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Report: Bernard due for Arsenal medical on Friday

L’Equipe are reporting that Brazilian winger, Bernard, will travel to London on Friday to complete a move to Arsenal.

The diminutive star is currently in Copa Libertadores action for Atlético Mineiro and will, apparently, play a match against Paraguayan side Olimpia Asuncion on Wednesday night before traveling to complete the Arsenal deal.

He’s due to have a medical on Friday.

They say a salary of around €3m per season has been agreed, but there’s no indication what the transfer fee might be.

It remains to be seen how much veracity there is to this story, but they seem quite sure this is going ahead.

Till will tell, we suppose.

Update – The Mirror’s John Cross reports from Japan that after Arsenal’s 3-1 win over Grampus Nagoya Wenger was asked about Bernard and replied: “That report is not true.”

Naturally, you never really know with Arsene but his response is rather emphatic.

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This is not “meh” news – this is good news. If Arseblog keeps this up, this dog will definitely be showing his lipstick!

Arty's Art

If there is one thing I would describe as “meh” it would probably be egg sandwiches.


Sandwich is right. I’ve been following AM week in week out, and it’s obviously meh. Those who only watched him at Conf Cup are excited I guess, I’m not at all. And I bet, you know jackshit about him.


As a fellow brazilian who knows the brasileirao, i can vouch for bernard being real good. but can he make it in the prem? man if i know that i’d be sitting with Arsene right now (probably trying to convince him to sign Higuain already while im at it haha)


He’s very similar to the ex Boro player Juninho. Only he usually plays a bit wider.


any chance man u bidding for cesc forces our hand to buy him back (due to probable outrage of fans) to prevent us from signing players in positions we actually need (GK, CB, ST)?????


But 1st thing I thought, “meh” was him not being so sure ’bout this report (after all Higuain was on his way for medical 3 weeks ago)…


well what do we know, Wenger just denied this report (after our friendly in japan)

“That report is not true.” MEH

DL Gooner

He could be amazing, but Wenger seams to have lost his talent for getting bargains these last few years, So it could be a bit MEH.

Hopfully he’s a 3m Michu style gem.


It’s a really long, thorough medical.

Zorro in the box


Complain that we have deadwood – when we release deadwood, complain there’s no signings.

No hint of a signing (possibly more than just tabloid bumph) and your reaction is “meh”?!!



Zorro in the box

^now not “no”

Cyril Washbrook

I’m probably wrong, but my immediate interpretation of the comment was that the “meh” was relating to the reporting, not the player: i.e. news outlet reports that player XYZ is going to have a medical, presumably the first of half a dozen medicals that said player will have until either the move is announced or the whole thing peters out and everybody realises that there was no medical and that nobody actually knew anything. See all the talk about the Higuain deal being on the verge of completion a few weeks ago. I guess we’ll have to just wait and… Read more »

Zorro in the box

Interesting that we trust news from a non-English news source than a domestic paper. If this was any of the British press as a source we’d all be stocking up on salt for pinching..


guess it’s a question of particular sources, l’equipe is quite respectable i’d say.


I think people just like to complain;)

Unyoke The Ox

Yeah, getting into the Brazil national team is so Meh these days.

Side note: This might mean the Ox being unyoked in CM a bit more often.


Of course it’s meh. Or have you fallen to such a level that any signing excites you?


Good old pinch of salt


Another unknown kid!!


Not really unkown, a Brazil international who’s rated very highly in Brazil. I would be pretty excited if I could believe it, but I seem to completely ignore any potentially positive transfer stories now after genuinely believing we were interested in Jovetic.


But he’s gonna cost a lot of money. The fans want money to be spent irregardless of the quality of the player, right.


and yes, I know that ‘irregardless’ isn’t a word but it does sound better.

Paulie Gualtieri

It worked in The Sopranos so why not here too?

Cyril Washbrook

“it does sound better”

Trust me, it doesn’t.

Dr Baptiste

Considering ‘regardless’ was the correct word for the context of your comment, you have come across a little irfoolish.


A full Brazil international is now “unknown”


Brazilians are rubbish at football. Getting into their national team is so easy. They even tried to get Allardyce to take up citizenship in his playing days to give them a chance on the world stage. They even wear a kit similar to Norwich. Wenger Out.



They wear a similar kit to Arsenal away now aswell. Wenger Out.


Lol. Kind of. Though we don’t have the green.

I meant that all ironically by the way. Can u imagine Walrus face rocking up at Brazil training camp!!!


I’ll try……….imagines:

[Big stony-faced bloke with a thick Brazilian accent]

“Who are you and what are you doing sneaking in here, you walrus-faced cunt? Fuck off!”


Unknown to those who claim to know alot about football when actually they know nothing.


World football is very large, why do you expect an EPL fan to know about some kid in Brazil? He was in the Confed, but that’s about it, many people didn’t watch that tournament.

gunn cabinet

yea. till will tell for sure


Hehehehe 🙂 till will tell. Hopefully Arsene can get a Defender and Striker during that till.

Gordon Nutt's nuts

Yeah, that would be Wenger’s cash till.
It makes that “ker-ching” noise when the drawer is opened, a dead giveaway that we are spending some money.


Who? Do we really need a winger, I personally think defender and striker need reinforcing first..

Arty's Art

A winger would add further attacking threat and allow Santi to move back into the AM position, rather than playing on the left as he did towards the end of last year. That would give the side for fluidity.

I think this would be a good signing.

Obviously we need assurance at CB, but this is positive.

remember the invincible, because we aren't good anymore

we need Santi to stay on the left, use Rosicky/ WIlshere in that position.
I think Rosicky is a better player in that position anyway

Or Santi and Rosicky can play alternatively considering Rosicky’s injury record. That gives Wilshire some room too who is coming back from an injury.

Malaysian Gooner

Typicals Gooners. Complain that Gervinho isn’t good enough. When clubs decides to sell him and buy one of the stars of the “new Brazil”, complain that the club should focus on other positions.

Really can’t be pleased.

Malaysian Gooner



I think that * should be for your whole post, followed by nothing, for you made no sense at all

Malaysian Gooner

The tribe have spoken.


You know i also dont like people complaining about everything. This signing is good news of course. As was Sanogo. But pleased? Noo.

And we can be pleased pretty easily compared to other clubs fans actually.
Just sign one solid striker and one solid CB and i will be pleased.

I dont even need Higuain at this point. Just some depth. Solid experienced finisher. Whatever.

See how easy it can be?

Right now i remain not pleased and will continue not being so till it happens. I dont know whats so weird about that.


I think the point to take here is that Sanogo has played 24 times for a senior club while Bernard has played 90 times, and that Sanogo is a long way from being selected for France while Bernard has played 5 times for Brazil, twice as a substitute during this year’s confederations cup. So he looks like someone who has the experience to be part of the first team either straight away or within this season, such as getting onto the subs bench. He might do an Oxlade-Chamberlain in 2011 and play a crucial role in the second half of… Read more »


Fair enough. I take your point and agree.

If my comment was negative it was the frustration talking out of me and hey i agree this is a positive report so lets be happy about that one.

But i still remain not please with our summer overall, so lets hoped its gonna change.

Cheers mate.


Why is no one talking about Remy or Cisse?!? Remy allegedly has a relegation clause in his contract and Cisse seems disgruntled about the whole sponsorship nonsense. IMO both offer something quite different from Giroud and can be picked up on at ‘Wenger friendly’ prices.


Not a star, but a up and comer with a lot of potential.

Dr Baptiste

Wouldn’t a winger allow Walcott or Podolski to move into the middle and thus give us a different striking option? While I want us to sign a high quality striker, this transfer (if true) would at least give us a chance to move players around depending on the opposition should the likely happen (based on the news reports so far) and we don’t sign a striker.


All the speculation regarding Gervinho’s future will make sense if we bring in another wide player. I don’t think he is a bad player, just unpredictable in front of goal and even on the ball! I do think CB and CF should be priority right now, but I wouldn’t be too fussed if we brought in an amazing wide player and gave Podolski and Giroud the burden up front. Theo is also an option too, which gives the Ox more game time down the right. Whatever happens, if keep our core together and add some real quality we should be… Read more »


trying not to get hopes up, trying not to get hopes up… nope, too late. I really hope this is true and if so, it must spell the end for Gervinho, right?


Bernard, as in bernard.


F8ck Yeah! He’s amazing on Fifa. That’s all the scouting I need!

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

and thats how wenger decied to purchase him. Sanogo is great in FM13 and Bernard is exciting talent in Fifa. Which makes me wonder if Wenger is relying to much on the scouts of Fifa and FM. Because in Fifa 13 you can actually win the premeir leagure with this bunch of players when rest of the team is buying all kinds of world class players left and right. Someone please wake our manager from his slumber! We are in immediate need of goalkeeper, defender, midfield enforcer and one quality goal scorer. IF we want to PRETEND we want to… Read more »


Do the people who thumbed this down not understand sarcasm or not like the last paragraph?


Actually, reading his other comments, this joker may actually be serious!


*checking Wikipedia*
Ok guys, apparently he’s good.


does it say he is an arsenal player yet, if it doesn’t say that first then all these rumors are rubbish

Bahrain Gooner

As Daniel Bryan’d say:

“Yes! Yes!! YES!!!”

big black clock

Spend weeks crying for a signing. First sign of an actual signing and the first reaction is ‘Meh’.

Arsenal fans.

Arty's Art

I know right, who needs those wankers down the road when you have Arsenal fans…


Absolutely mad.


Spend weeks crying for [top top quality] signing.

You missed this bit, mate.

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

last time we bought any top top top quality player was Bergkamp back in sepia era.

But we nearly bought so many world class players and nearly won all the trophies available in the recent years. I think jovetic was also on of our nearly signed players and now Fellaini and Higuain looks likely to join the exclusive list of missed players by the Wenger & Co.

Arsenal is fast becoming an onion club. Full of tears and trouble for little bit of pleasure in weekend.


You’re right. Santi’s shite.

Highbury Shuffle

So yo’ure actually complaining about the era in which The Invincibles ruled?

Possibly the most ridiculous post ever.

Also, are onions really that difficult to deal with? Man up!

Highbury Shuffle

Oh and Bernard IS quality but Le Boss pretty much ruled it out…


“Arsenal is fast becoming an onion club. Full of tears and trouble for little bit of pleasure in weekend.”

Kind of sounds more like most of our marriages.

Master Bates

Kid has really really awesome Youtube videos .

Also he’s played in the midfield with Ronaldinho , that’s something right?

Arshavin's Dietician

Bendtner has good YouTube videos, it means little in a player’s real quality.

Romford Pele

Bendtner is quality. Just stupid.


fantastic news if true. A very welcome signign.


[evil smile] Well, we know what happens with Gervinho now. [/evil smile]


He isnt very good looking,but i suppose we have to give him a chance. In all seriousness if you watch South American football you will know that he is tasty. Really really really small…..but tasty. A good start.


don’t judge him on that picture, you know blogs likes to get the bad, the weird and the ugly when it comes to pictures.

theres a better picture


Your right Binda,hes very pretty.


haha i didn’t mean it like that! I just meant that the picture used for blog’s article is REALLY ugly

Rad Carrot

Bernard – don’t know a huge amount about him, but apparently he’s a tiny wonderkid. Great on the wings, so would be a good signing to replace fivehead.

His crossing and corner-taking looks good (that’s not taken from stats from FM games or FIFA 13, by the way!) so that’d be something. Problem is, he’s still pretty young (20?) and tiny, so not sure how he’ll get on in the fierce EPL. Still, would certainly add something to the team, and would be a good signing.


First of all: Don’t know much about this player, but if a player like Oscar can handle the PL, who literally looks like a 14 year old kid, then I bet this guy can too.

Rad Carrot

Yeah, I’m sure he’ll do fine once he gets the hang of it. Just trying to be critical of him; good points and bad points.

If we get him, would be quite exciting, definitely a good signing that we can throw on straight away. He’d be fantastic from the bench for the next season, coming on when we need a little something different. Unpredictable and good passing skills, and he’s as fast as Theo.

Manchester Gooner (RustyGun)

Good news

Amaury Bischoff

Height 2 less for Arsnl, already czrlrlo is midget, and he runs fast like retard.

Arty's Art

Dear ITV,

I think I have found you a new Pundit.


Genuine competition for Townshend……


I feel cheated that i can only give this comment one Thumbs Up.

Merlin's Panini

Haha. I think that might be my favourite comment ever.

Silent Stanley

Is he a marquee signing?

War Chest


Until I see his name on an Arsenal shirt… Till then …*McKayla Maroney face*


Exciting young player.

Could be a great signing in this position.

steve boulds hairdresser

Never heard of him before we were linked. But nonetheless, it’s a signing, and I’m excited.

Bergkamp Ghoulfest

“Never heard of him before we were linked.”

That, if anything, should tell you that this one is a goer.


This guy has always looked better than Oscar to me, he’s more direct and has a lot more pace. I wouldn’t mind some of that.


Maybe it’s way to secure striker position. For example – we don’t sign Higuain nor Suarez, Podolski will be moved to centre forward and this little fella will fill the gap.

DB10'S Pirouette

Was not at all impressed by Pod at CF when he was given the chance, not sure that contingency plan would work out too well.


The one thing i have discovered during this transfer window is that if you combine salt and vinger crisps with with BBQ crisps, you get prawn cocktail, not really relevant, but presently more factual than any Arsenal transfer story!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I don’t know much about this guy. I have no complaints as long as he is better than Gervinho

Da mon

If this news is true,I feel wenger will not sign a striker again.he will want to play poldoski or giroud through the middle.


Maybe you might want to consider that he wants the OX to the middle. Everyone bangs on about defenders etc2, but we lack width last season. And if is true bould wants the FBs to be more discipline holding the backline instead of kamikaze forward bombs, then this type of signing is expected. As far as I know looking at the “heat zones” he plays in, this guy pretty much hugs the line. And he is a Brazillian. A Winger Brazillian in the National Team. You don’t get into their NT as an attacking force if you are not talented… Read more »

Thomas Bett

what is meh?

Dr Baptiste


Merlin's Panini

lots of things are meh. Most things are meh. Meh is the sensation of really not being all that bothered. I don’t think it really should apply to Bernard though.
I think it’s probably just his name that evoked that response. If this is indeed all true we’ll probably need to rename him to make him seem more “kazaam!” or something.

North Bank Gooner

Stuart Robson, getting dogshit on you new white nikes, hangovers, and following through after a particularly hot curry are all examples of meh.

Hope this helps 😉

North Bank Gooner

oops sorry Merlin, that was for Thomas


The boy is great,,,,, great pace like lightening, very good on the ball, perfect in free kicks and very accurate on shooting…………He will be a hit at Arsenal.


you sound like his agent mister.


Proberly is! well at least he isnt Robson


I hope we sign someone soon as when Napoli announce the Higuain signing at the Emirates Cup it could get ugly!


Fuck yeah! Now go sign up higuain and a CB. U two fucking knobs wenger and gazidis!


From Real Madrid to MU then the chase continues to Liverpool aka the vampire man..out of sudden oops I should say out of nowhere here comes another unknown kid from the wood. Is this where we really wants to finish? Meh probably not a very good word to described maybe ‘Neh’ should be the right word for this. Common we want big players please…all seasons the same ended up with some unknown ‘someone’ and the word of comfort always the same too- free, cheap and nice, talented, potential what else…yeah continue 9 years drought and say what we are not… Read more »



It’s a lifeform of some kind Captain, but it’s dialect is not something I’m familiar with.


Thank you Grammar King


Beam him down Scotty.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

NEVER EVER make Star Trek jokes when you’re talking about Arsenal!!!!

You KNOW what always happens to the guys in the red shirts.

Highbury Shuffle

Only unknown to people whose knowledge of football is limited.


This is strangely poetic for something I don’t understand or agree with


The fact that we don’t much about the kid is what truly excites me. He’s young and, if signs for Arsenal, will be under Wenger’s guidance. I can only imagine what a great player he will become


I hope this guy is world class. It would be nice to actually have a world class winger that actually wants to play on the wing!


Hopefully this is the first, followed by a few more. Sky sports are claiming Fabregas will jump at the chance to join utd if barca accept an offer. Will Arsenal bid for him if they know he’s going to leave, or be happy to let him join the skunk?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Sky Sports ? They know fuck all about football. Cycling’s more their thing.


They know fuck all about cycling either.

Highbury Shuffle

I’m sorry everyone but LOL


I’ll believe it only when I see it. Although as a glimmer of hope, the article does not have quotes from his father/brother/sister/second-cousin/half-brother’s friend etc so seems somewhat reliable


This link to Bernard was invented on twitter no? Just seems like another paper scouring twitter for stories and inventing the next step of the deal.

Would be an odd signing, being a diminutive quick right sided inside forward. One area we are actually set in.


Think it came from a journalist guy on ESPN Brazil. I may be wrong


Apparently this rumour comes from a tweet made by a Brazilian journalist:

I think this might be the account (in Portuguese):


Although if I may be granted just a little petulance. It’d be nice if the club would make a few more signings that I didn’t have to look up on the Internet for a change. Like Arteta.

This is just so Arsenal. Crying out for a striker and we sign an untried Brazilian. Brazilians rarely succeed in the UK. Don’t get me wrong, he could be amazing — I know fuck all about him — but of all the positions on the field I really thought that the most pressing signings in order are: 1) Striker (We struggled for goals last season from our one striker Giroud. Wenger played Gervinho there for Christ’s sake. 2. DM competition for Arteta, now that Coquelin has gone out on loan and he is over 30 and if he is injured… Read more »


Brazilians rarely succeed in the UK? LOL! Like Edu, like Ramires, like Oscar?


Like Gilberto Silva 🙂

Come on man. Edu didn’t set the world alight, Ramires is alright but not exactly world class, and Oscar scored an amazing CL goal but he still hasn’t proved himself.

I know I sound mad negative but if this story is true I feel we should be pouring our energy into a striker, not a winger.


lol ramires is alright. one of the main reasons chelsea won the CL. sure he had 2nd season syndrome but credit where its due man. and edu did set the prem alight for a while

Arty's Art

True because all Brazilians are exactly the same.

Every. Single. One.

Of the massively populated, vastly multi-cultural and diverse nation.

The same.


You’ve changed the goalposts. |Your original posts said succeed, not set the world alight. He succeed in the premiership. Not always in the starting 11 but I always felt good when we could bring on a player of his quality in what was one of our great teams. Nowadays I am more likely to groan when I see who is coming on as a sub.


Great news IF we sign him.

Off topic with this but just watched sky sports news and there is guy on convinced that Cesc is going to be signing for manure at the end of the week if Barcelona new boss is happy to sell. He thinks this is very likely.


How did that guy find out all what he claimed? Wanted to slap him. I just can’t see Cesc going to utd, after all the hassle of getting to Barca and then giving up after 2 seasons. Plus the fact, it’s utd! Surely he wouldn’t go there…would he? Gives me nightmares


Deano, don’t listen to Sky. You should know this by now.

Sex Fabergé

According to wikipedia he’s 1.64 m (5 ft 4 1⁄2 in) tall which, if correct, would make him the shortest player in the Premier League – he could fit in Mertesacker’s pocket, must have a low centre of gravity etc etc


If he goes into Mertersacker’s pocket, does that mean we can play 12 men?


ManUre have been doing that for years! F#*king Webb!!!

Gordon Nutt's nuts

If he is such a short-arse, then shouldn’t he be “Bernardinho” rather than “Bernard” ??


“He is a big talent. It’s a pleasure to share in the moment when another star is born. I am happy and I hope he continues in this manner for many, many years.” Ronaldinho. if he approves so do I!


Young: Tick
Pacey: Tick
Not too expensive: Tick
No British press transfer rumors: Tick

Could be some truth in this one!


not too expensive !!! according to some report he would cost around 20M…

tizteezy the nigerian

it would be a great deal. however, would that mean we are not looking at Fabregas even next summer orare we plannng to loose Cazorla to Athletico Madrid???. what happens to our DM position which needs urgent attention? it is getting glaringly obvous that we need another versatile defender as Koscielny is knocked now. finally, I hope wenger is not dubbing fans over a new striker as Giroud seems to find his mojo. the season is a marathon Mr Wenger!!!!!.

Dr Baptiste

‘would that mean we are not looking at Fabregas even next summer orare we plannng to loose Cazorla to Athletico Madrid???’ How did you get all that from a report that we may sign a winger? I really am intrigued

Ease up

It’s not a foolish point. Knowing Wenger as we do, if he signs this kid then (unless he moves, say, Cazorla on) it does seem less likely that we’d re-sign Fabregas.


a non story from the start as the athletico Owner said the story is boolocks


If he is good enough for Big Phil then he is good enough for Arsenal. Also if we do fail to sign a striker (looking more and more likely), it will free up the left side for Poldoski to have more game time as a central striler

Arsene Wenger

has Podolski ever played centrally


Yes, we played him centrally a few times towards the end of season. I admit he wasn’t that great but perhaps needed time to bed in etc.. I read somewhere its his preferred position.

Cyril Washbrook

Before he moved to Arsenal, he *always* played centrally.


we could leave the negociator in brazil and take damaio too


Marvelous signing.



Arsene Wenger

Why do I need to sign Higuain when I can drool over Girioud?


Read an article which states we’ve bid 21.5 million for him!! The same article also says he didn’t play a single game for Miniero last season, not sure what to make of that. Mind you the article was in the same rag that reported Santi going to Atletico Madrid lol.

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