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Report: Vermaelen to miss tour through injury

The Mirror are reporting that Thomas Vermaelen will miss Arsenal’s tour of the far-east having returned from his summer holidays with a back problem.

The issue could see the captain crocked for the start of the season, and with only two recognised senior centre-halves fit, that would represent something of a problem for Arsene Wenger.

Having ‘lost’ Sebastien Squillaci and let Johan Djourou go on loan to Hamburg for the season, the only other option is young Spaniard Ignasi Miquel. Bacary Sagna was pressed into action as an emergency centre-half last season, but it’s unlikely that the manager would count on him in that position – not to mention there are still some doubts over his future.

It’s also a blow for the Belgian who vowed to win back his place in the side after being dropped for the run-in last season.

It remains to be seen if Wenger will strengthen his squad at the back. All the focus this summer has been on midfield and forward positions, but Vermaelen’s injury, if serious enough, may force him to act.

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Then it’s settled…Arteta for the captain’s armband in the new season! Get well soon Verminator!


Will be really surprised if we don’t go for a new CB.Not neccesarily instead of Vermaelen but to add more depth.At present Miquel is 4th choice and he is not ready.Can’t think of many experienced CB’s who would willing to be a bit part player though


On paper Squillaci was the perfect man for the job, didn’t quite work out like that though!


I think the injury to Vermaelen makes a new CB signing less likely, because any new CB coming in likely meant Vermaelen heading out. He’s undoubtedly 3rd choice now, but paid captain wages, so the club would probably want to save a bit of cash. It is tough to sell an injured player, unless Arsenal is the buyer. The alternative is that the “injury” is a bit of a ruse, and it means that he will definitely be gone this summer. I can’t decide which seems more plausible. Perhaps the latter, because we have seen it in the past.

Indie Gunner

Fans and management would have hoped Vermaelen would come back fit and raring to go. This will slow down preparation. But I am sure Wenger has a few tricks up his sleeve like a titanium back for the captain. The transfer warchest has to be used somewhere.


I guess Sagna could be considered as a 4th choice CB.

a gooner in Manchester

It was a one-off performance. Other strike forces will work him out. You have to pay a lot for experienced players to sit and wait on the bench. And if you buy experienced but average then it wouldn’t make any difference. On paper, we need to have two starting XI of equal quality to feel comfortable. That won’t happen to Arsenal right now. We are unable to to a Chelsea, whether we like it or not. I would like to see us invest heavily on the attacking front and, alongside that, buy some young CBs (as our academy seems useless… Read more »


Get well soon Verm, need you back banging in the goals again soon!


I think we’d all be shocked if Arsene didn’t sign at least 1 center back in this window.
Now with Tommy injured it’s even more of a certainty.

I wouldn’t expect any big names coming in though.
We did have the 2nd best defensive record in the league last season.
Ain’t broke don’t fix it.


We need the BEST defence in the league. Just like we need the best attack and midfield!


Lucky we have djourou then.


hopefully miquel gets a chance..grab it like gibbs and jenks did


“It remains to be seen if Wenger will strengthen his squad at the back.”

Understatement of ze year, it remains to be seen if wenger will strengthen the squad at all, nevermind at the back. OH MY HEART 🙁


You are the pessimist of the year. Now that all your thoughts about the future are negative, you should start thinking of how you will treat your upcoming back injury.


what’s he doing on holiday that hurts his back?
you would think that an elite athlete would be able to survive a holiday without hurting themselves


If the injury is short term, I hope Arsene does not buy another center back. It would be a waste because he would settle for a squad player…most of whom are average players. Anyway, my guess is T.V got this back injury while trying Rey Mysterio’s 619


we need a new DC, whatever status we need the depth, were 1 stoke match from fucked mate if we do not sign 1.


My point was that if Vermaelen is out for say three weeks, there is no point buying another defender to be his replacement.

Arshavin's Dietician

What is a DC?


If you thumb me down i swear you will get a thumb injury.


I’m waiting… and the point is Vermaelen’s injury is secondary to the point that we need a new DC even with him fit we do, go see how many clubs in last 8 years or so challenged for the title with 3 DC who wernt kids


1. Barcelona won the league with Pique and Puyol …TWO defenders….two defenders who are cunts….we have 3 defenders who are not cunts so there you have the answer.
2. Manchester United won the league with a crocked Ferdinand, Smalling (a kid), Jones (another kid) and a crocked vidic, in fact carrick also played as a defender sometime.
3. When Man city won the league, they won it with Lescot and Kompany playing almost all the games. Now they had cover for the starting two but the point is that most games were played by the same two players.


I guess now that benteke has submitted a transfer request we aren’t getting higuain, are we?


I do not know whether Benteke and Higuain are in any sense the same. Your comment should have been as follows—–>”Now that we have sanogo, we are not buying Benteke”….for the simple reason that Higuain is world class and Benteke is a one season wonder.


we can’t state he is a 1 season wonder untill he fails to replicate his form next season… and although your point about higuain and benteke being different is valid the comparison to sanogo is not as benteke is much further developed, another way to look at it is yes Higuain is world class, but will he do it in the prem? (im sorry i too want higuain but it is valid)


You are saying he’s not a 1 season wonder beacuse it depends on the next seasons. Well, the season has yet to start, and compared to Higuain, at this point in time, he is nothing but a one season wonder. You are also saying that Higuain is world class but yet to be certain if he can do it in another part of the world. So, what are exatly are you saying? 😉

a gooner in Manchester

if he’s dedicate enough, clever enough, then EPL is not a difficult place for strikers.

I am curious of what plan AW has for him and other strikers.

Certainly, our midfield is thin. More dimensions (physicality, guile) there are needed. And don;t forget, Cazorla will be tired at the beginning of the season and that’s when we have to win every game.

For me, major investment in forwards and midfield is a must.
The back can wait, or some young(cheap) and hungry CBs are enough.

Runcorn Gooner

Off subject but just after Andy Murray won Wimbledon did anyone notice John Terry changing into his Tennis whites?

bacary's right leg

Hes broken a small bone in his back apparently


get well soon.

off topic. If we sign Gareth Barry, at the age of 32. i will personally kick Arsene in he shin!

What annoys me most about this window, is that the club is staying so silent. whereas other clubs like liverpool, utd and chelsea let their fans know the score without going into too much detail.

Is a press conference scheduled at all in bear future. i cant take anymore!! :,,, (

Runcorn Gooner

In the words of Brian Poole and the Tremeloes “Silence is Golden”.Dont you just wish it to be true.

Larry oguns

Wenger is a dictator, he blives he knows all, man u, man city & chelsea all finish above us, still they re strenthen der team wit bulk of der best players staying, wenger dnt know what he’s doing.

Solid Gooner

Hey Oguns quit the bellyaching would you? Does anyone else think this is a precursor to another captains departure? Sure hope it’s not.


The hits just keep on coming

Big Chief from Antarctica

I don’t mind the silence of the club when it comes down to transfers. We had debts, fucking huge debts. If any, there’s still this crisis on the financial market. Caution throughout these years shouldn’t be discarded just because we nearly paid off our debts. Like it has been earlier said, there are loads of clubs that are cunts just waiting to fuck us over. Buy with astronomical figures that make sense and in our case sell with astronomical figures. We’ll be right back where we were. Fabregas was sold for less than he was worth, Bayern want Koscielny for… Read more »

Big Chief from Antarctica

*buy with astronomical figures that make no sense and in our case sell with shite figures that make no sense

I need to lie down.


We’ll just use Ramsey there!


1 young player bought & 1 mature player, Gareth Barry, perhaps on his way . I have the sinking feeling that our credulity is once again being exploited by the snake oil salesmen at the club. Of course I hope that I am wrong but where is the evidence that will bring faith & confidence for 13/14? Arsenal’s recent history has become a template for gain before glory business planning.


Sorry to here. Time to buy a top rated CB and move the Verm to the midfield as a defensive midfielder


Players get injured during every season. We need two top quality players in every position. We also need a good third option.

This is a good test of the clubs depth.

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