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Sagna joins call for new faces

Bacary Sagna has joined Jack Wilshere and Mikel Arteta in calling for the club to sign new players this summer.

The right back spoke about his personal ambitions for the new season, but insisted that new arrivals are necessary for Arsenal to compete this season.

Speaking to the Guardian, he said, “I believe that we can challenge for the title with a couple of good signings. We beat great teams last year, we managed to be one of the best teams in the second half of the season and if we can be consistent for the whole season, I believe we can be successful.

“Every team is strengthening and we can strengthen, too, but it’s more about us caring on the pitch and showing the commitment. That will take us a long way.”

Earlier this week, Arteta urged the club to be more aggressive in the transfer market, while Wilshere talked about the ‘lift’ adding quality to the squad would bring.

Meanwhile, Sagna reaffirmed his commitment to the club despite rumours he’d leave this summer. He still has just one year left on his contract, but is hoping a good pre-season will see him back to his best after a campaign during which he struggled to cope with the effects of two broken legs.

“Last season was difficult. I only had one year left and people were looking at that and maybe thinking I would leave. But I tried to stay as calm as I could. Now I will work hard in pre-season and have a good season for Arsenal.

“It’s been very difficult for me physically. I was out for four months. I went out to Qatar to do my rehab, then I came back and had to start all over again. It was not easy because the injuries take a lot from you.

“But I’m looking forward to coming back, being at my best and helping the team again. I’m looking forward to the new season and a new start.”

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Silent Stanley

Spend some f**king money.


Stan, we know you too well. You should have finished your statement with “In one of my Wal – Mart Stores, available nationwide. Or at least buy a scarf from the Armoury, it all helps toward Ivan’s bonus and my dividend”.

Malaysian Gooner

While I may no be Stan’s biggest fan, at no point did he ever even insinuate that he will take dividends from the club.

Fat & Orange on the other hand…


I was referring more to Stan;s flagrant capitalism rather than anything he’s said, which is thin on the ground.


he doesnt own walllmart either . the dad of his wife does


Its like realizing half way through a birthday party that you forgot the cake for the kid! But surely there is enough time to still buy it?! You give Arsene your money and pray that he can make it in time before its cake time. Arsene is a bit late and you are a bit nervous but the kids dont notice yet.. still time! Finally Arsene arrives only to state: “Sorry i couldnt buy any cake” “What do you mean?! You didnt have enough money?!” “No i had enough money, but all those cakes out there are overpriced these days”… Read more »


Dont worry sanga im world class im certain of it


Looks like Arteta’s started a bit of a revolution here.

A lot of big names have been snapped up but there’s still a lot of choice for any manager that accepts that it’s 2013 and quality players cost about twice as much as they did a few years ago. The Benders, Fellaini, Reus maybe, Draxler, Huntelaar etc. etc. are all up for grabs still.

Cyril Washbrook

There are players available of course, but not the Germans on your list. Reus is going nowhere, and neither are Sven and Lars Bender. (Not even the unrelated defender Lars Bender who plays in Germany’s fourth division: Eintracht Trier signed him three days ago, and I don’t think they’ll let him go that quickly…) Draxler emphatically stated earlier this month that, despite interest from clubs in England and Spain, he has no intention of leaving Schalke for at least another year.

Cyril Washbrook

Forgot to add: I don’t think Huntelaar’s a realistic option either, for various reasons. Having just signed Szalai for the purpose of partnering Huntelaar, it would be a tad self-defeating for Schalke to offload the latter. There’s certainly no particularly good reason for Schalke to let Huntelaar go, since he’s contracted until 2015. Huntelaar himself seems perfectly happy where he is and said just a couple of months ago that he would “definitely” be staying at the club: no hints that he’s looking for one last big move. From Arsenal’s perspective, there have got to be better options than paying… Read more »


There’s still Eriksen, Belhanda, Matic from Benfica, Aubameyang, Damiao, Fellaini etc. etc. who would all be good signings for us, and we could probably bring in any two of them, maybe even three, for under £70m. My main issue is with Wenger complaining about a lack of options. I can sympathise to an extent, because modern footballers seem to cost twice as much as they used to, and demand twice as much money, and the general attitude and professionalism of top quality players doesn’t quite seem to be what it was, but for the longest serving manager in probably the… Read more »


There’s a world of difference between ‘There’s a lot of money and not many players’ and ‘ There’s a lot of money and not many players that we feel are worth the asking price’.

And that’s the nub of the issue.


Aubameyang has signed at Borrussia Dortmund


Belhanda went to Dynamo Kyiv earlier this month.


But there IS a lack of options. How many good/top strikers are realistically available for us now? Higuain, Saurez, Rooney, Benteke, I suppose, and some of those are not likely, or at least have many doubts and uncertainties.
Is Rooney staying or not? Chelsea will all their money are also after him.
Is Suarez staying? Do Madrid want him?
Etc., we won’t even discuss Higuain…
It’s more or less the same for other positions.

And we all know about Arsenals scouts, so if they say there aren’t that many options then it’s probably because there isn’t.


Wake me up when September… Begins!


Transfer window has been extended for 2 days because it would have finished on a Saturday, just a warning.

Abdul mohd

hello wenger be serious about suarez


The sad thing, Abdul, is you’re getting thumbed down by the folks who have bought into the overblown blogger rhetoric about Suarez being the devil incarnate. While most online polls suggest Gooners–in a moment of private anonymity–are 70% in favor of Suarez, the public personae continue to tow the line set by Arseblog et al that a stringent sense of morality distinguishes between different kinds of cheating such that Suarez is worse than any other human being in athletics. I began this circus by being vehemently against the Suarez transfer, but have now come full circle in large part as… Read more »

Gooner 4 Ever

Exactly. We need a player like Suarez who can dribble very well. I dont personally believe he is the most racist athlete ever and some one might loose the cool and say something to hurt the opponent verbally. I hope he is coming. Rodgers comments look a bit desperate. He said “Suarez is very much a Liverpool player”, why couldnt have he said “He is a Liverpool player and will remain so”. No board can ignore a bid of 40 Million for a player who caused them quiet a trouble.


Despite the way that he’s been demonised, I can’t help but think that with our diverse fanbase and the reputation we have, and his antics and general reputation (merited or not), it’d be bound to cause trouble.

I’m not entirely against signing him but I like think that we’d hit dead-ends with the likes of Higuain and a few others before we made a bid for Suarez and I’m not sure we had.

Gooner 4 Ever

My only worry with Higuain is that whether he can adapt quickly to EPL. Suarez is proven. And its always good to smash a team like Liverpool.
Hit a Dead End with a trophy, everything will be forgotten.
As far as the diversity goes John Terry would still have a thousands of fans in Africa despite the obvious.
This season the expectation are raised to a very high level (dont know how) and we need right players.


I agree that how I have no problem with Suarez pulling on a Arsenal shirt just for the talented player he is. I also agree Arseblog and few others are not so pleased with the Suarez link. But Arseblog also did point out at the kind of players we have had over the years, they happened to be Arsenal players, we never paid a record breaking sum for a Bitey Racist, but the point here Should we pay THAT kinda $$$$ for such a controversial player. Am sure if we have to do a deal for 15 or 20Mil for… Read more »


Who needs average players im world class


I agree with this. Apart from his low standing as a human being, Suarez is a massive, expensive gamble. Higuain much less so. One sure advantage to buying Suarez is weakening Liverpool. However, if we don’t buy Suarez or Higuain or fat head we’ll be competing with Liverpool again for 4th place this season.


@arseblog, Sorry. My comment sounds awfully mean in the cold light of day, and in an important way, the frustration was misdirected. Here’s the sober reflection: As I’m sure you’re aware, your voice carries a lot of weight with Gooners. What you say directly shapes our discussion, and it can be exasperating sometimes if you’re trying to swim against the tide. That’s true anywhere, I suppose, but maybe more so in a forum about sport, the opinions about which are almost always subjective, and in a forum that is itself owned and managed by the one forming the dominant perspective.… Read more »


count me as one of the 30% of people that dont want suarez. leaving aside that racism thing, even leaving aside the biting thing (which could be funny, depending on who he bites) the fact that i find myself calling him a cunting diving wanker most times i watch him play, is enough for me to not want him at the arsenal. i cannot reconcile the fact that there are footballers out there, who i genuinely dislike, who may then play for the club i love. rooney is another of those. i dont want him either. this is the same… Read more »


Count me amongst those “towing the Arseblog line” about not wanting Suarez. I do not believe him to be the devil incarnate, but he is a character I would struggle to support. As a black fan, I would find it difficult to cheer someone who declared on a football field that he “doesn’t speak to blacks”. Putting that aside, I’ve thought – without needing to prompted by this site – that he represents a poor investment. He seems like a serial malcontent and I could see him wanting out to Madrid or elsewhere after a year or two. He’s caused… Read more »


It’s all nonsense. Regardless of how people fell morally about the bloke and I believe there are valid points on both sides, he is not and never was and never will be coming to arsenal.

Goatee of Robert Pires

@Colestar: When did Suarez declare that? He has and has had numerous black team mates, no one ever complained nothing. He has never been accused of disrupting the dressing room. Also I hope you are aware that Suarez is a philanthropist contributing in Africa as well even before the racist incident. The word Negrito is a grey area and I would like to give him the benefit of doubt. The whole racist incident seemed like a vendetta against him from the start. I agree with it that he brings controversy and is unable to stay out of trouble, but the… Read more »


@Goatee: It was one of the statements that formed part of the case against him in the Evra incident. You are welcome to have a different view of the matter, but I personally find it laughable that in a heated battle between a Liverpool striker & a Man U defender, people really think Suarez was simply trying to be friendly when he raised the race of his opponent. This notion is really astonishing and confounds all logic and probability in my opinion. I was not referring to dressing room problems, but rather his on pitch behaviour & tendency to agitate… Read more »


@Goatee: Also consider this. In the history of professional football, how many players do you know of who have complained of racist abuse or behaviour from their teammates? Are we then to take it that we can count the number of racist players in football’s history on one hand?

Sinisa Mihajlovic played with many black players, none of whom lodged complaints about him. Yet when he came up against Paddy Vieira he thought nothing of calling him “black bastard” and “black s**t”

Goatee of Robert Pires

I get your point. That’s why I consider it to be a grey area regarding Suarez. He might/might not be a racist, but having followed a lot of news surrounding him since quite some years I think he isn’t a bad person. Just a passionate childish footballer wanting to win things whenever he steps on the the pitch. But of course that is my opinion. We have had a lot worse personalities than him at our club.

Goatee of Robert Pires

Also correct me if I am wrong, Suarez wasn’t caught on tape saying “Negrito” (unlike Terry the Cunt). He admitted it himself casually when asked clearly not knowing its implications. Which tilts my vote in his favour that he might not be a racist.

Cyril Washbrook

The sad thing is that you apparently feel the need to insult anybody who opposes bringing Suarez to the club by declaring that they’re just gullible sheep who swallow everything one blogger says and who are incapable of independent thought.

I’ll say one thing for RVP: he never went around biting or racially abusing his opponents. Dismissing Suarez as an “idiot” with a bit of “baggage” does not do justice to the kind of behaviour that has made him so disliked by so many.


I don’t want Suarez to come to Arsenal, not for any moral reasons, but simply because he’s not actually that good. This link has been posted several times, but it really does show why Saurez is not that good, he’s certainly NOT a £40m player: Why can’t we just prioritise getting Higuain? I think even Benteke would be a better option than Suarez. And all this talk about Suarez being accustomed to the EPL seems like nonsense to me. Cazorla and Michu came from the Spanish League and did very well here, Higuain will too. Come on, just offer… Read more »


Plus, Suarez is too Nasri-looking…


Forget Reus, Draxler or Huntelaar. Not because they’re not good (they all are), but Reus won’t leave Dortmund, Draxler’s promising but not quite ready for this level, and if Huntelaar was a serious target we would have signed him last summer to replace his national team nemesis.


I think we should sign Ludivine, she would really help team morale. Wenger and Gazidis need to get Dick on this now.


I had to look up Ludivine on t’internet, didn’t know what she looked like. I usually don’t bother with WAGs (unless it’s Mario Gomez’s ex).

Glad I did this time though.


I bet Jack’s got her picture pinned up on the dressing room wall, the mucky little sod.


Fuck! I need a poster of that on my wall right now!


who needs ludivine im sexy and i know it


Bac Sagna has earned my respect. He’s a thorough professional who, by choosing to stick with us despite Wenger not offering him what Sagna considers a suitable extension has shown that loyalty isn’t yet extinct. As one of our senior most, experienced and better players I’m hoping he shows a bit of leadership and inspires the rest of the lads.
Too soon to say he’s a legend (the term has already been overused, remember)?


Bac Sagna has earned my respect. He’s a thorough professional who, by choosing to stick with us despite Wenger not offering him what Sagna considers a suitable extension has shown that loyalty isn’t yet extinct. As one of our senior most, experienced and better players I’m hoping he shows a bit of leadership and inspires the rest of the lads.
Too soon to say he’s a legend (the term has already been overused, remember)?


a picture Sagna doing his call for prayer on an article about calling calling for new players?

or Sagna praying for new signings?


Said it before, but this man deserves to finish his Arsenal career with a medal round his neck (and not the fuckin Emirates Cup).

But he knows, the players know, and most of us know that that’s unlikely unless this squad is strengthened with some top quality players.

The question is – does Arsene know?


Obviously Wenger knows, why do you think he HAS been trying to sign players? Higuain, Bender, Saurez (well, the last one may be a ploy…).


Could only watch some part of the match and Sagna looked the more focused one than any other player.
Maybe we wont be signing a central defender this summer and Sagna is doing a good job there.


Glad Bac is looking to stay, Jenks needs a mentor for at least the next season until he is ready to step up fully. Full respect to Sagna though, not much loyalty in football anymore.

Lifetime Gooner

I think the board are taking the piss out of the fans and consider up stupid

Indonesian Gooner

Bac is fantastic isnt he? Hope he signs a new contract and returns to his dependable self. As for the club, i think theyre on vacation when it comes to transfers.

Naija Gunner

Someone should recommend this blog news to Wenger, so he knows what we and the players really really wants, and that’s some fucking silverware.


It’s all getting really silly now. The fans know we need new players the players clearly know it and still our competitors continue to strengthen while we do jack shit as per usual.



I dread to think where this club would be if this lot had been about for longer.

£7.5m for Bergkamp? £7.5m?? You mad?? No. No, no, no. Here’s £2.5m and we’ll throw in Ian Selley and Chris Kiwomya. Now can’t say fairer than that can we?………’T*ttenham Sign Bergkamp’……


What ‘great teams’ did we beat last year? Bayern in the second leg was over before it began and we managed just 3 points against our main rivals in the final top 5. I’m worried about our lack of activity in transfer market and the club can’t be that short sighted in believing our 10 game run at the end of season proves we’re real contenders for the title ( not the 4 th place profit trophy) , yes the title this year? As I say, I’m getting properly worried and comments on Sky from Moyes regarding ‘developments’ in a… Read more »

wenger is blind

Arteta, wilshere & now sanga …even these players want Wenger and Ivan to put their money where their mouth is…I just hope Dick will finally grow some balls to finalize deal in Spain. At this rate players will soon start a revolt, perhaps a mass exodus or mass influx of talents. And now Wenger & Ivan will be responsible for any kind of mutiny by the players.I just hope for the sake of players ( because these people don’t give a fuck about the fans) we sign some player/s. We don’t need anymore Van Persie like issues in the future.… Read more »

Gooner 4 Ever

RVP questioned too many things, and one was the way club is being run. Its not in a player’s authority to do that (Rooney questioned Man Utd too). This was the first time in years Arsenal bid 30 Million on some player. Its surely a change in trend and hopefully intend. This time, unlike previous seasons, they clearly stated there is money to spend. So, if that money is not spend the fans will be outrageous. Besides, only Man City has spend like crazy and even then their fans are not happy because they think Tevez+Mario >> Navas+Negredo. Chelsea bought… Read more »


All this clamouring by current players for new players…you’d think they’d have some faith in themselves eh!


The more they call for it the more stubborn he gets and does the opposite. Even his own players feel the squad could do with improving. Clearly we’re all mad and Wenger is the only sane one. Personally I’m sick to death of this same dance every summer. He needs to stop insulting us.


Can imagine the board meeting. Don’t panic boys. These are the same fans that believe arsene when he said rvp is not for sale or cesc and nasri are not going anywhere only to be sold the following day. Remember when we told them that we had substantial funds and we are willing to spend 30 mill on a player if need be and we went and bought park! Seriously these mugs will stand for anything, look how we conned em into buying season tickets this year with all the positive talk and now we hit them with the reality.… Read more »

Hefty Dave

Love Bac top player and loyal to Arsenal give him a new contract not some silly 1 year extension he can help Carl push on. I also agree we need to strengthen and not 40m on some racist thug who will bring the name of our great club down when he gets pissed off.

Fingers crossed

I think we should all stop speculating. AW’s signings are almost always astute and below the radar. The only exception here is Podolski.


Familiarisation, acclimatisation, preparation, and the ‘effing fact that the ‘effing season starts in four ‘effing weeks.


Except it seems this time around they haven’t been below the radar. Everyone knows our interest in or negotiations with Higuain, Saurez, Rooney.

it seems

…and if there were any interest in players below the radar we’d all know about it because……….oh.


Every knows our interest in 3 top strikers. Surely we’re actually interested in 12 entirely different top strikers, right?

it seems

…we’d all know about it because we’re only interested in strikers and we’re not interested in 12 entirely different top strikers than the three Wenger has announced.


A bit of perspective please, theres still a month to go in the transfer window. With wanky agents demanding stupid money and players generally being greedy cunts its no wonder Wenger is taking his time. That said if Davie Dein was still at the club i’m sure things would get done a bit quicker. As for Suarez and that scouse cunt Rooney no ta, i’d rather we didnt sign anybody than those two poor excuses for human beings.

[…] Meanwhile, Bacary Sagna has become the third player in a week to say that the club needs new players. He spoke about how the team’s form at the end of last season was something they could build on but, like Mikel Arteta and Jack Wilshere earlier in the week, he’s looking for reinforcements: […]

Merlin's Panini

I’m so bored by all of this now. The transfer window is an utter pain in the arse. I just want the season to start already so the flibnobbing can commence.


Maybe the whole first team can get a petition going.

Then, if that doesn’t work start eating burgers and chips in protest. (That’s bound to freak someone out.)

And if that doesn’t work, beat the holy crap out of Dick Law, Ivan Gazidis, and even our beloved Arsene Wenger.

This thing isn’t over until the fat lady lies in a pool of her own blood blubbering.


admisssion of worries for the season ahead if we dont sign anyone, already creeping in, at pre-season stage, top players making such statements almost like concerns

almost like they know wenger better than anyone


I hope for the dear life of arsenal that Arsene wenger signs the ‘proper’ addidtions to squad.

I dont want to see a fans revolt at my club and beleive me its on tenterhooks


Because there is no Euro or no World cup the break seems longer. Arsenal is cruising through this off season with no serious issues. Three top quality signings will come our way when the team return from the tour. Then we will be into the emirates cup, Man City and then the season will be upon us. We are joint leaders of the EPL already. Everything is on track.


He he… According to French TV channel of L’Equipe (but, interestingly enough, not on their website), Chelsea has made an official offer for… Higuain


What if all this Suarez, Higuain noiise is just noise… You know, to distract other clubs from targeting our real targets.


Exactly! Arsenal really wants Ryan Jarvis from York City! But shhhh!


Oi, WengersNoseHair, pack it in with the wind – up! Next you’ll be suggesting Effie Sodje!

Black Hei

This whole thing about needing the newcomers to bed in, well, it is not entirely true. Unlike last season, we do have our starters all lined up already. So unless you are looking at 3 games a week at the get go, any new signings will have the time to bed in.
BTW, only the oil rich have gotten significant work done and if you think selling shirts and going on tours can beat an oil well for cash, you are living in a house made of candy.

Hansel & Gretel

Your point being?

Black Hei

That it is not the end of the world if we start the season with our current squad as long as we do get some bodies in before the window shuts.


1month to the new season and you’re not close to signing anyone? I just though its better to do business early and allow the team to gel before season kicks off…..maybe I was wrong.

Seriously what is this old fucking gaffer playing at? I become physically tired just hearing him talk about transfer.



I don’t wanna keep my hopes high Cos we have seen it before. I think giroud is still going to b our main striker


Oh, dear! What a frustrating summer we are all having! And the weather outside is so wonderful too. For what it’s worth, I actually agree with Arseblog when it comes to Suarez: he’s a decent player, but the baggage that comes with him makes him deeply unpalatable. And 40 million quid is a massive amount of money to spend on a player who, remember, was never a prolific goalscorer for Liverpool. But as I’ve said before, maybe Wenger believes that, as Suarez has burnt his bridges at Liverpool, he can snap him up on the cheap. And I see that… Read more »


Jovetic at least I think is a massive gamble and really overhyped. Only a team where money is not an issue at all, like City, to make that gamble, they probably heard the guy being linked to us and signed him without proper scouting.


City get negredo and jovetic for less than 45 million, but arsene says the players are not out there. Pfttt the players are out there it’s the will from our management that is lacking.


Well Negredo was never one of our targets so…
But Jovetic was. I think what happened was it looked like we were getting somewhere with Higuain, so we forgot about Jovetic, who anyway was over-priced, because at that time he was roughly the same price as Higuain, or a bit more, if I recall correctly. Then all the sh*t started happened with Higuain, and City had meanwhile swooped in and got Jovetic.




Ok so firstly, I understand Wenger’s complaints that the top players are difficult to get, however I just don’t accept it. He is one of the top managers in the world, getting paid a fortune to run a top club who are supposedly in a great financial position. It is his job, so stop complaining and fucking acheive something. I also don’t buy the fact no one wants to come to us because they want to win trophies. Newspapers are really going out of their way to rile the fans this year, which is why I don’t read the sports… Read more »


Ok so firstly, I understand Wenger’s complaints that the top players are difficult to get, however I just don’t accept it. He is one of the top managers in the world, getting paid a fortune to run a top club who are supposedly in a great financial position. It is his job, so stop complaining and fucking acheive something. I also don’t buy the fact no one wants to come to us because they want to win trophies. Newspapers are really going out of their way to rile the fans this year, which is why I don’t read the sports… Read more »


Ok so firstly, I understand Wenger’s complaints that the top players are difficult to get, however I just don’t accept it. He is one of the top managers in the world, getting paid a fortune to run a top club who are supposedly in a great financial position. It is his job, so stop complaining and fucking acheive something. I also don’t buy the fact no one wants to come to us because they want to win trophies. Newspapers are really going out of their way to rile the fans this year, which is why I don’t read the sports… Read more »


don’t know why my computer posted that 3 times. Sorry.


Get a move on it Dick Law and Order and co! I want some good news regarding transfers on my birthday! =(

It Is What It Is

Most top, top, top quality players would want the CL qualifier sorted before moving to us – that is the crux of finishing 4th, but we should all be accustomed to late signings by now. When we qualify, any competitor should/would have concluded their business and shown their hand. Then we see what quality there is. With little or no competition, we should get those we are interested in. We have officially mentioned a few players and even made a high enough bid for Suarez. Seems like Arsene will not be held to ransom over price and everyone knows we… Read more »


nope move to fiorentina i think


Great choice for the photo blogger. Bacary is a Muslim and his hands are positioned to make supplication to God (in Arabic Allah) the way Muslims do. So the photo may be showing Bacary literally praying to God that we make new signings. Inshallah (God willing) his prayer comes true!


Buying players this summer (or not) will be the difference as to whether Sagna stays and renews his contract or pisses off with good reason.

[…] 以此同时,萨尼亚成为本周以来第三位向俱乐部索要新援的球员。他谈到,球队应该保持并发扬上赛季末的出色状态,但和阿尔特塔,威尔希尔本周早些时候所表达的一样,他也在期待着阵容的补强: […]


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Will sagna and jenkinson be rotated this season? I’m wondering for my fantasy team..

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