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Park exit lost in translation?

As the song goes – Ju-Young Park and confusion…they go together like a horse and carriage.

First Arsenal fans asked who the f**k is he? Then we asked why the f**k did we buy him? Then there was the whole national service eligibility issue. Followed swiftly by how quickly can we get rid of him?  We couldn’t help but chuckle when he went AWOL at Celta Vigo. But now the question appears to be, has he been released by Arsenal?

Well if you believe Korean publication Chosunilbo, which quotes Spanish media, the answer is yes. Unfortunately, here at Arseblog News we’re certain that’s incorrect…for the time being at least.

The article in the Korean press while not naming so specifically, appears to be based on a couple of lines in a feature about Park by Spanish sports website

Dissecting his time in La Liga, which is deemed a failure, the article makes a couple of rather blasé references to the fact Arsenal have confirmed he’s leaving the Emirates this summer.

“Arsenal has broken his contract at the club, so that the future of this rundown scorer will be a mystery this summer,” states Vavel.

Of course, so far Arsenal haven’t made any such statement through official channels…the website team are too busy picking their favourite pictures of manicured grass and Arsene has his hands full negotiating a contract with Gonzalo Higuain’s deceased second-cousin’s ex-wife’s adopted son.

Naturally, it’s hard to imagine Park has any kind of future at Arsenal but it’s more likely that he’ll be loaned out again in his final year rather than paid off like Denilson. Where he ends up is anyone’s guess, he’s got to finish boot camp in Korea first.

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Mongolian Gooner

Weirdest transfer ever. One could doubt that Wenger actually decided “Yes, that’s the man I want” and more like somebody looked at his stats and price, which sounded quite good at the time, being the captain of South Korea, plus having had decent scoring record in France. What we got though was a player that was immediately fast forwarded into our deadwood section. I remember the match against ManU where their Park was playing, and Wenger, who up to that point didn’t give Chu-Young Park any appearance in the PL suddenly decided to bring him on from the bench. As… Read more »


Arsene obviously doesn’t fancy him at all and he never had an actual opportunity. That’s the oddest part, there is something we don’t know here, and nobody seems to care enough to work it out. Something between military service, contract clauses, commercial opportunities and turning up to training with his wang out every day, there must be an explanation.


Dan Brown states: “When there is no defiite explaination/solution to a problem, the simplest one is usually right.”
And i think the simplest explaination to this is that: Wenger and his scouting/transfer team saw him play for the national team, thought that he would make a decent squad rotation player, went out and bought/brought him, then saw him in training, realised he wasn’t good enough for the premier league/arsenal after all, and “fastforwarded him to the deadwood section”………
Or maybe he just didn’t get on well with wenger and/or the other arsenal players…….


I do believe a few million people have stated the Occam’s Razor before Dan Brown. Ever since the 13th century. 🙂


I don’t know why you’re getting thumbs down for that. It makes sense. From everything we saw of him (not much, in fairness, but there’s clearly a reason for that), and the fact he struggled at Celta Vigo, suggests he’s really not a very good player.

Edit: Oh, I guess it could be the Dan Brown thing 😉


Almost certainly for the Dan Brown reference. Automatic thumbs down.

Rest is bang on though.


“I do believe a few million people have stated the Occam’s Razor before Dan Brown. Ever since the 13th century.”

True, but the basic idea of the Razor is as old as Aristotle, so the principle has been stated much before the 13th century. Interestingly, Ockham and other Scholastics did not use the phrase that is now called Ockham´s Razor; that phrase originated much later. See:

Ok, offtopic, back to Arsenal..


Occam called it ‘My razor’


Another reason the “simplest explaination” might be right:
i am sure the press would have badgered wenger a hundred times about the the park situation and yet wenger and arsenal have manged not to receal the real reason……
and that suggests by the most simplest logic that they do not WANT the world to know what really happened almost as if they are ashamed of it……
and since the “simplest explaination” casts a question mark over wenger and his transfer team’s judgement and capabilities, it could well be the real reason……

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

What I want to know is, what was Occam doing with Arseblog’s razor?

Hmmm, what’s the simplest explanation?

Arseblog, I recognise you as Occam and claim my prize.


He discusses him a little here. I’m still utterly perplexed


More depth in case the injury prone RVP went down at some point? I do remember my South Korean friend being very excited and thinking very highly of Park.


His winner against Bolton in Carling cup is probably the only reason I’d remember him.


class finish

twisted cuntloks

when he scored that goal, my reaction was WOW ! next I thought maybe AW had unearthed a little gem but the manager then decides he isn’t good enough?

Whatever way you look at it, AW’s judgement is at fault.

1) he had potential but something we know nothing about happened behind the scenes
2)he was judged as not very good after all based on the few appearances he made

all very odd, as you must be very talented to put a goal away like that


The next game he played he missed a chance against City from 4 yards out.
I think the talent to score a goal like that exists in everyone, it’s more what you do with the other 99 efforts that decides how good you are.

twisted cuntloks

If that is the yardstick then Gervinho should never have played another game for us


The cynic in me wonders if that was just to bring him on for the millions of Asian viewers watching in the hope of ramping up Arsenal’s commercial presence out there. I hope not.


that’s more “out of the box” thinking rather than “cynical”…….
but, to come to the point, i am a lttle skeptical about that………..
if that was the case, wouldn’t wenger give him more game-time??


“Arsenal has broken his contract at the club, so that the future of this rundown scorer will be a mystery this summer”

Everything about him is a mystery

It Is What It Is

Bebe. Could be worse.




His case is weirder than a referee not giving extra time to a losing Man Utd.


It’s the Curious Case of Ju-Young Park. A signing that will forever remain a mystery……….. until (if) Wenger decides to include him in his autobiography.

Parisian Weetabix

I have never cared to read anybody’s autobiography in my life, but as soon as Arsene Wenger’s comes out I’m buying it. He’s so conservative in his actions, and I really hope that one day he does write down all his thoughts – and the reasons for all the weird transfers.

If the conspiracy theorists are to be believed it was either for shirt sales, Wenger wasn’t given enough money, or that pre billionaire ownership we helped Monaco out financially?! Either way I don’t think this transfer will ever be explained but hopefully Monaco could us out! Falcao on the cheap please?! 😉

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If we were helping out Monaco then I think it’s about time they returned the favour.


I’m pretty sure there was a £5m write off in last years accounts for a player which I’m told was Park so I think they already have paid him off. May be mistaken

Arshavin's Dietician



Doubt Denilson earns £5m a year, even with us, so there may be another player accounted for too.


Doubt Denilson earns £5m a year, even with us, so there may be another player accounted for too.

Arsene's handkerchief

Didn’t understand the transfer when it happened, and as time went on, I got more bamboozled as to why it happened. And now I’ve accepted I will never understand. Oh Arsenal I love you.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He was an experienced International captain. He was a good player when we signed him. The real question should be “What happened to him soon after he signed for us?”


If you wanted to open yourself to the asian market you would buys Honda from Japan. Wenger makes questionable moves alot of the time strange character.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Shinji Ono. Went to Australia. Played well. Raised the profile of Australian football in Japan.

Merlin's Panini

Maybe we can just send him to Lille and he can pretend he got lost looking for the toilet and ended up on a Eurostar by accident, or something, for two years. They’ll believe that right?


Erm didnt we release statement last season when the finances were anouced that we had effectivly released park and written off the 5m we paid.
Or was this just talksports Adrain Durhum blowing smoke through his mouth/arse which in some cases could be the same thing

Merlin's Panini

Blogs, please get rid of the news bar at the bottom. It gets in the way and, although it looks like it’s been designed carefully to fit in with the site, I hate using websites that put pop-ups and obstructions in front of what I’m trying to read.
At least could you have it as something we can choose to turn on rather than have to turn off every time?


Actually, you can already hide it 🙂

Merlin's Panini

I know you can hide it, thanks, but I don’t want to have to keep on doing it.
I’d rather it either a) wasn’t there in the first place or b) was hidden to start with and could be made visible if wanted.

mr man

Its a mystery


…shouted Toyah


…..Toyah shouted


ah, fuck my slow internet connection. See above for proof.

Australia’s communications network is still running off a coal – fired steam engine, it seems.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, and we can only afford to run it six days a week.

You were closer to the truth when you double posted. She shouted it over and over again.

Mind you it was pronounced “It’th a mythtery”


Pls lets be realistic.He has a good scoring record with both France and Korea.which aggravate his CV to AW.Tores was also a victim for Chealsea and lots of other great stars.Pls stop calling him names just because
he didnt get well


Strange ones these Koreans, gotta watch em.


Its good if he leaves, heard he could get a club. I diont see him playing in Arsenal next season


Thumbs down this comment if you bought his jersey


Whcih throws the shirt sales theory into water

Bob Angel

Park epitomises recent signings over the past 6 years or so. Like so many before him and lets pray not many after him, Park was a buy without any reason besides that of just bad choice. Wellington – whatever happened with him? Chamakh – no need to say anymore. Amaury Bischoff? The list is as long as you want to make it. Sure they didn’t cost an arm and a leg – but what a waste of time and effort.


You’re rapidly running out of names to complain about. Even the difficult, stubborn ones are being dealt with.

But in the end you know you’re on to a ten-pint-night, passé, there’s-hardly-anyone-listening argument when you mention Bischoff.

Every club makes mistakes. Go look. The thing is not every club recognises their mistakes and rectifies them as stunningly as we’re doing.

We’ve got a list (as W.S. Gilbert once wrote) … We’ve got a LITTLE list.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

In the news today… An Internet Expert said…



The Arsenal number 9 curse looms large and pities no man.

Merlin's Panini

Podolski. Curse removed.


We shall see, Reyes started pretty well:

Hope you’re right, by the way, obviously.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Not without a bit of injury woe though. Hopefully he has done enough to destroy the miasma of bad luck that has hung around the number in recent years. Let’s see number 9 become the goalkeepers nightmare next season.

Kev Campbell

Park was clearly a commercial buy. Spend £3million to make £300 in the Korean Republic. Great business transfer, the player just never became the player Pro Evolution Soccer made him out to be lol

Arshavin's Dietician

I hope you mean £300m as £300 would be terrible business.


Lets hope it wont affect podolski D:


surely moving him on to another team went be a walk in the park…


At the time we had two strikers, van Judas and Chamakh. I think Wenger wanted a third striker, just in case. Park was cheap and available. Wenger wanted a decent squad player and took a bit of a gamble. It didn´t paid off. That´s it for me. No bigger mystery.


just saw Chamack from uploaded pictures of the clubs training on their websites… i feel sorry for them but i think they have to get on with their lives…. clear them out.


I saw Park play for Korea against Team GB in the Olympics and thought he was OK. Nothing astounding, but not utterly shite either. He could quite easily fit into a mid-to-lower Premiership team and not be out of place.

Gunner Rik

The thing is Park isn’t even popular in Korea. Most people here are pretty ambivalent about him at best. There’s quite a bit of a backlash against him not going into the Korean military, and the fact that he’s played next to no minutes for Arsenal means the people who do like him are pissed at the club for not playing him.

There were really no winners in this one.

Gandalf's Kebab

AFC is the graveyard of massive egos. Bendtner, Arshavin and now Park.

lives in a hole that is usually empty

Maybe he just like cones…


Park infographic please

[…] from his contract. We did a little digging into that and discovered the story had come from a line in a local Spanish publication who said Arsenal had officially released him. Clearly, there’s been nothing official yet. It […]


Park’s a solid, technical player..just wish he had gotten more of a chance at Arsenal.

[…] 也有回归的,如查马克,模特水烟好玩吧。朴兄倒是不知所踪,本站花了老鼻子的力气都找不到他在哪里,就只发现西班牙一个小媒体报道阿森纳和他解约了事儿。没官网,但有也不奇怪,估计也快了。 […]

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