Monday, November 28, 2022

Report: Leverkusen rebuff Arsenal’s €23m Bender bid

According to German newspaper, Bayer Leverkusen have rejected a huge bid from Arsenal for defensive midfielder Lars Bender.

The report claims that the Gunners had already tabled one offer for the 24-year-old German international before returning with a second last week in the region of €23m.

Unfortunately, before anyone gets too excited, both have been rejected out of hand by the Bundesliga club who having sold Andre Schurrle to Chelsea for a similar figure, are neither in need of the cash nor particularly willing to see their midfield further weakened.

Bender, whose twin brother Sven plays for Borussia Dortmund, last signed a contract extension at the BayArena in March 2012 and is contracted until 2017.

We really shouldn’t have told everyone we have all this cash burning a whole in our pockets…


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Oh fuuuuuck! lol. Where did this come from? My mind is like melted chocolate, who exactly are we targeting? So many names, so many stories and, above all else so much bullshit!
In Arsene i trust………..



I fear this what the next two months will be like – since that clubs know that we’ve loads of cash but always try to drive a decent price.

Mr. P

Fucking Leverkusen, more than happy to sell to Chelsea, but completely rebuff us.

Doctor Satan

If we’d had done this deal earlier, we’d had gotten him. But now, they have no need for the money.


Damned ‘war chest’!




Only double entendre post so far.

I’m disappointed with the rest of you.


Bayern were rebuffed a year ago when they tried buying Bender which prompted them to go for Martinez. Can’t see Leverkusen selling him, they’re flush with cash after selling Schürrle and Carvajal and are playing CL next season.
Would be awesome though, great box-to-box midfielder, technically accomplished, very good engine.


And you can’t see us going back with a higher offer, that’s roughly £20m. Arsene must rate him VERY highly. This is quite a sensational story if true.


It’s also being said that Leverkusen’s ‘no’ is a definite one and not a question of value. Certainly all signs point towards that, they let go of Schürrle because they couldn’t see him getting much better and waited till they had a replacement. The same won’t happen with Bender, he’s only getting better plus the way the popularity of the Bundesliga is increasing they can still probably sell him later maybe for 30m.

a gooner in Manchester

so, give them £30m and get it done.


You don’t listen, they won’t sell now because of the situation they’re in. They’re building a team, they already lost players and it would be hard to find a suitable replacement. Bender will only get better and more valuable, there’s absolutely no reason for them to sell him now.

Sean Costello

Cracking player, would be very happy to make it out of this transfer window with higuain, grenier, and bender. Come on Dicky Law, make it happen!


‘All this cash’….damned if we talk about it….damned if we don’t!


Didn’t have money, got players on the cheap. Now have money, can’t get for cheap.

Oh, the irony.

Andy Mack

‘Cheap’…. Like you know the value of a player and AW doesn’t!


i think there is fire on the mountain… Everything that has been happening so far smells good… IWIT!


Bendtner… is that you?!!?


Great to see we’re being proactive. Two big money bids for a player and we were all moaning about the club wasting time.


New story all the time whyyyyyyyyyy. Rubbishhhhhhh. who are those that are pasting this on net ?



Sorry, Too many Futurama jokes going through my head.


We should tell Leverkusen to bite our shiny metal arses


Well, hard to believe!


“a whole in our pockets…”


Desmond Tata

I wonder why people are taking this as fact, just because a newspaper reported it by no means it actually happened, or that its on or off the table. I see no sources or quotes in the article which is even more suspicious.

Its silly season, remember?

Arsene Wonka Chocolate Football

Ehh what about fellaini?his clause is only another extra million, its not like they will say we want it won’t be rejected!get him in,or else put an afro on Bendtner and let him play that role!

Dr Baptiste

But then Bender might want to be paid less than Fellaini, so this transfer would work out costing us less. Wages have to come into the equation somewhere and I would guess they are also part of this transfer fund we have.


Given Arsenal’s situation, surely wages are far more important than the transfer fee.

Arty's Art

Plus Fellaini is NOT a defensive midfielder; not in Wenger’s eyes anyway. In an interview last year, when Wenger first stated interest in Fellaini, he said he was playing further and further forward and would end up a striker.


You have to hedge your bets, you can’t just plan with having one player in mind. What if Fellaini doesn’t want to come to Arsenal at all? You have to have alternatives.


Or maybe we just like Bender better. I’d like to believe that this summer, a couple of million here or there won’t cause us to go for a cheaper alternative.


Thing is Leverkusen probably won’t sell him, for them it’s not a question of value.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Midfield Corporal

Might be a negotiating ploy, make it public that we are looking at targets other than Fellaini in the hope he’ll accept lower wages than he’s supposedly asked for to secure the transfer.


…do you think?

Wake up sheeple

…or perhaps…..perhaps…..we want to buy Lars Bender.


I will prefer luiz gustavo or paulinho to him anytime

glory hunter

That’s fair enough, but if Arsene prefers Bender, then i’ll have to trust he’s judgement over yours.
But keep up the good work 🙂


Gustavo is very defensive minded, more of a pure defensive midfielder, Bender is more of a box-to-box player, very energetic but also very good at connecting the attack wit the rest of the team. I think we’re looking more for that kind of player. Paulinho on the other hand could be good, but it’s always a risk, brazilians in the PL, even if it goes well there’s always a long accomodation time.

It Is What It Is

Not sure about Alma-doh-vaaaah, but Paulinho would require a work permit. Not worth the hassle, in my opinion.

Arsene Wonka Chocolate Football

Point noted but I just wanted to see Arsene mix it up with a bit of Belgian chocolate added to the midfield, he is a smooth operator. Smooth like chocolate boy plus he has an afro. He’s worth all our budget,blow the lot on him!hoping Cesar and Higuain announced shortly or else I have wasted a lot of time reading pointless articles elsewhere!


Reading pointless articles at this time of the year is part and parcel of being an arsenal fan.

damien joyce

They just made a mint from selling Dani Carvajal back to madrid and Schurrle to the chavs so don’t really need to sell. unfortunately, he for me would be more reliable defensively than Fellaini, who I would be very surprised if we did truly go for. Bender has played RB, DM, CM and RM in last couple years


Madrid got Daniel Carvajal for around €10M (not a lot) but he desperately wanted to go and B04L couldn’t do a lot to stop him. I’m guessing he felt that sitting on the bench at RM was better for his prospects with the national side. But I don’t see him displacing Sergio Ramos or Raphael Varane any time soon.

Song Long Dilver

Isn’t Carvajal a right back? I think he could compete with Arbeloa pretty well.

damien joyce

especially after neymar tore him a new arsehole last night!!!!! I was delighted to see all those barca dna loving mug bastards get a pasting


Carvajal had a buy-back clause, so they had to let him go for 6m. And yes, he’s a rightback. HE’ll probably displace Arbeloa.


Naww balls


During the last few years the narrative was: “Arsenal lose out to …” or “Arsenal outbid by …” Now it’s: “Arsenal target staying put” and “Arsenal bid whopping amount on person no one’s ever heard of” Sure, there are still a bunch of “snubbed” and “shunned” articles by sozzled old hacks still living in the past. But by-and-large things have changed. And, I guess, we’ve got to change too. But this is the step-in-the-right-direction we’ve been wishing for. And season-on-season, as we reclaim our allure, things will get better. Until there comes a point when (a) money really is no… Read more »


Arsenal is made up of three top quality players, a dozen fourth place trophy players and the rest are rubbish. We need a bare minimum of four top class players to give us a tiny chance of winning the league. There is no hurry, the window is open until Sept3rd. The super rich clubs will buy who they want but there will still be top quality available to us, certainly a lot better than some of the crud deadwood holding us back.


This guy makes much more sense than the lazy Fellaini rumours that the British press seem intent on pushing.


i know you meant the “We really shouldn’t have told everyone we have all this cash burning a whole in our pockets…” line as a joke to end the post, but think about it…

A club with serious ambitions to buy players for good value would never reveal information like that because it would only make negotiations for transfer fees harder to complete.

On the other hand, a club with serious problems selling tickets needs to give the fans a reason to keep buying.

Which club are we?


Just to let you all know sky sports news just confirmed this is true arsenal have put a bid in for bender, in my opinion and im just college student no Arsene Wenger lol I think bender should be are no.1 priority for midfield he has it all quality player with all the abilities you need in mid reminds me of a young roy keane expect without the crazy mad aggression, this guy would cover every blade of grass! If we can snap him up along with Higuain and Cesar then I think we will be a force in the… Read more »


Stupid advert, clicked on it accidentally and wasted a witty post whilst giving somebody 5p.

Goon Goon Goon

Bit wank that they haven’t accepted but with th cash they have now after sales you can’t really blame them. Good to see we’re going for these type of players though. Next few weeks should be interesting


This transfer window has already been more painful than usual.

Double Canister

Lets buy Flexo instead

Adam, Watford

Is there any truth in the rumour that the player himself said;
‘ No ‘ followed by ‘ You can bite my shiny metal ass, chumps ‘ , as he left the negotiations in disarray, exiting the room smoking a big fat cigar and swigging on a bottle of beer, looking for his best friend, Fry ?


Why are so many people here moaning like old ladies with lumbago(!). It’s the first day of the transfer window and we’ve not brought anyone in yet. Not true. We’ve signed Yaya Sanogo, Dan Crowley, Jamaal Raage, and Julio Plezeguelo. (The future.) We’ve let go of Denilson, Arshavin, and Squilacci plus a huge cull of the youth squad. We’re working to offload Bendtner. Mannone’s off the Sunderland (I think). Djourou’s off to Hamburg (rightly on loan). We’re probably talking to other clubs about the likes of Miyaichi and Frimpong. Gervinho (and others) may well be in the mix too. The… Read more »

Rad Carrot

I get your point and agree in some way, but the frustration lies in the fact that the longer we wait, the more likely we’ll lose out on these big marquee signings. Imagine this; we don’t sign anyone of note. Imagine that we pick up 6 or 7 players who you’ve never heard of outside “MAD GENERIC £5M PLAYERZ SKILLLZZZ” on YouTube, which has 48 views and is 3 minutes of said player spraying passes around the pitch with wild abandon to some God-awful Skrillex remix or something. It’s perfectly plausible, and perfectly possible. That’s what we’re all worried about,… Read more »


I’m not 100% certain but I rather think that somewhere in the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights (aka UDHR) is the ‘right to be worried’. And there’s little doubt ‘repetitive historical behaviour’ is a very decent argument to support any form of disquiet. But there are four things I’d say in counterpoint. The first is that we’ve already seen one of the biggest culls in AFC squaddie history – from Bendtner to Arshavin, and Squilacci to Denilson … they’re being shipped out like … you, know … something being shipped out very, very, quickly. This is new behaviour and somewhat… Read more »

Rad Carrot

Heh, it’s a battle of cynicism versus optimism. I get what you’re saying, and I’d be surprised if we do end up with just a few rejects from the lower leagues, and I say that as a pessimist. But saying that we’re not allowed to be worried because things ‘look good’ isn’t really a great counter, no matter how you dress it up. Ivan said the exact same things about ‘strengthening’ last year, the same bullshit. We apparently had £60m to spend then, a widely reported ‘fact’ that quickly went sour. The year before, if you recall, Le Prof and… Read more »


Surely get a knock down on the price. Who’s going to.walk around with in an Arsenal shirt with Bender written on the back?

Song Long Dilver

I think if the board wanted to get any sort of money from his shirt sales they’d have to get ‘Lars’ printed on the back of the shirts.


Never been so encouraged to have a bid rejected (if true) 23 mill? Glad to see we really have the money and are (allegedly) willing the spend it

Double Canister

Well said Eleanor.


€23 mil is not nearly going to get this done. People on here act like just because Arsenal might have decided to make an offer in a price range higher than they ever did before that that will automatically bring any player in. The offer is still way too low and is still in line with the low-balling approach of seasons past. Bender will not go for anything less than €30 mil, which Bayern already offered last year before they bought Martinez for €40 mil. Additionally, it doesn’t seem that Leverkusen wants to sell at all (just like last year)… Read more »


Suppose Bender is not too bad when you consider that we had Dickov and Seaman on the the same team!


Suppose Bender is not too bad when you consider that we had Dickov and Seaman on the the same team!

To the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”:

“Bender, Bender, Bender, Bender, Nasri and Persie like a double ender.”
“The showed us how ugly and strong are their wives, it doesn’t matter, you’re not red and white.
Lars Bender. Bender. Lars Bender. Bender. Woo!”

We’re like a dog in heat who has just got a boner for the first time sitting unwittingly and somewhat proudly on the family living-room carpet with his raging red shame for all to see, putting off every suitor in sight.

Merlin's Panini


Gunner Man

First we didn’t buy for we didn’t have the money. Now we are willing but they aren’t selling. Frustrating.

[…] if things are beginning to happen. Yesterday, the German press reported that Bayer Leverkeusen had turned down a bid in the region of €23m for their midfielder Lars Bender. Apparently it’s the second bid we’ve made for the […]


If were making bids like that get rooney

Arsenal Fan

Why did we at all for him if they didn’t need the money ?

Domino mf

Isn’t bender similar to Ramsey.. Give Ramsey another half a season and he’ll be up there with the best.

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