Saturday, December 10, 2022

Liverpool confirm Arsenal’s Suarez bid

Although we’ve been dubious about the legitimacy of the Luis Suarez stories in recent weeks, Liverpool have confirmed that they rejected an Arsenal offer for the Uruguayan striker.

The club’s managing director, Ian Ayre, told Bloomberg, “I’ve heard him say it would great to have an opportunity to play for Arsenal and likewise Rel Madrid. But He certainly hasn’t called me up and said he wants to leave.

We had an offer which is fairly public from Arsenal. We said no to that offer, and as far as we’re concerned he turns iup for training when he’s due back. And we’ll move forward on that basis.”

It remains to be seen if Arsenal will test Liverpool’s resolve with further offers.

Arseblog News remains firmly in the Higuain camp, and hopefully a deal with Real Madrid can be done so as to avoid the drama that comes with Suarez, who is banned for the first six games of the new season.

Still, it’s all a bit too real now.

We might lie down.

SourceTwitter quote from journalist who wrote the Bloomberg piece

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That’s a little scary!


I hear we’re improving our bid to £35m plus some fava beans and a nice Chianti.



i hear the personal terms include a must wear gum shield clause


No, no I get this.

We are a club with a gentleman manager, a cultured owner, an incredibly erudite CEO, worldly men all, with an acute appreciation of Arsenal’s sense of history and values.

After years of strapping ourselves to the saddle of our “financial purity” high horse, this is the first time we intend to give ourselves a chance to win the league, vindicating our moral superiority over these sell-your-mother-for-a-trophy mercenary fan-bases.

And we’re going to do it with a bitey racist.


Or just throw a gum in that pic, a nice chewy one so he cant bite anyone and he will to busy to comment on anyone. Now only we need is to something about his pinching thing.
And regarding our bids we are making huge ones but same time knowing they would get rejected(still amazed with bender bid how it got rejected). Ok i get it this is how negotiations work but you cant accuse one saying this is just PR for ticket sales judging by the past seasons.


The Club’s in-house chef must be shaking in his boots considering Suarez’s “special diet” 🙂


And we’re going to do it with a bitey racist.

Maybe they’re trying to send a deliberate and carefully crafted message to the fan base?

“Look, this is what you get for spunking a fortune on mercenary cunts. Now next time we do nothing all summer, bar signing an unheard of wunderkind from Ligue 2 for 45p and a packet of smokey bacon crisps, be fucking grateful!”


couldn’t have put it better myself…….
this makes no sense at all……




I wonder…
“We had an offer which is fairly public from Arsenal.”
since when does our club do transfers so public?


Since never. Got me wondering too…


He means the fact that we made the offer is public knowledge.


Still, it’s a but too public, especially the fact that the exact number is known. Our transfers are always guesswork and ‘undisclosed fee’.


… Since they want Real Madrid to know we’re prepared to look elsewhere if they’re going to be difficult with Higuain? I recon it’s all stunts from our end to try and get Higuain at a good price. This is the bed we laid for ourselves, claiming we have money to spend.. now anyone we want to wheel and deal with knows they could get more out of us.


I’m sorry since the day he knocked Ghana out of the Wold Cup i’ve not been able to stomach him. Surely we need quality, Arsene…

But a bitey, racist cheating cunt?!

no thanks

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So there’s your guideline right there. Arsenal, listen up, NEVER do business with Liverpool. They can’t keep their big mouths shut. They want 50 million from Real Madrid and they’re going to use Arsenal to try to hike the price up. I also feel it right to mention that if he isn’t just outright lying, then I am extremely disappointed that we would make an offer for a cunt like Suarez, and I am very disappointed that Arsenal would lower themselves to do such a thing. It’s not worthy of you. Kroenke should come out now and declare himself against… Read more »

Dial Square Charity XI

arsenblog slowly evolving into imgur?


He certainly is one of the best strikers in the world, and if he comes, hopefully someone like Wenger could keep his bullshit to a minimum (has done so with other players).
Seing as him signing, coupled with a few more top quality signings, could finally gives a real chance at the title i would definitely welcome him.
However, he would be extremely expensive and i would much rather have Higuain – but if Higuain is not a possibility i have no problem with suarez coming…. even though he is an unlikeable cunt


I think the bigger issue with Suarez would be that in a year or two the Real Madrid stories would start off again, regardless of how well we did. It’s just a thing, look at Ronaldo being extracted from Manchester United, and they’ve never quite recovered.


Whats the big deal?

So he doesnt like eating black people…. Who of you in here like to eat black people?? Cut him some slack….


the outside of rosicky's boot

Even though the managing director’s confirmed it, I can’t help but feel he’s got his wires crossed somewhere. Maybe read a tabloid and then gone, “oh yeah, they did bid for him!” When actually we didn’t. I only think this because it’s the most un-Wenger-like move ever. We reportedly didn’t sign M’Vila because he had some baggage – but at least that was only suspect baggage. Suarez’s baggage is plain for all to see. And i really could not see the fans of this club ever warming to him even after 20 goals and zero flesh biting incidents. Sort it… Read more »


Read – ‘bit too real’ as a bit too raw… I might be Suarez! 🙁


Does real bid have to mean that we want to and would actually sign him though?

Bidding around might just give us some strength not to be pushed aroun by Madrid negotiators who know we need a striker and who know we have money.

But maybe its just me seing what i want to see :/


The keyword here is ‘Bit’.

Graham Stack

For sure he comes with an unprecedented amount of baggage, but he is a quality player. I for one, would welcome him with open arms.


Don’t extend your arms, it’ll look like a buffet

Eboue's Teddy Bear

Careful. He bites.


Agree with you 100%.
If Arsène sees good quality in him then so be it. He won’t be the first player to come with a bad record


Agreed. I also suspect Wenger is pretty good at dealing with misfits. TGSTEL aside, our players keep pretty low profiles.


Only for him to suarezes his way out of emirate again? He is suarez for fuck’s sake


I’d rather not win any trophy the next five years, than sign Suarez. “Vince pro pretio omni” (Winning at all cost) isn’t something I’d like as our new motto.


“Victoria concordia crescit” – Victory through harmony.

Enough said.


Oh come on sign someone decent not this joker of a ‘professional’ footballer..


You know, we’re so desperate for top quality players that I wouldn’t GIVE A FUCK about the bullshit that he’s gonna bring along. I’d prefer the Higuain deal to go through though but Perez is being an arsehole.


Genuinely don’t know who we’ll be buying. This transfer window is resembling a greek myth

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Feels more like a Aeschylus special at the moment


Or, in the case of Suarez, a Thyestean feast.

Mental Strength

Ok, so I know we need a striker desperately. But are we seriously this desperate? WTF!


I’d want him and the manager that signs him out of our club immediately.

Zorro in the Box

This is ridiculous. For all his problems (and from Ghana, to biting, to racism, I really dislike him) if he’s a quality player, and if you trust Wenger (and when it comes to the football on the pitch, you’d be a fool not to – gets the best out of players), then he’s an addition that may be what fans have been crying out for for the past few seasons. Let’s see how this one plays out before knee jerk hyperbolae. Any quality player ought to be welcomed. RvP was accused of molestation and was said to have had an… Read more »


I for one am not someone who can discount someones previous behaviour just because he is a quality player. The difference between Suarez and the players you mentioned is that he has been banned for racially abusing a player, not taking into consideration his biting tendencies. At what point will we draw the line?

History Tradition Class- unless we are slightly panicky about not signing a striker.


I still can’t decide if this is good or not……

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s not.

Glad I could help.


Never imagined I’d be this unhappy about Arsenal bidding for a world class player.


I think this is a class move from Arsenal.
Make Real Madrid feel Higuain is not needed anymore and not really all that.
(or they’l drain us for balance their books)

If anyone reads El Confidential which is the obvious mouthpiece of Real,
You’d notice from the news published today that Real Madrid seems panicky…
So hit them where it hurts….


how would bidding 30 million quid for Suarez make Real Madrid panic. if anything, they’d think ‘if you got 30 million quid to spend on Suarez, you got 30 million quid to spend on Higuain’


i think what we’ve done is try to force Real Madrid’s hand. they’ve been linked with Suarez, so we make a bid for Suarez with a dual motive. Either we get Suarez – quality player with some baggage, or we get Madrid to act quickly on Suarez, if they’re serious about getting him, force their hand. Which would then turn the wheels and get the Higuain move going. or not.

Gooner in Spain

or Madrid and Liverpool simply swap higuain + small cash for suarez…

and were back to square one

Pacific Gooner

Or we buy Suarez to use in a swap deal with Higuian??? Brilliant


NOOOOOOOooo! Seriously, we all love football, but there is more to life. Suarez may have bitten two people which is bad enough, but even worse, in this day and age, he is (allegedly) a racist. There has to be a line drawn, Arsenal is a club with strong values. Forget the trophy drought, sometimes it is right to take the moral high ground. I’m still hoping this is some play to get Higuain.

Civil Wonder

Why even put “allegedly” if you condemn him in the next sentence? Personally dont believe he’s a racist, i think its well established he didnt say the “n” word as Evra alleged but another that could well be lost in translation. Yes he’s a massive diver with anger issues and loads of baggage but why not give him a shot a redemption in the red and white?

Sean Costello

He can go be redeemed somewhere else.


He’s already had a shot at redemption! He’s had quite a few, in fact. He’s been banned for biting an opposing player twice. TWICE! Does that make him a serial biter? If not he soon will be. Question is, will he be doing it in the red and white?


I agree that what he was condemned with was a word lost in translation. There’s nothing like it in English but its as offensive as calling someone by any other physical trait, such as ‘shorty’ or ‘fatty’.. which isn’t the nicest thing but it’s nothing like the “n” word. Suarez is mainly misunderstood (biting aside)… I think he carried lvp last season, we’d do good to have a player of that quality to add more “bite” to our attack 😉

Dave Gooner

One – just one – racist remark made in the direction of Frimpong will cure Suarez of his racism for life.

Probably cure him of his ability to walk and crawl and kick a football too though.


Ah, the myth of Frimpong the shirt salesman. He’d do well to stay at the club this season.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He is not “allegedly a racist”. He has legally been found guilty of making a racist remark. Technically that doesn’t mean he is racist. It does mean he’s a twat though.


It really tells you a lot about the character of the man when there is such strong opposition to the thought of us signing arguably last years player of the season. Praying for Gonzalo


That’s well said.


The same Wenger that couldn’t tolerate Song getting late to training made a bid for Suarez.. well, I’m suposed to trust in whatever people say about transfers by now


“Arseblog News remains firmly in the Higuain camp, and hopefully a deal with Real Madrid can be done so as to avoid the drama that comes with Suarez, who is banned for the first six games of the new season.”

Why not both? I would go for that.

Canadian Gunner

I agree, why not both ? If the money is there to be spent, and Arsenal want to compete with the best, then you need more depth in the squad anyways.

Cyril Washbrook

I have no idea how large the so-called “war chest” really is, but when there are other areas in the squad that can/should still be strengthened, spending around £70 million on two strikers seems to be just a little extravagant.

jack jack jack

Because if we just go for one we don’t have to have Suarez.


But we would be better with him.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We would be a disgrace with him.


A biting racist or a granny shagging hair transplant merchant? With our recent history we’ll get someone who bites grannys.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

(In fake French accent) You stupid footie-fan! Can’t you see that we would get a granny who bites people?


God knows I’ll be happy we’ve got that much quality in the side.
A biting Suarez is better than a lazing non-playinf Ashavin.

gooner odst

it makes alot more sense when you compare Suarez to what we have/had

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’d much rather have Giroud and self-respect than Suarez and a possible extra 10 or 15 goals.

No doubt Liverpool thought that they could teach Suarez to behave in “The Liverpool Way”. They failed. You cannot rehabilitate somebody who will not accept that they have acted wrongly.

Can’t you see that as Arsenal fans you will have to live with the shame of supporting a team that bought Suarez for the rest of your lives?

Bollocks to ‘win at all costs’.


Urgh. I just can’t get my head around the idea of Wenger seriously wanting someone like Suarez at Arsenal. I’m also desperately clinging on to the idea that the Higuain deal has been all but wrapped up for a while but is being kept quiet so as not to inflate the price of his replacement for Madrid. Am I an idiot?


moopin,that’s exactly what i believe too.. higuain’s is already a gooner awaiting official confirmation 4 a reason best known 2 wenger

Dave Gooner

35m for Suarez? With a possible 40m offer in the pipeline? This man is as good an example as it is possible to find of everything that is WRONG about football. He is a cheat (and he is proud of it, he thinks its a joke). He is a racist. He bites other players. He treats the club and fans who stood by him like his toilet paper. He literally wipes his arse with them. And our club, our beloved Arsenal, offer 35 million for this piece of fucking shit? Has the the world gone fucking MAD? How much did… Read more »

Paul Carroll

Would be a top quality signing who would push us closer to a trophy. Proven premier league striker!!

Dave Gooner

There is more to being an Arsenal player though, isn’t there? I wouldn’t like to see his name on the back of my 8 year olds shirt, or his picture on his wall. Because at the end of the day, Suarez is a cunt. Look at how he is treating Liverpool Football Club and their fans, for example. They stood by this fucker when he made racist comments, when he dived, when he bit another professional footballer. They stood by him and THIS is how he repays them.There are ways of behaving, ways of doing the right thing. And this… Read more »


Your link’s dead. Only works if you copy and paste.


God knows I’ll be happy we’ve got that much quality in the side.
A biting Suarez is better than a lazing non-playing Ashavin.


Totally agree. Arshavin is the laziest player ever to don the Arsenal shirt!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If you continue along this line of thought you will end up declaring that Jeffrey Dahmer was a good bloke because he encouraged home cooking.


It looks like liverpool are willing to sell as, as they are trying to identify/sing their other targets. More over, if Real signs Ibra, then there is a good possibility of us signing Higuain. Not sure when AW will give green light. When it is our need, probably we should not hesitate to pay a penny more, I guess.


Sign Suarez, punch him in the face and swap him for Higuain. I see what you did there, Arsene…


It looks like liverpool are willing to sell as, as they are trying to identify/sing their other targets. More over, if Real signs Ibra, then there is a good possibility of us signing Higuain. Not sure when AW will give green light. When it is our need, probably we should not hesitate to pay a penny more, I guess.


I would prefer Higuain but i heard Perez say something like he wants £35 million for him. Im sorry but that is just not realistic, if push comes to shove ill take Suarez every time


And Litterpool want 40 for Suarez. Higuain looks like a bargain in that light.


On the one hand, I don’t want him anywhere near our club.

On the other, it would make a load of Scousers cry.

I’m torn.


It wouldn’t. They consider they’re well rid of him. And seriously, we’re giving them 40 million to shop with for not all that much in return.

gooner paulie

I don’t want that nutter at our club. I thought he was sick of England anyway?! Let’s stop wasting our time on this cretin and tie up the deal for Higuain. I don’t want Rooney anywhere near us either.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

How about we get The Ox and Theo to tap up Bale. He’s got Southampton DNA hasn’t he? He could easily force his way out of Spurs on the cheap to go to his spiritual home and be with his DNA-sharing brothers.

Yes, I know he’s at Spurs, but I’d feel less dirty buying him than buying Ol’ Bitey.


It obvious we’re in the market for a proper ready made striker. If we’re looking at £40 million then why not go for Lewendowski (spelling )?

Dortmund won’t sanction a deal to Bayern and I’m sure they’d prefer to get some money for him rather let his contract expire next season and lose him to their main rivals anyway.

Rooney & Suarez just make feel uncomfortable at the thought of cheering a goal they’d score for us and the Higuain saga is just dragging on and looks like we’re being played by Perez, the player or both.


It’s not about Dortmund. Apparantly Dortmund have accepted a few offers but Lewandowski has decline all of them as his heart (and bank account) is set on Bayern.


I remember reading Dortmund had agreed to sell him to Munich but next summer.

Personally I dont think Lewandowski would work in the premier league. He’s too tall and lanky. He’s good on his feet but from premier league standards he would be a touch slow.

What we need is somebody sharp/quick. Which is why I hope we can tame Suarez. Higuain would work too. I’d rather have both, and another CB and GK and DM.

Pete Tong

Would love to see any of the following:
Alain Elzmendi
Martin Caceres
Andrea Poli
Alexander Merkel
Alberto Masi
Lucas (PSG)
Pablo Platti
Eduardo Salvio
Arda Turan

Admittedly, it’s all getting a bit FIFA-ish. However, still plenty of players out there to build our hopes up


I dont have an issue with Suarez. Lets be honest evra is a fucking cunt. There are plenty of black players at Pool who play with him every day..

And finally, who wouldnt want to bite Ivanovic..? Mm..ymmy.

This guy is one hell of a striker and we could use with his 30 odd goals a season.

Arty's Art

No. A racist is a racist. If somebody want to be racist to a pedophile, i’ll still criticism his racism. Evra is a complete wanker, but that isn’t due to the colour of his skin.

And the biting thing will be a problem for Arsenal if we sign Suarez. We can have depth, but what is the point of signing a ‘man’ who can’t control himself for 90 minutes a week for literally millions of pounds?

He is not a professional and not an Arsenal man.

Manchester Gooner

If you can train a dog, you can control an animal.

Whoever AW signs, I believe he has a plan. How it pans out is interesting to see.


well, if he bit Ivanovic, it was ‘because he wanted out of Liverpool’. therefore he won’t be biting anybody until April/May next year if he comes to Arsenal and wants out.

so chill, until then


just a quick question that id like your opinion guys… wft is Ivan G doing in asia??? now i know he’s got to promote stuff there and meet other clubs but he is always with the team in his shorts,, at training, travelling on team bus (and other place he doesnt need to be) etc,, surely more time needs to be spent getting transfers in..

gooner odst

My guess is the club are maybe portraying the image that the top dogs are focused on the current squad and tour program instead of individually globetrotting carrying suitcases full of banknotes bending over to the will of avaricious agents/clubs, all to get fucked over anyway making club men like Gazidis publicly do the ‘financial hokey cokey’ and look a prat for ‘being in [country] and still losing out on [player].

Manchester Gooner

drying powder


Higuain is waaaaay better we don’t need a player like Suarez who wasted so much possession and so many chances.
I think it is pretty clear Arsenal and Liverpool are cooperating to get Real Madrid to hurry up and sell Higuain to us, and then use that money plus some to sign Suarez.

gooner odst

2 American owned clubs in cahoots to get what they want…ahh the Vegas hustle


Going from Liverpool to Arsenal would give him a chance at CL football but no prospect of winning it and Arsenal are no more realistic contenders for the title than Liverpool. And, at least at Liverpool they attempt to win the domestic cups. He has one more trophy in the this country than Arsenal have in 9 years. Would be the most pointless move in history.


you can go and drink acid 4 all i care


Suarez has won one trophy with Liverpool, Arsenal have won one trophy in 9 years.

1 = 1


Depends when the 9 years/seasons is from. Either way utter desperation.


I’m shocked, don’t know how to react. 🙁

arsenal fan

Please if Wenger wants him I am sure he’s worth it..John Terry is a recist,so Suarez won’t be the 1st..


So, because there is more than 1, racists are okay?

Pete Tong

Would love to see any of the following:

Alain Elzmendi
Martin Caceres
Andrea Poli
Alexander Merkel
Alberto Masi
Lucas (PSG)
Pablo Platti
Eduardo Salvio
Arda Turan

Admittedly, it’s all getting a bit FIFA-ish. However, still plenty of players out there to build our hopes up


Prepare yourselves for the many Luis Suarez puns to sink your teeth into. 🙂


Look at that terrifying picture of him…he is just thinking about the next thing he is going to nom on


Don’t sign that c*nt.

Oh Long Johnson

I think it’s quite telling that he says they “had an offer which is fairly public” from us. Were we really interested in signing this P-Hound we would be looking to keep the offer away from the public domain, until the deal’s all signed and sealed.

In my opinion this is still a ploy to pressurize Real Madrid.

cygans hairdresser.

hes a racist. how can you guys support a racist? Give your money to watch someone be racist. this is making me ashamed to be an arsenal supporter. I wish we were poor again.

Arty's Art

Some people have no principles. I am in complete agreement.

Sean Costello

Completely agree. The guy has zero class.



I don’t care how good he is as a footballer, I will never get behind a racist.


You shouldn’t compare the goal tally of a player who plays with Ozil, di maria, Ronaldo, Xabi Alonso etc with a liverpool player.
Suarez has a bad attitude, but saying Higuain is better than Suarez is a joke.


i watched quite a bit of liverpool last season. have seen him in real time. best striker in the premier league, best player in the premier league last season barring his occasional impulsive actions. and would definitely be in the top 3 players in the world for me on footballing ability, right next to Messi and Ronaldo and ahead of the ‘enigma’ that is Bale, or Van Persie. stats are only part of the story. the only stat you need to look at is the number of shots on goal, passes attempted and key passes to realize this guy is… Read more »


Brilliant player. Love to see him causing havoc for us.

Need to ditch the overblown moral outrage.

jack jack jack

Not really moral outrage so much as mild nausea.

Arty's Art

Or human decency


I think hiring racists is in general is worth at least a bit of opposition.

Gooner in Spain

I think accepting the media’s and the authority’s definition of rascism at face value is like accepting their definition of financial fair play. He was basically running around calling evra by the colour of his skin. If someone were to be chasing me around the pitch screaming ‘hey whitey’ or ‘hey browny’ or ‘hey whatever colour’ I would probably laugh at his wasting of breath before actually getting offended. Definitely comes dangerously close to crossing that line and certainly not the stuff you expect/demand from a professional footballer, more like a 6-year old, but still not the stuff you’d expect… Read more »


Suarez gets us a trophy. Higs gets us shit. We need a player with some bite.


Suarez gets us a trophy. Higs gets us shit. We need a player with some bite.

The only olivier is giroud

I agree with Crispy- if we’re going to start bidding mid-30s for someone, fuckit and go for Lewandowski. Would much rather have him than Suarez, but then again, I’m sure the majority of people (myself included) will end up defending his ghastly actions if he starts banging in goals for us. I mean honestly, I can picture myself going “Meh, he scored a brace against Man U that time we won 2-1 at OT, but he’s still a cunt”.
At the end of the day: Firmo dos THINGHO, Gonzalo!

vela's right foot

Warning: Wait at least 30 minutes after eating prior to reading this article, May cause severe indigestion and profuse vomiting.

Seriously, I’d rather we just let Fabianski have a go up top. Or, you know, actually sign a good striker that won’t bite people. The way things are going I’d say a Golden Boot for Fab is much more likely.

[…] Arseblog News and @tariqpanja for the […]


Did you know that Manchester United fans once hated Van persie yet they adore him more than Rooney today? Guess what am saying is that it the racist cannibal.joins Arsenal I will support and cheer him on.

Arty's Art

RVP was many things, but a racist thug he was not.


He was allegedly a rapist though.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Bollocks. They disliked him because he was an Arsenal player and potentially might help us to challenge them. That’s not the same as hating somebody for uttering racist abuse.

If you really want to make a comparison why not just ask Man Utd fans if they would like to buy Suarez this summer?

The only olivier is giroud

*Can’t picture myself. Typing on a goddamn BlackBerry, paah.


Is he answering to the second offer we’ve reportedly made or the first we already know has been rejected??


I’m sure you’d all get over it if he ever signed and right soon.


if we sold Alex Song due to character problems what the hell are we doing chasing this lunatic

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