.


I’m actually relieved that the Higuain thing is over and done with (which isn’t the same as being happy). It was just too frustrating building up to the point where it became obvious he wasn’t coming, so time to move on. So, a different theory… The Suarez thing is so far out of Wenger’s normal MO, it’s reminding me of the money Slur Alex paid for RVP last season. The drunk old bastard of 5-10 years ago just wouldn’t have bought him. Too injury prone, too much of a risk etc. But so what? Bacon face knew full well he… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Probably be the latter mate. However Kudos on fitting in 3 Alex Ferguson insults in such a short space.


That was the easy part mate. God how I miss that miserable old cunt.


You’d think Arsene’s ultimate good-bye present, if you will, would be too see a young protege, like a Wilshere, come good, rather than a big-name buy.


Ferguson didn’t know he was quitting though. His sister-in-law’s death is what prompted him to quit so that he could spend more time with his wife.

Parisian Weetabix

Technically it doesn’t matter if we get Suarez now or at 23:59 on the 31st of August. He can’t play for 8 (9?) games remember. So it doesn’t matter when in the transfer window we get him, because he still can’t bloody play.


Not true. It would be mighty helpful if he were to bed into the squad, all the moreso because he IS eligible to play in the CL play-in round (Aug 20 + Aug 27).


It’s idiotic how everyone keeps saying Liverpool don’t mind dragging it out till the last day. Of course they do, they’ll need to look at a replacement for him, won’t they?


For all the haters out there, you should at least get the facts right. Suarez is suspended for 5 PL games and one League Cup game.

Hypothetically, those 5 PL games for us would be: Aston Villa (H), Fulham (A), Sp*rs (H), Sunderland (A), and Stoke (H).


I was chatting to a mate who’s a Liverpool fan earlier, and he reckons they’ve already signed his replacement – Apsis or whatever he’s called.

I did point out that every signing they ever make is always going to be the best player in the workd ever, but any player that leaves is always past their best or has some other issue, as far as they’re concerned.

Gotta love the mugsmashers. Always good comedy value.

Dr Baptiste

I swear the number of games he’s banned for goes up on this blog, depending on how angry people are. Just to clarify, it’s 6 games in the domestic league as he’s already served 4 of the 10.


He will miss the first 5 league games and the 3rd Round league cup game, which he would be unlikely to play in. He would be available for the Champions League games.


He will miss the first 5 league games and the 3rd Round league cup game, which he would be unlikely to play in. He would be available for the Champions League games.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If anybody wants to drag it out it will be Suarez. He put a clause in his contract to allow teams a chance to discuss terms with him no matter how long was left on his contract, by bidding about the 40 mil threshold (remember that normally a club can’t do that until the last year of a player’s contract). Now, that’s all very nice for him, but he really wants to play for Real Madrid, so what he will do now is encourage us but not commit himself until he is sure that Real aren’t going to move for… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla


* above * the 40 mil threshold

Aaron Ramses

or having a wad of cash burning a hole in our pocket but not spending it.


That’s true, though I’m pretty confident we’re TRYING to spend it. I think we’ll see some new faces before long.

Manchester Gooner

I don’t ever think that Bale will go to Real Madrid. They have Ronaldo already. All are just setting up for Bale to go to Manure.

But, all I care about is what we do.

Come on Arsene. Buy someone.


the greek league is a joke, yeah he might get 6 games of cl football, but come on. Should have loaned him to a pl team


ever consider the fact maybe arsene knows more abot who would what him than you, seeing that he has complete a dill with more than a month to go from the transfer deadline, and thought that this is the best campbell ha sgot righht now??


… what?

gnarly charlie

Based on our transfer dealings this summer I’m getting the feeling Wenger may not know what the fuck he’s doing!


Welcome to reality !

Some of us have been here for about three years now and at first it was quite lonely. Now it’s getting crowded. In fact we’re expecting this Irish guy with a large dog some time before September 2nd.

Brace yourself !

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I love all you sweet innocent guys who think signing players is like buying lollies.

The lolly never wants to be sucked by somebody else though, does it?


yes because this is football manager where there will always be a helpful pl team ready to take him who the player wants to go with, oh wait, something is wrong here


come on, if he’s any good he wouldn’t have much problems with joining crystal palace, for example. it probably says Arsene thinks he’ll develop better abroad (e.g. technique).

still, the ‘it’s not football manager’ argument should be repeated each and every time a supporter posts about needing to add three or more superstars during this window. some folk truly are unbelievable.


Do oyu mind telling us which PL team that would be?


Yes Alex, the Greek League is a Joke, but the Champions league, which the Olympiacos participate isn’t.

At the other hand, Olympiacos is a absolutely complete club, far away from all other Greek clubs

Scott P

Good luck, Joel. Hope he develops well, we can always use another option up front…


Naww, he was gunna be my cheeky 4th Gunner in my fantasy team.


I’d rather he go to an inferior league and play every game than go to a pl club and benchwarm


Pros: Nine months in Athens drinking Retsina, eating olives, and winning the title by 15 points.
Cons: Nine months ducking petrol bombs, tear gas, and being targeted by the Right as a foreign freeloader.

Fingers crossed.


Curious. Dick Law’s heroics in Costa Rica are really paying dividends now. -_-

gnarly charlie

Dick ‘Fought the’ Law and Napoli Won.


good decision, with all the new players coming in he’s unlikely to get any first team football with us this season. good luck


Guess Arsene has decided that there is room for 3 strikers in the squad this season. HFB, hopefully new signing and Yaya Sanogo. Good luck to the kid, at the very least playing week in week out (which I sincerely hope he does) in venues filled with passionate supporters should start to give us a nice picture of how he deals with high pressure scenarios. The absolute worst thing that can happen is he goes there, warms the bench and returns only to be loaned again. I hope for once a loaned player gets something out of the deal. Our… Read more »


Sanogo, being under 21, does not count against our PL squad numbers.


Even better!
2 new signi – oh I can’t even finish the sentence.

Gordon Nutt's nuts

He will be “close to Arsenal” this Saturday when Napoli come calling….


Yaya Sanogo is shit in Fifa13. Cant hold a ball up, poor first touch and lack of pace. Positioning is also poor. Always caught offside for some reason. Sounds like adegaywhore.

Midfield Corporal

Lionel Messi is shit at FIFA 13 if I’m in charge of the controller, however I’m hoping the scouting network did a little more research on the player than just turning on the PS3. 🙂


I have it on good authority that they also played the Xbox version. Just to be sure


Fear not Wenger edited his stats so he is like Ronaldo (Fat one) now.


I think there is (and will always be) only one Ronaldo. The c*nt that plays for RM is Cristiano

Midfield Corporal

Cuntaldo? It’s got a nice ring to it…..

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Olympiacos is a very serious European club, standing out from the rest Greek clubs and continuously participating in Champions League. Campbell will play many games as a starter in the Greek league while at the same time he will get CL experience with a minimum of 6 games during the group stage and even more if Olympiacos advances to the next round. I believe is a good move which will benefit the player.


I doubt that he’s guaranteed playing time.

Mike G

He is, we are looking for a winger as we’re selling Abdoun to Nottingham Forrest and it’s gonna be eiter Campbell or Mollo from Nancy.

Not sure which side of the fence


“Greek champions Olympiacos have bolstered their attack with the signing of former Argentina and Barcelona forward Javier Saviola.

The 31-year-old, who was a free agent after leaving Malaga, was greeted by more than 2,000 jubilant Olympiacos supporters as he arrived at the club’s offices to put pen to paper on a two-year deal.”

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Why did he leave as a free agent? Has he lost a leg in a overloaded wallet incident?

Are Malaga in such deep financial trouble that they are handing their players a cheese and pickle sandwich and showing them the door?

The face of Arsenal’s transfer Dickishness.


Glad to see we’ve all calmed down a bit from yesterday. Such wailing and crying. Like a load of pre-pubescent schoolgirls hearing their favourite singer had left some boyband. Christ on on a bike. I dont remember anyone talking about how great Higuain was until we put a bid in for him. A good player no doubt but 40 mill ? You must be joking. Money can be spent better elsewhere. Let Wenger do his business and dont judge till the season starts.


Are we forbidden from giving our opinion of the transfer window now? When do we start criticising Wenger? When he sells all our top players and only buys inadequate replacements.. oh wait.

Hefty Dave

I think its more the fact we are hell bent on buying a racist, biting infantile striker who will cause us nothing but problems

Yaaaay go team


Dont judge till the season starts –> when season starts, “stop complaining there is nothing you can do about it now”

Your comment just started it again!

some dumb american

As an American, I can’t say I particularly want to see a CONCACAF rival develop stronger, but good luck Campbell. Wouldn’t want to see an Arsenal signing go to waste.


I AM the Law!


i m a dick

Mike G

Hey guys, I’m an Olympiacos supporter and i think Campbell is a player that can be proven essential to the team alongside with teammates like Saviola, Weiss, Chori Dominguez etc.

Just want to ask, is there any chance that we can buy the player the next summer for a reasonable price or Wenger has plans for him getting a starter’s place in Arsenal in the years to come?


Besides beeing an Arsenal supporter I also support Red Star from Belgrade, so I’m kind of glad that he’s going to spend the season with Olympiacos (our Greek brothers as we call you here in Serbia) 😉 Now on Joel I think if he has a good season with you he might choose to stay with you, to continue to play regularly. It all depends on how much he wants to succeed with Arsenal. But in my opinion Wenger wouldn’t want to sell him as Dick spent a lot of effort to sign him in the first place. He’s an… Read more »


Tough one to answer. If he does great with you then you will want to sign him but we will want him back. If he does poorly then you probably won’t want him anyway and we may decide we would like to sell.
Bit of a no win situation for your club
But good luck with him anyway.


what was the fucking point of signing him and paying his wages if he is going to be shipped abroad every season? We have no depth in the striking department and he’s at least better than Sanogo. Give him a run in the premier league because i don’t see suarez coming nor us signing a real quality striker as usual. Higuain no longer an option.

Black Hei

Ours is a zero dollar equivalent to the Lukaku thing over at Chelsea. Look at Lukaku now, you know something good might come out of Campbell.

You don’t realise that Lukaku cost £15-20m. This dude cost less than one million.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, we got a bargain for sure.


We are about wake up from the Cesc nightmare to find it a terrible & unspeakable reality. I think I will be unable to relish football any longer if he goes to join Van Iscariot.

Santi's Panties

If Barca accept a bid i’m hoping Fabregas will come to us. Caring little about transfer fees etc.

SOS Save Our Summer

The year of Tom

I’m starting to think that we certainly don’t have a bad squad. Alexander Merkel or Andrea Poli

The year of Tom

….Are likely to be part of a fresh batch of rumours that will include Salvio ( Thumbed down to comment hidden status when I touted him just over a week ago, now look). Martin caceras, Lucas @ PSG, Alain illamendi.

Safe to say our next bid won’t be 40 million but i’m convinced we are far from done.


Whoever is working on the outs, needs to be put onto the ins.

And bendtner. God help him.


Swap them only for Bendtner.. It seems he prefers riding down the wrong way.


I’m absolutely pissed at them hacks!!! Every fucking day i see them write stuff about manure buying cesc… What the fuckkk? Dont they know that we have a first refusal clauseee???? Fuck them wankers !!!!! Conviniently ignoring that first refusal clause!

Moyes is fucking around looking for ex arsenal players… Why not flamini u sad scottish fuck?


Cesc will go to arsenal end of. Whether this summer or next, he will end up back home where he belongs.

Now, i heard bernards signing today….. Waiting…. Please god please……


“Now, i heard bernards signing today….. Waiting…. Please god please…”

Maybe autographs; after all his club just won 2013 Copa Libertadores.

Thanks, I am not here. Feel free to drop a message and I will call you back.

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